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9 a0 054

  1. 1.     Adobe 9A0-054 Adobe Photoshop CS3 ACE Exam 148 Q&A Version: A9.0                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  2. 2.    CertifyMe - King of Computer CertificationImportant Information, Please Read CarefullyOther CertifyMe productsA) Offline Testing engineUse the offline Testing engine product to practice the questions in an exam environment.B) Study Guide (not available for all exams)Build a foundation of knowledge which will be useful also after passing the exam.Latest VersionWe are constantly reviewing our products. New material is added and old material isupdated. Free updates are available for 90 days after the purchase. You should check yourmember zone at CertifyMe and update 3-4 days before the scheduled exam date.Here is the procedure to get the latest version:1.Go towww.certifyme.com2.Click on Member zone/Log in (right side)3. Then click My Account4.The latest versions of all purchased products are downloadable from here. Just click thelinks.For most updates,it is enough just to print the new questions at the end of the new version, not thewhole document.FeedbackIf you spot a possible improvement then please let us know. We always interested inimproving product quality.Feedback should be send to feedback@certifyme.com. You should include the following:Exam number, version, page number, question number, and your login ID.Our experts will answer your mail promptly.CopyrightEach PDF file contains a unique serial number associated with your particular name andcontact information for security purposes. So if we find out that a particular PDF file isbeing distributed by you, CertifyMe reserves the right to take legal action against youaccording to the International Copyright Laws.ExplanationsThis product does not include explanations at the moment. If you are interested inproviding explanations for this exam, please contact feedback@certifyme.com.                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  3. 3.    1. You want to combine three landscape photographs into a single, wide panorama. After youcopy-and-paste the three photographs into one file. What should you do?A. Select the three layers in the Layers palette and apply the Auto-Blend layers command.B. Select the three layers In the Layers palette and apply the Auto-Align Layers command.C. Select the topmost layer and apply the Align command.D. Select the bottom layer and apply the Photomerge command.Answer: B2. A three-layer file consists of a background image and two text layers. You want to align both the textlayers and the image to the horizontal center. What should you do?A. Using the Move tool, select all three layers in the Layers palette and click the Align Horizontal Centersicon on the Options bar.B. Using the Move tool, select all three layers in the Layers palette and click the Distribute HorizontalCenters icon on the Options bar.C. Using the Move tool, select the upper text layer and the image layer in the Layers palette and click theAlign Horizontal Centers icon on the Options bar.D. Using the Horizontal Type tool, select the lower text layer and the image layer in the Layers palette andclick the Center Text icon on the Options bar.Answer: A3. You want to mask the background of a photograph. The background layer of the photograph is unlocked.You select the background with the Magic Wand tool. Which two methods should you use? (Choose two.)A. Press OPTION (Mac) or ALT (Windows) and click the mask icon in the Layers palette.B. Choose Layer > Layer Mask > Hide Selection from the Layers pull-down menu.C. Choose Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal Selection from the Layers pull-down menu.D. Choose Hide Layers from the Layers pull-down menu.E. Click the mask icon in the Layers palette.Answer: CE4. You have unlocked the background layer of an image. What happens when you double-click the                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  4. 4.    thumbnail of the image layer in the Layers palette?A. The Layer Properties dialog box opens.B. The Layer Style dialog box opens.C. The layer name changes to an editable text field.D. The contents of the layer are selected.Answer: B5. You want to reposition an image inside a mask without moving or resizing the layer mask. What shouldyou do?A. Click the layer thumbnail.B. Click the Link icon between the layer and the layer mask thumbnails.C. Press SHIFT and click the layer mask thumbnail.D. Press OPTION (Mac) or ALT (Windows) and click the layer mask thumbnail.Answer: B6. A clipping mask is applied to a layer. Which other layers are masked by the content of this layer?A. The layers above it.B. The layers below it.C. The layers grouped with it.D. The layers linked with it.Answer: A7. You have two versions of a family portrait. In the first version, a childs eyes are closed. You want tosubstitute the childs face from the second version to correct the first version. What should you do?A. Use the Auto-Align Layers command.B. Use the Auto-Blend Layers command.C. Use the Merge Layers command.D. Use the Merge Visible command.Answer: A                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  5. 5.    8. You want to align objects that are on different layers. What should you do before selecting the desiredalignment method?A. Group the layers.B. Link the layers.C. Select the layers.D. Merge the layers.Answer: C9. You are working on a file and want to record various stages of your work-in-progress for later review.Which is an advantage of using layer comps rather than snapshots to record your work?A. Deleted or merged layers in the file can be restored by applying a layer comp.B. Layer comps are saved as part of the Photoshop file.C. A layer comp can be used as a source image for the History Brush.D. The resulting file size is smaller when layer comps are used.Answer: B10. You have a black text layer above a white background. Which blending mode makes the black text layerinvisible?A. LuminosityB. Color BurnC. Linear BurnD. Darker ColorAnswer: B11. You want to create a metal cylinder. In the toolbar, you select the Gradient tool and set the foregroundcolor as white and the background color as gray. In the Options bar, you select the Foreground toBackground gradient option. Which gradient option should you use to shade the cylinder?A. The Angle gradient option.B. The Linear gradient option.C. The Reflected gradient option.                