Case Study - Kaati Zone Roll n Score campaign


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Case Study - Kaati Zone Roll n Score campaign on Facebook by AliveNow Inc

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Case Study - Kaati Zone Roll n Score campaign

  1. 1. Kaati Zone Roll N Score Client: Kaati Zone By AliveNow
  2. 2. Objectives• To build the Brand Image and create a recognizable identity for Kaati Zone’s products and services by engaging customers with the brand.• Create a buzz about Kaati Zone Rolls by integrating it to the Cricket World Cup events.• Increase footfalls to the outlets.• Increase the database for Kaati Zone mailing list.
  3. 3. Overview• During the Cricket World Cup Kaati Zone had an offer where for every Rs. 100 that you spend, you earn 1 run!• You have to accumulate runs during the season, and in the end, the top run scorers get special Kaati Zone gifts.• The Fans with the highest Runs scored will be the winners - 1st prize - Trip to MALAYSIA (for two) - 2nd prize - Nikon Digicam - 3rd prize - Sony Video Walkman - 4th to 10th prize - Club Mahindra Gift Voucher + UCB Watch• By registering with the Kaati Zone on Facebook the fan scored 4 bonus runs! And by predicting the Man of the Match, Teams which would reach the Semi Final and Final’s the fans added 4 more runs to their score.
  4. 4. How Does the Roll N Score offer Work? – The offer was launched during the World Cup, integrating the on ground Roll N Score campaign. – The fans had to fill in a simple form that would add 4 runs to their score. – If they wanted 4 more runs then they had to answer some world cup related questions, i.e Predict the teams for Semi-finals and finals, who will win the World Cup, Man of the tournament, etc. – Two tabs were made for the two rounds on Facebook to score runs i.e Roll N Score tab and World Cup tab. – The Roll N Score tab was set as a default landing page. – The offer details were mentioned in a different note. The note link was mentioned below the both the offer tabs. – These entries were then combined at the end of the World Cup Tournament and the scores were added to the participants scores that they made by ordering the food from Kaati Zone.
  5. 5. Roll N Score Tab• Roll N Score tab was set as a default landing page.• For the non-fans the default landing page was a creative with the offer info and said “like us to participate.” So they have to like to participate which lead to fan increase.• Fans were required to fill in a simple form to get 4 runs added to their account.• Also a link to score 4 more runs was given below the form.• The detailed contest info note link was also mentioned below.
  6. 6. Roll N Score Tab Look & Feel
  7. 7. World Cup Quiz Tab• The second part of the offer required fans to guess the winning teams for the QFs, Semi- Finals, Finals and the winner of the Cricket World Cup.• The fans who had filled in their details in the form where compared to the comments received on the questions and then given 4 more runs.• The contest went viral as fans started to answer the questions to get runs.
  8. 8. Great response for World Cup Questions
  9. 9. Winners Announced• We announced the Roll N Score contest winners after the conclusion of the World Cup.• The winners collected their gifts from our Outlets, we captured these happy moments and shared them on Facebook.
  10. 10. Winners of The Roll N Score Contest
  11. 11. Campaign Outcome• Through out the campaign there was a marked increase in the number of footfalls to the outlets as there was an incentive to order more to get more runs.• As this offer was valid on home deliveries, there were order increases here as well.• The campaign resulted in more brand awareness on Facebook too.• We collected many e-mail ids and phone numbers that were later added to our database for regular Kaati Zone communications.