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Tivoli software and the next chapter of your e-business strategy.
Tivoli software from IBM isn’t just a f...
…it’s also part of a comprehensive, integrated
                                       e-business solution

Tivoli Manager for Domino —
                                 Keep collaboration up and running at peak levels

Tivoli Data Protection for Domino —
                                   Back up your database

Tivoli Storage Manager —
                                    Keep DB2 and your system up and running

Tivoli Manager for DB2 —
                                   Proactively detect and resolve DB2 issues

Tivoli Web Services Manager —
                                    Do your Web site visitors see what you see?

Tivoli Policy Director — Enforce security policies
                                       across your e-business environme...
Tivoli Software Distribution — Deploy and manage client
                                   and server software automatical...
Protect your e-business investment

In constructing your e-business                  In short, when you choose IBM
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Tivoli software and the next chapter of your e-business strategy.
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Tivoli software and the next chapter of your e-business strategy.


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Tivoli software and the next chapter of your e-business strategy.

  1. 1. IBM Software Tivoli software and the next chapter of your e-business strategy. Tivoli software from IBM isn’t just a family of reliable business continuity and performance management software…
  2. 2. …it’s also part of a comprehensive, integrated e-business solution It’s an “e” world out there. Companies you’re losing sales; if your network like yours are using e-business to is down, you’re losing productivity. reduce costs, deepen customer loyalty, Tivoli software can manage those reach new markets, increase operating systems reliably and alert you to efficiencies, accelerate time to market problems in advance. and integrate their value chain. Configuration and Operations Of course, you’re aware of that Management. Meeting IT needs with opportunity, and you recognize the need limited staff is a big challenge. With to capitalize on it now or fall behind Tivoli software, you can manage the curve…and the competition. That’s activities centrally across why you’re improving your business diverse environments, manage processes with powerful e-business configurations and deploy software for software products from IBM: maximum productivity. WebSphere® software helps you extend Security Management. You’ve got to your existing business-critical processes deploy e-business applications faster to the Web. and at lower cost while maintaining consistent security policies across your DB2® software gives you the power IT investments. Tivoli software helps to turn e-business data into usable you address the critical security issues business intelligence. of access management, identity Successful e-businesses are leveraging four key capabilities management and risk management. provided by IBM e-business Lotus® software enables your staff to be software solutions, which work in concert to provide a total, more productive by collaborating with Storage Management. Accessing, balanced infrastructure. colleagues, suppliers and customers. protecting and recovering data are WebSphere more important than ever. Tivoli storage Web-enables your business Tivoli software: Think of it as e-business management solutions enable processes protection businesses to confidently deploy, DB2 Uses data to increase So what’s next? If you’re like most access, share and protect their competitiveness organizations, you’ll want to fully mission-critical information. Lotus leverage the capabilities of your Enables collaboration inside and outside your organization e-business software and keep it running In short, Tivoli e-business solutions Tivoli at peak levels. Which is where the help enable business continuity, as Manages your e-business ® infrastructure for high availability Tivoli family of e-business Infrastructure well as monitor and manage the Management Solutions comes into play. performance and availability of your Tivoli solutions are specifically designed e-business infrastructure. Want proof? to help you protect your e-business On the following pages, you’ll find a activities in four different areas: few examples of how Tivoli solutions can optimize your IBM WebSphere, DB2 and Performance and Availability Lotus software. Management. If your Web site is down, 1
