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  1. 1. Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Services RCVS BUSINESS PLAN 2006 - 2009 RCVS The Wynd Centre 6 School Wynd Paisley Renfrewshire PA1 2DB Tel: 0141 587 2487 Fax: 0141 587 2486 E-mail: RCVS Business Plan 06 - 09 1
  2. 2. Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Services Table of Contents Executive Summary……………………………………………………………………. 3 Mission Statement……………………………………………………………………… 3 RCVS‟ Values…………………………………………………………………………… 3 Background & History of RCVS……………………………………………………….. 4 Profile of Renfrewshire…………………………………………………………………. 6 The Voluntary Sector Market…………………………………………………………… 7 Profile of Renfrewshire Voluntary Sector……………………………………………… 9 RCVS‟ Service Provision……………………………………………………………….. 10 Competitive Business Strategy………………………………………………………… 12 SWOT Analysis………………………………………………………………………….. 14 Marketing Strategy………………………………………………………………………. 15 Financial Data…………………………………………………………………………… 16 Appendices: I RCVS/CxS Organisational Chart……………………… 20 II RCVS/CxS Functions Chart…………………………… 21 III Structure of the Scottish Voluntary Sector Diagram… 22 IV RCVS Thematic Database Categories Chart………… 23 V Glossary of Terms………………………………………. 24 VI RCVS Monitoring & Evaluation Plan………………….. 25 RCVS Business Plan 06 - 09 2
  3. 3. Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Services Executive Summary RCVS offers voluntary and community organisations operating in Renfrewshire a range of support services geared towards assisting them to better meet the needs of their users and enabling them to deliver effective and efficient services. A core function of any Council for Voluntary Service is to act as a central forum that is able, at local level, to facilitate communication and enable „connectedness‟ within the voluntary sector, and across all sectors. Communication is vital if organisations are to learn from each other, share information, good practice and resources, and work collaboratively. Over recent year‟s considerable emphasis has been put on the contribution that the voluntary sector can make in ensuring that Government policies and agendas can be met. In order for the sector to take up the challenges that this presents there is a need for more collective action, better information sharing, peer support and collaboration with public sector agencies and private sector companies. At this time therefore the capacity building role of intermediaries is particularly important. The CVS being a user led organisation with strong local, regional and national connections is very well placed to provide the support wanted and needed by voluntary and community groups. Over the next three years and beyond we will see significant changes within the voluntary sector in Scotland. The CVS network will have a central role to play in embedding a cultural change towards one of „enterprise‟, and in fostering positive working relationships, and a change in attitude between a range of partners at local level. Mission Statement “Renfrewshire CVS exists to give assistance to voluntary and community sector organisations seeking to improve the quality of life for all citizens of Renfrewshire” We will deliver on this mission through a „Core Framework of Activities‟. This framework outlines the 6 core objectives for CVS‟ in Scotland. RCVS has included a seventh core activity that addresses internal strategic management and operational activities. See Appendix VI for further information. The seven Core Activities are:  Understanding the voluntary sector  Communicating with the voluntary sector  Representing the interest of the voluntary sector locally  Providing support services  Promoting good practice  Growing the sector  Management and Operations (internal only) RCVS’ Values The principal values of RCVS are:  RCVS values diversity and recognises social values  RCVS will strive to promote and deliver highest quality standards  As the hub of the voluntary/community sector, the CVS must ensure participation and communication, and represent sector needs and interests appropriately RCVS Business Plan 06 - 09 3
  4. 4. Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Services Background and history of Renfrewshire CVS In July 1998 results of a survey of voluntary organisations in Renfrewshire identified a demand for the services of a CVS. Responses showed that voluntary/community organisations wanted and needed a whole range of capacity building support for staff and volunteers. In addition, Renfrewshire was at that time, one of the least successful of the Scottish Local Authority areas in attracting inward investment from charitable and other grant sources (Fairley Report). This was largely attributed to the lack of a cohesive voluntary sector infrastructure exacerbated by local structures that led to uneven use and access to existing