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Allrecipes Measuring Cup Trend Report - Global Food Trends 2013
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Allrecipes Measuring Cup Trend Report - Global Food Trends 2013


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  • 1. 2013 Trends: What Global Families are Cooking and Eating Allrecipes surveyed thousands of cooks worldwide to discover global digital food trends. In this report, we are pleased to share the findings of Allrecipes’ 2013 Global Digital Cooking Trends Survey where we investigated the shopping, cooking, and eating behaviors of home cooks on a global scale. Cooks around the world shared what is important to them, what inspires them, and which items land in their shopping cart and on their dinner tables. As digital technologies evolve, so do planning, prepping, and ultimately, consumption behaviors. To compile the 2013 Global Food Trends Measuring Cup Report, Allrecipes surveyed home cooks in the 13 largest of our 18 global communities.* Health concerns, desire for greater meal variety, and a love of cooking are why cooking at home is growing in markets around the world. Top findings include:Insight #1: We Are More Alike Than DifferentCooks around the globe are preparing more meals at home compared to a year ago Who’s cooking?(80% cook daily). Top motivations for home cooking include eating healthier (56%  Cooks in Quebec (89%),of respondents), increasing meal variety (48%), and a love of cooking (43%).  Australia (87%) and Russia (86%) are the most 75% likely to be preparing meals at home; Germany (68%) The top motivators to cook and Canada (66%) are the Poland 65% (highest) at home vary by country least likely. 56% Germany (highest) overall 87% 49% 48% 89% 38% 43% 42% overall Quebec Australia France (lowest) 19% Improve Greater 86% Russia Eat cooking meal Love to To save (lowest) healthier skills variety cook money Russia Global Measuring Cup 2013 Trends: What Global Families are Cooking and Eating 1
  • 2. “What’s for Dinner?”Insight #2:is Now a Multiple Choice QuestionOnline recipe sites continue to be the #1resource for home cooks. 63% of globalcooks find recipes online using an ever-evolving range of digital devices. 30% Poland In 2012, the number of home cooksvisiting video sites for meal ideasdoubled—from 9% of global homecooks in 2011 to 18% in 2012. Homecooks in Poland (30%), Brazil (29%) 29%and Argentina (28%) are the Brazilmost likely to seek online 18%video for meal planning and 2012 28% 9% Argentinapreparation. 2011 Most likely to seek online video for meal planning and preparationInsight #3:Peers’ PalatesInfluence What’s CookingThe importance of online recipesincluding peer-based ratings andreviews surged 126% last year, risingto 61% globally compared with 27%the year before.Ratings and reviews play a leadingrole in convincing 42% of cooks totry new recipes, up from 33% lastyear. Half (49%) of global cooks aremore likely to try a recipe if it comesfrom a ‘cook like them.’ 1 in 7 (15%) of global home cookshas reviewed an online recipe. Cooks in Brazil, Mexico, the United 28% Canada States, and Argentina are the Canadian cooks, most likely to be influenced by always polite, recipe reviews; those least likely are the most to find confidence in peer reviews likely to share include cooks in the Netherlands, cooking experiences on social sites France, and Germany. (Facebook/Twitter); 28% do so. Global Measuring Cup 2013 Trends: What Global Families are Cooking and Eating 2
  • 3. Global Cooks areInsight #4:Redefining “Healthy” MealsHealth and nutrition is a global  Following health and nutrition, home cooksconsideration as 56% of cooks around the world want their everyday meals to be:around the world cite “healthy andnutritious” as criteria for theireveryday meals. Even with the slightrise in home meal preparation, globalcooks are less interested in cooking from scratch—as indicated by the  Netherlands Russiarise in use of prepared food products United as the foundation of a meal. Kingdom   PolandIn Poland and Russia, “healthy” France   Germanyis defined as home-cooked mealscoming entirely from basic ingredi-ents. Home cooks in these countriesare most passionate about the useof whole fruits and vegetables, drypasta, and grains.  Comfort food: Argentina & Netherlands   In Germany, Canada Quebec  Family-friendly: home cooks are  Brazil, France, Mexico, increasingly using Poland & Russia convenience products such  Include on-hand as canned beans, Mexico ingredients: pre-washed and cut  Australia/New Zealand, Brazil, UK vegetables, frozen ingredients or baking  Include new ingredientsmixes to create a healthy meal.  and flavors: Brazil CanadaWhile prepared ingredients show  to prepare: Fungrowth in popularity, you’ll still find  Germany, Netherlands, Quebecfresh produce in 86% of global Argentinagrocery carts each week.   Easy, with few steps and ingredients: Mexico, Quebec 86% Australia  New Zealand Global Measuring Cup 2013 Trends: What Global Families are Cooking and Eating 3