  3. 3. Tivoli Manager for Domino — Keep collaboration up and running at peak levels In IBM Lotus DominoTM, you have the Service-level reporting most impressive collaborative solution in Look to Tivoli Manager for Domino for e-business, fostering critical teamwork the in-depth service health monitoring among colleagues, customers and and reporting that’s essential for today’s vendors. Which is why you may want IT organization. Running from either to consider a high-performance Domino an IBM Lotus Notes® client or a management solution: Tivoli Manager Web browser, it provides integrated for Domino. and centralized management of your Domino server. Think about it: If your organization’s messaging infrastructure goes down, Intelligent monitors and realtime graphing Tivoli Manager for Domino productivity suffers. Tivoli Manager for Tivoli Manager for Domino monitors at a glance… Domino gives you powerful tools to server availability, server health, help keep your Domino server up database corruption, database usage and running at peak levels 24x7. Its and usage patterns for all or selected • Enhances Domino server capabilities include: Domino servers. All critical metrics can availability and increases be graphed in realtime, giving you a productivity • Proactive server health monitoring quick visual indicator of recent events • Proactively identifies small • Service-level reporting and potential problems. • Storage management server issues before they • Client performance measurement Intelligent monitors provide analysis and become big business problems • Server auto-detection insight into complex Domino network • Tracks down and reports • Role-based configuration. operations, such as replication and network bottlenecks mail routing. They also track scheduled • Provides in-depth service- An early warning system replication, reporting on the number of Tivoli Manager for Domino doesn’t wait hits and misses for any designated level reports. for small server issues to become time interval. And a mail trace monitor big business problems. Continually tracks every message routed through monitoring Domino availability, it quickly your server. locates and notifies administrators of server problems before they cause Teamwork, Tivoli-style outages. Plus it identifies server Your collaborative infrastructure is too slowdowns and network bottlenecks important not to be protected. With and reports them using actual client Tivoli Manager for Domino, you have performance metrics. With that kind a comprehensive management solution of proactive server management, you that allows for planning, administration can accelerate problem resolution and and analysis of your Domino server. improve server availability. The results: enhanced server availability and performance and lower total cost of ownership. 2
  4. 4. Tivoli Data Protection for Domino — Back up your database Your e-business collaboration is only • Recover to the same or a different as good as the security of its data. Domino server; you can recover one That’s the premise behind Tivoli Data or more archived transaction logs Protection for Domino, which provides independent of a database recovery centralized, online, incremental backups and also recover the transaction log of your Lotus Domino databases. This introduced in Domino server 5.03. helps keep your data safe, no matter • Expire archived transaction logs where it resides or how it’s stored. when they’re no longer needed; you can also expire database backups With Tivoli Data Protection for Domino, automatically based on version limit you can perform two types of backups: and retention period. • Incremental, conditional backup Easy for administrators to manage Tivoli Data Protection for creates a full online backup of Domino administrators can perform Domino at a glance… Domino databases. The conditions online, incremental backups or point- that determine when a new backup is in-time restores, all from the same • Perform online, incremental necessary vary depending on whether management tool they use for all their the database is logged. Domino availability and management backups of IBM Lotus • Selective, unconditional backup needs. Once a database has been Domino databases. applies to specified databases. When restored, it becomes unavailable to • Manage the safety of your archival logging is in effect, you can users and server processes until it’s data, no matter where or capture changes to logged databases “activated.” This allows administrators how it’s stored. between full backups. to confirm a successful restoration before the database is made available • Protect your organization’s The many faces of data protection to users or replicated throughout the collaboration and productivity Tivoli Data Protection for Domino helps Domino network. levels. protect and manage data by making it easy to: If you value the safety of your Domino data and the collaboration it fosters, • Maintain multiple versions of consider the high-performance backup Domino databases and automate recovery solution that can help protect scheduled database backups. your organization against loss of data — • Archive Domino transaction log files. and productivity. Look into Tivoli Data • Restore Domino databases to a Protection for Domino. specific point in time; you can restore backup versions of a Lotus Domino database and apply changes made since the backup from the transaction log. 3