resources. The then „District Wide Forum‟ working with SCVO took on the responsibility of establishing a Renfrewshire CVS. The CVS was incorporated and granted charitable status in January 2000 and established a permanent office base within The Wynd Centre in Paisley (see below). In January 2004 the CVS was gifted premises in Well Street, Paisley to house its ICT helpdesk team. Board of Directors RCVS is managed by a voluntary Board of Directors consisting of members from a range of large and small voluntary and community organisations operating in the Renfrewshire area. The Board strives to be representative of the thematic network structures of the sector (see Appendix IV). The current Board consists of 13 representatives and 1 co-opted. Staffing The CVS experienced a period of rapid growth up to 2005 rising from a staff of 2 to 17 employees, 2 new deal trainees, 3 student placements, and 14 volunteers in 2005 (See Appendix I for details). Significant changes have also been made within the internal structures and there now exists definitive „team‟ functions of „Development‟, „ICT Helpdesk/CxS Ltd‟, „Administration & Finance‟, and „Corporate Services‟. (See Appendix II for details). In January 2003 the CVS was accredited with the Investors in People standard in recognition of its commitment to staff development. The standard is to be re-assessed in May 2006. The Wynd Centre The Auditorium/Conference Facility The Apse Meeting Room RCVS Business Plan 06 - 09 4
  5. 5. Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Services Background and history of Renfrewshire CVS cont/… Training Connections In 2004 RCVS, in partnership with Kibble Education and Care Centre, received ESF funding to establish „Training Connections‟. This project, managed by RCVS and housed at a satellite site at Kibbleworks in Paisley, delivers a range of training to employees working specifically within the care sector to address training needs resulting from legislative and compliance changes in 2004. The next phase of this project will aim to extend the remit of the project to provide a training facility for the wider voluntary sector, providing a range of generic training courses to cater for sector needs on a broader scale. CxS Ltd A significant development within the past year has been the establishment of CxS Ltd; the trading arm of the main RCVS charity. This new social enterprise will assist in addressing the long term sustainability of the CVS. It evolved from what was the existing ICT/helpdesk support team. As a social enterprise it will provide high quality network and media solutions to all sectors and income generated will be re-invested in the enterprise and the main RCVS charity. RCVS Business Plan 06 - 09 5
  6. 6. Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Services Profile of Renfrewshire With a population of 172,867 Renfrewshire is Scotland‟s ninth largest Council area. It covers an area of around 100 square miles spanning south from Glasgow to the border with North Ayrshire and west from East Renfrewshire across to Inverclyde. Renfrewshire has a rich and diverse environment, with both urban and rural areas. 44% of the population live in Paisley, one of Scotland‟s largest towns, and the rest living in 13 other communities including the larger towns Renfrew and Johnstone. The age range of the population of Renfrewshire is very similar to that of Scotland as a whole. Renfrewshire Scotland  % 0-4 years old 5.58 5.47 - % 5-15 years old 13.83 13.73 - % 16-29 years old 16.33 17.46 - % 30-44 years old 23.91 22.97 - % 45-59 years old 19.67 19.29 - % 60-74 years old 14.12 13.98 - % 75 and over 6.55 7.09 Renfrewshire‟s industrial structure has changed significantly in recent decades. Having once been the most important centre of textile production in the world this area like most other industrial areas of the country has seen a steep decline in manufacturing industries. Currently computer companies, chemical manufacturers and other light industries are the large contributors to the economy. The service sector including retailing, leisure and tourism is increasingly the main source of employment. Unemployment in Renfrewshire is just below that of Scotland as a whole but the percentage of people permanently sick/disabled and the percentage of lone parents are significantly higher. Renfrewshire Scotland  Economically active: % Unemployed 3.75 3.97 Economically active: % Full-time student 3.14 3.03 Economically inactive: % Retired 13.98 13.89 Percentage of households where no one aged 16-74 has qualifications or 33.15 33.11 is in full-time education Economically inactive: % Looking after home/family 4.79 5.51 Economically inactive: % Permanently sick/disabled 8.34 7.44 Percentage lone parent households - with dependent children 7.60 6.91 There is an estimated 18,031 carers supporting people in need and of these almost 5000 are full-time carers. The % of people with a limiting long term illness is higher in Renfrewshire compared to that of Scotland as a whole. Renfrewshire has some very specific health and social issues and has within its boundaries 41 data zones of the most deprived 15% of data zones across Scotland.  Statistical information taken from the Scottish Census 2001 RCVS Business Plan 06 - 09 6
