Christian stress management
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Christian stress management



Christian stress management teaches you effective stress management by combining Biblical principles with medical techniques.

Christian stress management teaches you effective stress management by combining Biblical principles with medical techniques.



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Christian stress management Christian stress management Presentation Transcript

  • Christian Stress Management Biblical Principles and Medical Techniques for effective stress management. www.christianstress management.comChristian Stress Management
  • Seek the LordThe first thing that you should do when you arein any stressful situation is to pray and ask God what you should do about it.
  • Jesus is standing at your heart’s door knocking. (Revelation 3:20) Therefore, open your heart and life and let Him in so that He can help you manage your inner stormy emotions and your outer stressful situation.
  • Trust in the Jesus all the time because trusting Him is the antidote to worrying.Trust Jesus with all your heart so that you are not happyand hopeful one day and hapless and hopeless the next.
  • Transform yourself from a negative person to a positive person by replacing all negative thoughts in your mindand negative words in you mouth with positive Scriptures.
  • Positionyourself in the best possibleway to resolveyour stressful situation by doingwhatever you can with whateverresources youstill have left.For example if you have lost your job, volunteer, update your skills and use your talents to generatesome income.
  • After positioning yourself, continue doing your best as you wait for God to do for you what you cannot do for yourself.
  • As you wait, utilize the time to engage in aerobic exercises assuch as skippingor jogging which are medical relaxation techniques as they help reduce the levels of circulatingstress hormonesand result in the release endorphinswhich make youfeel better even if your stressful situation has
  • Support your body nutritionally during this stressful waiting period by ensuring you eat a balanced diet.
  • Meditate on the Word of God as meditation is a very effective relaxationtechnique. Choose a Scripture that addresses your stressful situation and meditate on it daily. For example if you are stressed because you do not know how you will
  • Get regular massages during yourwaiting period as these reduce muscle tension and thus one feels relaxed. Consider using relaxing massage oils which contain lavender essential oil.
  • After the Lord shows you what you should do to manage your stressful situation,
  • Excerpt from ManagingStress with the Word of God by Dr Miriam Kinai which teaches you how tomanage stress effectively by combining Biblicalprinciples with medical techniques. For more info visitwww.christian stressmanage or