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partnership profile information

  1. 1. APPENDIX 2d London Borough of Ealing: Economic Development Partner Profile 2005-06 Contents Page ACTION ACTON 2 EALING CENTRE PARTNERSHIP 3/4 PARK ROYAL PARTNERSHIP 5/6 SOUTHALL REGENERATION PARTNERSHIP 7/8 WEST LONDON BUSINESS 9/10 GROUNDWORK WEST LONDON 11/12 Please note: The figures shown in the Partnership Profile may not exactly match those shown in the Partnership Programme because of variances on what is defined as core organisational costs and project costs. Further updates will review and iron out these variances. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100513083623/partnership-profile-information1492.doc 1
  2. 2. APPENDIX 2d London Borough of Ealing: Economic Development Partner Profile 2005-06 ACTION ACTON 16-18 Crown Street, Acton, London W3 8SB Organisation Leader (and title): John Blackmore- CE T. 020 8993 9605 E. Board Chair: Rod Cahill Organisation Purpose • economic and community regeneration in Acton and the Borough of Acton Total Core & Area (geographic) of Staff: Operation: 8.5 2.5 Key Policy Strategy for Acton 2004-05 2005-06 Strategy/Document Action Acton Business Plan 2005/6/7 Turnover: £700,000 £825.000 (name/date): Key Objectives & • enhance links between Acton and the rest of West London for the benefit of local Core Costs: £140,000 £280,000 Targets: residents and businesses Assets: £435,00 £435,000 • improve the attractiveness of the town centre as a focal point serving the local Reserves: £352,000 £190,000 community • ensure social inclusion across all groups and areas in Acton • achieve the effective involvement of the community in planning for and bringing about the regeneration of Acton. Key Projects • Business support project providing: training, business start-up support and Membership: N/a N/a 2005-06: media networking • Warple Way Mews Business Incubation Units Nos • Liveability Management, various projects Income • Development of towncentre Business Improvement District scheme for Acton Organisation Structure: Company Limited by Guarantee Core Funders: 3 2 Registered Charity Nos Income £66,000 £50,000 (LBE £40k £26k Others) (LBE £40k Others £20k) Organisation Working Human Resources Funding Ratios: Ratio £000’s Ratio £000’s Groups: Finance Town Centre Task Group /home/pptfactory/temp/20100513083623/partnership-profile-information1492.doc 2
  3. 3. Board Members: Name Organisation Tel Public: Private 16:1 (£658k:£42k) 27:1 (£795k:£30k) Rod Cahill (Chair) Catalyst Housing Group LBE: Other 1:17 (£40k:£660k) 1:27 (£30k:795k) Vivienne Anderson Community Representative Cllr Liz Brookes LBE George Pittaway Ealing Hamm. & WL College (co optd) John Gallagher Acton Community Forum Lynn Callard Ealing PCT Andy Roper ECVS Cllr John Cudmore LBE Andrew Ward TVU A S Huf Huf Community Representative Public £618,000 £765,000 Private £42,000 £30,000 LBE £40,000 £30,000 Accreditations: Pqasso – Quality System Skills for Life Quality System Customer First IAQ Matrix Publications Acton Strategy (newsletter, business Bulletins including Liveability Bulletin plan, policy, strategy) /home/pptfactory/temp/20100513083623/partnership-profile-information1492.doc 3