  7. 7. Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Services The Voluntary Sector Market It is appropriate in this section to provide definitions for some of the common terms within today‟s voluntary sector. Voluntary Sector This term is the collective description of all non-profit, independent organisations with social and ethical aims and objectives Voluntary Organisation A voluntary organisation is non-profit distributing, non-statutory and independent of the state, and managed by a voluntary committee. Some voluntary organisations are recognised by the Inland Revenue as charities (SCVO statistics, Feb 2005) Social Economy This term is used to describe the economic dimension of the voluntary sector (SCVO 2006) Social Enterprise Social enterprises are businesses that trade in the market with a social purpose In Scotland there are an estimated 50,000 voluntary organisations generating an income of around £2.62 billion for the social economy. The shape of Scotland‟s voluntary sector is changing, and with greater competition for progressively decreasing grant funding, we are moving towards the concept of „enterprise‟ and procurement. Voluntary organisations and charities are being encouraged to contract with local authorities to deliver more services and 'localisation' is high on the political agenda. This being so it is likely that the need for a CVS will continue and indeed will grow. There is indeed a greater expectation now on the voluntary sector to provide quality public services. To this end, the widening of the procurement market will create better opportunities for social enterprises to deliver a significant percentage of public services. It will also enable opportunities to engage in other PSPs (Public-Social Partnerships), and active citizenship and volunteering will be at least in part, the answer to addressing some of the problems of social exclusion. It has been recognised by other sectors, particularly the public sector, that the current climate will require greater partnership working. A mutual respect and understanding of each others role and values is critical if we are to face the challenges of the 21 st century. The Scottish Executive has in its recent report: „A Vision for the Voluntary Sector – The Next Phase of Our Relationship‟ highlighted the way forward and articulates the Executives commitment to working with the voluntary sector on joint agendas eg., community planning, regenerating deprived communities, tackling disadvantage, poverty and inequality and in doing so, creating stronger, safer and healthier communities. The Executive shall deliver on this vision by supporting the sector in four key areas: As a service delivery partner In recognition of the substantial contribution the sector makes to building strong communities Recognising its role in advocating, and expertise in policy development As an agent of change RCVS Business Plan 06 - 09 7
  8. 8. Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Services The Voluntary Sector Market cont/… The CVS has a role to cascade this vision to the wider sector and to influence a cultural change across both sectors leading to a more natural joint working relationship being embedded. Our commitment to supporting and informing a local voluntary sector Compact with Renfrewshire Council and other local partners via the Joint Voluntary Sector Working Group (JVSWG)1, will pave the way to better, more productive joint working with local partners. The CVS will play a major role in building the capacity of social enterprises and providing intermediary support to the growth within this market. The Scottish Executive demonstrates its support of this growth by recognising the added value social enterprises can offer and demonstrate their commitment and support through various pieces of work including the implementation of a „Social Enterprise Strategy‟, expected in Summer 2006; to a review of current voluntary sector funding structures and how these can be improved, through to investment in the sector through Futurebuilders. The signposting role of a CVS is becoming even more critical, as is a sound knowledge of local and national intermediaries who can support the sector. The expertise and support from agencies such as SCVO, Senscot (Scottish Entrepreneurs Network) and „Forth Sector‟ (in relation to their extensive knowledge of the procurement market), is all the more in demand. Within Renfrewshire the current