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MJLM Capabilities Presentation - 2013
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MJLM Capabilities Presentation - 2013


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A complete overview of MJLM the company as well as MJLM's business lines and past performance efforts.

A complete overview of MJLM the company as well as MJLM's business lines and past performance efforts.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. MJLM Overview DUNS: 175133805 Cage Code: 45TU4 4825 University Square, Suite 12 Huntsville, AL 35816 256-890-1800 MJLM Engineering & Technical Services
  • 2. MJLM’s Foundation… • • • • • • • 2 Small Disadvantaged Business – Minority Owned Diversified workforce of ~100 employees to include former Government, Military, and DRS Personnel Federal Services Division established in May 2003 Graduated from the GSA Small Business 8(a) Program in September 2011 Participated with SAIC in their Mentor-Protégé program Three (3) locations in Huntsville, AL 2012 Revenue was $9.783 million MJLM Engineering & Technical Services
  • 3. MJLM’s Locations… US Locations: Huntsville, AL Houston, TX Oak Ridge, TN Washington, D.C. MJLM Wealth Solutions Oak Ridge, TN (B&W Y-12) MJLM Engineering & Technical Services MJLM Consultants & Business Advisors 3 Corporate Location MJLM Engineering & Technical Services
  • 4. MJLM’s Organization… ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE MJLM LLP Odysseus Lanier Senior Partner (Corporate) Houston, TX MJLM E&TS (Executives) Huntsville, AL MJLM E&TS (Management) Huntsville, AL 4 Leonard Harris Executive VP & Chief Technical Officer Gene Perry Technical Director Gary Swartz Program Director Buford Crutcher Executive VP of Operations Tabatha Holt Business Development Director MJLM Engineering & Technical Services
  • 5. Our Mission… MJLM Engineering & Technical Services is dedicated to providing innovative solutions in lifecycle logistics, with a focus on customer satisfaction, quality, and risk mitigation Certifications/Registrations: Primary NAICS Codes: D&B and SAM Registered 332994 – Small Arms, Ordnance, and Ordnance Accessories Manufacturing ISO 9001: 2008 Certified 334515 – Instrument Manufacturing Testing Electrical Signals CMMI Level 3 Compliant – Certification in-process U.S./Canada JCP (Joint Certification Program) 334418 – Printed Circuit Assembly (Electronic Assembly) 334419 – Other Electronic Component Manufacturing 541330 – Engineering Services 541380 – Testing Laboratories 541512 – Computer Systems Design Services 541614 – Process, Physical Distribution & Logistics Consulting 541712 – R&D in Physical, Engineering & Life Sciences 561910 – Packaging and Labeling Services 561210 – Facilities Support Services0 5 MJLM Engineering & Technical Services
  • 6. MJLM’s Core Competencies… • • • • • • • • 6 Requirements Analysis & Definition System Design & Development Software Development Integration & Testing Programmatic Planning RESET ATE Experience Logistic Support • • • • • • • • Configuration / Data Management Quality Assurance Hardware/Software Verification & Validation Light Fabrication CAD Drawing Development TPS Development Sustainment Maintenance MJLM Engineering & Technical Services
  • 7. Who We Support… • Aviation & Missile Command (AMCOM) – Redstone Arsenal • Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) – Redstone Arsenal • National Security Complex – Oakridge, TN • Product Director Test, Measurement, & Diagnostic Equipment (PD TMDE) – Redstone Arsenal • Program Executive Office Missiles & Space (PEO M&S) – Redstone Arsenal • Software Engineering Directorate (SED) – Redstone Arsenal • Systems Sustainment Management Directorate (SSMD) – Redstone Arsenal MJLM Team Members 7 MJLM Engineering & Technical Services
  • 8. Our Contract Vehicles & Teams… • GSA Schedule PES # GS-10F-0117U • GSA 8(a) STARS II # GS-06F-0875Z • NGATS # W15QKN-13-D-0017 AMCOM Express • • Design, Development, Demonstration, and Integration (D3I) • • • Design and Engineering Support Program (DESP) III • TACOM OMNIBUS 8 • Missile Defense Agency Engineering & Support Services (MiDAESS) Seaport –E Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance 2010 (SETAC 10) MJLM Engineering & Technical Services
