A Lesson in Search vs. Social Advertising
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  • 1.       A Lesson in Search vs. Social Advertising! 5/8/2012!!
  • 2. What is Search Advertising?!In Internet Marketing, Search Advertising is a method of placingonline advertisements on Web pages that show results fromsearch engine queries. Search advertisements are targeted tomatch key search terms (called keywords) entered on searchengines. Search advertising is sold and delivered on the basis ofkeywords. !Search advertising activities can be measured by:! •  CPM: cost per thousand viewers! •  CTR: click-through rates! •  CPA: cost per action! •  CPC: cost per click! Source: Wikipedia!
  • 3. The Disadvantages of Search!The cost of directing search ads to Facebook: ! •  People search for drink recipes all the time, but these keywords can be very expensive when they direct to Facebook! •  In the example below, TheBar.com by Diegeo is running Search advertising correctly. Bacardi is not… !
  • 4. The Disadvantages of Search!The cost of directing search ads to Facebook (cont.):! •  Search ads for non-branded keywords can cost around $6 - $8! •  Search ads for non-branded keywords that direct to Facebook can cost over $13!
  • 5. The Disadvantages of Search! vs.! $6 - $8 $13These ads will both target people searching on Google, and theseare the insights we will receive from search ads: !!!!!! We do not get any demographic data or post-click data!
  • 6. The Advantages of Social! vs.! $6 - $8 $13 Or for $0.50…!! Vodka  Co   ‘Like’  Vodka?  !! Run social ads with more targeting options and demographic data – from Gender & Age, to the Music they listen to, Activities they do for fun, Brands they shop for, Movies they watch, Sports they play, Places they go… and much more. !!
  • 7. Search vs. Social! Why is the Cost of Search Higher?! ! ! ! ! ! !Google’s Quality Score hurts brands that direct traffic to Facebook!
  • 8. Search vs. Social! Why should you invest in social advertising?!Facebook ads that direct to a Facebook Fan Page or to anotherwebsite will reach audiences at a lower CPC than non-branded keywords! Brand Fan Page! Marketplace Ad!Vodka Brand Co. Click “Like” if you LOVE Bloody Mary’s.
  • 9. Search vs. Social! Facebook ads allow us to measure clicks to fans and thencalculate the Earned Media Value when that ad appears in the Facebook Newsfeed! Facebook Newsfeed! Brand Fan Page!
  • 10. Conclusion!Social advertising outweighs search if your objective is to:! •  Encourage users to converse with your brand and engage them with content! •  Raise brand awareness by generating free impressions through the social graph! •  Target your audience based on specific demographics and interests! •  Reap the benefits of creating earned and owned media channels !
  • 11. ! ! ! ! ! ! !Want to Learn More? ! ! Visit: alphaboost.com! Email us at: go@alphaboost.com