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  6. 6.    D. The Radial gradient option.Answer: C12. You use the Paintbrush tool and select the Hard Round 19 Pixel brush from the Brush Presets in theOption bar. What happens when you change the Spacing option to 200 percent in the Brushes palette?A. The brushstroke produces a solid line, 38-pixel wide.B. The brushstroke produces a tapered line, 19-pixel wide at its thickest point.C. The brushstroke produces a dotted line with a 19-pixel space between the dots.D. The brushstroke produces a dotted line with a 38-pixel space between the dots.Answer: C13. What must you do before you can begin painting with the Clone Stamp tool?A. Make a selection.B. Define a source point.C. Set the opacity.D. Set the brush size.Answer: B14. What does the Style option in the Art History brush control?A. ShapeB. Blending modeC. HardnessD. OpacityAnswer: A15. You paint on a layer with the Brush tool, but the strokes are not visible. In which two places should youlook to find the cause of the problem? (Choose two.)A. The Layers paletteB. The Options barC. The Info palette                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  7. 7.    D. The Styles paletteE. The HistogramAnswer: AB16. You are working on an RGB image and want to create an antique sepia tone effect. Which two optionsshould you use? (Choose two.)A. Set the Type as Duotone and choose a shade of brown as the second ink color.B. Create a Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer, select Colorize, and use the Hue slider to find an appropriatecolor.C. Convert the image to CMYK, set the type as Duotone, and choose a shade of brown as the second inkcolor.D. Create a Black & White Adjustment layer, select Tint, and use the Hue slider to find an appropriate color.E. Create a Black & White Adjustment layer and set preset to yellow filter.Answer: BD17. Which is an advantage of using the Healing Brush tool instead of the Clone Stamp tool?A. You can specify a clone source in a different file.B. You can scale and rotate the sample source.C. You can specify multiple clone sources.D. You can match the texture of the original image.Answer: D18. You are applying a Levels adjustment layer to an RGB image. What happens to the image when youmove the Middle Input slider to the left?A. The overall image becomes darker.B. The overall image becomes brighter.C. Only the shadows become brighter.D. Only the highlights become darker.Answer: B                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  8. 8.    19. You are using the Brush tool. Which blending mode allows you to paint on only the transparent part of alayer?A. NormalB. BehindC. ClearD. ExclusionAnswer: B20. You want to apply your proof settings to an image after it is opened. What should you do?A. Restart Photoshop.B. Reopen the image.C. Press CTRL (Windows) or COMMAND (Mac) +Y.D. Press SHIFT +Y.Answer: C21. You want to embed a color profile in a document that you created in Photoshop. You want to export thedocument with the ICC profile. Which two formats should you use to save your document? (Choose two.)A. BMPB. PDFC. JPEGD. GIFE. PNGAnswer: BC22. You want to be alerted of a profile mismatch when you open an image. What should you do?A. Change the File Handling preferences.B. Set the Color Management Policies setting.C. Change the Transparency and Gamut preferences.D. Set the Working Space setting.Answer: B                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  9. 9.    23. Which rendering intent clips the out-of-gamut colors?A. PerceptualB. SaturationC. Absolute ColorimetricD. Relative ColorimetricAnswer: C24. You have saved an image as a PDF document. You want to ensure that the document prints the colorscorrectly to any color output device. What should you do?A. Embed the ICC profile.B. Save the image as a layered PDF.C. Use the HSB color mode.D. Use the 32-bits/channel mode.Answer: A25. You select an area of an image in your current document and save the selection to a new document.What is the default color mode of the saved document?A. BitmapB. GrayscaleC. DuotoneD. MultichannelAnswer: D26. Which option of the Magic Wand tool creates a smoother-edged selection?A. ToleranceB. ContiguousC. Anti-aliasedD. Auto-EnhanceAnswer: C                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  10. 10.    27. You want to activate a saved selection in your image. In which two situations would you use the shortcutkey Ctrl+5 (Windows) or Command+5 (Mac)? (Choose two.)A. When the selection is the fifth selection saved in sequence in an RGB image.B. When the selection is the first selection saved in sequence in a Lab Color image.C. When the selection is the second selection saved in sequence in an RGB image.D. When the selection is the fourth selection saved in sequence in a Grayscale image.E. When the selection is the fifth selection saved in sequence in a Grayscale image.Answer: CD28. You want to reduce the jaggedness of the contour of your selection by using the Refine Edge command.What should you do?A. By increasing the Radius value.B. By increasing the Contrast value.C. By increasing the Feather value.D. By increasing the Smooth value.Answer: D29. You want to store raw images with their associated settings and make them available for exchange inmulti-user workflows. What should you do?A. Assign a profile.B. Use the Camera Raw database.C. Use sidecar .xmp filesD. Use Digital Negative.Answer: C30. After you import a photograph from your camera, you want to choose an appropriate image-processingsetting by trying several settings. What should you do to ensure that you could revert to the original settingsof the photograph?A. Use the Camera Raw format.                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
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