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  • 1. Copyright 2006. Invasion3042 Strategic Overview and Game plan 30 September 2006 Ryan McNaught Version 2.0 DRAFT (with business plan removed for public discussion) Invasion 3042. ryan mcnaught Page 1 13 May 2010
  • 2. Table of Contents 1. Overview Page 3 2. Key Principles Page 4 3. Business Plan Page 5 4. Game concepts Page 6 5. Game Mechanics Page 9 6. Technical overview Page 18 7. Donations Page 19 8. Development Phases Page 20 9. Glossary of Terms Page 21 10. Intellectual property Page 22 Invasion 3042. ryan mcnaught Page 2 13 May 2010
  • 3. 1. Overview Invasion 3402 (I3042) is a massively multiplayer Online Role Playing Game or MMORPG as commonly known in the entertainment software industry. I3042 is based loosely around the Battletech© universe, this gives players an immense background of information for which adds to their role playing experience. (Please refer to intellectual property rights section for further information about Battletech©.) I3042 is an open ended game, never resetting or restoring back to an original point. This allows for the players to shape their own destiny and play the game in a style which they want to. Often MMORPG games have a set of stringent rules which whilst designed to “guide” players have the opposite effect and disenfranchise players as they lose the style of play which they want to employ. I3042, through its key principles attempts to override this by working very closely with its player base through polls and other forms of player input. I3042 sees players take the role of an “empire” through this empire players interact with other empires to form alliances or “houses / Clans”. Together these houses or clans interact with other houses or clans, militarily, economically and politically. As described in I3042’s business plan there are many types of players the key styles identified through significant player base testing has highlighted that the game needs to appeal to players in different and unique ways. Section 3 highlights and addresses these. Overall I3042 whilst broad in some of its missions hopes to forge its own success in a very crowded marketplace of MMORPG games. Invasion 3042. ryan mcnaught Page 3 13 May 2010
  • 4. 2. Key principles a) Have fun – This is not only for the player base, but for the I3042 staff. b) The customer has choice. – The player base chooses how they want to play, not the Games developers. Cater for different wants and needs listen to the customer. c) Limitless possibilities. – Through constant development the game can achieve constant growth. d) For I3042 staff to increase their programming skills and to put their skills into real world practice. e) Have fun, see point A) I3042 is about the community, it is game communities which make games stand out from one another, by involving and utilising the community the game can advance and become a better playing experience. Invasion 3042 whilst sitting in a common genre builds on a historically popular board game, by immersing players in an empire building environment. Invasion 3042. ryan mcnaught Page 4 13 May 2010
  • 5. 3. Business Plan Intentionally omitted in this version of the document. Revised version 1.2 of this document to be placed here. Detailed financial outlines version 1.1 to be placed here. Invasion 3042. ryan mcnaught Page 5 13 May 2010
  • 6. 4. Game Concepts From Overview: I3042 sees players take the role of an “empire” through this empire players interact with other empires to form alliances or “houses / Clans”. Together these houses or clans interact with other houses or clans, militarily, economically and politically. Each player is the commander in chief of their own empire, they control and rule it as they see fit, they could be a benevolent leader guiding their empire into prosperity through research and production, or be from a warrior caste where constant warfare and destruction of their enemies is their goal, or even a mix of the above, Players can choose their own style. There is no right or wrong way or style to play the game; it is at a player’s choice. Winning the game? As the game is never ending and never resetting there is no way to win the game, players set their own objectives and goals. However in saying that the most important aspect of the game is TEAM PLAY. Without team play, players will stand little chance of survival, and there are large bonuses for players who work in teams. This is from research and production through to military actions. After a player has created their account through the I3042 website, and have obtained a copy of the game (see technical overview section 6) they take their place in a “starter empire”. A starter empire based upon the house/clan that they have chosen, players choose their new “home world” inside this house/clan. This home world dictates how secure they are from enemy attack, circa its location to the chosen house/clans borders. A starter empire has a very basic and limited setup , however it at least starts them off on the right foot and allows them to make progress on a small scale quite quickly, this is key to “lock in a the customer”. An example of this is that they will be provided with a start Battlemech, whilst a sub standard military unit it at least gives the player something to be proud of initially and to show them what can be achieved. The game speed is set at a rate of 10 I3042 days to I real life day, this allows people to progress with complex tasks without taking up days of waiting while they complete tasks. Tasks Empires can undertake. Setting: The game is set in the year 3042, and in an alternate Battletech© universe. Those unfamiliar with the Battletech© universe should read section 10 for the appropriate links. Game alternate history: Invasion 3042. ryan mcnaught Page 6 13 May 2010
