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PMA Boeing 757 Leading Edge Slat Skins for American Airlines.

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Alliance Aerospace Slat Presentation

  1. 1. Alliance Aerospace Engineering
  2. 2. PROCESS Scanning 2 complete aircraft leading edge slat skins on the 757 aircraft at the American Airlines located in Tulsa, OK. Scan one complete set of leading edge slat skins from American Airlines inventory. Alliance Aerospace Engineering
  3. 3. This system quickly brings physical parts into a digital domain with hand laser scanners that combine instant tracking performance with high speed, non-contact surface scanning. Key Features:  Instant Tracking of difficult geometries from multiple angles.  Compact/Lightweight Scanner to reduce operator fatigue.  Large Measurement Volume to scan larger scale parts in single setup.  Measure difficult textures without powder or sprays, including mirror finishes.Alliance Aerospace Engineering
  4. 4.  SCANTRAK hand held laser scanner is lightweight, beamless, and has no mechanical restrictions. Provides unlimited range Polyworks modeler is a of motion for comprehensive modeling software uninterrupted scanning. that enables a total interoperability between point cloud scanning equipment and surface modeling. Multi-Sided Probe (MSP) tracks, measures, and  Includes best fit alignment of scans with unlimited range individual scan sessions or multiple scans into a single model. of motion and no off-angle limitations.  Enables correcting imperfect digitized geometry using flat and curvature based hole filling, boundary reconstruction, sharp Dynamic Referencing Kit edge and corner reconstruction. provides vibration compensation and automatic alignment. Alliance Aerospace Engineering
  5. 5.  Every morning, prior to scan, equipment must be calibrated. After letting the optics warm up for 30-45 minutes, the MSP was calibrated. This allows the system to calibrate as to the orientation of the scanner. After this, we calibrate how the Optical Tracker calculates the distance and location using a program called auto-scale. Using the previously calibrated MSP, we measure a certified 1000mm bar in different positions. Finally, we calibrate the laser scanner using a known sphere. This calibrates how the cameras in the scanner head calculate distance based off the projected laser line. Alliance Aerospace Engineering
  6. 6.  The task of getting all the equipment setup in preparation of scanning, was lengthy and took a large planning effort. The true challenge was figuring the correct setup to scan up to 25 feet in the air.  First step was to setup the tracker on one Skyjack and the computer and scanner on the second Skyjack. (As shown above) Alliance Aerospace Engineering
  7. 7. Second, the Skyjacks were positioned in such a way that the tracker would be able to see the entire part whileallowing the persons canning to reachall aspect without disturbing the line of sight between the tracker and thescanner. This setup was variable from slat to slat. The 5 and 6 slats provided an additional challenge for Skyjack positioning, as space is limited between the engine and the fuselage. Alliance Aerospace Engineering
  8. 8.  Thirdly, the ping pong balls and Dynamic Part Reference diodes were applied using hot glue. The ping pong balls allowed us to scan the part in two sections without putting excessive stress on the computer during data acquisition. The DPR diodes create a coordinate system that is locked to the part in case the slat tracker is moved.Alliance Aerospace Engineering
  9. 9.  Now that all is calibrated and setup, the scan may begin. The scanner provides a visual viewfinder and audible tone bursts so you can keep the scanner optimal difference from the part. Additionally, the computer provides real-time views of the scan data in relation to other data. Alliance Aerospace Engineering
  10. 10.  The Polyworks Software scans each pass in a different color. This allows you to see in real-time how your data is overlapping and what areas are missing. You may also see below the areas that still need to be scanned.  From the scanned data, we then create a high quality mesh and build simple, dimension-able, geometry for our model based definition and drawings. Alliance Aerospace Engineering
  11. 11.  At this point, a fully usable, PMA worthy part is manufactured for the customer. By creating forming tools and machine fixtures, these parts can be produced at high quantities while maintaining 100% quality and accuracy.10-N30331 form tool and the Alliance Aerospace part during conformity. Alliance Aerospace Parts Complete post manufacture. Alliance Aerospace Engineering
  12. 12. Alliance Aerospace Engineering
  13. 13. Contact InfoContact Info Address: 185 Paularino Ave. Suite A Costa Mesa, California USA 92626  Phone: (714) 760-9913  Email: Alliance Aerospace Engineering