  4. 4. APPENDIX 2d London Borough of Ealing: Economic Development Partner Profile 2005-06 EALING CENTRE PARTNERSHIP Organisation Leader (and title): Steve Breen, ECP Manager Walpole House, 18-22 Bond Street, Ealing, London W5 5AA Board Chair: David Parkin T. 020 8231 2423 E. Organisation Total Core Purpose & Area Ealing Town Centre (Ealing Broadway/West Ealing) Staff: (geographic) of 6 2 Operation: Key Policy Action Acton Business Plan 2005/6/7 2004-05 2005-06 Strategy/Documen Ealing Town Centre – A Strategy for Sustainable Improvement 2002-2012 Turnover: £180,000 £263,000 t (name/date): Key Objectives & • achieve a fully accessible town centre. Core Costs: £120,000 £120,000 Targets: • Improve Environment, especially Transport • Attract Inward Investment Assets: Nil Nil • Greater Business Involvement in running Town Centre including Business Improvement District Reserves: £34,000 £34,000 Key Projects Business Improvement District (BID) Membership: 2005-06: Town Centre Management including Crime and Safety, CCTV and Environment Nos 153 165 Income £7,500 £8,000 Organisation Company Limited by Guarantee Core Funders: Structure: Nos 11 10 Income £65,000 £73,000 Organisation Policy and Resources Ealing Broadway Working Group West Ealing Working Group Funding Ratios: Ratio £000’s Ratio £000’s Working Groups: BID Working Group Ealing Broadway Traders West Ealing Traders Public:Private 1:5 £30:£150k 1:3.6 £57:£206k LBE:Other 1:5 £30k:£150k 1:7.8 £30:£233k /home/pptfactory/temp/20100513083623/partnership-profile-information1492.doc 4
  5. 5. Board Members: Name Organisation Tel Public Elizabeth Bell Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre 8567 3453 Private £150,000 £206,000 Tony Bennett Prudential property Investment Managers 7548 6800 LBE £30,000 £57,000 Graham Butt Sainsbury’s PLC 8579 5593 Bob Gurd Ealing Civic Society 8998 4417 John Hummerston Ealing Arts 8840 7963 Ian Turner Marks & Spencer 8566 1234 Steve Lewis Thames Trains 7313 1354 David Parkin Waitrose 8579 3379 Susan Roache London Borough of Ealing 7528 6999 Cllr Raymond Wall London Borough of Ealing 07973 263922 David Simmons Ealing Family Housing Association 8574 7434 Peter Smith Urban City Ltd 7808 4834 Graeme Stevenson Land Securities Properties 7413 9000 Accreditations: Barbara Austin UGC Cinemas 8987 5003 Corinne Templer (Chair) Walpole Residents Association 8567 5353 Mike Tyzack Ealing Friends of the Earth 8992 6134 Andrew Ward Thames Valley University 8231 2387 Cllr Peter Wicks London Borough of Ealing H:8578 2130 W:7273 8463 Cllr Nigel Sumner London Borough of Ealing H: 8997 5912 W 7273 8463 Julian Edmonds LA21 8897 5912 Helen Snooks Legal & General Assurance Society Ltd 7528 6982 Marc Dorfman London Borough of Ealing 8825 7645 Alec Atchinson Vickers & Co Solicitors 8459 6271 8579 2559 Publications Newsletters (newsletter, Town Centre Strategy business plan, Shoppers Guide policy, strategy) /home/pptfactory/temp/20100513083623/partnership-profile-information1492.doc 5
  6. 6. APPENDIX 2d London Borough of Ealing: Economic Development Partner Profile 2005-06 PARK ROYAL PARTNERSHIP Organisation Leader (and title): Jackie Sadek, Chief Executive Boden House, Victoria Road, Park Royal, London NW10 6NY Board Chair: Alan Coates T. 020 8621 6300 E. Organisation Purpose Total Core & Area (geographic) of economic and community regeneration in Park Royal Staff: 32 8 Operation: Key Policy Business Services 2004-05 2005-06 Strategy/Document Strategic Imperative: ‘To enhance the competitive advantage of Park Royal Turnover: 3,553,000 (name/date): and bring benefits to the local community’ (3 Year) 2005-06 Figures not Employment yet available as to be finalised and cleared Strategic Imperative: ‘To meet the labour demands of Park Royal businesses by Audit and improve local levels of employment’ (3 Year) Transport Strategic Imperative: ‘To build on Park Royal’s competitive location by improving accessibility for employees, local services and freight’ (3 Year) Land, Property and Environment Strategic Imperative: ‘To make Park Royal an attractive place to do business by maximizing investment, enhancing the environment and promoting sustainable land use’ Key Objectives & Developing membership offer Core Costs: 652,000 Targets: Business Improvement District Work Completing City Growth Strategy Assets: 70.000 Develop single point of access for business services (3yr Reserves: Key Projects PRP currently delivers projects in 5 key areas: Membership: Nos 2005-06: 233 202,000 • business support (including grants), Income 67,000 • employment (including training & recruitment), • community support • transport and • environmental and infrastructure improvements Organisation Structure: Company Limited by Guarantee Core Funders: Nos Income /home/pptfactory/temp/20100513083623/partnership-profile-information1492.doc 6