  5. 5. Tivoli Storage Manager — Keep DB2 and your system up and running When you begin to deploy your align your storage policies with business applications on DB2, a little voice will policies, coordinating data types with probably be whispering three little words multiple backup requirements. in your ear: “quick file recovery.” Monitor and manage your data Whisper three words back: Tivoli Tivoli Storage Manager manages a Storage Manager. Designed to work in broad range of data, from laptops concert with DB2, it uses advanced to corporate servers. From more than technologies to protect and manage the 35 different operating platforms, you mission-critical information in your DB2 can gain: database. And that, in short, gives you a proactive backup and recovery solution. • High-speed, policy-based disaster recovery Tivoli Storage Manager at Reduce your data archiving costs • Centralized administration for data For organizations with large DB2 storage storage and management a glance… capacity, Tivoli Storage Manager can • SAN features, such as LAN-free help reduce the costs of storage. You backup and tape sharing • Provides automated, can back up archival data on less costly • Space management file migration unattended incremental file tape or optical drives and retrieve that • Compatibility with hundreds of storage backup and recovery data as quickly as if it were stored on devices, LANs, WANs and SANs your server. • Customized backup solutions for • Helps you reduce the costs major Enterprise Resource Planning of archival data storage High-speed data restore (ERP) applications and database • Helps you establish 24x7 In a global 24x7 economy, there’s no products system availability such thing as a Web site crash in the • Optional data protection for most • Provides a tool for high-speed, middle of the night. Somewhere, it’s the popular e-mail, databases and middle of the day. So any problems applications. policy-based disaster recovery. must be detected and remedied immediately. Tivoli Storage Manager For DB2, a speedy recovery helps maintain availability and quickly A sophisticated solution for automated, gets your system up and running again. unattended file backups, Tivoli Storage In fact, its high-speed data restore Manager can reduce your IT capability is among the fastest in administrators’ workload and free them the industry. to work on other projects. Find out why it’s installed in more than a million Proactive problem solving systems worldwide, including 80 of the Since Tivoli Storage Manager lets you Fortune 100 companies. set policy and thresholds, you can be alerted immediately if you ever reach a critical point of data storage. That means you’ll be able to take action before the Help Desk calls. And due to policy-based management, you can 4
  6. 6. Tivoli Manager for DB2 — Proactively detect and resolve DB2 issues With your investment in DB2, you detect and resolve problems before have a powerful database for managing they affect data availability. That kind e-business applications and data. The of proactivity translates to satisfied end question is: How do you maintain their users and customers. availability? After all, if data can’t be accessed, it’s costing your business A long list of business benefits plenty in terms of lost productivity… The business benefits of Tivoli Manager and revenues. for DB2 are readily evident. You can: The answer is Tivoli Manager for • Centralize control of multiple DB2 DB2. This infrastructure management servers and databases, regardless system alerts database administrators of location. to emerging DB2 performance issues, • Safely offload certain database Tivoli Manager for DB2 at errors or failures at both the database administrator tasks to others and instance levels. Your database without giving up control over a glance… administrators can proactively detect critical resources. and resolve problems between users • Eliminate the need to synchronize • Minimize DB2 outages to and applications before those problems user definitions, resulting in a protect your e-business affect data availability — and, ultimately, complete, centralized view of your applications and data. mission-critical business operations. database environment. • Proactively identify the most critical, • Help maintain the availability Tivoli Manager for DB2 manages critical relevant events and automatically and performance of your connectivity between end users and initiate corrective actions. DB2 resources. databases through: • Reduce labor and training costs by • Simplify the management automating manual processes. of DB2 in an enterprise • Comprehensive monitoring of • Increase customer satisfaction by DB2 servers better managing service-level environment. • Automated task scheduling agreements. and execution • Centralized user and database For any sophisticated e-business server management implementation — from e-commerce • Delegation to Customer Relationship Management • Integrated database, application, (CRM) to Enterprise Resource Planning system and network management. to Supply Chain Management applications — an up-and-running Manage hundreds of databases database is critical. Tivoli Manager Tivoli Manager for DB2 includes a for DB2 enables superior database full monitor suite, which gives your performance and simplifies database database administrators and other IT administration. personnel the tools they need to manage hundreds of databases from a single console. Monitors can be deployed individually or en masse to 5
