Using Social Media to Grow a Retail Business - Trend stirling Case Study


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Using Social Media to Grow a Retail Business - Trend stirling Case Study

  1. 1. Using Social Media to Grow a Retail Business Trend Menswear 1
  2. 2. Introduction: Trend Menswear, the casual brand menswear shop in Stirling, Scotland used Twitter and Facebook to launch it’s new retail outlet on King Street, Stirling City Centre. Trend’s goal was to increase the profile of the company’s new retail outlet and establish itself as the dominant ‘Casuals’ retail outlet in Central Scotland. In the beginning, Trend opened their doors in late 2011. Although revenues were lower than expected the owners realised that using social media to reach out and engage with potential customers was key to growing the customer base and profile in the region. Trend wanted to leverage to popularity of global brands like Stone Island, Fred Perry, Lacoste, Peaceful Hooligan, and Timberland. A geographically focused Twitter campaign allowed Trend to engage local Twitter users who were tweeting content about the brands that Trend currently stocked. By following and engaging local tweeters, Trend was able to drive traffic and build a substancial Facebook community before they even had an established website. Trend Menswear 2
  3. 3. The Challenge: In the beginning, Trend had established a Facebook Profile that was being used as a Page and a Twitter account with little engagement. Upon successful migration from Facebook Profile to Page and the integration of linking their Twitter account, Trend were able to better maximise the full benefits of having a Page vs a Profile and incorporating their Facebook content into their Twitter feed. One of the major advantages to using Twitter is the opportunity to listen to tweets and content in a geographical radius. Using social media dashboard HootSuite, the guys at Trend were able to set up multiple monitoring streams around the brands that they currently stocked. These parameters were set up using a 50 mile radius. This was key as they didn’t have a website and relied on footfall for business revenue. Immediately, the team were confronted with an overload of user generated content discussing brands and football related topics; Trends target market. A strategy was put in place to target users discussing specific topics within their geographic reach and driving them to Trend’s new Facebook Page. Using the HootSuite dashboard allowed their team to introduce themselves as football fans and providers of top casual brands at great prices. No longer was there a need to travel into the Glasgow or Edinburgh city centres to get their hands on their favourite clobber. Trend Menswear 3
  4. 4. The Solution: By understanding the ethos and culture of their target market, Trend were able to create compelling and engaging football related content that drove engagement and brand awareness. Within days are implementing their strategy, Trend had new customers walking through their doors and spending money quite happily. Everyday one team member would monitor Twitter for related geographic content while another member would create a football-related competition offering special offers and savings for correct replies. As revenues increased exponentially (from £500 to over £2000 per week), it was decided that a website and online shop could also be used to increase revenues and brand awareness. • Monitoring Streams Each day new monitoring streams were created • Facebook Competitions Football related competitions posted • New Website Launch Party Used Facebook cover photo as a countdown to build awareness of site launch and special offers • Posting Website Specific Offers Onto Facebook Page This was successfully used to clear old stocks • Email Marketing Created an email marketing sign up campaign using Facebook posts with special offers for sign-ups. Trend Menswear 4
  5. 5. The Results: 2,050 fans with 80% within 50 mile radius Facebook posts with massive engagement on football and web offers... Trend Menswear 5
  6. 6. “As a retail outlet, we rely on footfall to generate sales. Even without a website, Allan was able to increase overall footfall by over 200% resulting in increased turnover and customer loyalty. Our Facebook page has been mental ever since!”   James Marshall, Owner Trend Clothing Trend Menswear 6