NSE Vision Statement "To become the world's leading direct ...
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NSE Vision Statement "To become the world's leading direct ...






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  • So, how do you become an executive and become eligible for higher levels of income? Executives go through a 3 month qualification program. In month 1 you must meet the basic activity requirements of 100 PSV and 1 ADR plus generate at least 1,000 GSV. This is considered your LOI month. In Month 2 you must again meet the basic activity requirements of 100 PSV and 1 ADR plus generate at least 1,500 GSV. This is considered your Q1 month. In Month 3 you must again meet the basic activity requirements of 100 PSV and 1 ADR plus generate at least 2,000 GSV. This is considered your Q1 month. For people who want to become an executive quickly there is a fast track qualification program. This program simply compresses 3 months into 1. You have to simply generate 4,500 GSV in one month.

NSE Vision Statement "To become the world's leading direct ... NSE Vision Statement "To become the world's leading direct ... Presentation Transcript

  • NSE Vision Statement
    • “To become the world’s leading direct selling company by generating more income for distributors than any other company.”
      • Blake Roney
      • Chairman of the Board, NSE
  • Strategy Planning Session
    • Before Session you should have completed
      • Business Targets
      • Personal Goals
      • Contact List
    • Topics That We Will Cover
      • Your Personal Story
      • Determine a Business Strategy That meet your Goals
      • Create a Clear Action Plan
      • Review Contact List
      • Begin Inviting!
      • Answer Questions
  • Goal Setting
    • 1 Year Goal
    • “ It is ____________ and
    • I am making $______ per month”
    • 90 Day Goal
    • “ It is ____________ and my check for the month of ________ is $_________.”
    Establish Your Why
  • Your Time Commitment
    • How many hours do you have each week to commit to your business?
  • How to become an executive
    • Executives are eligible for higher levels of income
    • 3 month qualification program
    100 PSV 1 ADR 2000 GSV 100 PSV 1 ADR 1500 GSV 100 PSV 1 ADR 1000 GSV Month 3 (Q2) Month 2 (Q1) Month 1 (LOI) Fast Track – Complete 4500 GSV in one month. See comp plan for maintenance details
  • Mega Pool
    • Need minimum of 6 shares
    • On average $150 bonus is paid for each share earned!
    • Earn Shares
      • 1 share for every 6 new, personally sponsored active distributors who enroll in a $100 ADR.
      • 1 share for each new LOI
      • 1 share for each passed Q1 (Executives Only)
      • 1 share for each passed Q2 (Executives Only)
    Earn large bonuses with Mega Pool. Mega Pool incorporates 1.75% of monthly commissionable volume from US, Canada, Europe, Russia & Israel. Earn part of this pool by accumulating shares. Find the complete rules in your NSE online office
  • What is Your Strategy?
    • 90 Day Goal Example
    • Complete Executive Qualification
    • Min. 5000 Points GSV
    • Min. 3 Qualifying Executives
    • 10 Active Customers
    YOU 1 LOI 2 LOI 3 LOI 1 LOI 1 LOI
  • Month 1 Targets
    • Experience the Products
    • Complete Basic Training
    • Set a Launch Meeting Date
    • Continue Training with Conference Calls
    • _________ GSV
    • _________ PSV
    • _________ ADR Subscriptions
    • Enroll ______ people with package
    • Setup ______ active customers
    YOU 1 LOI 2 LOI 3 LOI 1 LOI 1 LOI
  • This Week’s Action Tasks
    • How many people will you add to you list
    • How many calls will you make
    • How many appointments will you make
    • How many people see the business
    • How many people enroll
  • When is your store open for business?
    • What type of Launch Meeting do you want?
      • Product Workshop
      • Opportunity Meeting
      • Conference Call Presentation
    • When are you going to schedule it?
  • Your Prospect List
    • Make a list of at least 20 potential distributors and customers.
    • Set up a time to call people on list.
    Success Tip: Always Prequalify
    • Do they have a nice personality?
    • Are they a go-getter?
    • Do they have a positive attitude?
    • Have they achieved success?
  • Invite Success Tip: Always use a script! Create an invite that is personal to you. Always have a call to action at the end. “I just wanted to ask you a quick question. My friend John and I were talking, he just wanted to know if I knew 1 or 2 people who would qualify to take a look at a brand new technology that everyone will want but no one has yet.” “He is looking for someone who has a nice personality, a good attitude and who is at a good place in their life to hear this. I don’t know if this is hitting you at the right time, but if it is, I am convinced that there is some serious money to be made because of the timing and the trends and I think that you should take a look!” “All the information is online. Do you have 30 minutes now or tomorrow?”
  • Present
    • Use gpnworld.com website (30 minutes)
      • Allows you to present quickly without being an expert presenter.
      • Saves you time & money
    • GPN Tuesday Night Opportunity Conference Call
      • 9 PM EST
      • 1 512 225 3135
      • Access Code 996611#
  • Success Tip
    • Don’t let technology stop you!
    • If you run into a technology problem, don’t waste time trying to fix it.
    • Email slides to prospect or ask your upline to present.
    • Have a backup plan!
  • Presentation Follow-up Positive Response Schedule a time for a 3 way conference call with business partner. Negative Response Invite them to setup a free online account. Don’t Waste Your Time! STOP GO After Presentation ask, “What did your hear?” Listen! Let the prospect talk
  • 3 Way Call with Business Partner
    • Purpose of Call
      • 3 rd Party Validation
      • Discover how much prospect wants to make.
      • Discover Objections
      • Explain options to get started
      • Close
    Success Tip: Be sure that the prospect has seen the presentation before talking to upline distributor.
  • Tracking your way to Success
  • Develop Positive Habits In Your Business
    • Do 500 PV per month in personal sales.
    • Personally use at least 100 points of product per month
    • Always maintain 10 to 15 customers.
    • Listen to a GPN recorded conference call every week.
    • Read a positive book for 15 minutes every night before you go to sleep.
    • Communicate with Your Upline regularly.
    • Attend every GPN event and meeting.
    • Present at least 3 times every week.