number of known and validated voluntary organisations is 653. In order to estimate the economic impact of the local social economy, the CVS is in the process of designing and implementing a social economy database. This piece of work, prepared on behalf the Local Social Economy Partnership2, will demonstrate, amongst other things, the true economic value of Renfrewshire‟s social economy at local level. Whilst the market is changing, we should not forget the important role played by the smaller non- social economy organisations within the sector, in recognition that support available for their development should still be a core activity of CVS. The diagram at Appendix III demonstrates the structure of the Scottish voluntary sector and it can be seen that whilst there is little or no income generating from these smaller groups, they are greater in number therefore having a much wider impact in a Scotland wide perspective. There is no doubt that the coming years will be challenging yet exciting and it is with much optimism that we await the outcomes of a number of high profile undertakings including:  The rolling out of the Scottish Executives „Vision for the Voluntary Sector‟  The implementation of a local Renfrewshire Compact  The findings of the Voluntary Sector Strategic Funding Review  The launch of a Social Enterprise Strategy  The role out of charity law reform to increase transparency and accountability within the charitable sector and restore public confidence  An independent review of support services available to the voluntary sector nationally  The launch of „Making the Case: Social Added Value Guide‟ aimed at Procurement Officers within the public sector 1 The Joint Voluntary Sector Working Group is a partnership between Renfrewshire Council, RCVS, and Volunteer Centre Renfrewshire etc. 2 The Local Social Economy Partnership is led by Communities Scotland and consists of representatives from RCVS, SER, Renfrewshire Council Economic Development and PPRC. RCVS Business Plan 06 - 09 8
  9. 9. Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Services Profile of Renfrewshire Voluntary Sector Category (Only the confirmed voluntary Number Environment 13 organisations have been included in this Conservation 7 analysis) Health 42 In 2003 Renfrewshire CVS carried out a Housing / Homeless 53 mapping exercise to investigate the Youth 54 composition of the voluntary sector in Volunteering 6 Renfrewshire. The resulting report; „A Leisure 47 Mapping Exercise of the Voluntary Sector in Sport 33 Renfrewshire‟ is the basis for what was then Culture 35 and still is the most accurate information Childcare / Family 18 source on the shape and size of the Disability 45 Renfrewshire voluntary sector. (See Appendix Community 145 IV which indicates our database thematic Ethnic Minorities 0 structure breakdown). Counselling / Support Services 33 Education / Training More recently, RCVS has been commissioned 22 Elderly by the Renfrewshire Local Social Economy 60 Social Justice Partnership to pilot an extension to this 0 Political database to hold information and data in 0 Other relation to the extent end economic value of 40 TOTAL the local social economy exclusively. This 653 database will be on-line and available to partner agencies in 2006. A further mapping of the local sector is planned for 2006 to update this analysis. The Renfrewshire Joint Voluntary Sector Working Group (JVSWG) working with other key local agencies is developing the Renfrewshire Compact. This Compact will set out the principles of how the public and voluntary sectors will work together. It will encourage better and more effective partnerships with a mutual appreciation of each others roles and responsibilities. It is intended that the Renfrewshire Compact will be launched in the summer of 2006. Total 653 Organisations 6% 2% 6% 5% 1% 8% 9% 8% 3% 1% 5% 7% 5% 22% 7% 3% Environment Health Housing / Homeless Youth Volunteering Leisure Culture Childcare / Family Disability Community Ethnic Minorities Counselling / Support Services Education / Training Elderly Sport Conservation Social Justice Political Other RCVS Business Plan 06 - 09 9