  • 7. “The year is 3042, the galaxy is under siege, the clans have invaded from the north and the internal bickering of the inner sphere continues to disrupt most peoples way of life, It’s a challenging time in the galaxy where only you can change its history…. The Great houses challenge each other for supremacy, their vast territories give them great resources, but in times of fluid warfare mean that things change rapidly and vast fortunes are made and lost.” Game Scale / Map: The game takes place on a galactic scale map, with each planet inside a hexagon style Map. This hexagon map lays out the galaxy and allows for players to move items between planets, move armies between planets, invade neighboring planets, and it also allows for a graphic representation of who owns what part of the galaxy. (Colour Coded) The galaxy is not limitless, but for in game purposes is capped at a certain number of planets based upon the number of players. Players as their empire grows can occupy more than 1 planet, and more than 1 player may be based on the same planet, however each planet has 1 ruling empire, the largest on the planet. To drill this down further each planet contains “zones” these zones are where an actual empire does its building, mining and other tasks, it is also where an empires military may be located. Each empire contains a minimum of 4 Zones. The capital city, where an empire starts from. The subsequent 3 zones are available for the player to expand upon, for example he may build his infrastructure according to figure 4.1 It is totally up to a player what he may implement in each zone, however mixing incompatible facilities inside a zone, like mixing resource mining with food production can often lead to some interesting results. Figure 4.1 Sample Zone layout There is also a 5th zone that an empire may never “own” which is the landing zone, this represents the location in which an enemy may land on their planet and attack from. Invasion 3042. ryan mcnaught Page 7 13 May 2010
  • 8. Whilst no infrastructure may be built in this zone units can be placed “on patrol” and will commence action if the landing zone is attacked. As a planet gets a larger population other zones become available, dependant on the overall game galaxy, number of players, number of planets etc. Each Zone is like its own independent city, with its own population base, workers, etc. Think of a zone as a region/city on a planets surface. Each zones terrain is not continuous to another zones terrain, each zone represents a different area. How do the zones work for an attacker or a defender? Once an attacker has captured and removes all resistance inside a landing zone they can then attack any of the other zones (excluding the capital) a zone falls when all defenders are destroyed or retreated out of a zone, ONLY when all other zones are taken can the attacker then move on the capital. A defender at any stage can attack out of their capital and attack any outside zones. However once their capital is under attack they can no longer attack outside zones. If a defender owns any outside zones and the attacker has taken the landing zone then he may attempt to remove the attackers and attack the landing zone. An attacker lands in the landing zone with a Drop ship of similar type to those found in Battletech© each of these drop ships holds a certain amount units, a drop ship remains in the landing zone until an attacker has completed their conquest, issues a retreat order, or the defender destroys all attacking forces. A drop ship is also a heavily armored unit and as such provides firepower to the attackers forces, but, if a dropship comes under fire, should it be reduced to 50% of its armour on any location it will automatically commence its liftoff operations and in a certain number of combat turns (each dropship has its own number) the dropship will take off with whatever units have boarded it. Should any units not have boarded the dropship then they will be left behind to either take the planet or be destroyed by the defender. If a capital city is under attack, a message is automatically sent to the house/clans command centre as an emergency broadcast this allows for friendly forces to also use the landing zone as a location to provide any off planet reinforcements. (this can lead to some interesting battles involving multiple dropships on the one map, and many units!) Each zone is an actual combat map, the terrain is generated according to the type of terrain that makes up a planet, for example the planet “Australis” in the Chaos march is a very warm and hospitable planet, and as such the terrain is very gentle hills, with some vegetation. Whereas the great production planet of “Hesperus II” is a mountainous wasteland contains no vegetation but rough terrain and huge canyons/mountains. Each planet also has gravity and heat modifiers, so in the example of “Australis” above, it’s a warm planet where every unit receives a +2 heat penalty. It’s also a strong than normal gravity and all units lose – 1 MP to their movement. Invasion 3042. ryan mcnaught Page 8 13 May 2010
