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    I am the author of this business plan. My name, Christina J. Paradis, is used in this plan. I created this document several years ago for my business class, and since, someone began posting it on the web after removing my identity. I have no problem with you using this document, but only if I am given credit. Otherwise, I will need to file a complaint to have it removed from this site. Please contact me before June 20, 2011 to resolve this issue: If you would like to verify that I am truly the author, I will be happy to give you my professor's email address. She still uses this document in her class.
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Business Plan Format - Generic.doc

  1. 1. Business Plan Format II Outline: I. Introduction (name, description and purpose of business) II. Goals and Objectives I. Marketing Strategy III. Operating Procedures II. List Personnel and Job Descriptions IV. Statement on Competition III. Source of Funding V. Closing Statement - List the possibility of this becoming a real business (one paragraph)
  2. 2. V.O.I.C.E. Virtual Online Institute for Career Enhancement "The Voice of Your Future" Names of Students in Group Business Plan Mr. Wood BUS 100 Table of Contents I. Executive Summary a. Company Summary b. Mission Statement c. Products and Services d. Marketing and Sales Strategy e. The Competition f. Target Market g. Management h. The Future i. Financials Funds Sought II. Company Summary a. Goals b. Start-Up Summary III. Services IV. Marketing and Sales a. Market Analysis b. Marketing and Sales Strategy V. Management and Personnel Summary VI. Financial Plan a. Monthly Breakeven Analysis b. Projected Profit and Loss c. Projected Opening Day Balance Sheet
  3. 3. I. Executive Summary The Company V.O.I.C.E. is a virtual online professional and career development center meeting the needs of non- traditional adult students by providing virtual one-on-one counseling and training services via an interactive website. Technology-based services are among the fastest growing and strongest areas of the economy; V.O.I.C.E. intends to profit from on such opportunities while providing the business world with accomplished employees in addition to enhancing the adult students' interpersonal skills, technical proficiency level and overall self-confidence. Mission Statement V.O.I.C.E. views its mission as increasing the business world's productivity by providing them with accomplished employees with enhanced business application skills, as well as, a confident employee. In addition, V.O.I.C.E. is dedicated to its client, the adult student, by offering quality training, support and guidance, by further enhancing their interpersonal and technical skills. The goal is to become known as the leading online professional and career center on the web. V.O.I.C.E. plans for steady expansion, becoming profitable by the third year of operations. Products and Services The company provides virtual counseling, online business software training courses, and career guidance services by way of an interactive website. In addition, it will serve as a meeting place for the adult student offering community leader hosted chat, threaded discussions and bulletin boards. Courses will be offered in both synchronous and asynchronous, twenty-four hours a day-seven days per week, format to meet the needs of the working adult student. Marketing and Sales Strategy V.O.I.C.E. defines its marketing and sales strategy by meeting the requirements of today's business world, and the students seeking professional and career enhancement. The company accomplishes this by emphasizing goal setting, career guidance and training courses that increase professional skills, confidence and valuable life skills. Sales are predominately accomplished through online advertising, and direct mail solicitation. The Competition V.O.I.C.E. is a new concept; therefore, no market leaders have yet emerged. Many college campuses offer a website of information only to their students with services offered in-person only. V.O.I.C.E. will provide services to all adult students' in an online format which has not been previously offered. Thus, V.O.I.C.E. offers the following advantages: ∗ Ongoing support ∗ A strong emphasis on increasing professional and interpersonal skills. ∗ A professional image. ∗ Highly qualified management, counselors and instructors. ∗ Consistent training quality. ∗ Virtual online professional and career development accessible twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week to meet the adult students' needs. Target Market V.O.I.C.E. is designed to operate online from any computer with internet access located throughout the United States. According to an IBD/TIPP phone study conducted between June and December 2003, eighty-three million households own computers. According to national household adult education survey conduction in 2001, the number of adult students has increased from forty percent in 1995 to forty-six percent in 2001. Among those students thirty percent are participating in work-related courses with fifty- three to fifty-five percent of those students ranging in the sixteen to fifty age groups. Another forty-one percentage age fifty to sixty-five are also on the rise. The significant increases in adult education, professional development and skill improvement continues to raise providing V.O.I.C.E. with a continually expanding market.
