Introducing AllowInbox


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AllowInbox extends and innovates on email, providing a client layer that sits above whatever email and other services people already use, not only improving security and the overall email experience, but also making email significantly more productive as well. Be sure to check out all the latest with our tinkering elves at or @AllowInbox.

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Introducing AllowInbox

  1. 1.
  2. 2. The Cost of Email•Email crime and lostproductivity cost businessand consumers more than$120 Billion last year.• This trend is growing.•Eliminating threats frommobile email clients alonecould reduce losses by30% to 60%.Problem: Spam and “phishing” scams have serious impacts.
  3. 3. Problem: Inboxes are overloaded with junk and clutter.To Email, or Not?• A local businessowner’s Inbox is filledwith junk email.• He simply can’t wastetime on this mess.• He may be forced togive up email, despitethe potential for lostbusiness and missedcommunications.
  4. 4. Problem: Too many apps.Overload• Numerous apps demandour attention these days.• Most of them are usedfor essentially the sametype of communication.• What if we could accessmore of our importantmessages and content allfrom one app?
  5. 5. Problem: In email, you can’t verify anyone’s identity.True Story• This email almostcost Jenny morethan $200,000.•A hacker sent thisusing Jenny’s ownemail account.• Nothing couldprevent this.• ...until now.
  6. 6. • Your Inbox is totally exposed to the world.• Anyone can send you anything at any time.• Managing email costs time and productivity.• The Inbox hasn’t changed much in decades.• Filtering out all bad emails is impossible.Problems
  7. 7. Opportunities• Build a better Inbox.• Reduce Inbox management from hours tominutes, and automate more processes.• Improve email using all the latest learningfrom the mobile and social worlds.• Focus on allowing good emails in.
  8. 8. ✓ Uniquely secure, productive and socialInbox that connects to any emailservice.✓ Beautiful presentation of email, newsand social messages.✓ Eliminates all spam, email threats, junk,and clutter too - and does most of thework for you.AllowInbox
  9. 9. AllowInbox• AllowInbox helps you decidewhich emails you want to see.• Everything else is hidden.• Nothing reaches your inboxunless the sender and messageare trusted and verified.Your existing IMAP-enabled email services (GMail, Yahoo, Exchange, etc.)Typical Email Clients(displays all email)OriginalInboxAllowInbox(good email only)Your NewInboxGood Email Threats Unblocked Spam Junk Other Clutter
  10. 10. Markets andTrends1,000,000,0002,000,000,0003,000,000,0004,000,000,0005,000,000,0002010 2011 2012 2013Email User GrowthCorporateConsumerSources:, ExactMarketing, Living,, Nielsen Research, ccLoopLarge and GrowingCorporate20%Consumer80%Email Usage
  11. 11. Markets andTrendsSources:, ExactMarketing, Living,, Nielsen Research, ccLoop51%10%39%Mobile Time Spent ...Checking Email (39%)Social Networking (10%)OtherMobile loves Email102030405060Aug ’11 Nov ’11 Feb ’12 May ’12 Aug ’12 Nov ’12 Feb ’13Email Opens (by Client, %)Mobile Web/HTML Desktop
  12. 12. Thomas Krafft• I’ve been helping other companiesachieve success for over 15 years.• Hands-on builder and seniorexecutive with history that includesIPOs and acquisitions.
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