  10. 10. Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Services RCVS Service Provision Our key activities include providing organisations with support, advice and training on issues relating to good governance, voluntary sector funding streams and resource procurement, managing projects, gathering and cascading information on local and national initiatives, quality standards, and practical assistance eg payroll and ICT. As part of a national network of CVS‟ we work within a „Core Activities Framework‟ which outlines the 6 core areas of work we deliver at a local level, and provides detail of our action and monitoring plans over the next three years. This framework can be seen as part of our full „Monitoring & Evaluation Plan 06 – 07‟ attached as Appendix VI. An extremely important element running through all of our service provision is providing information. Effective communication between and across all sectors is the key to improving understanding and building the trust that is essential if the public, voluntary and private sectors are to work together in a manner that is mutually beneficial. Effective communication makes it easier for stakeholders from all sectors to work collaboratively, share good practice and make best use of the resources within the sector. To this end, we ensure regular information flow by using a range of tools and methods to reach and include as wide an audience as possible. To encourage and enable interaction RCVS support a range of thematic and area specific networks and are active partners on strategic, multi-agency partnerships including Community Plan and Community Learning and Development Partnerships. A significant proportion of our work is focused on enabling large and small voluntary organisations to acquire, maintain and be able to use ICT equipment effectively and efficiently. We consider the focus on ICT as being a crucial element in our current and futures plans with RCVS having a critical role in encouraging and enabling digital inclusion3. Last year we launched our pioneering Wireless Network, funded by the PPRC Community Regeneration Fund, which provides 11 Renfrewshire neighbourhoods with greater access to the internet and the World Wide Web, and enables, for example, distance on-line learning. We will aim this year to expand the network‟s usage to include more rural areas of Renfrewshire. Encouraging greater ICT usage will also enable us to build our own capacity and ensure longer term sustainability (namely through the growth of our ICT based trading arm CxS Ltd). Under the six core activities RCVS will:  Assist in the establishment of new voluntary and community organisations  Work with the local authority and other partners on the community planning agenda  Work in partnership with local educational establishments  Work in partnership with other agencies to promote and participate in community learning and development initiatives  Provide support and guidance to organisations working in, or moving into the social economy  Deliver support sessions, both one-to-one and in groups, to organisations seeking assistance with funding applications, advice on good governance and/or project management 3 “A digitally- inclusive Scotland will ensure more equal, effective and beneficial access for all people to the digital technologies and web facilities that benefit them in their day-to-day lives. In a digitally inclusive Scotland, the public, private and voluntary sectors will make positive use of digital technologies and the web to improve quality of life and deliver new opportunities for disadvantaged individuals and communities” Connecting Scotland‟s People, Scottish Executive September 2001 RCVS Business Plan 06 - 09 10
  11. 11. Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Services  Participate in West of Scotland and national initiatives and cascade learning attained across local groups and agencies  Work to mainstream equalities by development of the appropriate policies and procedures, by identifying, promoting, organising and facilitating awareness raising opportunities and events and by supporting specialist networks  Use ICT to support the development of a growing central forum to facilitate communication and learning within the sector and cross sectorally with partner and linked organisations  Encourage digital inclusion and promote opportunities for collective organisation and collaboration using the Renfrewshire CVS web site, wireless network etc.  (Through Training Connections) Provide access to training facilities and/or signpost to appropriate training courses  Make available basis technical equipment on lease or lend  (Through CxS Ltd) Provide ICT technical support including hardware engineering, assistance to construct web sites and databases, advice on procurement of appropriate hardware and software, multi media services and support  Provide support and information for organisations involved in or considering implementing quality improvement or quality standard programmes  Work with partner agencies to promote volunteering, social responsibility and community action  Provide practical support to local organisations and groups eg payroll services, printing facilities (via RCVS‟ Print Shop) There are several new services planned or being investigated over the next few years, the details of which can be found in the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan at Appendix VI. These include:  Commencement of the new „Just Youth‟ project in Thrushcraigs  The launch of the social economy specific database  The launch of a Voluntary Health & Social Care Network in Renfrewshire  The possible launch of a Voluntary Housing, Neighbourhoods & Community Network  The expansion of the Wireless Network area  The launch of an Elderly Befriending Service as part of the Renfrewshire Alternative Procurement Project (RAPP)  Again through RAPP, the implementation of other needs led services in the fields of mental health and young people  We will be seeking to expand the training provision available to the sector from our Training Connections project  We will investigate the demand for other organisational support services ie. Business Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation etc.  