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April 2013 MyBlogBookClub.com Magazine teaches you 10 lessons from the woman with the demon possessed daughter and the benefits of various aromatherapy essential oils.

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April 2013 MyBlogBookClub.com Magazine

  1. 1. MyBlogBookClub.comApril 2013Features* Aromatherapy Essential Oils GuideExcerpt* 10 Life Lessons from the Woman withthe Demon Possessed Daughter
  2. 2. WelcomeWelcome to our free ebook offerings.We hope that they will in some way educate and entertainyou.Please let us know what type of ebooks you would like toreceive in the future by using the contact form athttp://MyBlogBookClub.comMyBlogBookClub.com CrewMyBlogBookClub.comTable of ContentsAromatherapy Essential Oils Guide Excerpt10 Life Lessons from the Woman with theDemon Possessed Daughter
  3. 3. CHAMOMILE (ROMAN)ESSENTIAL OILName: ChamaemelumnobileExtraction: Steam distilledAromatic Description:Sweet, warm, fruityRoman Chamomile EssentialOil Safety Information1. Avoid in pregnancy.2. Avoid using it if you areallergic to ragweed.MyBlogBookClub.comAromatherapy Essential Oils GuideExcerpt(c) Dr Miriam KinaiTherapeutic Uses Of RomanChamomile Essential Oil1. Skin diseases such aseczema, psoriasis, crackednipples, inflamed skin,surgical scars, dry skin2. Arthritis, rheumatism,muscle aches, and neuralgia
  4. 4. EUCALYPTUS ESSENTIAL OILName: Eucalyptus globulusMethod of Extraction: Steamdistilled from the leavesAromatic Description: Fresh,camphoraceous, medicinalEucalyptus Essential OilSafety Information1. Do not use it if you haveepilepsy or high bloodpressure.2. Do not apply it near ababy’s nostrils.MyBlogBookClub.comUses Of Eucalyptus EssentialOil1. Arthritis, rheumatism,muscle aches and sprains.2. Bronchitis, colds, coughs,chest infections, sinusitis asit has decongestant andexpectorant properties.
  5. 5. GERANIUM ESSENTIAL OILName: PelargoniumgraveolensExtraction: Steam distilledAromatic Description: Fresh,minty roseGeranium Essential OilSafety Information1. Avoid using it inpregnancy.2. Do not use it alone formore than 2-3 months as itmay lead to sensitization.MyBlogBookClub.comTherapeutic Uses OfGeranium Essential Oil1. Acne, eczema, oily skin,cellulite, mature skin.2. Athletes foot treatment
  6. 6. LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OILName: Lavendula officinalisExtraction: Steam distilledAromatic Description:Sweet, soothing, floralSafety Information1. Do not use it in pregnancyor if breastfeeding.2. Do not use it on youngchildren as it may causebreast development in boysand girls (pre-pubescentbreast development).MyBlogBookClub.comTherapeutic Uses OfLavender Essential Oil1. Stress management torelive tension and help onerelax.2. Skin diseases such asacne, eczema, dandruff,athletes foot and dry skinconditions
  7. 7. LEMON ESSENTIAL OILName: Citrus limonExtraction: ExpressedAromatic Description: FreshSafety Information1. Do not use it if skin will beexposed to sunlight or UVrays in 12-24 hours as it isphototoxic.2. Do not use it if you havelow blood pressure.MyBlogBookClub.comTherapeutic Uses Of LemonEssential Oil1. Skin diseases such asacne, dark post-acne spotson skin and oily skinconditions.2. Has been used for corns,warts and to stimulate hairgrowth in thinning hair.
  8. 8. ROSEMARY ESSENTIAL OILBotanical Name: RosmarinusofficinalisExtraction: Steam distilledAromaticDescription: Uplifting,stimulating, freshSafety Information:1. Do not use if pregnant.2. Do not use if you haveepilepsy or high bloodpressure.MyBlogBookClub.comUses of Rosemary EssentialOil:1. Depression, feelingrundown, physical andmental exhaustion2. Dandruff, hair loss anddull hair
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  11. 11. 1.A woman from Canaan criedout to Jesus saying, “Havemercy on me, O Lord, Son ofDavid because my daughteris severely demonpossessed.” (Matthew15:21-22)This woman asked Jesus tohave mercy on her eventhough it was her daughterwho was possessed by thedemons because thepresence of those demons inher home was also makingher suffer.She therefore teaches usthat we should pray andintercede for our familymembers and especiallythose who cannot or will notpray for themselves.MyBlogBookClub.com10 Life Lessons from the Woman withthe Demon Possessed Daughter(c) Dr Miriam KinaiThis can be due to the factthat they are possessed bydemons or they have walkedaway from the Church orthey are trapped byaddictions or they havemental illnesses or they areunconscious in an ICU.Therefore let us learn toBoldy approach the throneof grace so that we mayobtain mercy and find graceto help us in our time ofneed (Hebrews 4:16) justlike this woman did.
  12. 12. 2.But Jesus did not answerher. (Matthew 15:23)The second lesson that wecan learn from this woman isthat we should not give up ifwe pray and do not receivean answer right away.This is because after Jesusdid not answer her, she didnot quit and go back home.She continued to hangaround and stay in Hispresence.Therefore, if you have beenpraying for some time for acertain situation in your lifeto change, emulate thiswoman and do not give upon God, stomp out of yourChurch and renounce yourChristian faith.MyBlogBookClub.com3.His disciples then came andsaid to Him, “Send heraway, for she cries out afterus.” (Matthew 15:23)The fact that Jesus’ discipleshad to come and ask Jesusto send her away suggeststhat they may have tried tosend her away themselvesbut failed most probablybecause she was more thandetermined to seek andreceive a cure for herdaughter.
