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  • My friends all call me 'the Trickster' so maybe that explains my 'mercurial' moods. Hermes was quit a Trickster you know?
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  • I have a trellis in my garden that looks just like an archetype.
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  • My archetypes are all suffering from separation anxiety, Doctor. What would you recommend I do to keep them from simply splitting completely apart some day? hmm?
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  1. 1. THE STRUCTURE OF THE ARCHETYPE Wednesday, July 07, 1 2010
  2. 2. =4= Wednesday, July 07, 2 2010
  3. 3. My first vision of what I My original drawingstructure perceive to be the of the of an archetype archetype seen in 1996-7 Wednesday, July 07, 3 2010
  4. 4. We could argue therefore that the archetype and its shadow are complementary to each other one does not exist without the other ……. That all the component parts of the archetype are equated to the component parts of the internal workings of a neuron ………… that is shown to have a distinct shape ………. Symmetries play a significant role in particle physics. In mechanics, in electromagnetism, and in strong interaction physics, there is no intrinsic difference between left and right. A process and its mirror image occur at the same rate. The archetype and its shadow occur at the same time….. Where as we can say that the neuron is a biochemical function the archetype we can say is a metaphysical function ……… we can postulate that the biochemical and the metaphysical function at the same time ……. Side by side two parts of the same whole ….. The formulation of consciousness and unconsciousness … the archetype and its shadow ……. Wednesday, July 07, 4 2010
  5. 5. Representation of consciousness from the 17th century What are these things called Archetypes…. . Archetypes are potential energy centres …………. Wednesday, July 07, 5 2010
  6. 6. The word archetype is from the Greek arkhetupon. It is made up of arkhos, meaning chief or ruler. And tupos, meaning mould, model or type. But to Jung archetypes are far more than recognizable characters – in fact, they are not at all characters, essentially, but symbolic keys to truths about human condition and to the path of personal enlightenment. Wednesday, July 07, 6 2010
  7. 7. There are as many potential energy centres as there are potentials …….. So lets take a look at the structure of an archetype ……. We are going to invent ……….. Strictly speaking, archetypal figures such as the hero, the goddess and the wise man are not archetypes, but archetypal images which have crystallised out of the archetypes-as-such. Let us posit that an archetype is the combination or release of combined energy from the nucleus of a cell of a neuron …… The nucleus of a cell reacts like a giver and receiver of energy The nature of the release is determined on many factors ….. Namely DNA profile and the combination of protons, electrons within the atoms of the cellular structure ………. Chromosomes, genetics etc. This is why every release of energy is different at any given second or millisecond ….. The release is infinite in possibility ………. ………. Therefore archetypes are multi-faceted and multi- functional ………… Wednesday, July 07, 7 2010
  8. 8. The nucleus of a neuron contains the format of the energy form ….. With energy continually going in and out to create new forms Wednesday, July 07, 8 2010
  9. 9. Strictly speaking, archetypal figures such as the hero, the goddess and the wise man are not archetypes, but archetypal images which have crystallised out of the archetypes-as-such. Wednesday, July 07, 9 2010
  10. 10. There are as many archetypes within one archetype as there are archetypes……… There are as many potential energy centres as there are potentials …….. . We are going to use a cone shape to represent the archetype. Wednesday, July 07, 10 2010
  11. 11. Now lets look at this image the cone, our representation of the archetype, cut in half ………. And add the relevant points for interpretation …….. Wednesday, July 07, 11 2010
  12. 12. Although all the components of an archetype are archetypes individually they also are components of every archetype ……. There are 12 basic components. Every component is a component of itself ….. Every component of the archetype has its own shadow component from the inner and the outer. The up and the down. The world we live in is made from a handful of elementary particles. The current understanding has twelve particles and their corresponding antiparticles out of which normal matter, like atoms, is composed. The twelve particles can be separated into two groups of six based on how they are affected by the strong nuclear force. Some particles, called leptons, are unaffected by the strong force under any circumstances. the fundamental The most familiar lepton is the electron. Which properties and is a component of every neuron. interactions of elementary particles The six quarks and six leptons are each grouped in three pairs by the weak nuclear force which causes transitions between the two members of a pair. Wednesday, July 07, 12 2010