  • 9. 5. Game Mechanics Like any good empire building game players can choose a variety of different tasks including: Non military tasks • Empire administration / infrastructure • Research • Production • Mining • Buying/selling • Stock market • Politics / Diplomacy Military tasks • Training • Large and small scale combat • Raids • Arena/Dueling • Repairs and maintenance • Mercenaries • Combat limitations • Military unit individualization. Looking at each point in more details. Non Military Tasks Empire Administration / infrastructure The backbone of a Players Empire is made up of the citizens that they have in their empire, each citizen is capable of working in any number of tasks. These tasks are the basics: Research, production, mining, commerce etc. Each person gives 1 point per IDay in the relevant task assigned. This point is added to the empires account and can be used at any time. For example: For 10 days 1 person works in Builders, this gives 10 Bpoints. These Bpoints can be used to build new infrastructure or work in factories. Each empire can choose how they want to spread their available workers, this gives them the ultimate choice in what they want to achieve with their empire. Each empire also is only as good as its workers effectiveness; this figure is represented as the Effectives Percentage against each worker type. Lets say that Empire A in the example above has just defeated the enemy in a large scale war, as a result his entire populace is very excited and right behind their leader, this increases his effectiveness in all tasks by 50%! So: Invasion 3042. ryan mcnaught Page 9 13 May 2010
  • 10. For 10 days 1 person works in Builders, this gives 10 Bpoints. Multiplied by the 150% effectiveness he currently has gives a total of 15 Bpoints. Likewise Empire B has suffered a minor defeat and its effectiveness is at 90% so: For 10 day’s 1 person works in Builders, this gives 10 Bpoints. Multiplied by the 90% effectiveness he currently has gives a total of 9 Bpoints. Empires must also to be able to grow provide their empire with certain essential services; these services are the barrier to exponential growth at an uncontrolled rate. These can been seen on the example research tree document. To operate a particular service, you must first build the necessary infrastructure to support that activity, so lets say that we wish to have 500 people working in commerce to generate some income, we must build commercial facilities hat equate to 500 commercial workers, once these facilities have been created when can then man the commercials up to that particular level. There are other essential services that are required in a zone to be able to grow, these include admin centres etc which will allow you to grow beyond a certain point. These services apply to just about every aspect of the game from the above example through to military size, an example of a military item is: A basic mech hanger is required to house 1 Mech in a zone, whereas a Intermediate mech hangar is required to house 1-4 Mechs. Each of these buildings/services is larger and more difficult to achieve as the scale grows. Mining. To be able to produce any item in the game players must have the appropriate resources, these resources form the backbone of everything that is produced in the game. Each zone in the game has a certain resource type associated with it, and at a certain rate, for example the mining zone on the planet “New Avalon” of the empire “Brotherhood of Steel” contains Aluminum. And it’s found in a concentration of 100 units per 1000 mined. This means that for every 1000 men assigned per IDay then 100 units of Aluminum will be produced. Of course efficiency comes into play here as well. Bearing in mind that you must have built the appropriate infrastructure to support the 1000 workers. Production. Players can produce any item in the game that they have successfully researched. Production takes 2 shapes, firstly is the capacity to create Bpoints (Building or construction points) these Bpoints form the backbone of empire growth for every new building or item that you wish to add uses them to be created Bpoints simulate the time and effort that it takes to actually produce anything. Invasion 3042. ryan mcnaught Page 10 13 May 2010
  • 11. For every worker assigned to Bpoint production you receive 1 Bpoint (subject to efficiency ratings) You also must have the capacity to build Bpoints you can expand that capacity by adding production facilities. Using Bpoints: Often games allow you to only produce items that are used to make combat units, whereas I3042 allows you to be able to produce military and civilian items. An example of a military item: AC/5 or as it’s known an Autocannon 5. The empire producing this item must have Autocannon 5 Researched. To produce it requires 75 Aluminum, 200 Iron, 15 Titanium, and 10 Silicon. And 75 Bpoints An example of a Civilian item is a Basic Research facility; this facility gives you the capacity to generate 5 Rpoints per Iday. You of course must have researched this item and to build requires the following resources: 200 Silicon, 50 Silver, 5 Gold, 45 Copper, 10 Nitrogen and 5,000 Bpoints. Any item produced can be bought and sold on the marketplace. A more detailed example of producing a tank: Lets say Empire A is going to make a Scorpion Tank. Firstly it has to have the plans to assemble a Scorpion tank researched. However it does not need to have the individual components that are required to make the tank researched. Such as: The following components are required assemble this tank. 1x 25ton tracked chassis 1x 150 ICE engine 1x AC 5 Autocannon 1x Machine gun 55 Armour points 11 Internal structure points 2000 Bpoints to assemble. Therefore using a TEAM PLAY principle, if Empire A researches the tanks Design and Empire B does the components together they can manufacture this tank. This offers several advantages. 1. It allows for the plundering of spare parts to be very valuable. 2. Salvage plays a very important part in combat operations 3. Researching complex items takes a long time and is difficult to achieve, but buy breaking this down into components across several empires allows TEAM PLAY to form a very effective strategy. Research. Invasion 3042. ryan mcnaught Page 11 13 May 2010