A feasibility study in to the demand for a Renfrewshire wide Community Transport Scheme The CVS will endeavour to provide its services based on the needs and demands of our users locally, as it is not viable to offer a „one size fits all‟ service. RCVS Business Plan 06 - 09 11
  12. 12. Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Services Competitive Business Strategy The sector‟s independence and its ability to be more flexible and less bureaucratic, often provides us with a significant advantage over our partners in the public sector. In addition the social, ethical and environmental aims that form the sectors value base demonstrate the „added value‟ it can, and will bring, in relation to delivering more and better public services. RCVS is a customer focused organisation. This has been recognised by partner organisations and service users and has been substantiated by the Customer Satisfaction Survey carried out in November 2004 where over 80% of our users indicated they were very happy with the service provided. We aim over 06-07 to start working towards achievement of the Charter Mark status which demonstrates high quality customer service. If successful, we will be the first CVS in the country to achieve this award and one of only very few voluntary organisations nationwide. Our forthcoming „Marketing Strategy‟ (see page 15), to be designed with the help of a consultant through the Lloyds TSB Capacity Building Programme, will aim to raise the profile of the CVS amongst partner agencies, and to widen the membership of the CVS particularly with organisations based in the semi-rural to rural areas of Renfrewshire There are a number of other agencies, both public and voluntary sector, providing similar services to those offered by RCVS. However, rather than conflicting, the different agencies compliment each others provision and are close partners of the CVS. In addition, our function is primarily to connect, signpost and give information on what is available across sectors and only where we have identified gaps in provision, would we initiate a specific service ie. accessible and cost effective ICT support was seen as a significant gap within the voluntary sector when the CVS started, hence the establishment of our specialist IT help desk facility which has now evolved in to our trading arm CxS Ltd. Alternative local service providers are:- Public sector agencies – specifically Renfrewshire Council: Community Learning and Development have a responsibility for community capacity building. Councils are, however, becoming less involved in service delivery and more involved in facilitating delivery via cross sectoral partnerships. RCVS is already undertaking joint work with them. As an active partner on many of the strategic management partnerships we have the opportunity to influence how and what will be done. Although obviously much better funded than the CVS they do not have a particularly good reputation within the community, they are very risk averse, are not able to make quick decisions and being a publicly funded body are often very constrained in what they can offer and when and to whom they can offer it. Reid Kerr College - as a community college they can and do offer training in community issues eg good governance, project management, IT etc. Again they are much better funded and have many more staff than the CVS. Their courses are not suitable for many of the CVS service users however because of the academic language used, style of delivery and their need for participants to achieve formal qualifications. A further barrier for many within the sector is that courses are run to suit college needs - minimum numbers attending and set times over a number of weeks or months. Paisley Partnership - Currently this agency works within the identified data zones in Renfrewshire. Links with this organisation have been strengthening over the last 3 years. RCVS now provide services to a number of the groups funded by Paisley Partnership eg IT, payroll and finance support and they have funded the infrastructure costs of the Wireless Network for groups operating within data zones. RCVS Business Plan 06 - 09 12