  • 9. Close Combat Weapon System (CCWS) The CCWS Project Office manages the TOW and Javelin weapon systems. CCWS is also responsible for managing target acquisition systems to include the Improved Target Acquisition System (ITAS)and the sustainment efforts of the Bradley TOW 2 Sub-system (T2SS) and Improved Bradley Acquisition Sub-system (IBAS). Past Performance • Supported the Bradley Fighting Vehicle since 2009 • RESET – Integrated Site Unit (ISU) to 10/20 Status • Staging facility for 250 Shelter Program • Reconfigured and Fielded 250 Shelters to Warfighter • Produced over 704ea Missile Maintenance Tool Boxes • Continuity Test Missile Simulated Rockets (MSR) • Logistic Support throughout CONUS • Provided Bradley Support to – DRS Melbourne 9 MJLM Engineering & Technical Services
  • 10. Counter-Rocket, Artillery, & Mortar (C-RAM) C-RAM is responsible for life cycle management of automated Air and Missile Defense (AMD) Command and Control (C2) systems, including the Forward Area Air Defense Command and Control (FAAD C2) and Air and Missile Defense Planning and Control System (AMDPCS). C-RAM also manages Indirect Fire Protection Capability (IFPC) System-ofSystems (SoS) programs, to provide force protection against the Indirect Fire (IDF) threat. Past Performance • • • • 10 MJLM Liaison Officers (LNO) in OCONUS Logistics Support for the Program Executive Office (PEO) Missile & Space, Missile RESET Team Item Management for Leave-Behind-Equipment (LBE) Ensure assets are manifested and forwarded to Tobyhanna Army Depot MJLM Engineering & Technical Services
  • 11. Digital - Flexible Engine Diagnostic System (D-FEDS) MJLM provided Mechanical Engineering Design/Analysis to the Digital Flexible Engine Diagnostic System (D-FEDS), a test cell for aircraft engines. MJLM was tasked to provide engineering and technical support for the D-FEDS Reliability Improvement Program (RIP). This included research, analysis, redesign, modifications, integration, and testing of all prototypes. Past Performance • Improved system Reliability (D-FEDS RIP) • Software Development • Design • System Integration • Verification & Validation 11 MJLM Engineering & Technical Services
  • 12. D-FEDS Reliability Improvement Program (RIP) Under D-FEDS, MJLM was tasked to provide engineering and technical support for the D-FEDS Reliability Improvement Program (RIP). This included research, analysis, redesign, modifications, integration, and testing of all prototypes. The D-FEDS RIP effort has far-reaching operational impacts on active army, army national guard, and air force units in fielded locations such as Groton, CT, Manheim, Germany, Kirkland AFB, NM, and Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. Advantages / Past Performance • Electro-Magnetic Interface (EMI) Shielding • Product improvement effort • Mean time to repair (MTTR) analysis • Mean time before failure (MTBF) studies • Increased Reliability, availability, and maintainability (RAM) 12 MJLM Engineering & Technical Services
  • 13. Dynamometer Warning System (DWS) The DWS is a prototype designed and built by MJLM for Immediate Field Testing and Qualifying. Its purpose is to monitor the health of aviation engines in support of the Digital-Flexible Engine Diagnostic System (D-FEDS). Past Performance Hardware Scalability • Prototype Development • Research & Development • System Engineering • Obsolescence Mitigation • Sustainment Support to D-FEDS Software Scalability 13 MJLM Engineering & Technical Services
  • 14. Integrated Family of Test Equipment (IFTE) MJLM personnel use IFTE stations to test electronic and electrooptic assemblies for fault isolation of Line Replaceable Units (LRU) and Shop Replaceable Units (SRU) at all levels of maintenance. These stations are reconfigurable to adapt to new weapons system technology with short development time frames. The use of IFTE test stations reduce maintenance and logistics costs. Supports System Sustainment Management Directorate (SSMD) Past Performance • Base Shop Test Facility V3 (BSTF) • Electro Optical Test Facility V5 (EOTF) • Electronic Equipment Test Facility (EETF) • Non-Destructive Test Equipment (NDTE) • Commercial Equivalent Equipment (CEE) • Electronic Repair Shelter (ERS) • Support of Support (SOS) TPS Development • Additional Test Program Sets (TPS) Development 14 MJLM Engineering & Technical Services