  • 12. A large research tree is available to players, like everything research can be easy or complex depending on what task is being undertaken. Research is a two tiered approach by using a Theory then an Application principle. For example to research a machine gun you must research ballistics Level 1, which costs 1000 Rpoints, and then research machine Guns which costs a further 1000 Rpoints. Let’s take a look at the Machine Gun example again. Machine gun MK I has the Ballistics Class Level 1 as a Theory Requirement. But to research machine Gun MK II you must have ballistics class level 2 researched. To achieve ballistics class 1 is a cost of 1000 Rpoints, 500,000 Cash, and 1000 Bpoints. Once ballistics class 1 has been researched the next series of ballistic items is available to be researched such as: Machine Gun MK 1 Autocannon 5 Class 2 includes Autocannon 20 Autocannon 2 Please see the Complete research Tree for an listing of all theories and items that can be researched. (Researchtree.xls) It is important to note that it is much easier for Inner Sphere empires to research inner Sphere technologies, and Clan empires to research Clan technologies. The Opposite applies when cross researching technologies, For example there are large modifiers for inner sphere empires to produce Clan technology, and V.V. These modifiers represent the difficulty in understanding the technological differences between equipment. Some technology will ALWAYS remain either unique to clan or Inner Sphere. However equipment can always be bought, sold, salvaged or taken in raids. Important note: A) Research is designed to be difficult, research is a huge investment made over a significant period of time, and the Concept of TEAM PLAY is very important, a large number of empires are often required to be able to complete a significant piece of equipment. It is anticipated that certain house/clans shall only be able to manufacture certain finished military items. For example: Only the Draconis Combine can produce the Hatamo-Chi Battlemech. Of course the universe is shaped by the players, so if the Draconis Combine is on good terms with the Federated Suns, then of course this Battlemech may be sold to them, or salvaged through combat. B) Invasion 3042. ryan mcnaught Page 12 13 May 2010
  • 13. If you have a piece of military equipment which your IS/Clan choice does not have the ability to produce/research then maintenance rates are slightly higher due to the inability to source basic spare parts for that piece of equipment. C) While the game is in its early developmental phase all items and equipment is provided by a NPC Empire (Comstar) this allows empires to remain unhindered in their growth whilst not having all research available to them. Buying / Selling Buying and selling items forms a key part of the games interaction, and its allows players to get what they want without the ability to produce it themselves. This has an added benefit of helping newer players, for example: Fred is a new player he has decided to Join Clan Wolf, one of the larger Clans in the game, Clan wolf really encourage new players so they have decided to welcome Fred on board by providing him with some new tanks at a very cheap price, this helps him grow quickly so he can defend himself. There are two types of buying and selling, one is internally within your house/clan this is listed in the faction marketplace. The Second is game wide, and is listed for buying and selling across the known galaxy. There is a transit time associated with item. The closer an items location to the place where it is to be shipped makes for a quicker transit. Shipping items across the Galaxy can take some in game months to arrive. Also the longer the distance the higher the freight/ admin charge. This signifies the vast distances that items must travel. Stock Market There is an in game stock market where empires can buy and sell shares; shares are made of an empire “floating” them. An empires stock price is determined by the dividends that an empire gives back out to its shareholders. An empire can float at any time. Each empire is made up of 1000 shares and up to 499 shares can be sold/held to outside parties this represents that the commander of the empire always has a controlling stake. Each in game month a dividend is paid out of the empires funds to share holders. For example Empire A has 10 shares in Empire B Empire B’s dividend is $20 Icash per share, so Empire B will receive $200 Icash in total for its investment per month. Players determine the share price of their company however it’s basically determined by market forces, like what someone else is willing to pay. There are many events which affect a share price too, such as if an empire wins or loses a battle, units are destroyed, planets won or lost etc. The stock market whilst not for everyone provides and important method of funds raising and adds a huge element to those who find the economics and empire building aspects of the game challenging. Invasion 3042. ryan mcnaught Page 13 13 May 2010
