Implementing C ollaborative Pr oduct D evelopment


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Implementing C ollaborative Pr oduct D evelopment

  1. 1. Implementing C ollaborative Pr oduct D evelopment Bill N eill Americas C ollabor ative Pr oduct D evelopment Pr ogr am M anager Implstrategy Collab PD.ppt 5/26/98 1
  2. 2. A genda • W hat ar e the issues you face in disper sed pr oduct development? • T he evolution of your Product D evelopment capability • D efining Collaborative Pr oduct D evelopment • A look at two examples and lessons learned • A model for managing the scope of a C ollaborative Pr oduct D evelopment • A Process for D ecision making: Implementing C ollaborative Pr oduct D evelopment • C onclusion 5/26/98 Implstrategy Collab PD.ppt 2
  3. 3. “ A G lobal R evolution is Changing Business, and Business is Changing the W or ld” 5/26/98 Implstrategy Collab PD.ppt 3
  4. 4. Challenges Facing Supplier s in Implementing C ollaborative Pr oduct D evelopment • What we’ve heard in many discussions: – How will I keep up to date on the current information? – What are the future plans for the OEM’s systems and processes? – What are the design process changes that I need to make? – Who do I call for support? – How do I connect into the OEM? – How do I manage the costs of implementing the Collaborative Product Development solution? – How do I implement this solution at my business? 5/26/98 Implstrategy Collab PD.ppt 4
  5. 5. C oncerns from I T About I ntr oducing N ew T echnologies • A re all applications available on it ? • Is the performance adequate? • Is the network ready to support it ? • Can it provide the same system environment ? • Is the IT infrastructure ready for it? • Is it secure? • How much do I need to change? • W hat the right process for implementing a set of disparate technologies? • W hat are the common and unique requirements for each supplier/OEM ? 5/26/98 Implstrategy Collab PD.ppt 5
  6. 6. W her e ar e Y ou today and wher e do you need to be? Product Dev. Structure Co-Design & Development Interactivity Scale Collaborative Product Development Concurrent Engineering Time 5/26/98 Implstrategy Collab PD.ppt 6
  7. 7. W her e ar e Y ou T oday and W her e do Y ou N eed to be? Information Product Dev. Functionality Structure A spects Co-Design & Shared 3D M odel Development Interactive Design Interactivity Scale Shared V i ews Collaborative W eb-enabled data Product Development Extranet PD M Concurrent PDM Engineering E-mail Bulletin boards Time 5/26/98 Implstrategy Collab PD.ppt 7
  8. 8. T he Benefits of Collaboration Product Dev. Structure Co-Design & Development Shared Space Interactivity Scale Collaborative Product Development Shared V i ews Concurrent Engineering Shared Ideas Time 5/26/98 Implstrategy Collab PD.ppt 8
  9. 9. W W Pr oduct D evelopment Pr ocess Time-zone Engineering in time serial Simultaneous Engineering in working world wide dispersed Teams locally dispersed Teams Company internal Collaboration Producer Supplier Challenge PrPr oducer oducer M gmt. M A I L , FAX Engi. D ept eptM gmt. Engi. D D esign M ktg ktg M T C P-I P D esign Sal es es Sal INTERNET Supplier 3 Service I SD N Supplier 2 M anufanuf act. Service M act. Supplier 1 Support Production Support INTRANET Production 5/26/98 Implstrategy Collab PD.ppt 9
  10. 10. A view of two examples of C ollabor ative Pr oduct D evelopment • I N F O T E ST E nhanced Pr oduct R ealization Pr oj ect – Par ticipants: Consor tium of vendor s and U ser s (Caterpillar and TI) – G oal: D er ive a template of a C ollaborative Pr oduct D evelopment solution thr ough testing • H P P r oduct and Pr ocess D evelopment – Par ticipants: H P ’ s Pr oduct and Pr ocesses O r ganization, and H P ’ s Product line D ivisions – G oals: Shar e the maximum infor m ation to cut R & D expenses and I T expenses 5/26/98 Implstrategy Collab PD.ppt 10
  11. 11. T he Enhanced Pr oduct R ealization 5 Day Scenar io 1 2 3 4 5
  12. 12. EPR - Critical R equir ements • Enabling Secure V i rtual Organizations – Rapid Team Formation leveraging external resources – Positive authentication and access control • Supporting a High Performance Portfolio – CAx development tools – Document M anagement/Product Data M anagement/Workflow – Collaborative Communications Tools • A Coherent Infrastructure That Spans Organizations – Simple, L i ghtweight – Standards-based, Cross Platform – Robust and Secure – Cost-Effective 5/26/98 Implstrategy Collab PD.ppt 12
  13. 13. HP Product Development Information Infrastructure MANUAL Physical Physical Physical Prototyping Fabrication Assembly Simulation ME30 Supplier ME30 Databook MM/3000 Hardware Research ME30 PROMIS & INTERACTIVE Mechanical MANUAL PLANNER Design Matl DT-LINK & MM/3000 Matl Procure- CIMS List MENTOR Planning ment EDI & IPOTRAX Mgmnt HPDL, CIC & ME30 New Existing Supplier DT-LINK, OEII & MAN-LINK PROMIS & MM3000 Comp Comp Order Various Setup Selection MM/3000 Mgmnt Design DT-LINK Checks MM/3000 HPDL EDI & IPOTRAX MENTOR & DT-LINK MENTOR PDQS/POSTQUAL MM/3000 Hardware & DT-LINK Hardware DT-LINK, OEII & MAN-LINK Customer PCB Inventory Logical Physical Support Assembly Mgmnt Design Design MENTOR DT-LINK & OEII SUBP2PIC PDM & OEII MANUAL PRIMA MENTOR MENTOR MANUAL MENTOR Small Access Factory & HPDL MENTOR Sub-panel Existing SUBP2PIC PCB Mfg Design Design & OEII Fabrication Test MENTOR Pattern Simulation PDM CADENCE Generation PDM Infrastructure Value Added: IC Design PDM PDM MFG & Infrastructure based on overall integrated λ Service Document business principles Software Board Software Prod Def Dev Test Data transfer between CAD tools and λ & CPE PRIMA downstream processes 5/26/98 Implstrategy Collab PD.ppt 13