  • 4. Learning to Plan,Insight #5:Prep and Cook ‘Smart’-erAs mobile devices become increas-  You’re most likely to findingly important to everyday smudged fingerprints on the mobilefunctions, there is a huge growth devices of cooks in Germany (16%opportunity for mobile communica- of respondents are using mobiletions. Nearly half (48%) of global phones to access recipes in theconsumers are always connected to kitchen) and Canada (12%). Oftheir mobile device, and use their cooks in the U.S. who own mobilephones while shopping for food. devices, 19% are using their smartphone in the kitchen, while 38% rely on their tablet. 60% Western Europe 62% North America 16% Germany Smartphone penetration ishighest in North America (62%)and Western Europe (60%), andlowest in Latin America and Eastern 12% CanadaEurope (both 13%).** However, homecooks in Poland are most likely toown a conventional mobile phone(70%).Home cooks in Argentina (25%) andthe UK (27%) use a Smartphone 19% while shopping for food.Canadian cooks use a second screenas well; nearly one in four (23%)owns an iPad or tablet. 26% of global home cooks are phoning it in—dinner that is—by searching for recipes and meal ideas on their mobile devices. Global Measuring Cup 2013 Trends: What Global Families are Cooking and Eating 4
  • 5. About MethodologyAllrecipes, the world’s largest digital food brand, receives Data provided is from an online survey ofmore than 1 billion annual visits from family-focused 7,463 global participants fielded on the respective siteswomen who connect and inspire one another through in September 2012. No incentives were used to reward orphotos, reviews, videos and blog posts. Since its launch in incent participation. For more information on the survey1997, the Seattle-based social site has served as a dynamic, methodology such as response counts for each questionindispensable resource for cooks of all skill levels seeking or details on questions in order or format, please feel freetrusted recipes, entertaining ideas, everyday and holiday to contact us.meal solutions and practical cooking tips. Allrecipes is aglobal, multi platform brand providing insights into thelives of women everywhere based on activity from 18 web-sites, 18 mobile sites, 11 mobile apps, and 14 eBooks serving Please Contact:23 countries in 12 languages. Allrecipes is part of Meredith Stephanie RobinettCorporation (NYSE: MDP), the leading media and mar- Allrecipes.comketing company serving American women. For additional Director, Communicationsinformation regarding Meredith (NYSE: MDP), please visit +1 For additional information regarding stephanier@allrecipes.comAllrecipes, please visit Meredith Women’s NetworkMeredith Women’s Network is the #1 premium network inthe women’s lifestyle category. We reach 40 million uniquevisitors monthly. We have the largest female audienceacross every life stage.About Meredith CorporationMeredith Corporation (NYSE:MDP; the leading media and marketing company servingAmerican women. Meredith features multiple well-knownnational brands—including Better Homes and Gardens,Parents, Family Circle,, Fitness, AmericanBaby and EveryDay with Rachael Ray—along with localtelevision brands in fast-growing markets. Meredith is theindustry leader in creating content in key consumer inter-est areas such as home, family, food, health and wellnessand self-development. Meredith uses multiple distribution *Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, France,platforms—including print, television, digital, mobile, tab- Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Quebec, Russia, UK, USlets, and video—to give consumers content they desire andto deliver the messages of its advertising and marketing **Source: eMarketer: Smartphone, Mobile Phone andpartners. PC Penetration Worldwide, by Region, 2009-2014 Global Measuring Cup 2013 Trends: What Global Families are Cooking and Eating 5