How social media is changing internal communications


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Rachel Miller gave this presentation on 7 November 2012 at the Kia Oval, London, UK.
It formed part of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) annual Internal Communications conference #CIPRInside. Conference theme was Putting Employees First.

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  • Sample of some of the topics we are going to be looking at over the next 15 mins:How employee expectations have shiftedThe role professional communicators have within organisationsHow to introduce social media in a corporate environmentAim is to equip you with information and tools for you to take away and read at leisure
  • Share This: The Social Media Handbook for PR professionals. Published by Wiley July 2012. Crowd-sourced book featuring 24 PR professionals using Google DocsMy chapter: Employee engagement: How social media are changing internal commsOngoing conversation on Twitter can be found via #CIPRSM
  • If you think of Internal Comms as a product, employees expect to see three key ingredients:Speed - real-timeClarity/transparencyInformation - good quality
  • I went to a primary school which every year handed out a list that looked like this. The school uniform list. I was disappointed each year as the following never appeared…
  • Magic Steps by Clarks. They promised to make you into a princess and even had a gold key in the bottom of them.You can see the ad yia YouTube:, for me, they were out of reach as my school shoes were always traditional, black leather, low-heeled and sensible
  • This is what my school shoes looked like…not quite the princess shoes I wanted.Why we talking about shoes? Same principles apply for your employee’s expectations and social media - they know there are shiny new whizzy tools out there and they want them. They want to know what is available to them and to be delighted by the content of your comms
  • This label was placed on envelopes on the tables in the conference room at 8am. I spoke at 2.15pm.There was no reference made to what the envelope was and it wasn’t stuck down, so the temptation to peek was there.Inside was a piece of paper that said ‘just because you’re told something isn’t for you, doesn’t stop you from wanting to take a look, does it?’
  • I didn’t show this slide, but is a meme I created in February 2012 showing how to describe your role, as these were popular at the time.I couldn’t find one for internal/corp comms, so made my own.
  • Shared resource: Brian Solis’ conversation prism
  • I conducted an original piece of research in preparation for this CIPR Internal Comms conference on 7 November 2012. You can view the whole set of results and infographic via my blog
  • Ran a survey to test my theories – 18-26 October 2012 via my blog, Diary of an internal communicator and Twitter
  • Change theory: J. P. Kotter
  • See to read about the social media friendly mark
  • How social media is changing internal communications

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    3. 3. 1. Establish a sense of urgency 2. Form a powerful 3. Create a vision group to lead the about the change and change communicate it widely4. Empower others to 5. Plan for and create 6. Consolidate act on the vision short-term wins improvements