  • 14. Once a player floats on the stock market he has no control whatsoever of the share price, a share price is solely market driven. Politics / Diplomacy Players are free to determine their own plays in terms of politics and diplomacy however there is a certain frame work around what they entail, this gives players a guide as to the relationship that they have with other Houses/clans The basic levels are: At War Neutral Diplomatic Relations Allied These are determined by each house/clan Empires within a house clan are always treated as being allied. They can never attack nor declare war on each other. An empire is always in the same house/clan, it can never leave, and this simulates the populace’s loyalty to that particular house/clan. Houses/clans set their level of relationship with other houses/clans through the elected Leaders Empire, (or sub commanders) and only they can change this standing. There is no penalty to changing a relationship status, however relationship changes are quite major and can only be changed once every Real Life day. Changes are made up or down one step in a ladder, for example from Diplomatic relations to Allied. These changes are made at no penalty or cost at all. However, if an House/clan wishes to go from diplomatic relations to War then there Is a significant moral penalty as it seems your betraying your own people, likewise to go from allied to war is a huge leap and the houses citizens really don’t like this! At a state of neutral empires can raid each other but no capital can ever come under attack. At a state of War Houses/clans can fight over total planetary control. At Diplomatic relations or allied no Combat may take place between the two parties. At any stage empires inside houses can Duel or fight “trials” on an unlimited basis. This is quite often a great way to resolve conflicts without the need for civilian casualties. This is particularly important for Clan empires. Inner sphere Empires are not bound by any rules in combat, however clan empires are, they are NEVER permitted to attack a planet with more forces (BV) than what is currently stationed on a planet, this rule does not apply to the Inner Sphere. One important aspect to role playing for empires is an honor system, whereby players will be ranked on a formula based upon a number of factors primarily on when fighting Invasion 3042. ryan mcnaught Page 14 13 May 2010
  • 15. achieving a victory with the least amount of forces used compared against what the enemy faces. It is anticipated that each month there will be several prizes awarded to players, of which the most honorable is the most coveted and hence the best prize awarded. It is also anticipated that players can hire and train spies to get information on other empires, military information, troop locations, compositions etc. These spies may also commit acts of sabotage. Military Tasks What good is an empire building game if you cannot exercise your power militarily. Invasion 3042 first and foremost is a combat game, while there are extensive empire building traits and gameplay options the most important aspect is in Combat. Utilising the Classic Battletech© game system players can fight for galactic domination. Military basics. Empires each have their own unique military, they can do with this military as they see fit, from solely defending their own interests to offensive operations, to helping defend other worlds. TEAM PLAY is very important in the military aspect, with many players required to help make a house/clan great, players must help defend border worlds, combine together in offensive operations and help each other fight. Each empires military is funded by their own empire, it costs a lot of Icash to run a significant military and obviously the bigger an empire grows the larger their military can become. Each empire starts the game with very basic Battlemech this gives them a taste of what its like to own the elite military hardware. This mech although basic is their only force in defending their empire, once empires grow in size they can begin to expand this basic army, by adding tanks, Mechs, and aerospace fighters. Each of these new units of course needs training, upkeep, storage etc, so expanding a military requires you to have the infrastructure in place to support it. Bearing the above in mind most empires will not be able to afford very large militaries, the simple expense in purchasing new Battlemechs alone makes this prohibitive, however it allows for players to “combine arms” through TEAM PLAY. Example: Let’s say Empire A has been playing for a few months and has now got a lance of Mechs, A locust (his start mech), Jenner, Blackjack and a Panther. This lance can combine with a Mech from Empire B His starter locust and 3 Mechs from Empire C (Centurion, Wolf Trap and a Rifleman) to form a combined unit to go and raid a nearby house. Together these three empires now have an effective raiding force. Invasion 3042. ryan mcnaught Page 15 13 May 2010
  • 16. The planet which they are raiding is a border world, whose ownership has been hotly contested over a long period of time, Empires from all over its house have banded together to station some units there to help defend this world. So raiding and taking this world is not an easy task. Training Each unit has certain skills, if it is a Battlemech then it has skills in mech piloting and mech gunnery, the units has no skills in any other type. A Soldier stays with his unit for the life of the unit. This signifies the training that is required for a soldier to get the best out of his unit. When his unit is destroyed in combat for game purposes the warrior/s in that unit are killed. When you purchase a new unit it is skilled at level 8 this skill signifies that he is a very green soldier and has very little skill. If a unit is located in a friendly zone it can be set to training this helps better a soldier’s skill. (The lower the skills of a soldier the better) For each point of skill that a soldier is reduced costs Tpoints, money and time. The lowest a soldier can go by skill is 0. To stop all players having this massive and abnormal skill, there are costs associated with each soldier maintaining their current skill levels for example. At skill 8 it costs 0 Icash per day to maintain these soldiers’ skills. Whereas at 0 Skill the Cost would be in the hundreds of thousands of Icash per day. This reflects the training and upkeep a soldier must do maintain his elite skills. On average most armies will be able to maintain a skill set of between 3-4 without a great impact upon their empire. Once a soldier