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AllRegs Report Builder

  1. 1. AllRegs Report Builder Product Demo Compare what’s needed to do business in all states where you are licensed and more.
  2. 2. Save Time and Money Report Builder is an online tool accessed through the AllRegs State Compliance Package Save your company time and money by allowing users to compare key state compliance information across the multiple states where you do business Easily export the search results to Microsoft Word, HTML or, as a multi-state matrix, to Microsoft Excel
  3. 3. Who Needs Report Builder? Originators: Compare what is needed to do business in all states where you are licensed — the requirements for licenses, education and fees Servicers: Compare the specific requirements for each state you do business in regards to escrow accounts, statements, payoffs and lien releases Closers and Post-Closers: Compare information on correct property documentation and signatory requirements to ensure a perfected lien in all states where you are licensed Compliance Officers: With more than 100 different state compliance topics, you can quickly compare compliance information across multiple states
  4. 4. Let’s take a look at how Report Builder works….
  5. 5. Report Builder can be accessed from the Compliance tab in the AllRegs Information Service known as AllRegs Online.
  6. 6. Select the “State Compliance” tab, and then click on the “Report Builder” button.
  7. 7. From this screen you are able to create a new report, or run existing reports that have been saved as “Favorites”. Let’s create a new report…. User Tip: Reports that have been saved as “Favorites” will return results based on the most current information in AllRegs.
  8. 8. Starting with Step 1, select the States you wish to research. Here we have chosen Arizona, California and Colorado.
  9. 9. In Step 2, Select the Topic of your report. Click on the “+” sign before each high-level category to expand the field and reveal sub-topics. User Tip: Choose sub-topics from multiple categories for a truly custom report.
  10. 10. In Step 3, select the layout for your report. State/Topic layout returns reports ordered by state. Topic/State Layout returns reports ordered by topic.
  11. 11. Current report selections are displayed in this frame. Now it’s time to “Generate Report”.
  12. 12. “ Report Functions” are now presented in the left frame as links, directly into the relevant content in AllRegs. The “Cover Page” is displayed in this frame. The report can now be exported to MS Word, MS Excel, or a web page, or added to a saved list of Favorites. Let’s export the report.
  13. 13. Choose a format and click on the “Export” button. The “File Download” window appears, to prompt “Open”, “Save” or “Cancel”. Let’s open the file.
  14. 14. The Report now appears in MS Excel, where it can be edited, annotated, saved to your computer or e-mailed to others. When hyperlinks appear in the report, click on them to be taken directly to the relevant content in AllRegs Online.
  15. 15. Benefits of Report Builder A flexible tool that easily allows the end user to access a wide range of information in a short period of time Dynamically generated reports allow end users to compare information across states and export it into document formats that suit their needs Multi-state compliance matrices exported to MS Excel or Word for further annotation or manipulations Fresh results when you save the report criteria to be re-run at a later time with updated information
  16. 16. More Benefits of Report Builder Hyperlinks back into AllRegs Analysis and Commentary provide even greater in-depth discussion of the topics Condensed analysis on a broad-range of compliance topics offers a quick-read of the information you want Ability to research multiple states at one time is a huge time saver for compliance individuals Excellent AllRegs Customer Service and Support to assist with questions Immediate access, no maintenance
  17. 17. Subscription Details Subscriptions are based on site-wide licensing; all users at one company site have access to the products Discounts for multiple state or multiple site subscriptions are available Must have State Compliance package to subscribe to Report Builder; the tool is available for all states you currently are subscribed to – add-on states are available For further details or to order now, call our Sales Department at (800) 848-4904 or visit