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  • 1. Journals Strategy Journals pages 220-222 Books pages 223-224 Business Strategy Series Advances in Applied Business Strategy foresight Advances in Global Leadership Journal of Business Strategy Advances in Mergers and Acquisitions Journal of Strategy and Management Advances in Strategic Management Strategic Direction Research in Global Strategic Management Strategy & Leadership Research Metholodgy in Strategy and Management
  • 2. Journals Strategy Journals Business Strategy Series ISSN 1751-5637 Volume 10 Number 1 2009 Business Strategy Series (BSS) (formerly known • You’re in good company – readers include senior Business Strategy as Handbook of Business Strategy) provides executives at Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and Lego Series 2009 formerly Handbook of Business Strategy busy managers with a comprehensive series of Group. executive briefings on a whole range of issues • The journal is produced in such a format that the central to all cutting-edge corporate strategies. articles are concise and only highlight the real This journal brings together the strategic thought points for practice – you will not get lost in leaders behind many of the world’s leading theoretical jargon. ISSN: 1751-5637 corporations including senior executives, top- Sample articles Volume: 11 flight consultants and business school gurus. Helping successful leaders get even better Print Issues: 6 Coverage includes: Marshall Goldsmith, Alliant International University, Internet Issues: 6 All content is practitioner-focused; four recurring Santa Fe, California, USA Online archive Vol. 9 No. 3, 2008 themes each year including leadership, human Abstracts 2000 - date resource management, markets and marketing, and Managing future and emergent strategy decay in Full text 2004 - date technology and processing. the commercial aerospace industry Alfred Lewis, Alliant International University, San Diego, Editor Benefits and features California, USA and Jon Loebbaka, Universal Alloy Professor Alfred Lewis • BSS is the only journal to separate its articles into Corporation, Anaheim, California, USA Montreat College, USA themed issues – so you know exactly where to go Vol. 9 No. 4, 2008 for what. foresight The journal of futures studies, strategic thinking and policy ISSN 1463-6689 Volume 11 Number 1 2009 foresight is an important vehicle for the • The journal’s articles aim to draw out the practical foresight publication of research, business analysis and implications for decision makers in business and government. The journal of futures studies, strategic policy thinking. The journal provides an effective thinking and policy forum for debate on the important social, • It attracts high quality special issues and economic, political and technological issues, commentaries on topical issues. which are shaping all our futures, and is an Sample articles invaluable source of information about futures ISSN: 1463-6689 The future of leadership: the art of leading people activity from around the world. Ultimately, in a "post-managerial" environment Volume: 12 however, foresight is intended as a valuable Tom Karp and Thomas Helgø, Oslo School of Print Issues: 6 resource for those in business, organizations Management, Oslo, Norway Internet Issues: 6 and government. Vol. 10 No. 2, 2008 Online archive Coverage includes: How are foresight methods selected? Abstracts 1999 - date Social, political and economic science; sustainable Rafael Popper, PREST Manchester Institute of Full text 1999 - date development; horizon scanning; and management of Innovation Research, Manchester Business School, uncertainty, complexity and risk. University of Manchester, Manchester, UK Editor Vol. 10 No. 6, 2008 Dr Ozcan Saritas Benefits and features University of Manchester, UK • foresight is the only futures studies journal which strikes a balance between the needs of academics, business and policy makers. 220
  • 3. Strategy Journals Journal of Business Strategy Journals ISSN 0275-6668 Volume 30 Number 1 2009 Journal of Business Strategy (JBS) publishes management. Many are case studies, not Journal of Business articles designed to help readers develop technical or theoretical. Strategy Highlights: Strategy payoff for small firms successful business strategies across all • Not industry-specific – articles and ideas apply The myth of market share industries. Written in magazine rather than across disciplines and cultures. War games for a competitive edge Winning with cross border M&As scholarly format, the articles focus on the • The contributors to the journal are Presidents and practical aspect of business theories and CEOs of major corporations – you will not find implications for real life business situations. articles by these people anywhere else. ISSN: 0275-6668 CEOs as well as senior and middle managers will Sample articles Volume: 31 find the reading compelling. Leading strategists, Print Issues: 6 academics, consultants and front-line managers Merger repair: when M&As go wrong Internet Issues: 6 Timothy Galpin, University of Dallas, USA and Mark contribute to make the journal a unique blend of Herndon, Parkwood Advisors, USA Online archive ideas on strategy and practice. Vol. 29 No. 1, 2008 Abstracts 1980 - date Coverage includes: Driving renewal: the entrepreneur-manager Full text 2003 - date Corporate governance; marketing strategy; Bala Chakravarthy and Peter Lorange, IMD, Lausanne, Editor developments in the global economy; mergers Switzerland & acquisition integration; HR issues; strategic Vol. 29 No. 2, 2008 Nanci Healy management; innovation; leadership; and strategic The big