Energy Saving “Treasure Hunt”: Arcade Misers


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From the 2010 Alliance to Save Energy Green Campus Energy Efficiency Summit – Greening the Campus, Building the Workforce

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Energy Saving “Treasure Hunt”: Arcade Misers

  1. 1. Energy Treasure Hunting Energy Saving “Treasure Hunt” QuickTime™ and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor Arcade Miser are needed to see this picture. Public Domain
  2. 2. An important goal of Green Campus Generation of measurable energy Savings • Each machine equivalent to spotlight on 24/7 (120W) • 10 machines in two locations on campus
  3. 3. Miser Overview • Detects movement and powers up machine • After 15 minutes of inactivity the machine powers down Miser Overview • Used frequently with Vending machines Cost: ~$90.00
  4. 4. Depot Audit Findings Arcade Energy Consumption • Six machines In Use 10% • ~1,750 kWh savings potential per 16 week semester Not in Use 90%
  5. 5. Traffic Issues with Sensor • Misers are typically mounted in the back of machines facing out • High traffic • Significant savings reduction
  6. 6. Important Issue Before Trial • Machines not owned by HSU • Permission by Rendezvous granted
  7. 7. Traffic solution • PVC mount built HEY PROSPECTIVE GAMERS! These arcade machines are equipped with an energy saving device. To turn on the machines, simply swipe your hand in • Sign made to notify gamers front of the motion sensor between machines. If you plan on playing a while, be sure to reload the juice by swiping your hand at least once every 15 minutes. Thanks for helping us save energy. of operation GOOD LUCK ON YOUR GAME!!! *if you have any questions about this project or would like to know more about the Green Campus Program, please email us at
  8. 8. Where to Buy Misers Hank Ryan Efficiency Data & Development Cell (510) 459-9683 email
  9. 9. Savings per Miser • Savings per miser each semester with same usage: 470 kWh, or $70 (78% cost) • Payback for misers: 21 weeks
  10. 10. Right for My University? Maybe, Maybe Not • Owners may not be OK with the machines • loss of visibility/revenue? • Studies show no $ loss from soda machines
  11. 11. However… • Misers can be used on vending machines and most plug-in devices • We are fortunate to have the resources to implement our own ideas to save energy and gain valuable experience in creative problem solving! • “Make as many mistakes as fast as possible”
  12. 12. Conclusion This project has reduced arcade machine consumption dramatically with a fast, cheap and easy solution. There are opportunities everywhere to reduce your campus’ energy consumption. Public domain
  13. 13. Thank You! Jon Mitscha Website Questions?