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Students participated in an All Star event and this is the feedback from the supervisor:        Check out some pictures of...
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Allen School Career Connection- March 2012 Newsletter


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The Career Connection March Newsletter features Erica Brown who assisted a man who was having a seizure on a public bus. She did a great job and was instructed by a great teacher, Dr. Callman. We also highlight our student of the month, Rukhsana Hussain and our online student of the month, Wendy Isenhart.

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Allen School Career Connection- March 2012 Newsletter

  1. 1. Allen School Career Connection Education that Works Allen School I S S U E 6 M A R C H 2 0 1 2 Career Services On Monday, Dr. Callman, instructor at the Allen School Jamaica campus, re- ceived a phone call from a 1st MOD stu- dent of his, Erica Brown, she informed Dr. Callman of the following Incident: “On Monday 2/20/12 I was walking to IN THIS ISSUE get on the N4 Bus leaving the Allen School. I missed my bus and got on theReal Life Examples next one. After being on the bus for 20 1of success! minutes and talking to my friend and her friend Anthony, he told us he wasStudent of the hungry. No more than 15 minutes later 1Month he suffered a seizure. Everyone looked at me because I was the one inAll Star Update the bright blue scrubs to help. Without giving it any thought I jumped up 2 and grabbed his head, then laid him on the bus floor, he bit the inside of his tongue, but was still alert. The EMS Crew arrived and told me goodCelebrate our job and that I have a good teacher and keep up the good work.”students! 2Student of theMonth - online 2 Rukhsana Hussain was interested in starting her Medical Assistant Career and visited the Allen School. She was now on her way in pursuing her long time dream of be- coming a Medical Professional. She has been fulfilling her obligations academically and has recently participat- ed in two All Star Events where she volunteered at a Cobble Hill High School and most recently attended a Women to Women Health Fair located in Brooklyn. At both locations she assisted with Triage, blood pressure screening and obtaining patients’ medical history. She did such a great job that the Director of Community Af- fairs & Volunteer Services personally gave Rukhsana herThe Allen School Face- Medical Assistant Graduation: May 2012 business card and requested that Rukhsana be assigned book page has reached an Internship at SUNY Downstate Medical Center Univer- over 2,000 fans! Stay sity Hospital of Brooklyn at Long Island College Hospi-updated with local cam- tal. She will begin her internship on March 19, 2012 in pus events as well as the Pediatrics division of SUNY Downstate.interact with your class- Rukhsana also participated in our Speaker Series event which was help on February 22, 2012., where she pro- mates and join the vided an overview of her experiences at the Allen SchoolAllen School Facebook to a group of her peers and classmates. Rukhsana is page! well on her way to becoming that Medical Professional that she dreamed of and we are pleased to have her rep- resent the Allen School as the student of the month.
  2. 2. Students participated in an All Star event and this is the feedback from the supervisor: Check out some pictures of the recent events held on campus!