exit: executive churn in the wake of Consultant, USA planning. M&As Benefits and features Jeffrey A. Krug, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA and Walt Shill, Accenture, USA • Covers a wide variety of strategy ideas which can Vol. 29 No. 4, 2008 be applied at many levels of business. Journal of Strategy and Management ISSN 1755-425X Volume 2 Number 1 2009 The Journal of Strategy and Management (JSMA) Benefits and features Journal of Strategy and provides broad and unrivalled coverage of all • JSMA publishes high-quality research articles with Management aspects of strategic management. With a unique clear indications for practice to ensure relevance focus on behavioural research, it aims to inform and applicability. both research and practice in the field. It • All papers undergo rigorous review by international encourages new thinking and innovative experts in the field. approaches to the study of strategy as well as ISSN: 1755-425X • The journal also provides a “Research Notes” offering executives strategic insights based on section highlighting work-in-progress, ensuring up- Volume: 3 outcomes of original scholarly research. The to-date information on research activity across the Print Issues: 4 journal is also a forum for establishing effective globe. Internet Issues: 4 communication between researchers and executives managing public and private Sample articles Online archive Abstracts 2008 - date organizations. To grow or to harvest? Governance, strategy and Full text 2008 - date performance in family and lone founder firms Coverage includes: Isabelle Le Breton-Miller and Danny Miller, HEC Editors The journal covers all facets of strategic Montreal and University of Alberta, Montreal, Canada management in both private and public organizations Vol. 1 No. 1, 2008 Professor Abby including: strategic decision making and strategy Being entrepreneurial and market-driven: Ghobadian Henley Management College, implementation; competition; alliances and implications for company performance UK partnering; mergers and acquisitions; joint ventures; Shaker A. Zahra, University of Minnesota, USA new ventures; innovation; entrepreneurship and Vol. 1 No. 2, 2008 Professor Nicholas creativity; globalization; knowledge management; O’Regan University of West of resource leverage; and corporate social England, UK responsibility. 221
  • 4. Journals Strategy Journals Strategic Direction ISSN 0258-0543 Volume 25 Number 1 January 2009 Strategic Direction (SD) is the first journal of its Benefits and features Strategic Direction kind, built solely around the needs of CEOs and • Save valuable management time by accessing the their strategy teams, and is an essential tool in best management research through our easy-to- the conception and implementation of powerful digest reviews. strategies. As a unique service it scans through • Keep up-to-date with management developments the best 400 management journals in the world world-wide. and distils the most topical management issues ISSN: 0258-0543 • Track the successes or failures of strategies and relevant implications for senior managers undertaken by the Fortune 500 companies. Volume: 26 out of the cutting-edge research. Each briefing is Print Issues: 11 prepared by an independent writer who adds Sample articles Internet Issues: 11 their own impartial comments and puts the Wal-Mart, Tesco and Carrefour do battle in the Online archive arguments in context. East: international retailers find mixed fortunes in Abstracts 2002 - date their expansion strategies Coverage includes: Full text 2002 - date Vol. 24 No. 2, 2008 Defining the strategic intent of your organization; MySpace or yours? Advertising and social Editor initiating change – and ensuring that it happens; networks learning from global competitors; managing Martin Fojt Vol. 24 No. 8, 2008 information technology; protecting your technological Emerald Group Publishing Limited, UK lead; and procuring, organizing and utilizing competitive information. Strategy & Leadership ISSN 1087-8572 Volume 37 Number 1 2009 Strategy & Leadership (S&L) gives you insight • Its thoughtful, in-depth analysis looks at strategies, Strategy & into your own leadership abilities without tools and techniques from an objective position Leadership Inside Issue 1 Competitive and market intelligence best practices: wasting your time. Each issue brings you and gives advice on where you should be going and what to avoid on your journey. • Connecting intelligence to strategy informed opinion from leading specialists; gives • Forming effective intelligence teams Plus: • How strategic innovation really gets started • Intellectual property management best practices • Strategic SKU reduction • Strategies for competing when China leaps again you professional support and looks at strategies, • Other readers of the journal include Ernst tools and techniques from an objective position. & Young, Accenture, Siemens, Guardian Media The journal explains the how and why in order to Group, and the Australian Tourist Commission – ISSN 1087-8572 keep you clearly focused. Its thoughtful, in-depth so you are in good company. Volume: 38 analysis and advice tell you where you should be Sample articles Print Issues: 6 going and what to avoid on your journey. Value opportunity webs: a new concept for Internet Issues: 6 Coverage includes: anticipating potential marketplace breakthroughs Online archive Liam Fahey, Executive Director of Leadership Forum, Leadership; corporate governance; human Abstracts 1975 - date Inc., and V. K. Narayanan, LeBow College of Business, Full text 2000 - date resources; marketing; growth; strategy planning and Drexel University, USA execution; company crises; innovation; excellence; Vol. 36 No. 6, 2008 mergers and acquisitions; and case studies. Editor Interview: C. K. Prahalad heralds a new era of Robert Randall Benefits and features innovation Consultant, USA • S&L authors are often senior executives from large Robert J. Allio, Allio & Associates, USA successful companies, so the articles are full of Vol. 36 No. 6, 2008 real-life practical advice. 222