  4. 4. Management President and Founder Christina J. Paradis brings considerable technology-related management experience to her position, has previously owned a successful e-commerce company, and considerable experience in the field of technology education. She also contributes more than fifteen years experience in graphic design, marketing, tech support, employee training and management in the arts industry. Christina is supported by an Associate of Arts degree in Graphic Design with a focus on digital design and marketing, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Computer Networking. Vice President Brian C. Paradis contributes his direct experience in human resource management, adult instruction, and project management obtained during his twenty year career with the United States Marine Corps. He also brings significant experience in sales and marketing, and has successfully applied all aspects of his Bachelor of Science Marketing degree. The Future Long-term goals for V.O.I.C.E. include expansion in to the international market, additional course offerings, and job placement services. The company also expects to expand personnel, technology needs and considerations for franchise opportunities. Financials The company projects rapid growth, with sales revenues of $95,321 in 2005, $792,260 in 2006 and $1,636,075 in 2007. It plans on reinvesting income for expansion rather than profit taking, thus allowing internal growth without the needs for additional funding beyond what is currently desired. Funds Sought V.O.I.C.E. is currently seeking $200,000 in investment financing. These funds will be utilized for the opening of the virtual online training center, the inclusion of an internal network to support in-house website development, hiring of new staff, and substantial sales and marketing strategies.
  5. 5. II. Company Summary Goals The short term goals of V.O.I.C.E. is to hire qualified employees, build and launch the online business, arrange class schedules, prepare educational plans, and begin marketing and sales. The company will solicit feedback from our clients to give better insight to both sides of the business function to further gauge avenues of additional services and profitability. As always, our primary function is dedication to our client, the adult student, by offering quality training, support and guidance, by further enhancing their interpersonal and technical skills. Long-term goals for V.O.I.C.E. include expansion in to the international market, additional course offerings, and job placement services. The company also expects to expand personnel, integrating advanced technology, integrating live webinars at physical locations such as a local library, school auditorium or conference facility and considerations for franchise opportunities. Start-up Summary V.O.I.C.E. has secured capital totaling $90,000. In addition, the business is seeking a $100,000 SBA guaranteed loan, and an additional guaranteed loan in the amount of $100,000. Startup Expenses Sources of Capital Owners' Investment Christina and Brian Paradis $ 50,000 Investor 1 20,000 Investor 2 10,000 Investor 3 10,000 Total Investment $ 90,000 Bank Loans SBA Loan $ 100,000 Bank of America Small Business Loan 100,000 Total Bank Loans $ 200,000 Startup Expenses Capital Equipment List Furniture $ 4,000 Equipment 15,000 Machinery 6,000 Total Capital Equipment $ 25,000 Location and Admin Expenses Rental $ 3,000 Utility deposits 3,000 Legal and accounting fees 2,000 Prepaid insurance 4,000 T1 VPN Connection 1,000 Office Supplies 500 Total Location and Admin Expenses $ 13,500 Advertising and Promotional Expenses Advertising $ 10,000
  6. 6. Printing 1,200 Total Advertising/Promotional Expenses $ 11,200 Reserve for Contingencies $ 20,000 Summary Statement Sources of Capital Owners' and other investments $ 90,000 Bank loans 200,000 Total Source of Funds $ 290,000 Startup Expenses Capital equipment 25,000 Location/administration expenses 13,500 Advertising/promotional expenses 11,200 Contingency fund 10,000 Total Startup Expenses $ 59,700
  7. 7. III. Services V.O.I.C.E. is a virtual online professional and career enhancement center for working adult students. The company will offer online one-on-one counseling services via text or voice chat (telephone consultation also available) as well as asynchronous and synchronous courses. The virtual professional and career enhancement center will meet the needs of a growing population of adult students by allowing online career enhancement for a nominal fee. In addition, V.O.I.C.E. will serve as a virtual gathering place for non-traditional students to meet and offer support through chat, discussion boards and bulletin boards. Community areas will be supported and monitored by a community leader. Complimentary services, such as the creation of a Professional Development Plan, links to online job databases, informative articles and an opt-in weekly email newsletter, will also be available on-demand. V.O.I.C.E. will offer the following virtual online services at a nominal fee, in synchronous and asynchronous format, to meet the needs of our clients - the adult student: • MS Office skills • Entrepreneurship • Resume preparation • Interview techniques • Time management skills • Effective study skills for the working adult student • Typing skills • One-on-one counseling or group counseling By offering these services, V.O.I.C.E. will enhance not only the students' technical skills, but will also provide the business world with competent employees and increased productivity. IV. Marketing and Sales Market Analysis Societal factors have played a major role in determining the need for our virtual online professional and career enhancement institute. These factors include: an aging population, reentry of women in the work place, an influx of immigrants, the global economy and technological advancements. Of the population returning to enhance their skills or continue their education, twenty-two percent have not finished high school, thirty-four percent have obtained a high school diploma, forty-eight percent have accomplished some college and sixty-six percent have a Bachelors degree. Studies indicate that thirty percent of the adult student population attending courses is doing so for work-related needs while twenty- one percent are attending courses for personal interest. Of all adults attending courses, women held the largest