  • 15. Low Voltage Digital Word Generator (LV DWG) The LV DWG enables low voltage digital testing of the IFTE system. To reduce lifecycle costs to the IFTE program, MJLM provided AMRDEC support to redesign the LV DWG configuration to eliminate proprietary and obsolescence issues. MJLM’s reconfiguration of the LV DWG provides the same functionality requirements of the original version while utilizing current technology components and a non-proprietary design. The redesigned LV DWG also improves asset readiness and significantly reduces risk to mission readiness. LV DWG Card Digital Bucket Past Performance • • 15 System Engineering • Card Installation Prototype Development Obsolescence Mitigation • Sustainment Support for IFTE MJLM Engineering & Technical Services
  • 16. Maintenance Operations Procedures & Prototype (MOPP) Shop The Kiowa's M3P system uses the existing Kiowa Warrior ammo can, the Avenger feed chute and a simple, lightweight mount designed by the MOPP shop. The new mount attaches the M3P directly to the Universal Weapons Pylon (UWP) and eliminates a cumbersome gun cage assembly. MJLM performs the complete overhaul/RESET of the M3P .50-caliber Machine Gun to include: Full disassembly, Parts inspection, Magnetic Particle Examination (MPE), Parts requisition, Phosphate coating, Reassembly of asset, Live-Fire Testing, Shipping/Packaging, and Training of Government personnel future Kiowa field trainers. Supports Systems Sustainment Management Directorate (SSMD) Redstone Arsenal, AL Past Performance • • Weapons System(s): OH-58 Kiowa & Avenger • Rivet Replacement Program • 16 M3P .50-caliber Machine Gun MJLM = ONLY M3P Depot facility worldwide MJLM Engineering & Technical Services
  • 17. Next Generation Automatic Test System (NGATS) MJLM and two other companies were awarded a $75M firm-fixedprice, IDIQ multiple award. The award will provide for the Automated Test System Testing and Net-Centric support. NGATS is the latest addition to Integrated Family of Test Equipment (IFTE). NGATS is a reconfigurable, general-purpose, mobile, deployable, Automatic Test System (ATS) designed to provide offplatform sustainment support to all Army weapon systems. The testing platform provides diagnostic maintenance of Current and Future Force electronic systems and will standardize the Army's Automatic Test Equipment (ATE). Supports Product Director Test, Measurement, & Diagnostic Equipment (PD TMDE); Redstone Arsenal & Picatinny-ACC Past Performance • Base Shop Test Facility V3 (BSTF) • Electro Optical Test Facility V5 (EOTF) • Electronic Equipment Test Facility (EETF) 16 MJLM Engineering & Technical Services
  • 18. Joint Attack Munitions System (JAMS) The JAMS Project Office provides an unprecedented level of service and support as the Life Cycle Manager for the Joint Warfighter's Rocket and Missile Systems. The JAMS Project Office manages all variants of the 70-mm Hydra Rocket (formerly 2.75-inch Rocket) and the HELLFIRE Missile, as well as the JAGM, Viper Strike, Griffin, Hydra 70 Rocket Launchers, HELLFIRE Launchers, and Test Sets. Past Performance • • Field Maintenance, Training & Support • System Engineering • ALL Army Platforms Supported • Supports Small Guided Munitions • Technical Manual Support • 17 RESET for JAMS Test Program Sets (TPS) SSMD Contract Vehicle MJLM Engineering & Technical Services
  • 19. Launcher Test Station (LTS) Laser Simulator Prototype Test Adapter MJLM provides a prototype test adapter to detect the presence of an infrared signal being transmitted from the laser simulator on the HELLFIRE Launcher Test Station (LTS) for the M36 training missile test. The prototype test adapter is designed, developed, and tested at the MJLM facility in Huntsville, Alabama. Features / Benefits • • Cost Effective • Battery-Operated (9VDC) • Built In Test/ Built In Test Equipment (BIT/BITE) • Stand-Alone Test Adapter • 18 User-Friendly Compact in Size (approx. medium sized flashlight) MJLM Engineering & Technical Services
