Getting Started Business Strategy Training


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Getting Started Business Strategy Training

  1. 1. Getting Started Business Strategy Training For the REsults Approach *This section is to be conducted within 48 hours of a prospect‟s signing up as a Consultant. *The sponsor will conduct this session in person. If the new Consultant lives out of state, this can be done over the phone. *If the sponsor is new, the upline will conduct the Strategy Meeting with the new consultant and the sponsor. *Michael Clouse –“ Learn a system that duplicates and remember it isn‟t about getting them in, it‟s about keeping them in!” *Give each new consultant a copy of this training. They can refer to it while you are training and have access to the scripts and their homework! 1) Prior to this meeting, the New Consultant must have done the following: (give the new consultant a Start Now Workbook as soon as they sign up) a) Placed initial order of their REsults Set(s) and Open For Business Now Kit b) Begin Start Now Workbook 2) Prospecting – WHO DO YOU KNOW?? “Anyone can meet a stranger if someone will introduce that stranger to them” Don Failla Step #1 – Make a friend (if you have a friend, go right to Step #2) Step #2 – Meet your friend’s friends! a) Use the Memory Jogger (this can be found in the Start Now Workbook). Divide the prospecting list into 2 sections: business builder or product user. Start with the business builders: b) From the prospecting list, begin to create your “Dream Team”. Identify 4 key people who are potential business partners. Remember not to prejudge. 1
  2. 2. Following are the characteristics of a business builder: (1) People who are motivated (2) People who are ambitious (3) People who are successful (4) People who are busy (5) People who are looking for a change (6) People-people (7) People with a great network (8) People who have the ability to influence others (9) People with a big why ii) Local - Invite everyone on your prospect list who are in your area to your business launch – Again, please don‟t prejudge! iii) Long Distance – call and share about your new Arbonne business!, Watch the 30 minutes “flash” Opportunity Presentation simultaneously with your long distance prospect. (Found on the home page of Arbonne‟s website, under “be your own boss) Explain that they can check out Arbonne‟s website – caution them NOT to sign up for anything on the website without talking to you first – there have been people on Arbonne‟s website who inadvertently signed up under another consultant in error! ”) Ask if you can send them some samples and additional information. 3) Prepare Information/Sponsoring Packets with the New Consultant a) If the new consultant doesn‟t have her Open Now for Business Pack yet, give your new Consultant 4 Sponsoring Packets until his/her materials arrive. (Make 10 of these/see homework) Arbonne Folder (order from Arbonne business aids) Product Catalogue (#2504) Consultant Order Form (#2404) SIGNED Consultant Application (#2406) Eye on Arbonne Stories – your upline VP, and maybe 1 or 2 stories that relate to that person. (Go to the home page of Arbonne‟s website, click on the VP section at the bottom of the page, find the scroll down bar that says “new VPs”. You will see all VPs sorted by prior career) ArbonneNOW Brochure (#2673) – drop off, this goes in the Gold bag! 2
  3. 3. ArbonneNOW CD (#2836) – drop off, this CD goes into Gold Bag! 11 x 17 Product Overview Sheet (#2416) Commission Summary (go to arbonne website, internet consultants, field support, forms, form # 104) Your Business Card 4) Go over the importance of structuring your business properly: a) First goal is District Manager. No reason to leave money on the table. b) Explain the importance to find 4 people and help those 4 people to also find 4 people! That‟s the beginning of exponential growth! (refer to Don Failla‟s book – The 45 Second Presentation) c) If you find 4 people (vs 2 people) in your first month, you‟ll build more quickly! Focus on sponsoring at least 2 business builders who want to become District managers too! d) Help these first 4 business builders find their first 4 business builders so that they can also become District Managers. e) This is the activity that you continue to do to become an Area Manager. f) Help these 4 key people get to Area Manager – and you‟ll become an RVP! g) Review the compensation plan and the income levels. 5) Choose a Success Track a) What is your timeline for becoming DM/AM/RVP/NVP? b) Suggested Goals for your first month: i) Good: $3,192 RV FIRST STEP TO DM = 3 results sets ii) Great: $6,384 RV DM IN ONE MONTH = 6 results sets iii) Awesome: $10,640 RV DM IN ONE MONTH AND FIRST STEP AM = 10 results sets (REsults Set - #8220) c) You want to move as fast as you can because “success attracts success”. People want to be part of a team that is moving. Would you rather sign up under someone who has been a consultant for 6 months or someone who became an Area Manager or RVP in 6 months? 6) Schedule your “Business Launches” immediately! a) Recommended: 2 Business Launches to let your family, friends and acquaintances know that you are starting an Arbonne business. i) Choose 2 dates back to back. (or two dates in one week) ii) Invite 30-50 people (e-vites or mail invitation) 3
