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Final world energy tech summit
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Final world energy tech summit


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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance

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  • What: World Energy Technologies Summit (organized by the World Technologies Network and Time Magazine), Alternative/ Renewable Energy panelTheme: Reality check: Technologies putting us on the path to sustainabilityWebsite: Length: 8-10 minutes Powerpoint; 2 other speakers: on Hydrogen, Nuclear PowerAudience: expecting maximum 300; senior executives, inventors, finance representatives; representing wide range of economic sectors, do not necessarily have knowledge of EEWhat they propose you discuss: this panel is composed of speakers from associations/NGOs and therefore they are trying to bring together various viewpoints/overviews of different sectors and segments of the energy industry; for you part, they are looking for an overview of energy efficiency, a discussion of overall technological trends, the promise of the ee industry and where you see it going, “game-changing” technologies. They said case studies are good.
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  • In 2009, program administrators with energy efficiency programs from 46 states, including demand response, reported data to CEE, compared to 37 states in 2008.Data regarding spending: CEE member programs spent what they budgeted for 2008: $4 billion USD, accounting for +88% of total spending
  • Money to be entirely obligated by September 30, 2010
  • Transcript

    • 1. The Quiet Giant:Energy Efficiency Ready to Roar!
      World Energy Technologies Summit
      March 18, 2010
      Kateri Callahan, President
      Alliance to Save Energy
    • 2. Presentation Overview
      About the Alliance
      A Quiet History of Huge Success
      Game Changers: Setting the Stage for the Decade of Energy Efficiency
      Ready to Roar: Energy Efficiency as the “First Fuel”
    • 3. What is the Alliance to Save Energy?
      • Non-profit organization headquartered in U.S.; operations world-wide
      • 4. Led by Senator Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) and Peter Darbee, President and CEO of Pacific Gas and Electric
      • 5. Includes 10 Members of Congress – Bi-Cameral; Bi-Partisan
      • 6. Also includes environmental, consumer, and trade association heads, state and local policy makers, corporate executives
    • Working with and Across All Sectors of the Economy
      • ~170 companies, organizations, and institutions in Associates Program
      • 7. Associates Program membership represents all economic sectors
      • 8. Initiatives underway in research, policy advocacy, education, technology deployment, market transformation and communications
    • A Quiet History of Success
    • 9. Game Changers: Global Imperatives…
      Climate Change:
      Energy use directly linked to
      GHG emissions..the U.S. example:
      • Security:Unchecked growth in energy demand can:
      • 10. Accelerate fossil fuel depletion
      • 11. Increase our reliance on foreign sources of energy
      • 12. Economy:
      • 13. Energy waste comes at high costs: “Business as usual” energy use will waste more than $1.2 trillion in the U.S. between now and 2020 in the U.S. alone – and this does not include transportation energy consumption!
    • Source: McKinsey Global Institute
      Game Changers: Understanding the Enormous Potential for Savings……
    • 14. Game Changers: Leadership by Example
      Through energy efficiency alone, Walmart...
      • saving 250 million kwh/year in the U.S. (enough to power 23,000 homes)
      • 15. …has reduced energy load by approximately 15-20%
      Learning Resulted in New Sustainability Goals:
      - Reduce GHG emissions at existing stores 20% by 2012
      - Long-term: 100% powered by renewable energy
      - Zero-waste operations
      - Sustainable product selection
      - Sustainability/efficiency criteria for supplies and vendors around the world
      EE technologies are helping Walmart get there NOW:
      - Daylighting
      - Efficient HVAC
      - White Roofs- Lighting Retrofits
      • Fuel efficient vehicles…and more!
    • Game Changers: Leadership by Example
      Since 1994:
      Energy intensity reduced by 22% (Btu/pound of product)
      1,600 trillion Btu saved 
      Prevented 86 million metric tons of CO2 from entering atmosphere
      $5 billion in energy savings achieved
      Equivalent to the electricity needed to power all the residential homes in California for one year!
    • 16. Game Changers:
      Increasing Utility Sector Investment
      Source: Consortium for Energy Efficiency, 2009 Annual Report
    • 17. Game Changers: Federal InvestmentStimulus: $65B Related to Energy Efficiency
      Funding in Millions of US Dollars
    • 18. Game Changers: Global Investment
      Global revenues from climate-related businesses rose by 75 percent in 2008 to $530 billion
      Climate-related business revenue could exceed $2 trillion by 2020
      Energy efficiency recorded the highest investment return at 30%
      Energy efficiency will receive $184 billion (53%) of the $350 billion in
      global green stimulus funds
      Source: HSBC Global Research Report, September 2009
    • 19. Requirements to “Roar”: Public Policy Infrastructure
      • To lock in savings for consumers and businesses
      • 20. To achieve market penetration
      • 21. To gain foothold in market
      To encourage technological innovation
    • 22. Responding to the Challenge:Federal Action
      February 2010
      January 2009
      Ongoing appropsin House/Senate climate/energy bills
      Stimulus package
      Senate includes Homestar proposal in Jobs agenda
      President’s Fiscal Year 2010 budget
      HVAC standards agreement
      Executive Order on federal energy use
      President’s new CAFÉ standards
      COP15: Secretary Chu announces Climate REDI Program
      DOE: new lighting standards
      Sens. Bingaman, Murkowski, Menendez introduce Appliance Standards Bill (NEEE)
      Bilateral agreement: U.S.-China Energy Efficiency Action Plan
      House passes American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES)
      House passes $75B Jobs bill
      Sens. Kerry and Boxer introduce Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act (CEJAPA)
      Sens. Merkley & Pryor introduce Building Star
    • 23. Roaring into the Decade: Forecast for U.S. Policy - 2010
      Clean Energy Legislation w/ Strong EE
      Building Codes & Appliance Standards
      Innovative Financing Mechanisms
      Significant Funding from Allowances
      New Jobs Bill
      Loan Guaranties
      Workforce Training
      Residential Retrofit Rebates
      Commercial Retrofit Rebates
      Significant FY 2010 Appropriations
      Binding International Climate Treaties???
    • 24. But, a long way to go!
      Table: Total Primary Energy Consumption per Capita
      EE can take us there!
    • 25. Thank you!
      Contact information:
      Kateri Callahan