is trained at this level his skills can not decrease. ( the exception to this rule is that a player may reset a pilot to return to his 8/8 skills at any stage, the penalty for doing this is that the unit will be out of service for a particular time, think of this as a pilot retirement, and a new pilot is sought for his old unit) Example Jason has a just bought a brand new CNT-9L Battlemech, it’s the flagship of his empire, so he trains the pilot down to a 3/3 skilled Mechwarrior, this costs him 2200 Tpoints and renders the unit Out of service for 3 months in IDays. After several Months Jason decides to buy an Assault Mech the much feared Awesome 9R, however he wants this Mech to be 3/3 instead of his CNT-9L so he retires the old Mechwarrior from the CNT-9L and starts him again at an 8/8 Skill and trains him after the pilot retirement period to 4/5 and then he trains his new AWS-9R to 3/3. Large and Small scale combat As eluded to in previous sections I3042 has several options for combat, from Arena of challenge fights to attempting to take over planets through military conquest. Invasion 3042. ryan mcnaught Page 16 13 May 2010
  • 17. The types of combat are: a) Arena / Challenge fights (this is targeted for Alpha release and Early Beta Release) b) Planetary Raids (these raid particular zones) c) Planetary conquest A) Arena / Challenge fights. These are staged on a neutral world where players can settle scores, fight for bets, or practice their skills against each other. This is a very good way for players to practice and to solve grievances without the need for a full scale attack. There are 2 types of arena battles, a LIVE fight where all damage done is real and units take damage and can be destroyed. The second is a simulator style fight where after every combat phase players armour values are reset this is a great way for players to train and learn the ropes. B) Planetary raids. Players can raid particular planets inhabitants by attacking Planets in range of their forces. Only houses/clans that are in a neutral or war status can be raided without penalty to morale/honor. A Player selects his target empire, his forces land in the landing zone which once taken allows the player to attack the zone he wishes to for a Raid. Raiding certain zone types achieves certain goals for example raiding an empires research zone will give you Rpoints for which to advance your own research, or by raiding a factory zone you will get Bpoints and perhaps some items which are being stored there. Raids are intended to be a main part of the game and for players to be able to fight without spending long periods of their time in front of their computer. c) Planetary conquest. This is the only way for Houses/clans to expand their territory, players can choose to assault a planet that is in range of their forces, and they must take all zones including the capital of every empire on the planet for it to fall. Once this is achieved the planet changes hands, and falls under new ownership. During a planetary conquest each zone that is taken you receive the benefits of a raid. If an empire succeeds in taking a planet then its morale and other benefits increase. Should a defending house faction lose a planet then it receives negative effects on morale. Planets changing hands is not expected to be a common event, with the logistics required to take and hold a planet mean that it is a very expensive exercise, but the rewards can be great for houses/factions that do complete this task. Houses/factions have options to regain planets lost as the populace is still treated as being sympathetic to their cause, but these only last for a certain period of time. Repairs and Maintenance Units which have seen combat may require repairs and maintenance, units can be repaired in friendly zones with mobile repair facilities or in larger zones which have more permanent facilities, each facility is rated to be able to do a certain scale and type of repair, for example a Union class dropship is capable of doing armour and ammunition repairs/reloads in a landing zone. Whereas a large mech hangar is capable of doing any sort of repair/reload. Special repair and reload vehicles are also available to players. These often provide a valuable target in battle. Invasion 3042. ryan mcnaught Page 17 13 May 2010
  • 18. Repairs are done with Repair Points; repairs depending upon their complexity also take up a period of time. Example: to repair 1 point of armour uses 1 Repair Point and takes 1 minute of game time. To repair a Hip actuator takes 750 repair points and takes up 72 Game hours. Mercenaries Players wishing to play as guns for hire mercenaries have an important role to play within the game, and their services may be essential for a House/Clan to win a particular battle. What is a mercenary? Well in I3042 a Mercenary is a player who has an empire just like any other except they have no allegiance to any particular house, except in the form of taking a “contract” for a specific mission or length of time. This then in essence allies themselves with that house/clan and allows them travel within their controlled space. They an then take on active military missions etc. Some of the normal penalties for having military units away from home etc are wavered. Other skills such as research and development are increasing difficult for these empires, as really they are focused almost solely on combat. Combat Limitations This section cannot be understated, there is countless games out available today where game balance is horrendously out of balance and this affects players longevity in the game and also attracting and keeping new players. How does I3042 try and solve this? I3042’s main aim is to create a level playing field for all players to survive in, whilst