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Corporate Overview of Hellerstein
Corporate Overview of Hellerstein
Corporate Overview of Hellerstein
Corporate Overview of Hellerstein
Corporate Overview of Hellerstein
Corporate Overview of Hellerstein
Corporate Overview of Hellerstein
Corporate Overview of Hellerstein
Corporate Overview of Hellerstein
Corporate Overview of Hellerstein
Corporate Overview of Hellerstein
Corporate Overview of Hellerstein
Corporate Overview of Hellerstein
Corporate Overview of Hellerstein
Corporate Overview of Hellerstein
Corporate Overview of Hellerstein
Corporate Overview of Hellerstein
Corporate Overview of Hellerstein
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Corporate Overview of Hellerstein


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  • 1. 3001 Veazey Terrace NW, Suite 1308 Washington, DC 20008 202 362-5139 [email_address] Hellerstein & Associates Corporate Overview
  • 2. About Hellerstein & Associates
    • Hellerstein & Associates advises private sector companies, governments, and multilateral institutions organizations on ICT policy, regulatory reform, privatizations, E-Government, rural connectivity projects and regulatory projects involving technology.
    • Our consultants have vast experience with developing countries and in particular with post-conflict countries. We have worked on several rural connectivity projects, regulatory reform, liberalization, ICT policy and strategy, e-government assessments and evaluations, capacity building projects, and participated and/or organized workshops on competition policy, liberalization, next generation technologyand broadband policy issues for regulators in the US, Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America.
  • 3. About Hellerstein & Associates (continued)
    • We have been actively involved in project generation and in planning for Africa, Europe, Central Asia, the Caribbean, Southern and Central American Markets.
    • The firm’s ICT sector experience is broad and includes:
      • ICT Policy Analysis & Strategies
      • Telecom Policy Analysis
      • Privatization
      • E-Government Strategies and Assessments
      • Next-Gen Technology Strategies
      • Regulatory Impact Analysis
      • Economic, Financial, and Feasibility Studies
      • Regulatory Reform and Privatization
      • Performance Measurement, Benchmarking, and Evaluation
      • Training, Community, Empowerment, and Capacity Building
      • Strategy and Advice Consulting
  • 4. The Hellerstein Group
    • GVNW Consulting
    • FiberSat Telecommunications Corp.
    • Telemática e Desenvolvimento Ltda .
    • Afrika ICT Strategies, Inc
  • 5. Project Portfolio
    • ICT & Telecom Projects
    • E-Government
    • Market Research, Analysis/Strategy Consulting
  • 6. Telecom/ICT
    • The National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL):
      • Provided technical assistance to the NTGL by carrying out a detailed review and diagnostic of the telecom sector in Liberia; assessed its potential for growth; formulated a strategy to improve competitiveness & competition in the provision of services in Liberia; and maximized the pro-competitive contribution of public assets, including a strategy for private participation in Liberia Telecommunications Company (LTC), the incumbent operator.
      • Developed and produced a national telecom policy & a telecom strategy document, which included detailed goals for the telecom sector, an action plan to achieve these goals, & a regulatory framework for the sector.
      • Briefed high-level U.S. and foreign government officials on critical technical matters and held a successful workshop where the national telecom policy issues were actively debated and discussed among Government officials, industry, other stakeholders, and donors.
  • 7. Telecom/ICT
    • Superintendencia General de Electricidad y Telecommunicaciones (SIGET)- El Salvador (US TDA Contract): Assessed the state of competition in the domestic telecom market, strengthened regulatory capacity, analyzed pricing and interconnection regimes, improved the regulator’s oversight authority over anti-competitive behavior in the market place, implemented a customer service and consumer protection mechanism, assisted in creating a vision, goals and objectives, and provided recommendations on the likely impact of next-generation technologies, such as VOIP, on the market. B riefed high-level U.S. government and SIGET officials, and other industry stakeholders on findings and recommendations.
  • 8. E-Government
    • The States of São Paulo and Ceará, Government of Brazil (US TDA Contract): Provided technical & e-Government assistance to the States of São Paulo and Ceará in structuring PPP projects for several Government Communications Infrastructure Projects. Worked with both São Paulo and Ceará to develop feasibility studies analyze the viability of Government Communications Network projects. Assessed the project’s risks, its financial viability, the political/social/ organizational support, potential sources of financing, and the capability and experience of the project’s sponsors. Identified several models from which States of São Paulo and Ceará could proceed and prepared terms of reference for the proposed feasibility studies.
