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  1. 1. The Peter F. Drucker & Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management Claremont Graduate University MGT 305 STRATEGY and BUSINESS PLANNING Fall 2005 Saturdays Nov. 12, 19, & Dec. 3: 9 AM – 12 noon, Mondays Nov. 14, 21, 28, & Dec. 5: 4 – 7 PM Professor Nigel Freedman Classroom: Burkle TBD Office: Burkle upper level room 224 (North west corner) Office Hours: By appointment Email: To leave telephone messages, please speak with faculty support, below. Faculty Support: Edie Young, Burkle upper level west end workstation, across from the elevator and stairs, 909 607-0942, fax 909 621-8543, COURSE OUTLINE & SCHEDULE This course deals with the strategic management of organizations and strategic behavior of individuals, i.e. how formulate and to implement strategy in order to move an organization continuously to a substantially improved future. We briefly review key analytical concepts and business planning practices, use a participative case workshop to investigate how the different business functions can best be involved in the strategy development process, and discuss organizational culture change in implementation. The course is for students wishing to go beyond the rational/analytical approaches to industry analysis and competitive strategy, and who desire to understand the realities of strategic behavior of organizations and individuals, and the links to successful implementation. Course materials: Textbook: Cornelis de Kluyver & John Pearce II, “Strategy: A View from the Top” (An Executive Perspective), Second Edition, Prentice Hall, 2005. Course pack: the preliminary version of this syllabus indicated a course pack, but there are only two articles and they are on Reserve at Honnold Library. To use eRes, go to the Honnold Library website at, click on eRes on the right side, follow instructions using the password nfreedman305. Please note: the first article is assigned for the first class. 1
  2. 2. Saturday November 12 Class I: Strategic Management Overview Required preparation, before the first class Read: de Kluyver & Pearce, Chapter 1, “What is Strategy?” G. Hamel and C.K. Prahalad, “Strategy as Stretch and Leverage”, Harvard Business Review, March-April 1993 - Introduction & roadmap for the sessions - Basic concepts & frameworks - Recent concepts and models - Individual & group exercises ----------------///----------------- Monday November 14 Class 2: Information & Analysis Required preparation: Read: de Kluyver & Pearce, Chapter 4, “Analyzing an Industry” - Introduction & group assignment Mixed groups - The concepts in perspective (1) - Plenary discussion ----------------///----------------- 2
  3. 3. Saturday November 19 Class 3: Strategy Formulation Processes Required preparation: Prepare: Case Study Surveillance Systems Inc. (Version NJF 1997) (see Case Preparation Form at the end) - Introduction - Procedures & project approaches - Initial strategy review for SSI - Allocate team roles SSI ----------------///----------------- Monday November 21 Class 4: Strategy Formulation Required preparation: Read: de Kluyver & Pearce, Chapter 5, “Analyzing an Organization’s Strategic Resource Base de Kluyver & Pearce, Chapter 6, “Formulating Business Unit Strategy” - Introduction & group assignment Functional groups - The concepts in perspective (2) - Select appropriate concepts/frameworks for SSI - Apply chosen concepts - Group presentations & plenary discussion ----------------///----------------- 3
  4. 4. Monday November 28 Class 5: Strategy Alternatives & Recommendations Required preparation: Read: de Kluyver & Pearce, Chapter 2, ”Strategy and Performance” - Introduction & group assignment Functional groups - Key issues & priorities - Strategy alternatives - Group presentations & strategy overview ----------------///----------------- Saturday December 3 Class 6: Business Planning Required preparation: 1. Explore the web-sites and 2. Look for other such sites, and compare them all 3. Do you find suitable material for all kinds of businesses and organizations? - Review of strategy concepts & approaches - Business planning: purposes, formats, tools & sources - Issues in implementation - Group assignment - Plenary discussion Handout of Test Paper Assignment ----------------///----------------- 4
  5. 5. Monday December 5 Class 7: Organizational Culture Change Required preparation: Read: R. Hooijberg and F. Petrock, “On Cultural Change: Using the Competing Values Framework to Help Leaders Execute a Transformational Strategy”, Human Resource Strategy, Spring 1993, Vol. 32, Number 1, pp.29 - 50 - The Role of Organizational Culture in Implementation - The Competing Values Framework - Culture and Leadership - Diagnosing Organizational Culture: Group assignment - Planning Change Actions Wrap-up & Review of Learning Important Note: The test paper must be handed in to Edie Young in the Burkle Building by 4 pm Friday December 9 (she leaves the office at 4 PM). ** An emailed version is welcome, but is not sufficient ** ( and copy to ( 5