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  • 1. YOUR BASKET0 ITEMS IN BASKETtype your keywords hereHome Solid Wood Flooring Engineered Wood Flooring Laminate Flooring Accessories / Cleaning Clearance Items Contact UsUseful InformationContact UsView Our BlogFAQsHelp & AdviceDelivery InformationTerms & ConditionsDisclaimerLinksFloorcoatCopyright 2011 UK Wood &Laminate Flooring Ltd. All RightsReservedFrom only £6.25 per m2Krono OriginalLaminate - KronofixRoyal Oak 1285mm x192mm x 7mmKrono Original Laminate -Kronofix Royal Oak1285mm x 192mm x 7mmFind out moreFrom only £6.59 per m2Krono OriginalLaminate - KronofixRustic BourgoyneOak 1285mm x192mm x 7mmKrono Original Laminate -Kronofix Rustic BourgoyneOak 1285mm x 192mm x7mmFind out moreFrom only £38.3 per m2Larch Solid WoodFlooring Classic5050 NaturuntreatedLarch Solid Wood FlooringClassic 5050 Naturuntreated 4-sidedbevelled (variable)x137x19mmFind out moreFrom only £19.99 per m2Oak EngineeredWood FlooringClassic 3050lacquer-finishOak Engineered WoodFlooring Classic 3050lacquer-finish not bevelled185x2200x14 mmFind out moreFrom only £19.99 per m2Oak EngineeredWood FlooringClassic 3050lacquer-finish mattOak Engineered WoodFlooring Classic 3050lacquer-finish matt notbevelled 185x2200x14mmFind out moreFrom only £37.35 per m2Spruce Solid WoodFlooring Classic5050 NaturuntreatedSpruce Solid WoodFlooring Classic 5050Natur untreated 4-sidedbevelled (variable)x137x19mmFind out moreSearch by Flooring Search by Type Useful Information AccessoriesSolid Wood Flooring Engineered WoodFlooringLaminate FlooringBamboo FlooringBeech FlooringBirch FlooringCherry FlooringMaple FlooringOak FlooringContact UsView Our BlogFAQsHelp & AdviceDelivery InformationTerms & Conditions
  • 2. Walnut Flooring DisclaimerLinksFloorcoatUk Wood And Laminate Flooring | UK’s Leading Online Laminate Flooring RetailerIncreasingly laminate flooring is becoming popular with homeowners for the simple reason that the flooring option brings together the natural and syntheticbeauty of wood, combining the natural appearance of real wood with what is known as laminate flooring technology. For the last decade or so, Uk Wood AndLaminate Flooring has been a leading laminate flooring brand name in the UK operating mainly from West Midlands and these days, we are being consideredas one of the best online solution providers where laminate flooring is concerned. We trade in almost 400 different types of laminate flooring products and withour team of professional field technicians with over 25 years of experience in the flooring industry, Uk Wood And Laminate Flooring is truly a name that manypeople have come to trust over the years and we are yet to achieve our business objective which is to influence the lives of as many people as possible in theUK as well as worldwide in general.Our historyIn all fairness, Uk Wood and Laminate Flooring is a relatively new company if you take into consideration the fact that laminate flooring was initiallyconceptualized in the 90s. Since our inception almost 10 years ago by people with years of experience in the flooring industry, we have been giving muchimportance to the online visibility of the company’s name. The Internet is indeed an incredibly powerful tool and we always acknowledged that particular fact.Figuratively speaking, Uk Wood And Laminate Flooring is based in West Midlands as we mentioned above but through the company’s official website, we offera virtual showroom accessible to people all over the world, let alone people in the UK. It does not really matter where you live, as long as you have access tothe Internet, you can access our products online and make online transactions.Technical experience and knowledgeEquipped with a team of professional flooring technicians, we offer value, customer satisfaction and innovation. We don’t only trade in laminate flooring, wekeep in touch with the flooring technology, its latest trends as well as developments in the industry in general so the services and the products we offer meetthe needs of people irrespective of their personal preferences because at Uk Wood and Laminate Flooring, we have it all in one place, hard wooden flooring,engineered wooden flooring as well as cheap laminate flooring. In general, to ensure quality where the products we trade in are concerned, we choose to dealwith Tuscan wooden flooring. For the benefit of people who are not aware of this, Tuscan is manufactured using a combination of European as well as NorthAmerican slow grown timber. In addition to that, the cheap laminate flooring options we supply are intricately machined in Poland into perhaps the highestquality hard wood flooring products.Doing business with usAs compared to our contemporary competitors, doing business with us can be relatively easy. In summary, to get brand new flooring, all you need to do iscome to us, choose the flooring option that suits you best and pay for everything online. You would most probably be happy to acknowledge that we areaccredited as being a secure and creditworthy business. Once you are done browsing our endless virtual showroom, simply proceed to the HSBC-secureplatform to make your payment and you should be good to go. Delivery of orders is normally made within 2-3 working days or sooner, depending on where youlive in the UK.Quality products and usMany people might not be aware of this but solid hardwood flooring can be the best type of flooring out there if all you seek is the elegance of a woodenflooring combined with an economically wise durability. Wood is a product that grows naturally and as such, to make a flooring look as real as possible, it isimportant that every plank should be unique.The Tuscan laminate flooring options we provide can be incredibly diverse in nature but if there is one thing that