  14. 14. HP PCA Design Data Information Infrastructure Resolve DFM Logic Exceptions Analysis Simulation Des Lib ML Edit Data Viewer Data LINK ECAE Viewer Checker Translators PCB Production Matl Assembly Part Schematic Info List Machine SMC Assy Selection Capture CAD LINK Prod Data Sub- Prod Program Des Lib panel Info Transfer Info Comp Generator Des Lib CAD Prod Data Info PCB LINK Comp Comp Mstr Comp LINK Mfg LINK ECAE Data Info Info Database CAD LINK Process Mstr Purch Mfg Info Physical Database Info Document Design Mgmt Docs Des Lib PDM ECAD Document PCB Stencils, Physical Transfer Documentation Fabrication Artwork, Simulation Fab Data Optical Masks PDM Purch'd Subpanel Data Insp Des Lib Parts, Material List Bare Xtalk, Document PCB's Trans Line Inventory Procure- Mgmt EDI Suppliers Mechanical Control ment MCAD Engrg MRPII Mstr Purch EDI Database Des Lib ECAD MCAD ECAE 5/26/98 Implstrategy Collab PD.ppt 14
  15. 15. HP's Core Process Portfolio Innovative and integrated world-class business processes in support of HP's business needs Information Infrastructure Engineering Systems Architecture λ Engineering Systems Framework λ IT Strategy and Management λ Requirements Definition λ Customer Fulfillment Systems Implementation λ Manufacturing Strategy λ Materials Management λ Planning λ Business Planning Manufacturing Data λ Strategic and Tactical λ Product Development Management Business Planning Product Life Cycle λ Manufacturing Process λ Breakthrough Planning and λ Phase Review λ Management Policy Deployment Product Definition λ Test Strategy λ Portfolio Management λ Design Process λ Distribution and Logistics λ Change Management λ Design Data Management λ Design Transfer λ Design for "X" λ Project Management λ 5/26/98 Implstrategy Collab PD.ppt 15
  16. 16. D efining C ollaborative Pr oduct D evelopment • Techniques and technologies that enable dispersed people to work cooperatively on engineering tasks and projects – Shared: – Information, Creation, Location, Presence – Enabling Technology for – V i rtual M anufacturing Enterprises – Based on Concurrent Engineering – Frontloading the Product Development Process – L ower cost – Faster response time of the supply chain – Better quality • Benefits extend to all parts of the enterprise [excerpt from NCMS] 5/26/98 Implstrategy Collab PD.ppt 16
  17. 17. H P’ s Synchr onized Engineer ing Enterprise M odel Design Processes Synchronized Enterprise Solution Intellectual Application Property Portfolio Management Technology Infrastructure 5/26/98 Implstrategy Collab PD.ppt 17
  18. 18. C ollaborative Pr oduct D evelopment Implementation Planning Product Product Development Development A r chitectural Strategy Strategy Scope Engineering C ommunication / I ncentives Architecture Architecture Design & Design & Development API definition Development F r amewor k A r chitectural C or e services Service C ommunication Capabilities / I n centives Application Application Portfolio Portfolio Definition Service Specifications Definition A r chitectural R equirements Functionality Service Functionality D elivery Integration & Integration & Custom er Service Support Dev. Support Dev. R equirements A r chitectural R equirements Collaborative Collaborative Supplier / O E M Engineering Custom er Service Product Dev. Solution R equir ements R equirements Custom er Support Product Dev. R equirements Deployment Deployment 5/26/98 Implstrategy Collab PD.ppt 18
  19. 19. T he Synchr onized Extended Engineer ing Enterprise Component/System Supplier Product/System Producer Customer 5/26/98 Implstrategy Collab PD.ppt 19
  20. 20. Summary l Keep the focus on the value created by focusing on what the customer(s) will pay for and the data necessary to deliver that value l Information technology is mostly funded today as a sunk cost investment; by focusing on the customer-driven information requirements, you can use opportunity cost metrics such as ECO reduction, or added value from more reliable delivery l Recognize that successful execution of the Design Strategy depends on planning and implementing these four elements in integrated parallel processes: - Development Processes (existing and new) - The Application Portfolio - The Intellectual Property Management - The Technology Infrastructure l Build a team that understands how each element supports the business strategy and relates to the others l Involve all partners and users of the systems in the definition stage of the implementation process 5/26/98 Implstrategy Collab PD.ppt 20
  21. 21. H ewlett-Packard’s V ision for the Extended Engineer ing Enterprise Helping you achieve competitive advantage through successful implementations of information technology solutions that support design and business strategies. 5/26/98 Implstrategy Collab PD.ppt 21
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