OpenCms Days 2012 - Updating the Archdiocese of Cologne from OpenCms 7 to 8

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The Archdiocese of Cologne is the largest diocese in Germany in terms of members. Some 2.1 million Catholics live in its 680 parishes both east and west of the River Rhine. Its main church is Cologne …

The Archdiocese of Cologne is the largest diocese in Germany in terms of members. Some 2.1 million Catholics live in its 680 parishes both east and west of the River Rhine. Its main church is Cologne Cathedral, one of the most important cathedrals in the world and also one of Germany’s most popular tourist destinations.

Arguably the largest and longest running OpenCms installation in the world, the Archdiocese of Cologne is using OpenCms for more than 10 years to maintain a variety of different websites. These include the website for the main administration, individual parish sites and also sites for a multitude of sub-organizations like Caritas, adult education and media, to name but a few.

After the update to version 8 last year, a new template taking full advantage of the latest OpenCms features is already in place. Yet there are over 100000 pages in the various websites of the Archdiocese, many of which are unchanged for years and require an editorial rewrite as much as a technical update. While the overhaul progresses, OpenCms is used to manage both old and new pages in parallel.

This session will describe the update process and introduce tools developed for an automatic migration of pages to OpenCms 8 ADE technology.

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  • 1. The Archdiocese of Cologne and its new homepage The Catholic Church in the Rhineland
  • 2. What does Archdioceses of Cologne mean?The Archdiocese of Cologne is a territorial administrative unit of the RomanCatholic Church with its own jurisdiction and administration sovereignty.Hence the Archdiocese is a corporate body organised under public law.The Archdiocese is under the leadership of the archbishop.The domicile and administration of the Archdiocese of Cologne is situated inCologne.2 | 28.09.2012
  • 3. What is the scope ofthe Archdiocese ofCologne?The Archdiocese extendsover an area of around6,200 km2.This equates to a fifth of thearea of the stateNorth Rhine-Westphalia. 3 | 28.09.2012
  • 4. Facts and figures about the ArchdioceseWith 2.1 million Catholic members the Archdiocese of Cologne forms the strongest German diocese, followed by Freiburg (im Breisgau) and Münster with ∼2 million members each.Compared to global dioceses’ member rates the Archdiocese of Cologne is ranked in 35th place.Other Dioceses count much higher member numbers such as Mexico with ∼7.8 m. Catholics, São Paulo with ∼5.5 m. and Milan which has ∼4.9 m. members.There are 183 places of pastoral care with 554 parishes,∼800 churches and∼400 subsidiary churches, of which600 are designated as historic monuments.4 | 28.09.2012
  • 5. Facts and figures about the ArchdioceseWhat is of greatest importance to the church as well as its commitment for people cannot be expressed simply by numbers:Pastoral advice, supporting each other within the community, one on one support for individuals, Mass, the active and caring community in groups and unions…but numbers can illustrate how important it is for many people to commit themselves to their church and to helping each other.5 | 28.09.2012
  • 6. Facts and figures about the ArchdioceseIn the Archdiocese of Colognemore than 30,000 young people work voluntarilymore than 30,000 members are committed in choirsmore than 15,000 people in leadership positions6 | 28.09.2012
  • 7. Facts and figures about the Archdiocesemore than 20,000 employed as staff in Mass, visiting (service) and libraries.more than 5,000 people are involved as Youth Group leadersmore than 3,000 men and women volunteer as church musicians, sextons and in cleaning and nursing servicesmore than 13,000 people help in Caritas working in households, with families and with the sick, but also helping with collections and activitiesCommitment:There are around 80,000 members of the Archdiocese volunteering and in total 200,000 people contributing to volunteer services.7 | 28.09.2012
  • 8. The Archdiocese of Cologne – Employer of servicesDue to the high number of church institutions it is only possible to give anapproximate number of employees of the Archdiocese of Cologne - which liesat around 50,000There are:2,000 people in the pastoral service2,900 employees in the parishes5,000 employees involved in educational child day-care services1,100 employees in playschools (incl. caretaker, cleaning service and kitchenwork)2,000 teaching staff in catholic schools and boarding schools1,800 employees in the Institution and Administration of the Archdiocese8 | 28.09.2012
  • 9. Caritas in the Archdiocese of Cologne Support for people in need  54 Hospitals in Catholic Sponsorship with around 15,000 beds  148 Retirement and Nursing Homes for elderly people with around 14,423 places  42 Residential Houses for the mentally and psychologically ill, the physically disabled, and multi handicapped people  10 Inpatient Hospices  46 Nursing Services and Stations taking care of around 13,800 people a day  21 Counselling and Treatment Centres for addicts  56 Educational Aid Homes with around 2,620 places  15 Information Centres for pregnant women  20 Special Services for social education family help9 | 28.09.2012
  • 10. Caritas in the Archdiocese of Cologne Support for people in need  582 Catholic play schools with more than 37,400 children  3 Family holiday facilities, 7 women refuges, and a Mother and Child Health Resort  17 Educational counselling centres and 11 marriage, family and lifestyle counselling centres  45 Counselling centres for foreigners and residential homes for foreign young people  18 Counselling centres and employment agencies for unemployed people  13 Counselling centres for handicapped persons  13 Dept counselling centres  15 Town and Caritas-District-Associations and Catholic Social Associations in the communities of the Archdiocese of Cologne10 | 28.09.2012