  13. 13. Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Services Competitive Business Strategy Cont/… RCHI - Renfrewshire Community Health Initiative - this is a voluntary organisation providing support to volunteers and voluntary organisations working in the area of health and wellbeing. As a CVS we both provide services to them and work with them on a number of projects eg the establishment of Renfrewshire Voluntary Sector Health Network and arranging annual events eg International Women‟s Day and Volunteers' Week. Consultants and private sector companies - many of these provide very specialist services eg evaluation of projects, feasibility studies etc but they are in the main very costly and unless specific funding for their work is available it is out of the reach of all but the largest organisations working in this sector RCVS Business Plan 06 - 09 13
  14. 14. Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Services SWOT Analysis (Internal & External) A full SWOT analysis was carried out as part of a Board of Directors/Staff development day early in 2005 which indicated the following: STRENGTHS OPPORTUNITIES Dedicated, hard-working Staff development – up-skilling staff staff/volunteers members Staff/volunteers with a diverse range Internal structure/strategic changes of skills and experience Develop an asset base ie. Building Credible reputation Income generation through CxS Variety of communication methods Ltd/growth of new services ie. Print including electronic Shop etc. Strong networking/partnership Procurement opportunities relations Expansion of training provision via Innovative/able to adapt „Training Connections‟ Forward thinking Inclusion of other income generating Use of a cocktail of funding services ie. monitoring & evaluation, Business Planning etc WEAKNESSES THREATS Limited financial resources Disjointed structure Limited capacity to meet local Reduction of European funding demands Reduced availability of grant funding Disjointed structure in general Governance/policy development Other competition for reduced grant Lack of robust financial systems funding RCVS Business Plan 06 - 09 14
  15. 15. Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Services Marketing Plan A representative from the Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland‟s „Capacity Building Programme‟ carried out an organisational review of RCVS in November 2005. As a result, we will be working with a dedicated consultant in 2006 to design and implement a full Marketing Strategy for the CVS. The RCVS Board of Directors and Senior Management Team, under the guidance of the Chief Executive Officer, recognise that the following are, and will be, key measures of our success in the future: a) Ensuring we adhere to our principle values at all times. b) Ensuring all information held on the voluntary sector databases is current and accurate. c) Recruiting suitable staff with appropriate knowledge and experience and providing them with on-going development opportunities. d) Ensuring internal capacity is resourced appropriately at all times. e) Ensuring regular information is cascaded to the local sector using a diverse range of mediums ie. themed meetings/events, e-bulletins, e-networks, newsletters, website. f) Ensuring that there are appropriate mechanisms that will encourage and enable voluntary and community organisations to exchange information, share skills, knowledge and expertise. g) Ensuring regular feedback, formal and informal, from a range of stakeholders (from voluntary and public sectors) to review the relevance and frequency of service provision - Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey - Bi-annual Impact Study. h) Ensuring we retain our credibility by providing a quality service to service users and other stakeholders. i) Ensuring high quality marketing and promotional resources. j) Increasing the profile of RCVS within outlying neighbourhoods of Renfrewshire. k) Ensuring that the CVS and voluntary sector are closely involved and able to influence strategic planning decisions that will impact on voluntary sector service delivery. RCVS Business Plan 06 - 09 15
  16. 16. Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Services Key Financial Data and Financial Projections Year 1 Item Cost £ Description Initial/Ongoing Support Required RCVS Business Plan 06 - 09 16
  17. 17. Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Services Year 2 Projection Item Cost £ Description Initial/Ongoing Support Required Total Costs 251000 Year 3 Projection Item Cost £ Description Initial/Ongoing Support Required RCVS Business Plan 06 - 09 17
  18. 18. Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Services Projected Revenue "Fixed For Three Years" Years 1 - 2 - 3 No Organisation Service Contracts Individuals No Of Orgs Cost Total RCVS Business Plan 06 - 09 18