giving other players an opportunity to show their aggressions and play to their own style. This is achieved through: a) Combat Balance, When attacking a particular planet the attacking side at no stage may they commit more than 10% total BV than a defender has. If a defender brings in more units then the attackers forces can also bring in more, however there are transit times etc to consider here. Example: Lets say that Timmy who is only relatively new who lives on a border world (an already risky decision on his part) has amassed 7500bv to defend his zones. Sam who is the attacker is not allowed to commit more than 8250bv in his assault. During the battle, poor Timmy is having a hard time so he calls in some re-enforcements, coming from another planet he controls he brings in another 4000 BV worth of Mechs and tanks, this then means that the attacker has another 4400 BV he is able to bring in. Of course poor Timmy’s troops didn’t arrive in time and the attacker looted his factory zone. b) Multiple attacks. Re-attacks or “gang banging” based on rule A that an attacker cannot bring in more than 10% of a defenders forces, if an attack is successful in taking a single zone at any stage (LZ excluded) then the losers particular empire is excluded from attacks for a period of time based upon the value and size of what was lost. If in the above example Timmy was good enough to beat his enemy back then he is open to being attacked again with a new BV figure calculated on his current at that time forces. c) Clan versus Inner Sphere. When a Clan empire attacks an inner sphere empire he must openly declare that his attacks will happen, essentially warning the opposing forces before a shot is fired, (minimum time frame applicable TBD). A clan empire also must apply to Invasion 3042. ryan mcnaught Page 18 13 May 2010
  • 19. rule A but must be under the defenders BV by 10%, Normal combat related honor benefits apply for victories etc, but these are Multiplied even further for clan forces who Commit even less against a superior Inner Sphere defender. d) Clan Versus Clan, this takes the form of a “trial” in which the attacker is able to commit an identical force of the defender. e) The advantage always lies with the defender! As a planet does not always only contain only one empire. any other empire on the planet ONLY once a capital is under attack may begin to commence operations against the attacker, of course normal transit times apply. So attackers be forewarned, if your going for empire destruction/Capital Cities then prepare to be potentially massively outnumbered. (its not fun to loose everything that a player has worked for!) This is a very complex area of MMORPG gaming and will no doubt be further developed as the product reaches maturity, with this particular process taking a very high priority. Military unit individualizations Individual military units specific to a players wants and needs will be available to players who have done significant research into a particular design in which they wish to customize. This can take form of a new variant for a particular design. All rules apply when customizing designs and they must adhere to game rules about unit specifications. Invasion 3042. ryan mcnaught Page 19 13 May 2010
  • 20. 6. Technical overview: I3042 is based around .Net technologies, utilising Visual Basic, and C# for its client / server based programs and SQL server 2005 as its database engine. The client is distributed via a download from The game is broken into two sections the actual game and also an image / map / sound pack. (known as the image pack) The image pack is installed on a players PC, this allows for significant graphics to be incorporated into a game without increasing any bandwidth consumption. Each Image/map is CRC checked when being loaded to check its authenticity against what is expected. The game keeps its self up to date by using a clickonce deployment which prior to running the game checks that it is the latest version. Scalability. The game is anticipated through its current technology to support up to 500 players per server. Servers themselves are transparent to clients, and they do not need to connect to a particular server. During the games development the server will be located in Melbourne Australia, however once Alpha phase has been completed and it proves successful then servers are anticipated to be located in the United States and potentially Europe. Processes. Each I3042 server runs and maintains several processes; it handles client authentications and also handles client / server communications. This traffic is encrypted for security reasons. Each server runs many “game day end” processes which update empires according to set parameters, for example, each game day as it passes figures are updated in empires to include any worker assignments income etc. Most transactions happen in real time, for example when an empire purchases a part from one empire the ICASH and the part change hands at that instance. Loop back checking is done on all transactions; this means that when a transaction is complete only then are any funds debited/credited. If a transaction is not complete it is “rolled back” to prior to the transaction. Invasion 3042. ryan mcnaught Page 20 13 May 2010