  7. 7. Organisation Working Three sub-groups/committees that report to the Board: Funding Ratio £000’s Ratio £000’s Groups: i) Forward Funding Steering Sub-group Ratios: ii) Recruitment and Remuneration Committee iii) Finance and General Purposes Committee Public:Private 11:1 £3,494k:£316k Board Members: Name Organisation Tel LBE:Other 1:59 £60k:£3,553k Caroline Pickering Stonbridge HAT George Benhem Bestways Cllr Ian Bellia LB Brent Public £3,177k Trevor Cook Barclays Bank Andrew Flatt Grant Thornton Private £316k David Hoy Diageo Jack Jones NatWest LBE £60k Robert Mitten HSBC Phillip Sutcliffe Central Middx Hospital Alan Coates (Chair) Mansoor Akram Bighams Lts Peter Pledger London West LSC Cllr Liz Brookes LB Ealing Paul Martin McVities Jackie Sadek PRP CE Accreditations: Publications Park Royal Partnership Draft Business Plan 2005-2008 (newsletter, business 10 Year Strategy for Park Royal 2002 Onwards plan, policy, strategy) PRP Funding Strategy /home/pptfactory/temp/20100513083623/partnership-profile-information1492.doc 7
  8. 8. APPENDIX 2d London Borough of Ealing: Economic Development Partner Profile 2005-06 SOUTHALL REGENERATION PARTNERSHIP Organisation Leader (and title): Ash Verma – Chief Executive Southall Business Centre, High Street, Southall UB1 3HA Board Chair: Andy Wadham Chairman T. 020 8574 7238 E. Organisation Total Core Purpose & Area To bring about the economic and social regeneration of Southall and the Staff: 14 14 (geographic) of Heathrow City CGS area, in partnership with the public, private and voluntary Operation: sectors Key Policy Strategy/ Business and Operational Plan 2005-07 (May 2005) 2004-05 2005-06 Document HCGS Operational Plan Turnover: £1,030,965 £2,719,698 (name/date): Key Objectives & HCGS Programmes Core Costs: £859,000 £859,000 Targets: Business support inc BL4L contract Assets: - - Reserves: £50,000 £70.000 Key Projects Business Improvement District Membership: 2005-06: Learn Direct (providing business courses for start-ups & established SMEs) Nos Heathrow City Growth Strategy: Income – Gateways to Business – - Routes to Work – Young Entrepreneurs Action Programme Organisation Structure: Company Limited by Guarantee Core Funders: Nos 3 2 Income £110,000 £105,000 BAA (£75k) (£75k) LBE (£30k) (£30k) LB Hilling (£5k) Organisation Working Groups: Heathrow City Matrix Group Funding Ratio £000’s Ratio £000’s Special Group Ratios: Other Groups as required /home/pptfactory/temp/20100513083623/partnership-profile-information1492.doc 8
  9. 9. Board Members: Name Organisation Tel Andy Wadham Chairman BAA Heathrow Airport Ltd, 0208 745 6169. Public:Private 9:1 (£922.5k:£108.5k) 15.6:1 (£2,281.7M:£146k) Ash Verma SRP, Chief Executive 020 8574 7238 Harsev Bains Southall Community Alliance 07956 811 553 LBE:Other 1:33 (£30k:£1001k) 1:90 (£30k:£2,690k) Andrew Ward Thames Valley University 0208 231 2387 Shabnam Sharma Featherstone Road Clinic 0208 383 5449 Public £887,114 £2,173,698 Peter Pledger LWLSC 0208 929 8505 Private £108,504 £146,000 John Stone Ealing Ham & W. London College 207 565 1210 LBE £ 35,347 £108,000 Bobby Rahman Gifto Group of Companies Iqbal Khan Khan’s Chartered Accountants 0208 574 8602 Cllr Sonika Nirwal LBE 0208 898 8675 Kalwinder Sehmi Sehmi Buliders Merchants 0208 571 0205 Cllr Elizabeth Brooks LBE 0208 843 9955 Cllr Virendra Sharma LBE 0208 896 1995. Ian Baines BT London Region 020 8574 0657 Ravi Jain SRP 01977 592 231 Tony Lit Sunrise Radio 0208 903 5442 0208 574 6666 Accreditations: ISO 9001 UKAS Quality Management Publications Business and Operational Plan 2005-07 (May 2005) (newsletter, business plan, policy, strategy) /home/pptfactory/temp/20100513083623/partnership-profile-information1492.doc 9