  13. 13. Therefore, regardless ofwhether you are sufferingbecause you are living with ademon possessed child orspouse or you work under ademon possessedsupervisor, if you want asolution to your problem sothat you can live or work inpeace, you have to be sodetermined to receive it thatno one can stop you fromgoing to Church to seek theLord’s intervention.MyBlogBookClub.com4.The Jesus answered her andsaid, “I was only sent to thelost sheep of the house ofIsrael.” (Matthew 15:24)This woman was mostprobably not expecting to bedisqualified from having herdaughter healed because ofher nationality but this didnot sap her determinationfor she then,Came and worshipped Himand said, “Lord, help me!”(Matthew 15:24)She therefore teaches usthat if at first we do not getwhat we want from the Lord,we should Draw near to Godso that He may draw near toyou (James 4:8) for she nowcame closer to Jesus thanshe already was.
  14. 14. Therefore, if you at first donot receive what you havebeen praying and evenfasting for, instead of “takinga break” from your faith,draw nearer to God byincreasing the time youspend praying, praising andreading His Word as well asby living right.MyBlogBookClub.comTherefore, even if you arevery disappointed with theturn that your life has takendespite living right, do notCurse God and die (Job 2:9)or commit suicide.Instead, worship God evenwhen you do not understandand even when you are inpain like this woman andemulate Job who despitelosing everything, Did notsin with his lips. (Job 2:10)5.The fifth thing that thiswoman teaches us is that wehave to worship the Lord likeshe did even when she wasmost probably verydisappointed with Hisanswer.
  15. 15. 6.The sixth thing that we learnfrom her is that shecontinued praying andasking Jesus to help her evenafter she had received anunexpected answer.Therefore persist in prayeras you Pray without ceasing(1 Thessalonians 5:17) untilyou receive what you areasking and believing toreceive.MyBlogBookClub.comThis statement would haveput a lot of people offbecause in addition to beingtold that she wasdisqualified from receiving acure because she was notfrom the house of Israel oran Israelite, she was nowbeing equated to a little dog.But this woman’s mind wasso set on having herdaughter delivered that shedid not let that commentwhich could have beenviewed as an insult by othersdistract her from hermission.She simply let it slide andkept her mind on the goalthat had made her come tosee Jesus.7.Jesus then said to her, “It isnot good to take thechildren’s bread and throwit to the little dogs.”(Matthew 15:26)
  16. 16. This teaches us that if youhave gone to Church andreceived a less than warmwelcome by the otherbelievers for whateverreason, you should not stopgoing to Church because theBible urges us Let us notgive up meeting together.(Hebrews 10:25)In addition, you shouldremain focused on yourprimary reason of going toChurch which should be toworship and praise God aswell as listen to His Wordbeing preached and notfocus on the nastycomments and hostile looks.MyBlogBookClub.com8.This woman then said, “Yes,Lord even the little dogs eatthe crumbs that fall fromtheir master’s table.(Matthew 15:27)Buy saying this, she first ofall agreed with Jesus bysaying “Yes, Lord” (Matthew15:27) to show that she didnot take offense with Hisallegory.Therefore do not fight withGod even when you do notunderstand why you aregoing through what you aregoing because He is the Godwho created you and youcannot win.Learn from Job chapter 38where The Lord answeredJob out of the whirlwind,and said, Who is this whoquestions My wisdom withignorant words?
  17. 17. Now brace yourself like aman for I will question you,and you shall answer me.Where were you when I laidthe foundations of theearth?Who took themeasurements of theearth? Or who stretched outthe measuring tape acrossit?Where are the foundationsof the earth laid? Or wholaid the earths cornerstone?Who collected the waters ofthe sea and put them backwithin their boundarieswhen they burst forth likebirth waters from thewomb?MyBlogBookClub.comWho showed the proudwaves their boundaries andtold them you shall notcross this beach?(Job 38:1-11)9.“Even the little dogs eat thecrumbs that fall from theirmaster’s table (Matthew15:27)By uttering the abovestatement, this womanaffirmed that Jesus was alsoher Master, even though shewas not an Israelite, just asthe master of the table whofed his children with good
  18. 18. food was also the master ofthe little dogs which fed onthe crumbs that fell from thetable.This woman also affirmedthat the master’s supply wasso abundant that it couldfeed his children andoverflow to feed the littledogs as well.Therefore reaffirm yourstatus as a child of God whois worthy to receive theblessings of God and believethat you will receive thembecause they are inabundant supply.In addition, this womanhumbled herself by sayingthat she was willing toreceive crumbs just as longas she received somethingfrom the Master’s tableMyBlogBookClub.combecause she knew that thegood food that the Masterfed His children would begood enough to nourish andsustain her even if shereceived just a minisculeamount.Therefore, Humble yourselfunder the mighty hand ofGod so that He may exaltyou in due time. (1 Peter5:6)And her due time hadarrived.
  19. 19. 10.“O woman, great is yourfaith! Let it be done to youas you desire.” And herdaughter was healed fromthat hour. (Matthew 15:28)The tenth lesson that welearn from this woman isthat our faith in receivingfrom God what we wantshould be so strong thatnothing and no one shouldbe able to stop us fromclinging to The substance ofthings hoped for and theevidence of things not seen.(Hebrews 11:1)Therefore mentally cling onto what you are believingGod to give you by keepingthe vision alive in your mind.Cling to it verbally byspeaking words of faith.MyBlogBookClub.comCling to it physically bybehaving as if you havealready received what youare believing God to giveyou.
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