Braving the down turn


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The real stimulus for entreprenuer

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Braving the down turn

  2. 2. Why Bhagavad-Gita is the real stimulus ? √ The World’s oldest management literature surviving the test of time. √ Most management theories doesn’t even stand, for the life time of author of that theory .However , the management theory in Gita, stood for 5000 years as an eternal principle, guiding the humanity for every kind of management problems . √ Bhagavad-Gita also has specialized and specific solutions, for the present crisis the world is facing .In contrary to $1.1 trillion, it gives the real stimulus – The wisdom stimulus. BRAVING THE DOWNTURN - I LESSONS FROM GITA
  3. 3. In Comparison to ‘Art of War’ √ The only other management book which has stand the test of time , is ‘Art of War’ by Sun Tzu. √ Application of ‘Art of war ‘ requires a spiritually prepared mind – a mind without greed , and anger and have emotional detachment . √ Otherwise , ‘Art of war’ is a double edged sword , it can destroy , even the person who is implementing it. It was expected that a mind who should read an ‘Art of War’ should not have any emotional attachment . √ Infact , the present crisis has lot to do , with wrong implementation of ‘Art of War’ , without understanding its core philosophy of dispassion . BRAVING THE DOWNTURN LESSONS FROM GITA
  4. 4. The Problems in Approach √ The knowledge of Gita, is Universal, and could be applied by anyone √ Krishna was a great leader , and Vyasa wrote Gita , to give a case study of a great leader and his leadership style. √ Wisdom of Gita, could be help people from any walks of life , to manage his organization and life better. √ Bhagavad-Gita was originally written for common people, to manage there life better, though it was more practiced as a liberation tool kit , it was meant to be a toolkit of right action in society. . BRAVING THE DOWNTURN LESSONS FROM GITA
  5. 5. The real stimulus for Entrepreneur √ Arjuna was a great warrior . √ He raised the same question which an entrepreneur might be asking, in between the crisis , completely driven by the state of despondency. √ That’s why It is well worth , to go through the advises of Sri Krishna in the managerial context, trying to understand what he would suggesting to an entrepreneur, who is an business warrior. BRAVING THE DOWNTURN LESSONS FROM GITA
  6. 6. Arjuna Uvaacha : Prakritim purusham chaiva kshetram kshetrajnameva cha; Etadveditumicchaami jnaanam jneyam cha keshava. Arjuna said: 1. I wish to learn about Nature (matter) and the Spirit (soul), the Field and the Knower of the Field, knowledge and that which ought to be known. BRAVING THE DOWNTURN LESSONS FROM GITA
  7. 7. Reinterpreting Arjuna’s question in Business& Economic Context √ I wish to learn the material aspect of Business, Economy and Industry, which is money . √ I wanted to be clear, why there is periodic recession in the world. √ What would be the real stimulus on this situation. √ At the same time, I wish to know about the soul ( meaning ) of money in Business , Industry and Economy. BRAVING THE DOWNTURN LESSONS FROM GITA
  8. 8. The Advice of Sri Krishna Sri Krishna Uvaacha: Idam shareeram kaunteya kshetramityabhidheeyate; Etadyo vetti tam praahuh kshetrajna iti tadvidah. Sri Krishna said: 2. This body, O Arjuna, is called the Field; he who knows it is called the Knower of the Field by those who know of them, that is, by the sages. BRAVING THE DOWNTURN LESSONS FROM GITA
  9. 9. The Advice of Sri Krishna √ The body which is the Money, is the field of Business & Economy . √ The Business Academicians ( The Business Sages and Gurus) called them the ‘knower of the field’ who knows the field of money. √ One who is the real ‘knower’ of this field ( a successful entrepreneur) can transform this field . BRAVING THE DOWNTURN LESSONS FROM GITA
  10. 10. The Advice of Sri Krishna √ The Knower of the field of money is always detached , because he knows the very nature of money is a flux . √ The field of money continuously moves through recession and growth. √ This is because the money which the human beings created is a poor replication of the visible Universal force . BRAVING THE DOWNTURN LESSONS FROM GITA
  11. 11. The Advice of Sri Krishna √ Money gives a fake sense of immortality and that’s why nature to bring back the balance, destroys the human money periodically with recession. √ A Entrepreneur who knows this nature of the field of money, sees recession as a opportunity , as they have a different perception about money. √ This changed perception is the real stimulus and is more powerful $1.1 trillion . BRAVING THE DOWNTURN LESSONS FROM GITA