  4. 4. iii) Call everyone with a personal invitation prior to sending the invitation and following to confirm attendance. iv) Use REsults Approach Flipchart at the launches. You may choose to let people try the products on the back of their hands when you get to page 10 (Jennifer‟s Eyes) of the flipchart. 7) Schedule the New Consultant’s first 4-8 drop offs. a) Make sure that you have enough RE9 systems to support your prospect list b) Prepare the RE9 Systems: i) RE9System in Gold Bag(Gold Bag is $5.00 with RE9 set) ii) Instruction Cards/ iii) RE9 Sample Pack Strip iv) ArbonneNow CD v) ArbonneNow Brochure 8) Let your new Consultant know when you are available to meet with their prospects who are interested in the business (from drop offs, business launches or 3 way calls with long distance prospects). Have your new consultant mark your available times on their calendar. 9) Show your consultant how you put together the REsults Flipchart using a 3-ring binder 10) Explain the importance of taking ownership for your business: Participate in as many Arbonne activities as possible. This will create belief in our system and our opportunity. It will help you to build your skills and your confidence. a) National Meetings b) Discover Arbonne Meetings c) Conference Calls d) Recorded Calls e) Learn and Burns f) Arbonne University g) Becoming a DM will increase your profits immediately 4
  5. 5. Getting Started Homework: 1. Complete Goals – Timeline to RVP 2. Become a “Product of the Product” Order your Essential Set I or II (#8210 or #8215 under Set Specials) 3. What is your mindset? Is Arbonne a business or a hobby? Listen to Cecilia Stoll‟s Belief, Attitude and Commitment Training (first track of Basic Consultant CD) 4. Make 10 Information/Sponsoring Packets 5. Prepare RE9 sets include printing instruction sheets from Arbonne website and putting Arbonne Now CD‟s and Arbonne Now Brochure in gold bag 6. Do a minimum $100 Auto Ship Order 7. Set up Website 8. Optional - Set up Brilliant Compensation personal website to view and order. Scroll down to Bonus #2 (Your own dynamic 24/7 recruiting website) Click to see sample presentation. 9. Schedule in calendar all upcoming events (some require registration) 10. Order business cards and labels ( or call (714) 826-4390 11. Change your phone message to Arbonne („Hi, you‟ve reached the Jones family and Susie with Arbonne”) 12. Select reading/listening material: The Gift by Shad Helmstetter and anything that Michael S. Clouse has written (Michael‟s website is 13. Complete Start Now Workbook 14. Study Arbonne Catalogue 15. Read Code of Ethics 16. Read Policy and Procedures 17. Complete Arbonne University 18. Order 10 copies of The 45 Second Presentation books by Don Failla from 19. Get into Activity - Offer the opportunity to everyone and don‟t prejudge!! 5
  6. 6. Results Method (Minimum I Result Set #8220) Go to, internet consultant section, Results page. Review all tools and training. RE9 set inside gold tote RE9 Sample Pack RE9 Instruction card available at Arbonne Now CD and Brochure 45 Second Presentation Book Dropping off a tote to someone you’ve met previously but don’t know very well. Here is sample verbiage for the Results Method Call them and let them know you‟d like to drop by to give them something they may want to take a look at. It will only take a minute. AT THE DROP OFF… “Hi Karen, Did you know that I am working with a European Skin Care company called Arbonne. This is the best product on the market today, but please, don‟t take my word for it… Test drive it yourself! This is exactly how I build my business! I‟ve had so much success with this and I‟d love your opinion. It may be a fit for you or it may not and that‟s OK… but if not for you, it may be a fit for someone you know. There are thousands of people having tremendous success with this simple “turn key” business. So, use the products for a couple of days. While you are using the products, please listen to the CD – I value your opinion. “Here‟s a sample pack of everything that is inside this tote. Start with the sample pack, I‟m sure you will love it! Then you‟re welcome to break into the full size products. Let‟s set up a time to get together in two days - it‟ll take about for 20 to 30 minutes! Then I‟ll show you the absolute best price for these products. (DO NOT LEAVE THE TOTE WITHOUT A RETURN APPOINTMENT) Tips for the Drop off/Results Method Key things to make sure you include in conversation while dropping off: 6
  7. 7. *Be enthusiastic – Remember it isn‟t what you say – It‟s how you feel about what you say. What is your attitude, what is your belief, What are your expectations? *Let them know right up front that one of the reasons you are giving them this tote and CD is because you wanted them to see how you build your business. *Schedule a time, 2 days later, to get together for the pick up appointment. (Bring 45 Second presentation) Review of Do’s and Don’ts when dropping off and picking up REsults set DO - Talk about their Hot Buttons – “all about them – not you” Make sure your schedule the “pick up” date and time Let them know that there is a “Golden Opportunity in the Gold bag” Make sure they have 2-3 days with the product Don’t Talk about your self Give them too much information - the confused mind says “no” Leave the tote for more than 3 days One of 3 things will happen at the 2nd appointment: 1)They like the products and the want to know more about the business: 1) Do the Results Approach Flip Chart (20 minutes) 2) Do Napkin Presentation #4 (power of duplication) 3) Leave the 45 second Presentation Book - ask them to read first four chapters. 4) Call to Action – Get them to a Getting Started Business Strategy Meeting within 48 hours – extremely important!!! 7
  8. 8. 2) They like the products and want to buy them but do not want to get involved in the business: Sign them up as a consultant for the discount, let them keep the set, and re- order your tote. OR Take the tote back and tell them you will have Arbonne send a new set directly to them! (Offer the discount to them in exchange for a few referrals or a presentation – Say, “I‟d be happy to give up my profit in exchange for a presentation or a few referrals – that‟s how I build my business and I appreciate your support!”) 3) If they do not want the products OR the business: Find out if they would be willing to give you a referral of someone they know that could benefit from the business or product. If they say no….take tote and CD and MOVE ON!! SW, SW, SW N – Some will, some won‟t, so what, Next!! 8