  • 11. The Archdiocese of Cologne Facilitator for Education and Culture Also schools and other educational facilities belong to the Archdiocese of Cologne, such as libraries, archives, museums and also a radio station. There is:  46 Catholic Private Schools of all levels  2,000 Teaching staff plus 5,200 Religious Education Teachers  33,000 Pupils.  11 Town and District Education Facilities  16 Family Education Centres  5 Youth Education Centres11 | 28.09.2012
  • 12. Archdiocese of Cologne Facilitator for Education and Culture There is:  1 Art museum  5 Congress Centres  2 accredited Education Centres for Further Education NRW  2 Institutes for Further Education for teaching staff  2 Seminaries  1 Philosophical – Theological Institute  Public Catholic Libraries, with one scientific library, in total comprising around 1,6m. books, games, video and audio facilities  1 Radio Station12 | 28.09.2012
  • 13. The Archdiocese of Cologne – It is an enterprise The Archdiocese of Cologne is a part of the Catholic Church with a community of 2.1 m. people. The Archdiocese has a 2000 year old history and is therefore deeply socio-politically rooted in a secular and modern society. The Archdiocese is a facilitator of a variety of social services. The Archdiocese is a facilitator of a variety of cultural services and cultural goods.13 | 28.09.2012
  • 14. The Archdiocese of Cologne and its internet presenceA challenge!Problems coming up in the beginning of the century:The variety of services and institutions favoured a fragmentation of the Archdiocese’s image and its content on the internet.Every institution and department developed its own homepage with different web technologies and web designs.The identity of the archdiocese‘s institutions as part of the Catholic Church was pushed into the background.As a consequence the Archdiocese of Cologne as a versatile and useful enterprise wasn‘t represented and understood in its entirety.14 | 28.09.2012
  • 15. OpenCms – A strategic offerThe solution was the creation of a portal with a Content Platform for everybody. Institutions and Facilities Church communities Associations Administrative offices and departmentsTo address and to favour all these content providers is a social and technicalchallenge. Its management is called Social-Content-Management.OpenCms –Therefore it needs to be a user friendly and attractive product for thecontent provider and the editor.15 | 28.09.2012
  • 16. OpenCms – A strategic instrumentThe solution: A multi-client capable Content-Management-System with the following features:• Open technologies – sustainable open standards• A technology, which implicates a high safety standard• An expandable system with compatible versions on the platform• A system that the editor is able to use intuitively• A system that provides the expert with room for creativity• A system that is adaptive to a dynamic enterprise strategy16 | 28.09.2012
  • 17. OpenCms – A strategic offerThe Archdiocese of Cologne has used OpenCms since the year 2000.The OpenCms-Server-Cluster since then is running without interruption – on every application version and any update.During this period the Archdiocese was able to develop and change contents depending on it’s needs and according to strategy.The staff was made familiar with OpenCms using a comprehensive editorial approach across the different institutions.Over the last 13 years OpenCms has proven its capabilities through stability and reliability.17 | 28.09.2012
  • 18. OpenCms – A strategic offer Application Statistics of OpenCms System of the Archdiocese of Cologne18 | 28.09.2012
  • 19. OpenCms – A strategic offerApplication Statistics: Websites16 administrated websites of content providerswith 1.109 microsites/subsites – Church community (415) – Associations (27) – General Topics (207) – Conference Centres(25) – Archdiocese Cologne (199) – Education (8) – Caritas (116) – Schools (7) – Youth pastoral (74) – Religious Order (6) – Training and information (27) – Catholic Shooting Clubs (6)19 | 28.09.2012
  • 20. OpenCms – A strategic offerApplication Statistics: WebsitesMore than 2.100 OpenCms Workplace Userswhich have 377 Organizational Units – Church community (156) – General Topics (5) – Youth pastoral (32) – Education (4) – Archdiocese Cologne (20) – Religious Order (3) – Schools (14) – Catholic Shooting Clubs(3) – Associations (11) – Training and Information (3) – Caritas (7) – Conference Centres (3)20 | 28.09.2012
  • 21. OpenCms – A strategic offerApplication Statistics: Websites More than 48,000 created web pages 235,336 Images 42,750 binary files (PDF, Word, etc.)21 | 28.09.2012
  • 22. OpenCms – A strategic offerApplication Statistics: Websites caritas 935.355 77.946 4.853.250 404.438 congregation s 1.316.770 109.731 8.304.788 692.066 Youth pastoral 299.787 24.982 1.957.225 163.102 General topics 112.841 9.403 308.799 25.733 Conf. Centre 194.013 16.168 1.313.804 109.484 Cath.shoot.Cl ub 129.137 10.762 641.226 53.436 Associations 103.449 8.621 601.070 50.089 4.441.786 370.149 24.403.545 counts the highest amount of page views compared to the other german church portals. (Source: Google) 22 | 28.09.2012
  • 23. OpenCms – A strategic offerOpenCms is a Social-Content-Management Solution for many but not for everyone in the Archdiocese of Cologne.OpenCms needs to be user friendly and accessible.The Project will only continue to grow, if strategy, concept and application convince the user.The motivation of the staff via a good technology will foster good quality content and the latter is responsible for an increasing number of visitors.23 | 28.09.2012
  • 24. OpenCms – a Portal for the ArchdioceseColognewww.erzbistum-koeln.deThe Archdiocese Cologne offers six thematic areas: 3. Pastoral 4. Advice 5. Education 6. Press 1. Archdiocese 2. Local Church Advice & Support & Culture & Media & religion24 | 28.09.2012
  • 25. OpenCms – a Portal for the ArchdioceseColognewww.erzbistum-koeln.deThank you for your attention!25 | 28.09.2012