  • 5. Strategy Books Advances in Applied Business Strategy Books ISSN: 0749-6826 Advances in Applied Business Strategy Coverage includes: (AABS) publishes peer-reviewed papers that Recent volumes include papers on the explore the application of strategic management of inter-firm interactions (both management theory in management practice. competitive and cooperative), internationalization While maintaining the highest standards of processes, organizational learning, stakeholder theoretical clarity and rigour in articulating development, organizational renewal, theory relevant to strategic management, the development of organizational competences, and Series Editors series directly addresses the many practical competence-based strategies. Professor Ron Sanchez and organizational challenges involved in Copenhagen Business School, successfully applying management theories Denmark in the strategic management process. Professor Aimé Heene College of Europe, Belgium Part of the Business Management and Economics eBooks Series Collection Advances in Global Leadership ISSN: 1535-1203 As organizations and leadership become Coverage includes: more global, there are pressing needs for Leadership, international business, organizational better developed conceptual models and behavior, international management and global definitions of what is meant by global leadership development processes. leadership. Further, there is a need to integrate models and empirical evidence from multiple cultures and from non-Western Series Editor authors. Dr William H. Mobley China-Europe International Business School & Mobley Group Pacific Limited, Shanghai, P. R .China Part of the Business Management and Economics eBooks Series Collection Advances in Mergers and Acquisitions ISSN: 1479-361X What makes the Advances in Mergers and financial analysis. The theories brought to bear Acquisitions series stand out is its focus on help one to understand mergers and acquisitions all three characteristics that make up this from upper echelons theory to the resource- research field – studies from scholars in based view of the firm, competitive analysis, different countries, with different research organizational trust, networks and knowledge questions, relying on different theoretical management. perspectives. Series Editors Coverage includes: Professor Sydney Finkelstein Strategy, organizational integration, culture, Dartmouth College, USA leadership, human resource planning, and Professor Cary Cooper Lancaster University, UK Part of the Business Management and Economics eBooks Series Collection 223
  • 6. Books Strategy Books Advances in Strategic Management ISSN: 0742-3322 Advances in Strategic Management is focused volumes that explore in depth, dedicated to communicating innovative, new promising new research directions, research that advances theory and practice in consolidate research streams, and address Strategic Management. The series is significant current theoretical and practical committed to expanding the scope of problems. Strategic Management theory and analysis Coverage includes: and enriching practice by encouraging Corporate and business unit strategy, strategic Series Editor multitheoretical approaches that span organization and process, alliances and Professor Joel A. C. Baum multiple social science disciplines, networks, and competitive dynamics. University of Toronto, Canada welcoming papers using a diversity of innovative research methods and creating Part of the Business Management and Economics eBooks series Collection Research in Global Strategic Management ISSN: 1064-4857 The focus of this series is the international applies to firm strategy; network relationships dimension of strategic management. In this and organizational structures relevant to series we publish original papers that deal international strategic management; theories of with new issues in international strategic international management; the implications of management. international trade and investment agreements as they affect business strategy; and other thematic Coverage includes: issues relevant to studies in international The strategies of multinational enterprises; business strategy. Series Editor the nature and extent of globalization as it Professor Alan Rugman Indiana University, USA Research Methodology in Strategy and Management ISSN: 1479-8387 This book series’ mission is to provide a face many new challenges about how to forum for critique, commentary, and conduct their research and in understanding discussion about key methodology issues in the implications that are associated with their the strategic management field. research choices. Strategic management relies on an array of Coverage includes: complex methods drawn from various allied This book series seeks to bridge the gap disciplines to examine how managers attempt between what researchers know and what they Series Editors to lead their firms toward success. need to know about methodology. Professor David J. Ketchen Jr The field is undergoing a rapid transformation Auburn University, USA in methodological rigour, and researchers Professor Donald D. Bergh The University of Denver, USA Part of the Business Management and Economics eBooks Series Collection 224