  • 20. Test Equipment & Instrumentation Support Program (TEISP) TEISP is a support project aiding organizations with their test equipment maintenance needs. Currently, TEISP supports the US Air Force Material Command (USAFMC), US Air Force Security Assistance Center (USAFSAC), US Army Test Measurement and Diagnostics Equipment Activity (USATA), Software Engineering Development Center, and System Sustainment Management Directorate (SSMD) internal organizations. TEISP provides component level repair of electronic test equipment, as well as a means to perform technical publications verifications and engineering testing. The program also provides repair, storage, and shipment of US Army assets for issue to supported organizations worldwide. Past Performance • • • • • • 19 Government savings of approx. $5M+ Delayed obsolescence of Air Force aircraft instrumentation test set AN/GRM122, and IFR4000 Test Program Sets (TPS) development using QMAX Automatic Tester PSD60 Fuel Quantity Test Set Repair GPS simulator repair 125 yrs combined technical experience MJLM Engineering & Technical Services
  • 21. Cable Fabrication Cable Fabrication & Assembly Strip/Cut to Length Twisted Pair Coaxial/Twin Axial Harness Assembly Ribbon Multiple Assembly Processes Industry/Gov Standards Heat-Shrink Tubing Splicing Soldering Sealing Crimping Past Performance • • • • • 20 Kit Grounding Kiowa Warrior TEISP – Test Equipment Instrumentation Support Program D-FEDS – Digital-Flexible Engine Diagnostic System SOS – Support of Support TPS Supports • • • AMCOM – Aviation & Missile Command DLA – Defense Logistics Agency CCWS – Close Combat Weapons System MJLM Engineering & Technical Services
  • 22. Circuit Card Assemblies Wire Wrap Configuration Circuit Card Evaluation, Design, and Development Technology Conversion Component Installation Evaluation Printed Circuit Card Enhancement and Replacement Past Performance • • • 21 Produce Prototype Automatic Gain Control (AGC) Boards Fabricate Kiowa Warrior Printed Circuit Boards Convert Manual Remote reKeying (MRK) Interface Connecting Device (ICD) to Printed Circuit Boards Programs Supported • • • • Kiowa Warrior Test Equipment Instrumentation Support Program (TEISP) Flexible Engine Diagnostic System (FEDS) Support of Support (SOS) TPS MJLM Engineering & Technical Services
  • 23. Command Simulation Support MJLM provides support of Advance Communication tasks systems related to the Warfighter Protection Lab (WPL). This capability is transferable to other agencies which support Upper and Lower Tier Defense Programs, Strategic Border Initiatives, and other areas which aid in Government Force Protection and Homeland Security Test-Bed development. MJLM supports these areas through Independent Verification & Validation and System Engineering Technical Assistance Contracts. Past Performance • Geospatial Engineering • WPL Exercise & Deployment Expert • Real World Disaster (Digital Map Generating) • WPL Technical Services • Software Development • Information Technology • Model & Simulation 22 MJLM Engineering & Technical Services
  • 24. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) MJLM develops 3-level Technical Data Packages (TDP) in support of various Government programs. Programs Supported Past Performance • • • • • • • 23 Drawing Modifications – AMRDEC Drawing Conversion – DOE & DoD Missile Simulated Rocket Modification – CCWS Relay Panel Assembly – FEDS Variable Tracking Filter – FEDS Timer-Panel Assembly – FEDS Prototyping Activities – FEDS & JAMS • • • Close Combat Weapons System (CCWS) Flexible Engine Diagnostic System (FEDS) Joint Attack Munitions System (JAMS) MJLM Engineering & Technical Services
  • 25. In Summary… MJLM has – • Proven Infrastructure • Experienced & Diverse Staff • Customer Confidence confirmed by High Performance Rating • Innovation. Quality. Commitment. 24 MJLM Engineering & Technical Services
  • 26. Contact Information MJLM Engineering & Technical Services 4825 University Square – Suite 12 Huntsville, AL 35816 Office: 256-890-1800 Email: DUNS: 175133805 Cage Code: 45TU4 25 MJLM Engineering & Technical Services
  • 27. Q&A Session 26 MJLM Engineering & Technical Services