  • 21. 7. Donations As described in the Business plan, this Game is run as a Not for Profit business and it relies on the generosity of its players to pay for the servers, bandwidth used and the time which its staff spend on the game games development. Donations are rewarded and encouraged in game but giving players some advantages. These include certain donation only units, advances to research, effectiveness etc. There remains a constant balancing act with encouraging players and keeping the game balanced between players who do not pay to play and “donation heavy” empires. The game welcomes donations and players must realize that before they play that people who donate do get “better, bigger and faster” before those who do not. Donations are simply that, they DO NOT give any empires any special privilidges except those assigned through Ipoints, and they do not carry any real monetary value, nor dot hey actually give a player anything physical in return, as such donations are given as that Donations, they do not physically purchase anything but are given as a sign of support for the game to continue to operate and potentially enhance its product offering. As this is a game, its like anything if you cannot afford to donate then do not, players can continually enjoy Invasion 3042 without needing to invest financially in the game, but rest in the knowledge that Invasion 3042 cannot remain playable without financial support. Players can also put their empire into “Absent Mode” by donating for this privilege, this is useful for people who are on holidays, serving for thier country or are unable to play for any length of time. This mode can be triggered provided the player has not engaged in any combat for 5 RL days and there is sufficient Ipoints available. Empires who are in the absent mode receive no income, do not accumulate any points, cannot buy or sell items or perform any other functions. They are essentially frozen. An empire can become unfrozen at any time. Invasion 3042. ryan mcnaught Page 21 13 May 2010
  • 22. 8. Development Phases Invasion 3042 is being developed in 3 phases: Alpha Phase, This is also known as a proof of concept phase, this is designed to see if A) the planned customer base reacts positively to the concept, The technology being used is sufficiently scalable to meet projected demands, and to also ensure that this plan can be altered to incorporate any unforeseen issues. Alpha Phase should be limited to a certain number of skilled players who understand the Battletech© universe. The Alpha phase shall be completed once Arena mech combat and infrastructure basics have been completed; this entails Mech vs. Mech Combat and basic production implemented. At the completion of Alpha phase, all empires will have their statistics removed and they will start again from the new player level. Beta Phase. Beta release is when the I3042 staff are confident that all known bugs have been solved in the alpha release and a basic set of functionality has been implemented. During beta phase new functionality shall be added, the development cycle maintains that a set of new functions are implemented and nothing new implemented until all bugs relating to this new functionality have been fixed. Once the Beta phase has been completed and all requirements of this document (and subsequent updated versions have been released) the product shall be in production mode, with new enhancements kept to a minimum. At Any Stage during the games development dependant upon situation and circumstance may require a reset of game wide statistics and empire levels, whilst this is not pleasant for anyone concerned during initial development this may be unavoidable. Any Ipoints which have been donated for by players will be re-credited to an account. As donations are made to support the game these donations hold no monetary value and as such cannot be refunded. Invasion 3042. ryan mcnaught Page 22 13 May 2010
  • 23. 9. Glossary of Terms I3042 Short for Invasion3042 ICash Monetary item within the game , a $ is used to represent this figure. IPoints These are given to players for donations made to the game, the current rate is 1 Ipoint per USD donated to the game. Donations are also given to players who helped support the game with their time. RPoints Research Points, empires assign civilians to work in research facilities, the standard rate is 1 RP per person. BPoints Build Points, empires assign civilians to work in production facilities and to build new infrastructure, the standard rate is 1 Bpoint per person. Repair Points Repair points are points used to repair military units and buildings that have been damaged in combat. The standard rate is 1 Repair Point Per person. Effectiveness The effectiveness of an item is based in a percentage terms, from 0% Upwards, this is a percentage modifier on the association that the effectiveness has. Honor Honor is measured by the way a player plays and how well they perform in combat. Honor also allows players to potentially receive awards at the end of each game month. Morale Morale is associated with an empires populace, having a positive morale means people work harder and are more productive. Negative morale means the people really could not be bothered as much as they should. TPoints Training points, these are required to train a units skills for combat operations MPoints Mining points these are generated to simulate mining operations in a particular zone. Invasion 3042. ryan mcnaught Page 23 13 May 2010
  • 24. 10. Intellectual property Invasion 3042 does not own any rights to the Battletech© universe, its images, or any information relevant to this universe. These rights are owned by Wizkids LLC and or FanPro, they retain exclusive rights to this property and any relevance to anything in invasion3042 to their information is used without permission. Please go to for information about the greatest board game in existence, and the inspiration for this game. Invasion 3042, however contains much information and code which is unique to Invasion 3042, and as such is protected by international copyright laws which apply to the common laws of Australia, for all purposes the rights of jurisdiction of these reside in Australia. Invasion 3042. ryan mcnaught Page 24 13 May 2010