  13. 13. 3 1 2 6 An Archetype is split into six basic forms (actually it is split into twelve basic forms two sets of six . Six on the outer level and six on the inner level): 1.Masculine 2.Feminine 3.Trickster 4.The Godhead 5.The complex 5 6.The Shadow 4 13 Wednesday, July 07, 2010
  14. 14. As we can see in the diagram on the slide previously we cannot see the unconscious shadow at this point because the shadow is contained in the mirror image of the archetype ……… which we can see in the next diagram ……
  15. 15. An Archetype is split into twelve basic forms two sets of six : The Shadow) : 1. Anima. 2. Animus 3.Trickster 4.Godhead 5.Complex 6. Shadow 2 1 6 4 6 3 6 3 6 5 1 5 2 Wednesday, July 07, 15 2010
  16. 16. The Anima and the Animus are what Jung describes as the inner feminine and the inner masculine the driving forces in the psyches of men and women……. Wednesday, July 07, 16 2010
  17. 17. The Archetype and its shadow ……… 2. Female ( Outer Feminine) 2. Animus (Inner masculine) 1. Male ( Outer masculine) 1. Anima (Inner feminine) Wednesday, July 07, 17 2010
  18. 18. So when the cone is crystallized into a whole we can see that the outer connects directly to the inner ……. The archetype and its shadow ……… We have given the archetype this cone shape as it adequately expresses the constituent parts of the whole in a relatively understandable form. It also gives a basic understanding that archetypes are three dimensional forms. The whole archetype can be expressed as a cone shape in this instance which is a representation of a container of energy ……. Neurologically we might name it as a receptor………….. A giver and a receiver of energy …. So electrical energy from the neurons is being set in the archetype if you like so as "The exposed end of the receptor, the to activate its message. lily pad, is in truth not so much a pad as a cup” When a neurotransmitter The archetype is formed over a moment of molecule settles into it, it suddenly and time through photons which travel faster forcefully changes shape. Inside the than light they are created by various cell, the roots move. The movement formations of protons, electrons and triggers a recon formation in another neutrons, which are formulations of molecule, which in turn disturbs still elementary particles as shown in the slide another. The reaction travels, domino above, along with different formulations of fashion" until it reaches the cell body Amino acids and other proteins. where it initiates some sort of specific activity. When a specific receptor is ignited by the bioelectrical impulses of the brain, energy from that archetype or cup of a particular complex - (ity) is released. As opposed to complex in the metaphysical formulation. Although by contradiction they are one in the same. Wednesday, July 07, 18 2010
  19. 19. The nucleus of a neuron contains the format of the energy form ….. With energy continually going in and out to create new forms Wednesday, July 07, 19 2010
  20. 20. Now if we look down from above into an archetype or coneshape or cup we can see that it indeed resembles the nucleus of a cell …….. Godhead Inside the cone is a massing of energy rising up from the centre or the tip of the cone ……….. What we are referring to as the Godhead ……… Archety pe Wednesday, July 07, 20 2010
  21. 21. The Godhead as I have described it here is the point at which energy converges.. There have been over one hundred papers written about this energy convergent point. All the energy necessary to illuminate an image ; a point of knowing these points are: - 1. Biological 2. Psychological 3. Metaphysical and 4. Metaphorical The totality of this convergence needs to happen for the archetype to be released. We would in an ideal world like for the energy to be sustainable and pure, however, once the archetype reaches our consciousness the complex attaches itself to it. Archetypes are always pure it is not until the complex attaches itself to the archetype that it becomes impure. Complexes are not necessarily bad but they change the nature of the pure archetype. The complex is a state of development that we carry firstly through our conscious minds . They are composed by the interaction of our energies with those of other peoples energies. They become through our interactions in the world. Wednesday, July 07, 21 2010
  22. 22. ……….. So energy is travelling into and out of the cone or receiver at the same time………. The amount of energy released is dependent on many factors and whether all the components needed are present at the same time ………. I will refer back to the coneshape at intervals ……. Now we can return to the 2 dimensional view of one half of the archetype the cone ………. Wednesday, July 07, 22 2010
