Buyers Guide to Sport Equipment on All About You Shop


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Whether your goal is toning, losing weight, or boosting your cardiovascular fitness, All About Your Shop is the place where you choose sportswear and fitness equipment that will help on your way. Read more on

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Buyers Guide to Sport Equipment on All About You Shop

  1. 1. Buyers Guide to Sports EquipmentWhether your goal is toning, losing weight, or boostingyour cardiovascular fitness, All About Your Shop is theplace where you choose sportswear and fitnessequipment that will help on your way.
  2. 2. Coast Sports Equipment & Accessories All About You Shop offers a variety of sports accessories for Yoga, Pilates and other types of workouts. Gym Balls & Yoga MatsFitness DVDs Starter Fitness Package
  3. 3. Coast Sports Equipment & AccessoriesFitness DVDsHeart Rate Monitor Bodymax Toningwith Chest Transmitter Reebok Step Ball – 0.50 kg
  4. 4. Prima Vibration PlatformsClaiming to help do everything from toning muscles to improvingstrength, vibration platforms are very popular with both women and men.With machines such as the economical Power Plate My3 Vibration, midrange Power Plate Pro 5 Air Vibration, or the premium, professionally andcommercially focused Vibratec VB2700S Vibration Plate, all available onAll About You Shop you can practice Acceleration Training and enjoy thebenefits of this type of workout.
  5. 5. Prima Vibration PlatformsPower Plate Pro 5 Vibratec VB2700S Power Plate Pro6Air Vibration Plate Vibration Plate Vibration Plate
  6. 6. House Beautiful TreadmillsUsing a treadmill as part of your workout has a series of benefitsamong which: Wide variation of workout programs, as the treadmill allows you tochange the speed or inclination so you increase or decrease difficultyof the exercise Possibility to pre-set programs to help you get the most from yourtreadmill training Monitor your evolution – most treadmills display how many caloriesyou’re burning during your exercise, how distance you have completedduring the program.
  7. 7. House Beautiful TreadmillsAll About You Shop offers a varied range of treadmills Economical treadmill range: Bodymax 1500CA, Bodymax 1800CA, Livestrong 7.9T Mainstream mid-range treadmills: Livestrong 12.9T, VisionT9550HRT With Simple Console, Life Fitness T3 Advanced Premium treadmill range: Life Fitness 95T Inspire, Vision T9800HRT Commercial, Vision T9700HRT Premier
  8. 8. House Beautiful TreadmillsLife Fitness F3 Folding Vision T9250 Premier Life Fitness 95TTreadmill - Advanced Treadmill Inspire TreadmillConsole
  9. 9. Prima Exercise Bikes The exercise bike is one of the classic popular types of fitness equipments. Among the other reasons, exercise bikes offer a relatively affordable workout to those seeking high quality aerobic training gear. Economical exercise bikes: Bodymax BO803 Exercise Bike, Bodymax B15-GE1 Studio Exercise Bike, Infiniti JT950 Exercise Bike PremMid range stationary exercise bikes: Livestrong 9.9IC Exercise Bike, Vision Fitness E1500 Exercise Bike with Premier Console, Vision Fitness E3200 Exercise Bike with Simple Console ium range: Vision E3700HRT Upright Bike, Vision E3800HRT Upright Bike, Life Fitness 95R Inspire Recumbent Exercise Bike
  10. 10. Prima Exercise BikesBodymax BO803 Exercise Livestrong 9.9IC Exercise Life Fitness 95R InspireBike Bike Recumbent Exercise Bike
  11. 11. Trainers & Multigyms All About You Shop also offers a huge variety of  multigym machines: Life Fitness GS2 Multigym, Bodymax CF370 Compact Fitness Trainer, Life Fitness FIT3 3 Stack/3 User Multigym (leg press/raise)  elliptical trainers: Vision Fitness S7200HRT Suspension Elliptical Trainer, Life Fitness X3 Elliptical Trainer elliptical cross trainers: Livestrong 9.9E Incline Elliptical Cross Trainer, Life Fitness X8 Advanced Elliptical Cross Trainer, Bodymax CT801 Elliptical Cross Trainer
  12. 12. Trainers & MultigymsLife Fitness X1 Cross Trainer Life Fitness FIT3 3 Stack Life Fitness GS2Basic 3 User Multigym Multigym
  13. 13. Read more on Health-and-Fitness/Fitness