  • 9. E-Government
    • The Ministry of Finance, Government of the Bahamas: Provided technical and reengineering assistance to the Bahamas Telecommunications Company Limited (BTC) to re-evaluate and realign their core business segments, management practices, and internal processes into a more efficient and competitive operator. Developed a regulatory, and ICT strategy and policy to support BTC’s overall business objectives. Worked closely with senior government officials on ICT strategy, policy, regulatory capacity building. Conducted a comprehensive review of the impact of IP telephony (VOIP) on regulation, interconnection, universal service, and telecom services.
  • 10. E-Government
    • Kyrgyz Republic (US TDA Contract) : Provided technical assistance to the Kyrgyz Republic on E-Government strategy and policy issues; Evaluated existing E-Government policies and directives; prepared strategic E-Government action plan for 2003-2008; and identified strategic partners and sources of financing; Organized, coordinated, and conducted a US orientation and training visit for high-level Kyrgyz government officials .
  • 11. Market Research/Strategy Consulting
    • CenturyTel
      • Created a business strategy for CenturyTel to help them better identify and target their potential customers and markets. Conducted marketing and segmentation analysis for new service offerings.
    • TPC Consulting
      • Provided a market segmentation analysis for NewPath (a former CLEC) to target markets through customer profiling and demographic analysis. Market research led directly to NewPath’s receipt of venture capital funding.
  • 12. Market Research/Strategy Consulting
    • Association of Public TV Stations
      • Trained senior staff on significant regulatory issues affecting telecom and broadband policy and provided an update on emerging telecom and technology trends
    • Pillsbury, Winthrop, Shaw, Pittman
      • Provided technical due diligence on infrastructure projects. Provided financial and market analysis on the high speed access market for use as evidence in a lawsuit involving a data CLEC and PacBell, a SBC company.
    • International Engineering Consortium
      • Judith Hellerstein is a research associate, author of two comprehensive broadband access research reports (The Future of DSL and The Evolution of Broadband), two highly acclaimed white papers, and a speaker at many IEC conferences.
  • 13. Projects for Selected Clients
    • Federal Communication Commission
      • Conducted global competitive analysis of the opportunities for entering into the international communication’s market.
      • Created a database that detailed and tracked the status of telecom liberalization and privatization of regulatory reform in different countries throughout the world. This database facilitated the assessment of the liberalization and privatization policies of foreign carriers interested in participating in the US market
      • Examined comparative advantages of various emerging telecommunications technologies and their potential market strengths.
      • Briefed high-level Government officials on critical telecom and technology issues
      • Created briefing books for high-level US Government officials for Bilateral meetings and summits
  • 14. Projects for Selected Clients
    • MCI Communications
      • Analyzed regulatory, economic, and policy issues surrounding competition in the local telecom marketplace.
      • Researched and wrote white papers on regulatory and local competition issues
      • Wrote talking points and issue briefs on local competition, technology, and education issues
  • 15. Projects for Selected Clients
      • Co-managed municipal telecom, transportation, and technology programs
      • Coordinated with local government authorities for participation in studies, publications, conferences, and forum.
      • Researched and Wrote “Siting Wireless Telecommunications:
      • Issues for Local Governments” for ICMA’s MIS series
  • 16. Projects for Selected Clients
    • National Performance Review (Reinventing Government)
      • Facilitated bilateral meetings between the National Performance Review’s Director and high-level government officials in Latin America & in Asia.
      • Assisted in several benchmarking projects to help federal agencies streamline their departments.
      • Researched and created a series of best practices
      • Facilitated & moderated electronic and non-electronic conferences, distance learning programs , forums, & discussions on re-engineering, benchmarking, and telecom issues.
      • Worked closely with the members of the Government Information Technology Service (GITS) (a working group of the US Government’s Information Infrastructure Task Force) to implement the Government’s technology goals.
      • Briefed high-level US Government officials on results and outcomes of electronic and non-electronic forums.
  • 17. Summary
    • Hellerstein & Associates is a consulting firm that advises private sector companies, governments, and multilateral organizations on ICT policy, regulatory reform and privatizations, E-Government, capacity building, and rural connectivity projects.
    • Hellerstein & Associates has the proven experience and ability to translate technical, complex and multifaceted issues into lay terms to help its clients achieve their competitive intelligence goals.
  • 18. Judith Hellerstein President 3001 Veazey Terrace NW, Suite 1308 Washington, DC 20008 Phone: 202 362-5139 [email_address] Hellerstein & Associates