E me rgi ng E ntre pre ne urs           AliveNow                    Young     Happening                             and   ...
“Marketers and                                                                                            brands are reali...
E me rgi ng E ntre pre ne urs         AliveNowadopting social media as an effectivemarketing tool, firming his belief inth...
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India Now magazine - Emerging Entrepreneurs - AliveNow


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AliveNow featured in India Now magazine - Young and Happening!

That's AliveNow in a nutshell - a next generation social media marketing company that is making waves with its innovative thinking under the stewardship of a young captain at the helm.

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India Now magazine - Emerging Entrepreneurs - AliveNow

  1. 1. E me rgi ng E ntre pre ne urs AliveNow Young Happening and That’s AliveNow in a nutshell—a next generation social media marketing company that is making waves with its innovative thinking under the stewardship of a young captain at the helm. By Sangita thakur varmaP lain vanilla doesn’t sell, he healthy way, he cautions that in the malls, restaurants and the non-profits, tells you, and he should long run, only those will survive who AliveNow has them all on board. know. Just look at the adapt to the new digital platforms, offer “We have worked with and consulted portfolio of social media result-oriented social media campaigns, for brands primarily in India, but also campaigns that AliveNow, and continue to innovate creative and in the US, the UK, Africa, the Middle the barely two-year-old start-up, has stimulating campaigns. East and even Maldives,” says Dhuddu,‘conjured’ up and you will understand AliveNow, in plain speak, is a social Founder and CEO, AliveNow. All this, the creative magic of Adhvith Dhuddu. media management company that since the company was set up in Octo- In a sector which is in its infancy, “builds brands on social media” for a ber 2009, when Dhuddu was barely AliveNow has already carved out vast and differentiated client base. The 23 years old. “We have grown tremen- a major chunk of the pie for itself. client base, wide both in terms of sec- dously from the time we began in late Though, Dhuddu says that the pie tors and regions, is growing. Be it the 2009 as a one-man operation. Now the is so big that everyone will grow in a auto sector, FMCG, education, B2Bs, team comprises 16 members,” he says.20 June-julY 2012 www.ibef.org
  2. 2. “Marketers and brands are realising that social media is an elephant in the room that they have to wake up to and deal with.” —Adhvith Dhuddu Founder and CEO, AliveNow“We have grown in terms of team size and around the world.”  in which his campaign used the web and also revenues and profits.” But we are jumping ahead. The and social media, says Dhuddu. For the financial year ended March story of AliveNow began sometime Inspired by Obama, Dhuddu was 31, 2012, the year on year revenues of around US President Barack Obama’s drawn to participate in his campaign. AliveNow grew 85 per cent and profits election. In 2007-08, the world was “One thing led to another and before I more than doubled at 120 per cent. In watching keenly the intense contest for knew it, I was plugged into the superb FY 2012-13, the company plans to dou- the US presidency. There were two big system that the Obama campaign had Photographs by S RADHAKRISHNA ble the revenue and treble the profits, races—the first between then Senator built empowering normal people to“which looks very likely given the strong Barack Obama and former First Lady amplify his message (my.barackobama. first-quarter results of FY 2012-13,” says Hillary Clinton and the second, for com mini social network),” he says. His a confident Dhuddu. The reason for the presidency between Obama and regard for Obama is deep. this buoyant forecast is as he says, “We John McCain. Obama won both the “This whole experience taught me one continue to work with some of the larg- campaigns and the primary reason for thing—the power of the web and social est and the best brands in the country his victory was the unprecedented way media.” Businesses in the US were also www.ibef.org June-julY 2012 21
  3. 3. E me rgi ng E ntre pre ne urs AliveNowadopting social media as an effectivemarketing tool, firming his belief inthis vehicle of the new world. Dhudduat the time was studying for an engi-neering degree at Virginia Tech Univer-sity. After graduating, he took up a jobwith Tyco Electronics Headquarters inHarrisburg, Pennsylvania, in their sup-ply chain department. He stayed withthe company for a year and then madeup his mind to return home.   “In college, I was immersed infinance and asset management,” saysDhuddu. So, upon his return to India,he joined Motilal Oswal for a six-monthstint in their futures and optionsdepartment. “It was a fantastic experi-ence working in Mumbais financialdistrict,” says Dhuddu. His knack forfinances remains intact and till dateDhuddu continues trading in futuresand options and also advises a closecircle of people on investments.  But the itch to “venture out on hisown” was always there. “I come froma business family, so yes, it wouldntbe wrong to say business and entrepre-neurship runs in my veins.” He had thechoice of taking the easy path—joiningthe diverse family business—manufac-turing, chemicals, metallurgy, etc. Buthe wanted to branch out on his own, beinnovative and different. because no one teaches you social It is the only social media agency in And AliveNow is innovative to its core, media marketing in college. You pretty India to be awarded by NASSCOMdoing everything in-house. It is a great much learn on your own.” But assures EMERGE 50 League of 10 for 2011.team comprising “fantastic graphic you that India has got talent. “Every day AliveNow and Dhuddu were on thedesigners, a very competent Facebook I get compelling resumes.”   cover of India Today among the top 20app development team, very creative Young India has been quick on the young and emerging entrepreneurs incontent writers and a smart bunch of uptake of social media but what about 2012. The company made it to the listaccount managers,” Dhuddu waxes the industry? Is it ready? Answers of India’s 25 hottest start-ups in 2011 ineloquent in praise of his team. The Dhuddu: “Majority of India Inc has not Businessworld and Dhuddu was pickedcontent that was outsourced earlier really woken up to social media.” His up to participate in ET Now’s Pioneer-is being developed in-house now and reason for saying this is “because the ing Programme, 2011.is central to their design. “We soon medium still makes up only a fraction The future roadmap of the companyrealised that content is one of the most of the marketing budgets of most com- is clear. Under a decision taken inimportant aspects of a 360-degree panies.” But things sure are moving, he April 2012, Dhuddu plans to expandsocial media strategy and something says: “Marketers and brands are realis- operations in the Middle East marketsthat cannot be given step-motherly ing that social media is an elephant in and continue the focus on the Indiantreatment,” says Dhuddu. the room that they have to wake up to market. For now, AliveNow’s social But is there a qualified talent pool and deal with.” media calendar is choc-a-bloc with a lotin India for the social media field? In October 2012, AliveNow turns of exciting and innovative things linedDhuddu finds this an interesting three and has achieved some tremen- up. We’ve taken an appointment for thequestion and answers why. “I say this dous milestones for a teething toddler. next fiscal to bring you an update.  22 June-julY 2012 www.ibef.org