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  1. 1. E-BUSINESS STRATEGY The forecast for today’s eBusiness We can help you succeed by sharing climate is change. And lots of it. Because our insight into the difficulties you are if anything is for certain, it’s uncertainty. facing. Leveraging over 25 years of industry experience, we have developed New standards, technologies, and a focused and highly integrated series of strategies are being unveiled and services designed specifically to address adopted all the time. Change is so rapid real life technology challenges. that just the task of keeping up has taken on daunting proportions. Our trusted service professionals can help put your eBusiness projects back on At Comspec, we understand the track – by introducing a business-driven demands that this volatility places on approach to development. you. And we understand the challenges . that it presents. COMMUNICATIONS, INC.
  2. 2. Analysis and Design There’s no such thing as a successful We will work with you to develop But as the number of activities going IT-driven project. Repeat. There’s no a high-level process picture that on in your business increases, such thing as a successful IT-driven ensures your fundamental business the impact of small inefficiencies project. requirements are fully understood can magnify – which can result in before your project moves any definite bottom line loss. Coupled Most executives are already well further. with lowered customer satisfaction, aware of the grief associated with this can, if left unresolved, seriously getting major eBusiness initiatives After all, what’s the point of hamper your long-term survival. off the ground. Where do you expending time and resource on a start? What can you do to make the development effort if its functionality Be it the handling of incoming orders project lifecycle more bearable? doesn’t reflect your actual business to a call center or outgoing orders requirements? from a shipping department, better The answer: eBusiness projects processes save time, cut costs, and driven by the business. help ensure survival as workload Process Modeling ramps up. For some time now, eBusiness initiatives have been run and Every company has their own We can help you develop and controlled by the IT side of a firm. methods of doing things. And implement those better processes. This creates a fundamental problem, somewhere along the line these It’s what we do. because development initiatives methods tie into systems. should be driven by a company’s Our experienced professionals overall business strategy and its Sometimes these systems run using will work with you to understand customers’ needs – requirements elaborate spreadsheets with beautiful your current methods, then identify that originate from business teams, color displays. In other cases, they areas that can benefit from the not IT departments. operate on mainframe dinosaurs simplification and streamlining with black and green terminals that of operational workflow. All while We can help put your eBusiness haven’t changed in 20 years. keeping your overall eBusiness projects back on track by introducing strategy firmly in mind. a business-driven approach to Regardless of the systems em- development. ployed, one thing is certain: when We have over 25 years of experience it comes to doing business, you’re helping organizations of all kinds getting it done. tackle the challenge of architecting the right technology solutions to improve efficiency and productivity. We can help you too.
  3. 3. Project Management We understand the challenges that We are consistently successful Highlights you face in trying to find quality because we employ a rigorous and project managers. You need people proven end-to-end methodology that A focused and highly integrated series of services designed spe- with strong eBusiness backgrounds. starts in the early phases of your cifically to address the real life People who are flexible enough to eBusiness project – with processes eBusiness challenges of today. accommodate the cyclical nature of and requirements – and ends in quality your ongoing development lifecycles. assurance testing, documentation, and A team of experienced consul- People who can balance the demands support. tants with strong eBusiness back- grounds and refreshing business of this volitle industry. insight that will quickly deliver Each phase is critical, from pre- dramatic results. Look no more. At Comspec, we provide planning to deployment, and each companies like yours with seasoned phase must be effectively managed for High quality, yet suprisingly cost- point people who have proven success. We realize this – and that’s effective methods that are guar- anteed to enhance efficiency and experience ensuring that eBusiness why our solutions work. productivity. projects run on budget and on time. For more information about Comspec and the Processes and people that are Throughout the entire lifecycle of your services that we provide, visit comspec.com or backed by over 25 years in the development project, we apply our call us toll-free at 866-785-3553. communications and high tech- nology industries. proven flexibility matrix to ensure that: A flexible approach that builds and • expectations are accurately set improves upon current processes with all key stakeholders to maximize both quality and pro- • goals are ambitious but not ductivity. unreasonable • budget and timeline concerns are respected The secret to our success isn’t a new and improved Gantt chart or the latest spin on the weighted factor scoring model.
  4. 4. COMMUNICATIONS, INC. © Copyright Comspec Communications, Inc. 2003 Comspec Communications, Inc. 74 Wingold Ave Toronto, ON M6B 1P5 CANADA comspec.com