  7. 7. Tivoli Web Services Manager — Do your Web site visitors see what you see? With WebSphere software, you’ve built Part of a complete solutions suite an information- and function-rich Web Tivoli Web Services Manager is part site that represents your organization’s of the total Tivoli Web Management e-business presence. Solutions suite. This suite offers a comprehensive method for maintaining But what do customers and other optimum performance and availability users experience when they visit your from your site while balancing system site? Broken links? Error messages? security. It includes two powerful Can they really access your site’s solutions that are designed to work utilities and applications? How long in concert with Tivoli Web Services Tivoli Web Services Manager does it take to process a request or Manager: at a glance… to render a page? • Tivoli Web Services Analyzer, which • Measures realtime customer Tivoli Web Services Manager provides correlates Web server statistics with experiences without intrusive answers to those questions so you performance data to give you a immediately know what customers and complete view of your Web client software end users actually see and experience environment. Using OLAP technology, • Executes synthetic transactions on your Web site. And that, in turn, can this data can be customized into from multiple locations help you optimize WebSphere software’s graphical reports that departments • Scans your Web site and ability to generate e-business revenue can use to make informed decisions. checks content for errors and opportunities. • Tivoli Component Manager, which monitors key Web infrastructure accessibility problems Capturing the user’s experience components. Leveraging JMX-based • Optimizes the WebSphere ability In realtime, Tivoli Web Services MBeanTM data, it provides deep to generate e-business revenue Manager captures actual end-user monitoring and control capabilities opportunities. transactions — as well as synthetically and automatically corrects problems driven availability and performance while alerting administrators. data — from your Web environment. And to complete the management of the In Tivoli Web Services Manager, you user experience, it also helps confirm gain integrated, realtime availability that the right content is posted on your and performance management of your site — and that this content is available WebSphere-created site. That enables to visitors. e-business management of backend systems and application-level quality- Tivoli Web Services Manager of-service management. accumulates end users’ transaction response time data in terms of total round-trip time, then further breaks it down by page-render time and backend processing time. These metrics are critical for measuring the level of service that your customers actually experience on your site. 6
  8. 8. Tivoli Policy Director — Enforce security policies across your e-business environment If your organization is like most, you • User access to diverse business may have found that in your company’s affiliates and user constituents, rush to e-business, individual business enrollment support and controlled units or departments have made access to applications different IT buying decisions. Which • Enforcement of user privileges for has left you with no single way to set employees, Business Partners, and enforce consistent security policies suppliers, investors and customers across disparate Web applications • Integration into e-commerce solutions, and resources. corporate or consumer portals, CRM systems, Internet banking, ERP and Enter Tivoli Policy Director. It offers electronic bill payment. you an integrated security model for cost-effectively managing security A top candidate: IBM WebSphere MQ policies across heterogeneous Web If you’re currently deploying new application environments. applications based on IBM WebSphere MQ (formerly MQSeries®), you’re By adding Tivoli Policy Director to your undoubtedly aware of the critical WebSphere e-business environment, importance of data security. To help you can: keep your data safe from snooping by unauthorized processes — and to • Quickly apply security policies to keep transferred data intact between Web applications. applications — consider Tivoli Policy Tivoli Policy Director at • Gain faster time-to-value for your Director for MQSeries. a glance… e-business initiatives. • Manage application security policies The ideal companion to WebSphere • Apply and manage security consistently for high availability. MQ, it maintains message integrity • Use security features such as Web- and manages confidentiality for your policies across multiple Web based single sign-on to confidently applications. That can help eliminate applications and environments. extend your e-business model to the fraud, protect high-value or sensitive • Control user access from Internet, your intranet and extranets, transactions and meet auditing browsers, PCs and wireless and mobile/wireless networks. requirements…all without changing your devices. • Reduce application development existing applications. costs and total cost of ownership by • Reduce application development eliminating the need for customized, Manage security in your e-business costs and total cost of ownership. per-application security controls. environment Can you really afford not to manage Centralize control and management e-business security? With Tivoli Policy With Tivoli Policy Director, you can Director, you have an enterprisewide centralize user access control from IT security policy that’s comprehensive, browsers, PCs and wireless devices to manageable and linked live with the any Web server using various forms of broad range of enforcement points authentication — and without rewriting throughout your organization. applications. Factors you can control and manage include: 7