  23. 23. 3 So let us continue The world we live in is made from a 1 2 handful of elementary particles. The current understanding has twelve particles and their corresponding antiparticles out of which normal matter, like atoms, An Archetype is split is composed. The into six basic forms twelve particles can (actually it is split be separated into into twelve basic two groups of six forms two sets of based on how they six): are affected by the Outer strong nuclear 1.Masculine force. Some 2.Feminine particles, called 3.Trickster leptons, are 4.The Godhead unaffected by the 5.The complex strong force under 6.The Shadow 5 any circumstances. The most familiar lepton is the Inner electron. The six 1.Anima 4 quarks and six 2.Animus leptons are each 3.Trickster grouped in three 4..Godhead pairs by the weak 5.Complex nuclear force which 6.Shadow causes transitions between the two members of a pair. Wednesday, July 07, 23 2010
  24. 24. .1. The Masculine Refers to the inner and outer masculine and to the anima ……… Wednesday, July 07, 24 2010
  25. 25. The Archetype and its shadow representing the masculine……… 2. Female ( Outer 1 . Animus (Inner masculine) Feminine) 6 3 3 6 1. Male ( Outer masculine) 2. Anima (Inner feminine) Wednesday, July 07, 25 2010
  26. 26. 2. Wednesday, July 07, 26 2010
  27. 27. .2. The Feminine The inner and outer Feminine and to the animus …….. Wednesday, July 07, 27 2010
  28. 28. The Archetype and its shadow representing the feminine ……… 2. Female ( Outer Feminine) 1 . Animus (Inner masculine) 6 3 3 6 1. Male ( Outer 2. Anima (Inner masculine) feminine) Wednesday, July 07, 28 2010
  29. 29. 3 Wednesday, July 07, 29 2010
  30. 30. .3. The Trickster First and foremost the trickster is at the centre of the archetype. It is a combination of all the elements of the archetype it transmutes. It can change from one thing into another. This is why we say that the trickster is a shape- shifter. The trickster plays a big part in the evolution of behaviour • Because the trickster has become such an enigmatic figure over the ages his significance is overwhelming. • He appears as a factual presence in such diverse subjects and situations that he can only be a major contributory factor within the human psyche, • most notably in anthropology, religion and folklore, which are historically Grounded. Three areas of profound human development. • Doty, W.G & Hynes,W.J Ed. (1993) Mythical Trickster Figures: Contours, Contexts, and Criticisms. The University of Alabama Press: USA. Trickster progresses developmentally within the structures of diverse culture and within the individual psyche of the human being. He represents a primitive developmental process common to humanity. An inchoate being of undetermined proportions, a figure foreshadowing the shape of man. He carries a voice for all, with no exception. He carries the ways of possibility and change and can elucidate the path by using whatever method is necessary. He is an achiever. He formulates journeys using liminal space to provoke and entice effect. He is an interpreter of fate. Wednesday, July 07, 30 2010
  31. 31. Trickster. A liminal figure The challenger of norms. He is a paradox and a mystery. that of betwixt, Observationalist within the social order. and between. The Shaman. The trickster might give the power of speech to Neither the one inanimate objects. nor the other, in a Has great wisdom and can use it to his advantage. middle position. Trickster constantly battles to break down our resistance to chaos, disorder, insight and new knowledge. Focal in nine out of eleven American Indian regions. Tricksters appear at points of growth and change. A creator and a destroyer. Dual nature of constants. Known to be half animal and half divine. He can be given to lead an unconscious life not thinking doing. Lives by his wits. As literature suggests , the trickster is placed in the middle position which would equate to the structure below. I have chosen to represent the trickster as a line through the middle of the archetype the throughline because of the multi-faceted nature of the form: - If we look at the point of contact or junction of the trickster in relation to the other aspects of the archetypal structure we can see that at the junction the trickster is in contact with every aspect of the archetype therefore indeed there are a multitude of possibilities …The trickster is a constant force right through the archetype touching every aspect of it …….. Wednesday, July 07, 31 2010
  32. 32. The Archetype and its shadow (The Trickster) ……… 3 3 If indeed the trickster is as powerful as is represented in the structure then it would be fair to assume that it may have a lot of influence in the life of an individual. Wednesday, July 07, 32 2010
  33. 33. 3 For example: - if we wanted to find a link between the purity of the Surface godhead image and a complex near to the surface or release of an archetype we may need to instrumentalise the link which is the trickster …….. Depth Wednesday, July 07, 33 2010
  34. 34. We might postulate that within the archetype or energy source of the trickster, there are many different aspects. Masculine and feminine, good and evil and the subtleties that lie on the continuum between the extremes. And many other dualities and nuances that go to make up a whole archetype or potential energy source. This may help in negotiating specificity in terms of exploration and liberation of a type. By locating that type, we may be able to assess what is needed in terms of balancing the archetype as a whole within the psyche. Wednesday, July 07, 34 2010