  10. 10. APPENDIX 2d London Borough of Ealing: Economic Development Partner Profile 2005-06 WEST LONDON BUSINESS Organisation Leader (and title): Frank Wingate, Chief Executive 15-21 Staines Road, Hounslow, Middlesex TW3 3HR Board Chair:Peter Hancock T. 020 8607 2500 E. Organisation Purpose Total Core & Area (geographic) of To contribute to the economic growth and well-being of West London including the Staff: 13+2 8 Operation: London Borough of Ealing and to the economic and social inclusion of its residents through facilitating the creation of employment opportunities. Key Policy West London Business Strategy 2004-05 2005-06 Strategy/Document West London Economic Development Strategy – Dec 2004 Turnover: £1,137,631 £1,200,000 (name/date): Key Objectives & To provide a full and free industrial, commercial and retail premises availability and Core Costs: £600,000 £600,000 Targets: location service to start-up and existing businesses in the London Borough of Ealing, as well as to those businesses seeking to locate in Ealing from other parts of London, Assets: £241,999 other parts of the UK and from overseas. Reserves: £258,904 Key Projects Inward Investment – Property Database Enquiries Membership: Nos 360 400 2005-06: West London Economic Development Implementation and Action Plan Income £200,000 £225,000 Business Networking Organisation Structure: Company Limited by Guarantee Core Funders: Nos Income /home/pptfactory/temp/20100513083623/partnership-profile-information1492.doc 10
  11. 11. Organisation Working Transport Funding Ratio £000s Ratio £000’s Groups: Future Heathrow Ratios: Golden Mile Integrated Transport Group Member West London Partnership and European Funding Core Working Group Public:Private 1:1 (£568k:£570k) Board Members: Name Organisation Tel LBE:Other 1:98 (£11.5:£1,125.1) 1:104 (11.5k:£1.2M) Peter Handcock GlaxoSmithKline . Eryl Smith (D.Chairman) BAA Heathrow Ltd Michael Frye (D.Chairman) Lynara (Management) Ltd Public £556,537 John Izett (D.Chairman) Rogers Chapman Plc. Private £569,594 Paul Martin McVities Ltd LBE £11.500 £11,500 Joyce Chandler JCC Selfsense Alan Coates Park Royal Partnership Peter Desmond Growth International Andew Grainger British Airways Plc David Hoy Diageo GB Andrew Ward Thames Valley University Les Robinson Hounslow Chamber of Commerce Michael Rooney London First Richard Russell Peach Personnel Malvinder Singh Sitac Jim Steele Meica Group John Stone Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College Linda Thomas Brunel University West London Frank Wingate Business HONORARY MEMBERS Gillian Guy London Borough of Ealing Accreditations: Publications West London Business Strategy (newsletter, business West London Economic Development Strategy & Implementation Plan plan, policy, strategy) Tourism Strategy Monthly members newsletter Various pamphlets, e.g. Shopping for retail premises or Western Arc-Ready for Business Notes: 1. 2004/05 - WLB Financial Year ran from Nov to Oct so 2004/05 figures have been taken from Financial Statement for Year Ended 31 Oct 2004. 2. 2005/06 Figures estimated and incomplete as WLB in process of changing financial year and budgets not yet confirmed. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100513083623/partnership-profile-information1492.doc 11