  9. 9. Tivoli Software Distribution — Deploy and manage client and server software automatically The good news: You’ve decided on IBM Maintain an entire software suite Lotus Notes for your e-mail solution. Tivoli Software Distribution does more Now for a challenge: You’re about to than just deliver software. You can acquire a company that uses a different define and maintain an entire suite of e-mail solution. How do you quickly and software for a group of workstations in successfully get Lotus Notes — and one step using a simple “desired state” other software — delivered and working reference model. across the entire enterprise? When you update or upgrade your With Tivoli Software Distribution. When system, Tivoli Software Distribution you have to quickly deploy software doesn’t disrupt your operation; it simply Tivoli Software Distribution to thousands of users, on multiple analyzes each system and does only at a glance… operating systems, even in several what’s required to bring it up to countries, consider this serious solution. date, allowing you to send only what’s • Quickly deploys software to In short, Tivoli Software Distribution different. It even tracks software makes sure that your users get their installed with CD-ROMs. thousands of users across software fast, that it’s configured for their multiple platforms and environment and that it works. Keep your network running efficiently geographies Tivoli Software Distribution includes • Automates the management of Install software across platforms many features to preserve your network the total user software suite Tivoli Software Distribution enables your bandwidth. Among them: software to be installed easily on • Preserves your network virtually any system platform. It: • Enforces limits on how much of the bandwidth network your software will consume • Allows administrator or user • Assures delivery to mobile systems • Allows large jobs to progress during control of content and timing. by waiting until a connection is specified “execution windows” — even established in increments when necessary • Lets users install software at • Enables you to pre-stage software in their convenience depots closer to the target systems. • Easily schedules repetitive updates • Features a graphical interface that lets If you need to get software like Lotus you monitor all its activities. Notes to many systems that are diverse and dispersed, your answer is Tivoli Flexible installation Software Distribution. Software deployed with Tivoli Software Distribution can adjust itself for the local environment of each system. And software packages can use variables of many kinds, allowing the customization that each system needs based upon its unique settings. 8
  10. 10. Protect your e-business investment In constructing your e-business In short, when you choose IBM infrastructure, you can take one of e-business software, you’re not just two courses: Assemble an array of adding to your infrastructure. You’re disparate software solutions from entering the next chapter of e-business. multiple vendors. Or select your e-business software with an eye toward For more information on how IBM a larger goal: building a total solution of WebSphere, DB2, Lotus and Tivoli tightly knit software that works together software offer a comprehensive to form a comprehensive, integrated e-business infrastructure solution, e-business infrastructure. contact your IBM representative, call 1-888-SHOP IBM or visit our Web site If you’re leaning toward the latter, at /software. consider IBM WebSphere, DB2, Lotus and Tivoli e-business software. Enter the next chapter of e-business These pages have shown you a few snapshots of how IBM e-business software can work together to help you build and manage an IT infrastructure that can easily handle the growing demands of e-business today…and tomorrow. Needless to say, there’s a lot more to the story. IBM e-business software continues to set new standards for interoperability, flexibility, reliability and scalability. And we’re a key supporter of open standards and open technologies, which means you can confidently use your legacy applications and hardware — from IBM and other vendors — to interact with customers and suppliers on virtually any IT platform.
  11. 11. ©Copyright IBM Corporation 2002 IBM Software Group Route 100, Building 1 Somers, NY 10589 U.S.A. Printed in the United States of America 01-02 All Rights Reserved DB2, the e-business logo, IBM, the IBM logo, MQSeries, Tivoli and WebSphere are trademarks or registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both. Domino, Lotus and Lotus Notes are trademarks or registered trademarks of Lotus Development Corporation and/or International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both. Java and all Java-based trademarks are trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States, other countries, or both. Other company, product and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. References in this publication to IBM products or services do not imply that IBM intends to make them available in all countries in which IBM operates. Printed in the United States on recycled paper containing 10% recovered post-consumer fiber. Lotus Part No. CC04DNA G325-5488-00