  19. 19. Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Services Profit and Loss over 3 Years Year 1 Income Expenditure Profit/Loss Year 2 10% 20% 30% Income Expenditure 0% Growth Growth Profit/Loss Growth Profit/Loss Growth Profit/Loss Year 3 10% 20% 30% Income Expenditure 0% Growth Growth Profit/Loss Growth Profit/Loss Growth Profit/Loss Total Gross Profit/Loss Over 3yr Term Considering the market growth over the past 10 years and the market combined with the research and forward financial forecasting over the next 3 – 5 years we would anticipate a annual growth rate in the region of 25% RCVS Business Plan 06 - 09 19
  20. 20. Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Services RCVS/CxS RCVS Board of Appendix I Organisational Chart Directors April 2006 CxS Board of Directors Chief Executive Officer Janis McDonald CxS Operational Manager Paul Devlin Projects CVS Operational Corporate Services Manager Operational Manager Alison Greig Sheila Connery System Engineer Derek Gilchrist Training Connections Volunteers John Richardson Administrator Systems Engineer Development Officer Anne Keir David Ephgrave Placements Aileen Monk Alternative Sessional Staff Procurement Office Junior Web Design/IT Support Sarah Rainey Lisa Currie Stuart Graham Development Officer Anthony Martin Tommy McGrory Admin Support Media & PR Admin Gordon McLean Placements Sessional IT Support/Media staff Aaron Hepburn JUST Youth Project Web Design/IT Support (Student) (to be appointed) Garry Byars Volunteers IT Support Volunteers Stephen Harley IT Support (Student) Chris Rush RCVS Business Plan 06 - 09 20
  21. 21. Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Services RCVS/CxS Directors/ Appendix II Chief Function Chart Executive January 2006 CVS Operational CxS Operational Manager Manager Corporate Services Managing training Operational & in-service work Manager Ensuring that we can deliver CVS Managing workers Core Framework activities Health & Safety Planning & Co-ordinating External Networking/Sales CVS service delivery Overseeing development of Managing Workers trading arm Finance & Payroll Developing/Maintaining performance Website work standards & ensuring they are met Human Resources Liaising with I.T. Manager PR & Media work & other staff Capacity Building in sector Helpdesk Procurement System build & maintenance Information/Communication Liaising with CVS & other staff Developing CVS RCVS Business Plan 06 - 09 21
  22. 22. Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Services Structure of Scottish Voluntary Sector Appendix III Large housing Over associations £10million Large social income care/medical research Wildlife trusts Large grant making trusts Large national umbrella bodies Over £1 Large disability million income organisations Heritage and asset based organisations Large scale social Credit Unions enterprises Sports clubs £110k - Community outreach organisations Health education & awareness £1million Voluntary training providers income Women/vulnerable groups & minority support groups Youth Work Local intermediaries eg. CVS Community centres Carer‟s respite orgs Small national <£25k Community transport income networks Local recycling initiatives Playgroups, after school clubs Local scouts and guides units Small lobbying organisations Sports associations Self help groups Community arts groups Low or no Hobby groups Ethnic minority led associations income History societies Community safety groups Residents associations Scottish Executive – Voluntary Issues Unit RCVS Business Plan 06 - 09 22
  23. 23. Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Services Appendix IV Renfrewshire Council for Counselling / Voluntary Services Political Support Services Elderly Conservation THEMATIC Social NETWORKS Justice Culture Health Youth Disability Housing / Homeless Community Environment Volunteering Leisure Education & Ethnic Training Childcare / Minorities Sport Other Family RCVS Business Plan 06 - 09 23
  24. 24. Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Services Appendix V Glossary of Terms CSV Council of Voluntary Service RCVS Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Services CxS Ltd Connect Across Scotland Ltd RAPP Renfrewshire Alternative Procurement Project PSP Public-Social Partnership CPCSG Community Plan Community Support Group LSEP Local Social Economy Partnership JVSWG Joint Voluntary Sector Working Group SCVO Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisations VCR Volunteer Centre Renfrewshire PPRC Paisley Partnership Regeneration Company CEiS Community Enterprise in Strathclyde AGM Annual General Meeting ICT Information Communication Technology ESF European Social Fund SER Scottish Enterprise Renfrewshire YMCA Young Men‟s‟ Christian Association RCHI Renfrewshire Community Health Initiative BLF Big Lottery Fund RCVS Business Plan 06 - 09 24