Journey to the Common Good


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"Journey to the Common Good: The Art of Building Community-Based Collaboration" was presented by Dr. Gary Mangiofico during the 2012 Innovation in Healthcare Conference.

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  • With all we know why can’t we solve the healthcare challenges of the poor and displaced? What is the narrative that keeps us from creating sustainable solutions? Consumerism vs. Citizenship, Achievement vs. Collaboration, Autonomy vs. Relationship
  • Current policy and government and other funding streams serve to silo missions and activities towards one kind of problem, issues or challenge. This is now the dominant paradigm that drives how services are conceptualized, organized, and delivered. Including how we measure effectiveness and impact.
  • Need to overcome rules for planned programs of existing rational models of deliveryChallenge Paradigm of what creates authentic change.Rewrite rules of change leadership.Understanding what being helpful really mean?Courage to be bold and committed to a new way of being……
  • Creating the dialogue to support the efforts….
  • This is why we’re here today:
  • Why the focus on RelationshipsWe grow in, through, and toward relationships, in part, because they hold meaning for usConnection with others is central to our psychological well being, empathy, responsiveness (influence), and growth (ability to survive and thrive).Adapted from Frager & Fadiman (2006)
  • Creating Change is coupled with the ideas of making a difference, being a change agent, and contributing to another person’s well-being and productivityIt is an exploration of:Who are we What we have to contributeHow we each can increase the possibility of reaching our goals
  • communities/organizations change because people change themselves and their actions. People become engaged in their own destiny.
  • We being and build by the invitation….
  • Journey to the Common Good

    1. 1. Gary Mangiofico, Ph.D.Associate DeanGraziadio School of Business and ManagementPepperdine University
    2. 2. No problem can be solved from“the same consciousness thatcreated it. We must learn tosee the world anew.” Einstein
    3. 3. “Coming together for the joint ownership ofdecisions and collective responsibility forachieving the jointly agreed-upon objectives…” (Gray,1989)Wherein voluntarily folks are “…broughttogether by a shared desire …” (Moote, et. al., 2000) That aligns with the values and needs of the Community to be served.
    4. 4.  Helps to address complex problems more effectively; Brings together diverse perspectives, knowledge, and interests; Creates a broader capacity to implement solutions. (Firehock, 2011)
    5. 5. How can nonprofits…”collaborateon behalf of … communityproblems or challenges? Whatmight facilitate abroader, community widecollaboration?” Jennings (2009)
    6. 6. What if We Knew a Different Way of Leading For a Future that is Distinct from the Past:What would that call of us?
    7. 7. “An ethic of stewardship for people andplace……an expansion of “me & mine” to “we &ours……To do so requires a sense of (place)and relatedness.” (Dukes, 2011)
    8. 8. Relationship _______________________________________Process for Innovation & Change _______________________________________ Subject Matter Expertise
    9. 9. Leadership/ Relationship Influence: Developing Relatedness Emergent Innovation & Change Process Implementation: Community Building and Ongoing Dialogue Content/ Issue Specific but FlexibleCollaborative Initiative(s) with Multiple Perspectives
    10. 10. We create community when we bring in our authentic selves and share in the creation of positive narratives about who we are and what’s possible in our relatedness.
    11. 11.  Time: There is enough time Mystery is valued: What would surprise you by being here? Reflection is valued. Relationships/intimacy as a community is the goal.  Believe people show up with generosity.
    12. 12. New narratives of what ispossible are derived through meaningful conversations.
    13. 13.  We are here, because all of you are developing the human agency for the Common Good! You are the voices for an alternative narrative! Therefore, What’s the prevailing narrative you are seeking to alter through your efforts?
    14. 14. The Building Blocks ofSustainable Dialogue andCommunity
    15. 15. We are social by nature, and authentic change for the common good requires the restoration of humanity!Relationships are the promise ofintimacy that can accomplish that.We act upon that and whom weCare about! The mutuality of relationship binds us…
    16. 16.  Creating Community is first and foremost an engagement of individuals together to create something of meaning
    17. 17.  Every community/organizational change is preceded by a personal one; Relational influence touches my human being and that is why it is so powerful!
    18. 18.  Time with each other/ stakeholder Acts of service to one another/ stakeholders Developing Trust that one’s well-being is held in value by one another Sense of mutuality: What am I giving, what am I receiving? And, What are we building?
    19. 19.  Welcome each other to the conversation. What has brought you here to this meeting? Share what the meaning of collaboration is for you?
    20. 20.  Who has commitment to the new narrative? Who has power to advocate/ support an alternative future? Who can bring resources? Who is in the “community” you’re working to change? Who is willing to take the risks to empower innovation and action? Block, 2008
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