remains pretty obvious in all the products weprovide it’s the timeless beauty of wooden flooring. It is also to be noted here that all the wooden floorings we trade in come with an oiled finish that does notrequire maintenance every 6 months. In general, if you use solid wooden flooring in a place that shows a relatively low level of traffic, then you would normallynot need to treat it for years. In theory, the secret where the quality of our products is concerned is the fact that all the flooring options we provide are lacquerfinished with an oxide-based lacquer.Our resourcesAt Uk Wood and Laminate Flooring, we provide you with all the resources you need to get your laminate flooring home and right in one go with a minimumamount of hassle, for example:1. Advices where hardwood flooring sales are concerned2. Understanding the difference between hardwood flooring, engineered wood flooring and laminate flooring.3. Tips and advice as far as fitting a solid hardwood flooring is concerned4. The don’ts of installing a wooden flooring at home5. Understanding the different types of sub floors out there and how they work6. The significance of installing hardwood flooring on stairs rather than on flat surfaces.7. Refinishing a wooden flooring you started installing at some point in time or repairing a floated floor.8. Things you need to know about the maintenance products of solid wood floorings.9. The different varieties of wooden flooring available including Bamboo, Beech, Birch, Cherry, Maple, Oak and Walnut.10. Our contact details should you need further assistance with choosing the type of flooring you need.The Concept Of Wooden Flooring And Cheap Laminate FlooringThese days, homeowners all over the world are choosing cheap laminate floorings over tiles, carpets, rugs and that kind of thing for the sheer beauty andnatural appearance of the floor option but that is hardly all the wooden flooring has to offer. As a matter of fact, laminate flooring is exceptionally hard wearingas compared to the other flooring options out there and the laminate tiles can also prove to be pretty easy to maintain as well. Since its inception in the 90s,laminate flooring has come a long way and it is now more popular than ever. For the past decade, cheap laminate flooring has been the subject of manyimprovements in terms of the color schemes used for the floor tiles, DIY installation, the click systems used as well as the general appearance of the laminatefloors.The significance of choosing a cheap laminate flooring for your homeFor a start, before you get to choosing the best type of cheap laminate flooring for your personal space, it is highly recommended that you work out the totalsurface area of your home or else the areas of your home that you intend to refurbish. In general, using an online room size calculator should make the ordeala much easier one not to mention more precise and more accurate as well. The rationale behind determining the area of the space you need the laminateflooring for first is simple enough to understand. This one smart step makes choosing the type of flooring you need so much easier and simpler because itallows you to compare different quotations side by side, something which will later on help you to get the best deal out there in terms of both money as wellas the value you are getting for your money. When choosing a cheap laminate flooring for your home, you should also take into account whether or not youneed underlays.DIY installation for cheap laminate flooring optionsUndeniably laminate flooring is a very popular choice where flooring is concerned, mainly because laminate tiles can be so easy to install no matter where youneed the laminate floor to go except for the fact that cheap laminate flooring might not be very practical for the wet rooms of the house.
  • 3. In most cases, installation of wooden flooring is done nestled on a layer of underlayment because fitting laminate tiles directly on the sub-floor of a place mightnot be very easy. Underlayment is not very hard to figure out and normally you will hardly need specialist training or else extensive field knowledge before youget to doing your own laminate flooring underlayment.The key where laminate flooring is concerned is getting your underlayment right. In the majority of cases, you will need to choose what are known as damp-proof underlays. Perhaps the best thing about choosing cheap laminate flooring for your home is the fact that the laminate tiles only need to be clicked andlocked together. It does not get harder than that although different manufacturer use different types of clicking systems. DIY installation of a laminate floor isnot rocket science but it is not as easy as many people make it out to be and you will need to adhere to the instructions of the manufacturer.To prevent unnecessary hassles in the future where your wooden flooring is concerned, it is generally recommended that you allow for expansion andcontraction of the flooring by leaving at the very least 10mm of space around the room. Whatever you do, you need to make sure that you maintain this gap nomatter what.Important things to remember about cheap laminate flooringBefore you install your laminate floor, make sure that you check the products you purchased for manufacturing defects. If you suspect that you have pestinfestation in your home, you will need to do a bit of pest control before you install your laminate tiles. For wooden flooring to last long, ideally the humiditylevel in your home should be something like 45-65%, not more.Laminate Flooring | Wooden Flooring | Cheap Laminate Flooring | Terms and Conditions | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Site MapUK Wood And Laminate Flooring, The Oakley, Kidderminster Road, Droitw ich. WR9 9AY.VAT No.: 101022210