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We deliver affordable, sustainable Debt Management solutions:

Providing the expert support, advice and guidance you need to become debt free.
Removing the daily stress of managing your creditors.
Helping you to retake control of your finances and your life.

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  1. 1. CALL US01386 760 000TEXT US07436 813 542EMAIL USenquiries@eveshamdebtadvisors.co.ukHome About Us Debt Advice Debt Management IVA Solutions Managed Bankruptcy Corporate Debt FAQs Blog Contact UsPortalPortalClient LoginIntroducers LoginStatisticsStatisticsWe didn’t know where to turn orwho to turn to when our debtsstarted spiralling out of control. Icontacted Evesham Debt Advisorsout of desperation... ...Within halfan hour of my cry for help Adrianhad contacted me and Iimmediately felt that a huge weighthad been lifted from my shoulders.It was a relief to know that weweren’t the only people in the worldDebt Management, Debt Solutions, Debt Help, Debt Advice, Information,Guidance and Debt CounsellingWe deliver affordable, sustainable Debt Management solutions:Providing the expert support, advice and guidance you need to become debt free.Removing the daily stress of managing your creditors.Helping you to retake control of your finances and your life.We have a genuine understanding of what is like to be weighed down by debt. Many of advisors have first handexperience of the problem and we have helped hundreds of people rebuild their lives.Our job is to help you every step of the way by:Finding the solution that is right for you, based on a genuine understanding of your needs andcircumstancesKeeping you fully informed. Our Client portal enables you to know exactly where you stand withcreditors and what has been paid to whom and when,Dealing with your creditors on your behalf. completely removing the stress of managing these difficultrelationships-whilst being fair to all parties.Our service is genuinely personal - conducted through your personal local debt advisor in your home (we have anationwide team) or at our offices in Evesham.The initial consultation and advice is provided without charge and our fee structure is fixed and transparent.We can put in place the full range of recognised solutions, which may involve:Debt Management Plan (DMP)Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)Managed bankruptcy – if that is appropriate.Debt relief orders (in partnership with another provider)Check out the detailed information on the site. But, if you have debt problems, our advice is to seekhelp now! Call us on 01386 760 000 or email enquiries@eveshamdebtadvisors.co.uk or text us on 07436813542Debt Worries.... You’re not alone0 1 3 8 60 1 3 8 60 0 00 0 0DebtDebtManagementManagementMORE INFOReduce your current monthly payments toyour unsecured creditors to a moreaffordable amount.IVA SolutionsIVA SolutionsMORE INFOIf you have 3 or more creditors and owemore than £15,000 in unsecured debt, it ispossible that this solution could be themost suitable for your circumstances.ManagedManagedBankruptcyBankruptcyMORE INFOBankruptcy is one way of dealing withdebts that cannot be paid and is apossible alternative to other debt solutions.8,192number of new debt problems dealtwith by CAB each working day overthe year to December 2012Get Help Now
  2. 2. weren’t the only people in the worldwho were struggling with Debt, andbest of all, that Adrian would beable to recommend a solution.For the first night in a long time Ihad a decent night’s sleep andawoke feeling more positive aboutour situation.Mr and Mrs JCentral LondonSitemapFees and Key InformationFor more on fees associated with eachof our debt solutions click hereWhat does an IVA mean to me?Free Debt Management PlanInterest only mortgages and debtToken Payment PlansGoing Bankrupt and what to know.We are licensed by the OFT with regard to consumer credit activities the details of which are as follows:Evesham Debt Advisors Ltd Consumer Credit Licence Number: 633120/1© 2012 Evesham Debt Advisors Ltd. Registered address: 1 Basepoint Business Centre Crab Apple Way EveshamWorcestershire WR11 1GPWeb site by Deansway Designto allow management of the site to keep track of the current image in a slideshowfor third-party services like analytics to prevent this message from appearing againBy continuing to use this site you agree to these uses. Hide this messageWhat are cookies?This site uses cookies for the following purposes: