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Do you know how to sell yourself? Get your interviewer interested in what you have to say within the first few minutes of meeting you with a fine-tuned elevator pitch describing exactly what it is you bring to the table.

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Ace Your Medical Assistant Interview: Prepare an Elevator Pitch - Allen School

  1. 1. CREATING AN ELEVATOR PITCH FOR HEALTHCARE INTERVIEWSTo assure that youre successful in winning a job, it is necessary to mastersurvival skills. To this end, many career experts recommend that you takeinventory of your transferable skills and develop an "elevator pitch". Anelevator pitch is nothing more than a quick overview of your skill sets thatcan be shared with another person on an elevator, usually in 30 seconds orless.Short and sweet: pitch should be 30-60 seconds Discuss who you are, what you do, what you can offer, why you should be hired, how you can be contactedBasic: use everyday language that anyone can understand This means not using industry specific jargon. Instead, generalize words into something that demonstrates a transferable abilityVisual: allows the listener to mentally picture you in your workrelated capacity Are you a team player? Use language that allows the listener to visualize you in your job related capacityAction oriented: discuss things that you do, such as selling,producing, etc Use verbs that describes your transferable skills. Words such as "produced", "sold, "developed", and/or "created"Include a hook: Tell them just enough information to "hook" them into wanting to know more. An example of this might be a sentence or two on how you can create results. A good "hook" is to offer your business cardIn todays challenging economy, skills should be viewed ascommodity. Companies buy results and are less impressed when a candidate ticks off a laundry list of skills. Instead, discuss the many ways that your transferable skills from your past and present jobs have been assets to your employers. Finally, be sure to speak in a results oriented manner and make sure you have an elevator pitch ready to go - you never know when you will need to sell yourself.
  2. 2. Here is an example of an elevator pitch:Hi, my name is Stephen and I am a software sales specialist with over 15years of results oriented experience. I am accustomed to working indynamic, goal oriented team environments. My strengths include the abilityto generate million dollar sales, relationship building and strong customerservice. I can bring these abilities to your organization. May I give you mycard?Tips & Warnings  Write down your elevator pitch on paper  Use the following template from Allen School to help you compose your pitch.  Practice saying it several times until you have it committed to memory
  3. 3. ELEVATOR PITCH TEMPLATEWho you are:My name is ____________________. I am a (n) ____________________(Tip - This can be your actual job title or a descriptive term for youroccupation. Examples include biologist, research scientist, microbiologist,etc.)Specializing in: ____________________________________________(Tip - This is a short phrase that makes your title or occupation morespecific)What you do:(Tip - Write a single sentence that describes what you do. For example, Iwork with ... and discover mechanisms that.... Try to be specific so thatpeople can really picture what you mean)________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Why youre the best, unique, and talented; or what you do especiallywell (Skills):(Tip - Write a sentence that expresses your best strength(s). For example,my cutting-edge techniques and collaboration with other researchers allowsme to... Provide a concrete example of something that sets you apart fromothers in your field)________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________What contributions (values added) are you looking to make:(Tip - Tell what you are looking for, in terms of what problems you will solvefor the employer or for the world. For example, Im looking to continueresearch to discover new ..., make break-through in ..., provide results thatcan lead to cures for...)________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. 4. WHEN AN ELEVATOR PITCH IS APPROPRIATE When is an elevator pitch appropriate? I. In an informal social setting: A way to introduce yourself or to start a conversation, or to II. At a networking events III. During the job interview (on the telephone or in person): “So, John, tell me a little bit about yourself.” - If you have done your homework, you will know what kinds of things to highlight. If you haven’t done your homework, you can still try a basic personal statement, or you can attempt to ask them about their particular needs and interests before you launch your pitch, and try to address their needs and interests. IV. In your letter of introduction or cover letter: - It can provide an excellent basis for your second paragraph Helpful Hints: Develop your personal statement/ “pitch” quickly by writing it out first, and then talking it out. Make adjustments until it sounds and feels right for you. You may develop several different pitches in order to address specific situations and specific targets. Practice out loud in front of a mirror, in the shower, or in the car. Practice with friends and colleagues. A positive personal statement (“pitch”) will enhance your professional presence and stature, boost your self-confidence, and reduce your anxiety. It helps you establish your identity as a professional scientist, and it opens doors for connection and collaboration. Take the initiative. Make eye contact. Smile. You belong here. You have much to contribute. About Allen School Allen School Online Policies & Procedures FAQs Visit Allen School © 2010 Allen School. All rights reserved. Facebook Twitter YouTube MySpace The Allen School has been changing people’s lives for over 45 years. More than 60,000 women and men have trusted the Allen School with their Medical Assistant and Nursing Assistant educations. Plus, only the Allen School offers the Fast-Track to Success program that lets you complete your studies in 9 short months versus 15 months at other schools.