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  • 1. Question 4Who would be the audience for your media product?In terms of my target audience, my market research indicated that the targetaudience for my magazine was people female and male. The age of the targetaudience is young adults aged 16-19 years old. The majority of my targetaudience would be unemployed or having a part time job whilst in college oruniversity. The type of music they listen to mostly is pop and dance music.They enjoy reading artist interviews and looking at photos of the artist. Thisis was makes a magazine more appealing to this age group. They only read afew times a month so they wanted a magazine that would be fully detailedso that they don’t have to buy the next issue till the month afterwards. Theparticipants in the market research stated the most read Q magazine. Thishelped me decide on my final product.When looking at my focus group, they were participants aged 16-19 yearsold. They assessed my music magazine and stated they would enjoy readingthe magazine because it is a young audience related music magazine. Theartist looked modern and unique which is something you would also find in aQ magazine. Both male and female audiences were interested in themagazine and thought that it looked professional and appealing towardstheir age group. As the layout of the magazine was different andsophisticated, it became more appealing to the audience. The use of purple,black, white and grey helped to make the magazine colourful and appeal tomale and female audiences. The font on the magazine was bold and eyecatching. This caught the attention of the audience and the name of themagazine ‘REMIX’ told them instantly what the genre of the magazine isbased on.Also, as the magazine is aimed at a younger audience, the layout of themagazine shows plenty of images and younger related cover lines whichwould make the magazine more appealing to outgoing 16-19 year olds. Tomake the magazine more appealing to a female audience, I added a fashionsection which should help to link the music magazine to festivals and otherevents that most of the age group would be attending this year.