Module 6 presenting technology research


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Module 6 presenting technology research

  1. 1. Journal OneJournal Two Journal Three
  2. 2. Technology has been around for many of years, but not much in theclassroom. Teachers are bringing technology to the classroom. The conceptof technology is to help students become more interested in learning. Theteachers who use more technology in the classroom get better results fromtheir students. The students start to get more involved in the classroom. Thethree journals together set good explanations of technology in theclassroom.The goal of this project was to search for new ideas of technology in theclassroom. The ideas will appeal to all teachers and students, easy forteachers to use, students can access at home, and updated technology. Aspre-service teachers we need to start searching for these tools to improveour classrooms. The journals of technology in the classroom consists of helpfulideas for teachers as well as pre-service teachers.As pre-service teachers, we believe by following these journals will enhanceyour teaching abilities and share with other teachers the new technology.
  3. 3.  I found this journal to be useful for teachers to read. The journal  Description discusses a new technology pen used in the classroom. The › This website discusses students can use the pen for instructors using taking notes and the teachers use interactive pens in the it for lecture notes. classroom. The best thing I found out about the new pen was the audio. The author quotes, “ Audio can be recalled at a specific point in the note-taking progress, synchronizing with instructor or student created classroom notes, using either Livescribe’s desktop software or the pen itself (Nagel, D. (2011). Livscribe Launches Teacher Resource Portal. The Journal: Technological Horizons in Education. Retrieved from: 19/livescribe-launches-teacher- resource-portal.aspx )
  4. 4.  Below, I have selected a  The desktop software You Tube video for can detect when a user students who have used taps at a specific part of the Livescribe Pen. his or her notes on a piece of paper and then m/watch?v=S8n6nFkVZK play back the part of the k&feature=player_embe lecture. The audio and dded#at=19 notes are called pencasts.  One of my “a-ha” moments about this journal was the smart pen and audio notes can be saved to a computer.
  5. 5.  Personal Reflection › My personal reflection over this journal is good, because the smart pen can benefit me as a student now and a teacher later. The smart pen and audio notes make students have fun taking notes. I know I would love to take notes with a smart pen. I think I would have paid more attention to the teacher with the new technology.
  6. 6.  I found this journal to be useful for  Description teachers to present their lessons plan over the projector. The summary of › This website discusses a this journal describes the new new portable, 3-D portable, 3-D projector and all the high-qualities that come with it. capable classroom projector. The one thing I found interesting was the author describing the projector. The author says, “The new V300X is a portable, 5.5-pound DLP- based projector that features a resolution of 1, 024 x 768 (XGA) and a contrast ratio of 2,000:1 (Nagel, D. (2011).NEC Intros Networkable Classroom Projector. The Journal: Technological Horizons of Education. Retrieved from: 04/05/nec-intros-networkable- classroom- projector.aspx?admgarea=pre )
  7. 7.  Below, some pictures are displayed to show the  The unit projects 80 percent of its maximum brightness different sides of the and offers a lamp life. The projector. projector can provide a great tool for the teacher to play educational videos, or movies. The good part about this projector is it can be built-in a wall correction with color adjustments.  One of my “a-ha” moments was reading about the networkable projector that offers up to 5,000 hours of lamp life in economy mode.
  8. 8.  Personal Reflection › After reading this journal about the new projector; I wanted one right away. I think this is the perfect classroom tool for teachers to use. As a pre-service teacher, I would use this in my classroom for videos, movies, or pictures. The students will be engaged to the projector, because a white board could connect with it so the students can write or do math problems. The projector will help the teacher be more prepared and more knowledgeable of technology.
  9. 9.  I found this journal to be useful for students  Description who would like to write on a whiteboard. The whiteboard allows students and teachers to › This website discusses a move, rotate, scale, or fling images across the company named board using only their fingers. The students would enjoy using their fingers to resize Promethean that offers images or to write on the board. student response As I was reading the journal the one thing systems, interactive that the author said was very interesting. The whiteboards. author states, “ The enable touch controls and animations, the new series of whiteboards use Promethean’s Activlnspire Professional Edition, an application that features handwriting tools, shape recognition tools, page turn effects, and the ability to import both files and content from multiple applications including PowerPoint, Adobe, Microsoft, and Smart NoteBook (Thompson, D. (2011). Promethean Rolls Out Interactive Whiteboards with Gesture Support. The Journal: Technological Horizons in Education. Retrieved from: methean-rolls-out-interactive-whiteboards- with-gesture-support.aspx?admgarea=pre)
  10. 10.  Below, here is a website  The ActivBoard 500 Pro that has a video showing offers multiple hardware how the students use the and two different whiteboard. whiteboards: 87- inch ActivBoard 587 and 95- http://www.prometheanw inch ActivBoard 595. Each board will have a pair of =nav.21892 short-throw projector.  One of my “a-ha” moments was reading about the features of the whiteboard. The software includes teacher profiles, time stamping, and support for both sound and screen recording.
  11. 11.  Personal Reflection › The whiteboard is a good technology to use in the classroom. As a pre-service teacher I would love to have this board for students to show their work and have fun doing it. The teachers would enjoy using this board to make class more interesting. My overall view point of the new technology is good to engage the students of learning. The students would love to use the whiteboard for learning and listening.
  12. 12. • In conclusion, my power point consisted of technology being used in the classroom. I chose these three journals to describe the technology I might use one day in my classroom. I thought it was important for me to research these journals, because it relates to me as a pre-service teacher. I hope for the pre- service teachers to look at my power point to see what they are looking forward to. The technology today is exciting for the students because they can grow each day from using it.
  13. 13.  launches-teacher-resource-portal.aspx?admgarea=pre networkable-classroom-projector.aspx?admgarea=pre rolls-out-interactive-whiteboards-with-gesture- support.aspx?admgarea=pre