Office Energy Audit: Best Practices in Workplace Assessment


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Morgan King
Tessa Salzman

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Office Energy Audit: Best Practices in Workplace Assessment

  1. 1. Office Energy AuditBest Practices in Workplace Assessment Morgan King Tessa Salzman Campus Lead Cal Poly SLO
  2. 2. What’s on tap for today• Workplace Audit Process – Tools and Techniques – Fostering Adoption of Recommendations• Model Workplace Assessment Campaigns – Cal Poly SLO and Yale• Office Walk-through
  3. 3. Words of Wisdom• The actual audit is only a small piece of the pie• Invest time in forging partnerships• Find the levers – Alignment with campus policy, cost savings for department, improved comfort, etc.• Communication is critical – Staff must understand and be motivated• Foster adoption of identified measures – Community Based Social Marketing (CBSM) Techniques – Install SMART STRIPs, CFLs, enable sleep modes, etc.• Follow-up is critical• ???
  4. 4. General Process Energy Savings/ Behavior Change Present Follow-up Report/CBSM/Work orders Develop Report Conduct Audit Cultivate Workplace RelationshipsFind partners andlevers
  5. 5. Energy Focus Areas Focus Area Assessment Tools EE Measures Inspect heating/cooling Air sealing, insulation improvements, equipment, distribution IR thermometer, thermostat settings, window system, system balance, Heating/Cooling Thermal Leak treatments,reduce internal heat gains thermostats, leaks in Detector (cooling), smaller/more efficient envelope, building envelope equipment upgrades Inspect water heating Lower temperature set-point,Water Heating and equipment (e.g. boilers), Thermometer insulate, pipe wrap, heat trap, low Cooling pipes, fixtures, controls, usage flow fixtures behaviors Energy Star upgrade, remove Inspect plug-in equipment, redundancy, unplugging, (smart) Plug Loads phantom loads, usage Watt meter power strips, plug miser controls, behaviors enable sleep modes Inspect age/type of lighting, Flicker Checker, Lighting Retrofit, task Lighting, Lighting light intensity, lighting Ballast Checker, lighting Controls, de-lamping controls, usage behavior Light meter
  6. 6. Checklists and CalculatorsProject Spaces > Documents > Core Portfolio Projects > Auditing Tools and Resources
  7. 7. Green Campus Certified: Cal Poly SLO Workplace Assessment• What is it?• Modeled after LEED Certified• Pick workplace to audit• Establish “Sustainability Mentor”• Check Prerequisites• Run audit + Interviews
  8. 8. Facilities Audit• Pilot Audit• Savings Recommendations • Lighting • Appliances • Paper• Lighting Retrofit • Annual savings of 4,226 kWh • Annual cost savings of $425Next Steps & Project Expansion• Administration & Finance Department• Academic Departments• GCP interns train department personnel
  9. 9. Yale Green Workplace Certification• Self Assessment• Seven Action Areas: Point• Travel Y/N Allocation ENERGY• Waste• Energy 1 We have energy-saving power settings as defaults on all workplace computers. We have enabled sleep mode on all copiers, printers, and fax machines. Copiers and printers are shut N/A 2 N/A• Procurement down at night. If problems exist regarding overheating or overcooling of office space, we have contacted our appropriate 3 N/A• Kitchen/common areas 4 facilities point-person to report the issue. (guidelines) If possible, all windows are shut tightly during cold and hot weather. N/A• Innovations 5 At least 75% of our team has enrolled in Yale’s Managed Workstation, Big Fix, and PC Power Management Program. (procedures) N/A 6 We promote the use of laptops over desktop computers as an energy-saving technique. N/A 7 We shut off all computers, monitors, and peripheral devices while they are not in use, and at night. N/A• Point System 8 We seek out our energy use trend information from facilities and report that information to staff when available. (info) N/A We use compact fluorescent light bulbs in lieu of incandescent light bulbs in all applicable lighting 9 N/A fixtures.• Four levels of 10 We have reminders that the last person to leave should make sure the lights and printers are off. BONUS ACTIONS N/Acertification (YALE) We do not have desk-side printers or copiers – we only use shared units. We use window blinds to trap heat and keep out the cold during the winter, and to trap in cold and keep N/A N/A out heat in the summer. We use power strips as central turn-off points for our individual work stations and switch them off each N/A night. We regularly put in work orders for filters to be replaced in heating and cooling vents. N/A Total 0
  10. 10. Fostering Adoption of Measures• Prompts• Norms• Commitment• Incentives• Communication• ???
  11. 11. Thank You! Questions? Morgan King Tessa Salzman Campus Lead Cal Poly