Roland Haeve (Atos): 'Using the Cloud for Big Data Analytics'


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Presentatie van Roland Haeve (Atos): 'Using the Cloud for Big Data Analytics' tijdens het Big Data Analytics seminar 14 juni van Almere DataCapital in Almere.

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Roland Haeve (Atos): 'Using the Cloud for Big Data Analytics'

  1. 1. Using the Cloud forBig Data AnalyticsRoland Haeve, Thought Leader 14 juni 2012
  2. 2. Big Data in the Cloud Email Blogs Big Data Instant messaging Twitter Open Surveys Social networking Web
  3. 3. Atos Big Data Services Big Data OFFERINGS
  4. 4. Cloudservices Canopy in partnership with EMC and VMware, to form an open cloud computing strategic alliance.4
  5. 5. Big Data Architecture & Technology Roadmap- Architecture components: Analytic platform Big Data Analytics demand BI tools & Visualization ▶ Support for (No) SQL based queries, data mining, statistical analysis, fact clustering, data visualization, natural language processing, AI etc. Analytic platform ▶ High performance analysis to rapidly uncover new and Distribution changing patterns in data System ▶ Real-time analytics & scalability Integration ▶ Need to support in-database analytics, CEP, predictive analysis etc Storage ▶ Support for structured, unstructured, graphical, geo-spatial data etc
  6. 6. Big Data Architecture & Technology Roadmap- Architecture components: Analytic platform BI tools & ▶ Based on open source Hadoop BI tools & Visualization Visualization ▶ Designed to improve manageability of Cloudera Hadoop deployment ▶ Supports scalability and flexibility across Analytic platform Analytic platform wide range of data types ▶ Shared nothing massively parallel processing architecture EMC Distribution System Distribution System ▶ High performance parallel dataflow Greenplum engine Integration Integration ▶ IBM Infosphere Big Insights based on Hadoop IBM/Oracle ▶ Features text analytics, spreadsheet style data discovery & exploration tool Storage Storage ▶ Oracle; Exalythics
  7. 7. Key factors for Analytic Platform roadmap
  8. 8. Some examples of Big Data Visualizations Chromogram: Text Visualization Word Tree Thermail Connection Analysis from LinkedIn8
  9. 9. Eisen Big Data Analytics▶ Vaardigheden: Slechts 14 procent van de Nederlandse respondenten zegt genoeg analytische vaardigheden in huis te hebben.▶ Kennis: Zorgen over de moeilijkheden bij de implementatie van geavanceerde analytics-mogelijkheden bovenop de bestaande technologie. Ook is het moeilijk om werknemers in korte tijd bij te brengen wat de mogelijkheden van de analytics-software zijn.▶ Afdekking: Web 2.0 analytics, risk en Fraude analytics, Financiële analytics, customer analytics en enterprise business analytics strategy.▶ Investering: Grote investeringen staan op stapel: markt voor Big Data-tools zal groeien van 9 miljard vorig jaar naar 86 miljard in 2020. Dan zullen uitgaven aan Big Data-tools goed zijn voor ongeveer 11 procent van alle bedrijfsuitgaven (in relatie tot IT uitgaven).9
  10. 10. Case: Big Data - Atos WorldGrid10
  11. 11. Case: Big Data – Travel Web Site Business Issue ▶ Limited understanding of the dynamics of marketing response and external influences on web traffic and sales ▶ “Static” customer information Use Cases ▶ How can RSH derive the best possible value from its marketing strategies, eg: – Does a positive spike in social media sentiment translate into an increase in web sales? – Does a local radio advertising campaign translate into increased web traffic and sales? sells discounted train – What impact does weather have on web traffic? tickets on-line. Customers gather loyalty points for Solution each ticket purchased ▶ Cloud based Big Data platform integrating, storing and which can be used to buy analysing unstructured and structured data additional train tickets. ▶ Hadoop based solution integrating weather, twitter feeds, ticketing sales, CRM and web traffic data into single repository for trend identification and analysis
  12. 12. Meer informatie? Voor de Open Source Solution Big Data Whitepaper, ga naar: » Naam: Roland Haeve » Rol: Thought Leader » Mail: » Tel: 06-22465013 » @RHaeve