Business Planning


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Business Planning

  1. 1. Business Planning & Strategy Business Planning & Strategy
  2. 2. Business Planning & Strategy Why do I need Business Planning and Strategy? The short answer is that you don’t but be prepared for your business not to survive for very long. Businesses need a Strategy, not just a bland statement about what direction they are heading, but a detailed statement that all stakeholders can relate to and which is connected to all parts of your business. Do you know who your customers are, how the marketplace is changing, how your business is going to be financed or the composition of your workforce? Do you know how you would like these things to be in the future? Have you thought about scenario planning i.e. imagining some of the possible situations that you could face over the coming months/years? All of these things point to a carefully crafted but living document that is an essential part of communicating with your stakeholders and driving your business forward. It describes WHAT you are going to do. Your Business Plan should be linked to your Strategy and define in detail exactly HOW you are going to achieve the objectives outlined in your Strategy. The key is making your Strategic Planning realistic, flexible and creative thus ensuring that you remain at least one step ahead of the competition. Workshops Courses Action Learning Sets
  3. 3. Business Planning & Strategy Opening Possibilities Sticky Strategy (2 – 3 hour workshop) Do you want to know how to have a greater chance of creating a business strategy that will stick? This workshop: • Takes into account your market, your resources and your values • Creates a “sticky value” statement for your business • Provides you with the Sticky StrategyTM process to make the strategy happen. Ideal for the senior management of established businesses which is seeking a process that suits them. For up to 15 people. Workshops Courses Action Learning Sets
  4. 4. Business Planning & Strategy Developing Know How Business Vista (20 hour workshop programme) Time you had a business plan? Want the know-how and the support for individuals to help position and plan for business success? • A business briefing & planning process • Identifying a business model • Market research & analysis • One-to-one mentoring • Review & Mock panel presentation Ideal for the business that wants a map to work from, that requires debt or investment funding or that wants to be able to share formal statements of business direction with key stakeholders. For up to 10 people. Workshops Courses Action Learning Sets
  5. 5. Business Planning & Strategy Skills Into Action Acti-Vista (10 days over 1 year) Stretching, challenging and supporting individuals with peer coaching to take action on key issues around implementing and updating strategic or business plans. • Introduces new strategic tools, models and techniques every session • Reviews progress and commitment against a business plan at regular intervals during the year • Peer coaching to challenge limiting beliefs and to support the individual to solve problems as they arise. 10 sessions for 5-7 people, comprising a 2 hour workshop followed by a facilitated Action Learning Set (5 hours) Workshops Courses Action Learning Sets
  6. 6. Business Planning & Strategy Programme Designer Roger Croft - BSc (Transport, Distribution), PGCE, MBA (Entrepreneurship, Business Venturing) Roger has been starting and developing companies in South West England for more than 20 years. He has worked with the University of Bath, writing courses and tutoring for entrepreneurs and leadership in management. He has also written audience-specific courses for the university-sponsored Women in Enterprise series. He also coordinated the SME programme Entrepreneurs South West. Roger has also worked the Department of Trade and Industry as a mentor for its “Investigating Innovative Ideas” forum that assists entrepreneurs in diversified specialties bring products and services to market. Roger is a Director of Devizes Development Partnership, Board member of Wiltshire Young Enterprise and former owner of a parcel delivery company. His areas of expertise include high technology, market research, strategy, innovation and financial modelling. Workshops Courses Action Learning Sets
  7. 7. Business Planning & Strategy What Next…..? • Free consultations without obligation to establish personal or organisational context and a business relationship with a PRD partner • Further contact to tailor the programmes according to the needs of the client with the PRD facilitator • Delivery at client site or at one of PRD venues by arrangement • Evaluation and post event debrief Contact our Business Skills Manager Marc Braddock directly on 07768 250669 or use the contact details on the following page. Workshops Courses Action Learning Sets
  8. 8. Business Planning & Strategy Contact Details PRD Partnership Limited, Witton Lodge, Bromham, Chippenham, Wiltshire SN15 2HL t: +44(0)1249 470025 e: w: Workshops Courses Action Learning Sets