  35. 35. We could say that the trickster is the throughline of our internal drama ……………….. If indeed the trickster lies so prominently within the psyche we must proceed with due care and attention because of the central core nature of it. Wednesday, July 07, 35 2010
  36. 36. 4 Wednesday, July 07, 36 2010
  37. 37. The Godhead The energy moves through the plane of the Godhead and into the trickster which then splits into the other components of the archetypal structure. The Godhead is the point of conception for the archetype. There has been over one hundred papers written about this point. Where energy and matter co-exist to give birth to energy forms. Where thought converges from light energy into the systematic formulation into electrical impulses which drive the neurological processes. Wednesday, July 07, 37 2010
  38. 38. 5 Wednesday, July 07, 38 2010
  39. 39. The density of the archetypal The straight lines represent form or pattern is complexes which run / wrap representational of the around across/around the accumulation of complexes archetype and are a constituent within the archetype which in part of the energy form of it turn are archetypes in …… there are as many themselves, which in turn archetypes within one have their own complexes archetype as there are which in turn are archetypal archetypes patterns and on into infinity ….. This is because every complex is an archetype in itself and everyone of those archetypes has its own set of complexes potentially and so on and so forth Wednesday, July 07, 39 2010
  40. 40. .5. The Complex The complex of an archetype is a variant on the pure form of energy released. It can be a negative or positive variant. It can also be a sub – negative derivative as well as a sub – positive derivative these are sub – types or parts of a type. The possibilities of variants are infinite because neurologically there are as many energy points as the brain needs to create in order to survive itself …… If we look back at our coneshape we can see that it appears to be solid mass …….. "The typical receptor is a large molecule, consisting of hundreds of thousands of atoms which are divided in to protons which are positive and electrons which are negative. The positive and the negative of a complex possibly. The definition within physics for example might be the mass of atoms ( the mass of complexes) within the archetype as a potential create density ……… Individually acquired material from conception through the birth process along the continuum of life will carry "complexes" and continue gathering these until the cessation of physical life Wednesday, July 07, 40 2010
  41. 41. a complex is a group of mental factors that are unconsciously associated by the individual with a particular subject or connected by a recognizable theme and influence the individual's attitude and behaviour. Each complex is an archetype in its own right. Multi-layered, multi-functional. Complexes are both positive and negative ….. complexes may be conscious, partly conscious, or unconscious/shadow. This means the level at which a complex has been realized and also the depth in which the pattern is formed in the psyche …….. For example complexes in the collective unconscious maybe more difficult to reach but more easily recognized as the relate to the ubiquitous nature of humanity as a whole ………. Wednesday, July 07, 41 2010
  42. 42. In order to reach the pure aspect of the archetype we have to unmask the complex ……….. Reveal the complex and it becomes automatically aligned within the structure. A complex is an attribute that is attached to a symbol an archetype. The truth of an archetype cannot be felt until the complex has been removed or assimilated into itself. A complex is always present. The complex ix initially felt, the archetype is not. When the complex is realised it ceases to have control over the archetype …….. Complexes have their own energy forms as they are archetypes in their own right …….. But the energies necessarily become entwined and lessen their intensities ………. Wednesday, July 07, 42 2010
  43. 43. Complexes reveal parts of ourselves that may have been concealed for along time…… Complexes reveal parts of others that we may or may not want to see as they may activate our own complexes …. Complexes tell stories …………….. Complexes reveal stories …………….. Complexes reveal aspects of the shadow ………. There are as many masks /complexes within one mask /complexes as there are masks / complexes……. We say mask because the complex masks the archetype ……… Wednesday, July 07, 43 2010
  44. 44. The basic mechanics of human brain cells reflect a process of pattern matching or rather recognition. In a "moment of reflection", new situations and new experiences are judged against recalled ones and judgements are made. This may reflect the use and affect of complexes ….. Wednesday, July 07, 44 2010
  45. 45. The archetype therefore must be the basic building block of behaviour.
  46. 46. We can see from the image above that the cone is in fact three dimensional …….. Although represented as a two dimensional image ………. Drama is essentially a three dimensional form ……. Wednesday, July 07, 46 2010
  47. 47. Wednesday, July 07, 47 2010