  12. 12. 3. APPENDIX 2d London Borough of Ealing: Economic Development Partner Profile 2005-06 GROUNDWORK WEST LONDON Organisation Leader (and title): Kevin Hayes – Executive Director 6 Stanley Gardens, Acton, London W3 7SZ Ben Coles – Operations Manager T. 020 8743 3040 Board Chair: Mark Flannagan E. Organisation Purpose Groundwork West London is a member of the Federation of Groundwork Trusts and Total Core & Area (geographic) of subscribes to Groundwork’s vision of a society made up of sustainable communities Staff: 30 5 Operation: which • Are vibrant, healthy and safe • Respect the local and global environment and • Are where individuals and enterprise prosper Key Policy 2004-05 2005-06 Strategy/Document Turnover: £3,000,000 £3,200,000 (name/date): Key Objectives & Communities – To build stronger neighbourhoods by engaging residents and other Core Costs: £1,060,000 £1,130,000 Targets: local people in environmental improvements projects where they live and work Land – To reconnect local people with their surroundings by improving the facilities Assets: Nil Nil in and management of public open space, parks and housing estates Employment – To support learning, citizenship and sustainability through holistic Reserves: £300,000 £300,000 environmental education projects and awareness raising initiatives, addressing issues of waste and energy Education – To provide training for work and stimulating local enterprise by developing enterprise action team (ILM) and community maintenance programme Business – To integrate the economy and the environment through and environmental business services programme which will include a sustainable business initiative training and awareness on waste, transport and energy issues Young People (Future) – To develop and realise young people’s potential through an environmental youth work programme. To provide young people aged 11 to 25 the opportunity, support skills necessary for them to become actively involved in environmental improvements and regeneration initiatives to make informed decisions influencing their environmental well being. Key Projects GWWL carry out a range of projects mainly focused on area and environmental Membership: Nos NIl Nil 2005-06: improvements. These include alley gating projects, resident led improvements to Income Housing Estates, environmental management and environmental business training and work to support Business Improvement Districts in Ealing and in Park Royal Organisation Structure: Company Limited by Guarantee and registered Charity Core Funders: Nos 4 4 Income £247,000 £247,000 Organisation Working Finance Sub Group Funding Ratios: Ratio £000’s Ratio £000’s Groups: Trading Company Sub Group /home/pptfactory/temp/20100513083623/partnership-profile-information1492.doc 12
  13. 13. Board Members: Name Organisation Tel Public:Private 1:1.5 £1.2M:£1.8M 1:1.3 £1.4M:£1.8M Cllr Julian Bell LB Ealing 8992 6131 Cllr Kate Crawford LB Ealing 8992 9353 LBE:Other 1:75 £40k:£1.4M 1:80 £40k:£3.160M Cll Treloggan LB Hamm & Fulham Mark Flanagan (Chair) Crisis Cllr Charles Boyle LB Hamm & Fulham Public £1,160,000 £1,360,000 Rory Vaughan LB Hamm & Fulham LBE £40,000 £40,000 Irfan Malik LB Brent Private £1,800,000 £1,800,000 Andrew Fullerton BBC Accreditations: Susan Glass Hamm & Fulham resident Investors in People Nicole Collumb CABE Space IOS1401 Publications (newletter, Annual Business Plan 5 Year Strategy business plan, policy, Annual Report Quarterly Newsletters strategy) Notes: 1. Funding and Fund Ratio a) All areas covered by GWWL -Ealing, Hammermith & Fulham, Brent b) LBE:Other - only funding in Ealing c) Turnover - All GWWL areas - Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham and Brent 2. Core Costs – All GWWL cost for all areas. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100513083623/partnership-profile-information1492.doc 13