Medicare prevention screenings


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Health screenings are preventative maintenance that keeps you feeling your best by improving your health and quality of life. There are a number of health screenings you should get on a regular basis to help you prevent diseases and to detect illnesses early for easier treatment and a better prognosis. If you are covered by Medicare you will discover that quite a few of these preventive screenings are covered.

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Medicare prevention screenings

  1. 1. Medicare Prevention ScreeningsHealth screenings are preventive maintenance that keep you feeling your best by improving yourhealth and quality of life.There are a number of health screenings you should receive on a regular basis to help preventdiseases and detect illnesses early for easier treatment and a better prognosis. Medicare coversmany of these preventive screenings.Which preventive screenings you are eligible for and how often you receive them depends onyour age, gender and personal risk factors. Your doctor will recommend an appropriate screeningschedule.All Medicare plan beneficiaries are eligible for a free annual wellness visit. This physical examis important because it gives you the opportunity to discuss your current medical conditions,medications, screenings and personal family health history with your doctor. During these visits,you and your doctor can create a personalized wellness plan. The annual wellness visitcomplements the Welcome to Medicare Exam, available at no cost within the first 12 months ofMedicare enrollment.Medicare plans also cover a number of free preventive benefits. They include:Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm ScreeningAn abdominal ultrasound is covered for people at high risk who have been referred by theirprimary care doctor during their Welcome to Medicare preventative visit.Cardiovascular ScreeningsMedicare covers testing for cholesterol, lipid and triglyceride levels in your blood every fiveyears to discover new or developing cardiovascular problems. If a Medicare recipient is alreadydiagnosed with a cardiovascular disease, then annual screenings are covered.Colorectal Cancer ScreeningsSeveral different screening tests are available, including a fecal occult blood test, a flexiblesigmoidoscopy, a screening colonoscopy and a barium enema. All Medicare beneficiaries areeligible for a colonoscopy screening. Other screenings may be covered for men 50 or older or athigh risk. Your doctor will help determine which tests are best for you.Depression ScreeningsMedicare covers an annual depression screening from your primary care physician.Diabetes Screenings
  2. 2. Medicare covers diabetes screening when you have risk factors such as high blood sugar, highblood pressure, abnormal cholesterol and triglyceride levels, or obesity. You may qualify for upto two screenings per year based on your initial screening.Glaucoma TestsPeople at high risk for developing glaucoma are covered for one screening per year.HIV ScreeningsHIV screening for people with Medicare with a high risk for infection or pregnant are covered.Mammogram ScreeningsMedicare covers an annual breast cancer screening for women age 40 and older. A baselinemammogram is covered for women ages 35-39.Osteoporosis ScreeningsThis is a bone mass measurement to determine your risk for broken bones. People at high risk arecovered for a bone density screening once every two years, or more if necessary.Pap Test and Pelvic ExamMedicare covers these screenings every two years for eligible women. Women at high risk andwomen of childbearing age with an abnormal screening in the past three years also are coveredfor annual screenings.Prostate Cancer ScreeningsAnnual digital rectal exams and PSA blood tests are covered by Medicare for men with Medicareover 50 years of age.Medicare plans also cover immunizations such as the flu vaccination, pneumococcal andhepatitis B shots. Free counseling to stop smoking and nutritional therapy for those with diabetesand kidney disease are also available. Obesity screening and counseling may be available forthose with a body mass index of 30 or more.These preventative health screenings can help you avoid serious illnesses and diseases, or helpyou detect them early. For more information about Medicare’s preventive services, Follow the Medicare guidelines to ensure that your screenings are covered.The most effective way to stay healthy is to prevent illness before it occurs.