portion of the populous at forty-nine percent. Market analysis information in accordance to an IBD/TIPP phone survey conducted from June to December 2003 of eighty-three million households. Marketing and Sales Strategy V.O.I.C.E. intends to launch a full-scale web marketing campaign including banner ads, email solicitation, search engine optimization and direct mail marketing to encourage website traffic. The marketing strategy will lead to building a leads database to which will be used for future marketing and sales efforts. The company also intends to market through e-zines and web groups. As potential clients are attracted to our website, sales efforts will be set in motion. Special offers such as limited time offers, group packages and "free" offers will be displayed. Potential clients will be able to peruse the website which will be continually updated by our in-house graphic designer, and web developer - both of which bring extensive web design experience - to preview the current offers, community support, courses available and our easy to use web layout. Regular course rates and packages offered include the following:
  8. 8. Basic Cost Microsoft Cost Package Deals Cost Courses Courses Counseling + Courses Interview Techniques $40 Word $60 1-hour plus 1 Basic $75 Time Management $40 Excel $60 1-hour plus 1 MS $95 Study Skills $40 Outlook $60 1-hour plus 2 Basic $110 Entrepreneurship $40 PowerPoint $60 1-hour plus 2 MS $150 Typing Skills $40 Access $60 2-hours plus All $525 Counseling Cost Per Hour $40 30-minutes $20 V. Personnel Summary President, Christina J. Paradis, will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of operations, development, hiring and technology. She will also fill-in where needed. Christina brings sixteen years of experience in marketing, graphic arts, employee training, technical support, education and technology to the company. She will employ her Art degree and Bachelor of Computer Networking skills. Vice President, Brian C. Paradis, will be responsible for implementing employee training, lead sales and marketing, and the development of product positioning and pricing. Brian brings twenty years of sales, employee training, human resource management, and instructor lead training experience during his enlistment with the Marine Corps. He will utilize both his experience, and his Bachelor degree in Marketing. Web Developer, Joseph Ortega, will be responsible for the design, development, programming, implementation, troubleshooting and maintenance of the company website. Joseph brings a Masters degree with experience in web development and programming to the company, and ten years of extensive experience. Graphic Designer, Lauren Monet, will work closely with the marketing and web development departments to create marketing and sales materials, as well as, web graphics. Lauren employs her Bachelor degree in Art, and eight years of experience to the company. Network Technician, Matt Taylor, will be responsible for the development and maintenance of the internal network infrastructure. He will plan and implement changes to meet the growth needs for the internet and internal server, company expansion, security and industry advancements. Matt brings a Bachelor in Computer Networking, in addition to Net+, A+, and MSCE-Security certification. Community Leader, Catherine Collins, will direct community related content including chat rooms, bulletin boards and web events. Catherine brings eight years of experience, and a Bachelors degree in Psychology. Career Counselor, John Davis, will lead and develop resume writing workshops, administer the Myers- Briggs job match test, and provide career counseling. John will also develop the course material for interview skills. John will bring his six years of experience in adult education, as well as, a Bachelor degree in Psychology. Counselor, Christine Williams, will provide one on one counseling services. She will also develop and evaluate basic course materials, lead outreach activities, and administer vocational testing and assessment. Christine will employ her Bachelor degrees in both Education and Psychology, and bring seven years of experience to the company. Instructor, Benjamin Burr, will be responsible for the development of Microsoft course materials, instruction of Microsoft courses and assist in the development of future course offerings. Benjamin brings six years of adult education experience utilizing his Bachelor degree in Business Administration, and is a Microsoft Certified Office Specialist.
  9. 9. Instructor, Norm Johnson, responsibilities include instruction of basic courses under the direction of Christine Williams. He will collaborate with Instructor team members to develop effective course materials, and lead in the instruction of those course materials. Norm brings ten years of adult education experience utilizing his Bachelor degree in Education, and is a Microsoft Certified Office Specialist. Instructor, Antonio Ortega, will be jointly responsible for overseeing both the basic and Microsoft courses. He will lead and direct all current and future instructors with the company acting as the Instructor Supervisor. He will work closely with Ms. William to develop and evaluate course materials, and lead in the instruction of both basic and Microsoft courses. Antonio brings twelve years of experience with a focus in adult education and secondary education. He will utilize his Bachelor degree in Education, and a Bachelor in Business Administration. Antonio is also a Microsoft Certified Office Specialist. Bookkeeper, Michele Lindley, will be responsible for the processing and record keeping of payroll, general ledger, balancing & posting, bank statement reconciliation and prepare financial statements. She will also communicate and correspond with the outside accounting firm, and handle accounts payable and accounts receivable. Michele brings five years experience and a Bachelor degree in Accounting to the company. Marketing and Sales Assistant, Nicholas Burr, responsibilities include administrative assistance to Mr. Paradis, assist in the development of marketing materials, assist in writing copy for marketing materials. Nicholas will act as a liaison between the marketing efforts of Mr. Paradis and graphics and web development. Nicholas will also be responsible for trafficking incoming marketing phone calls. Nicholas has a Bachelor degree in Marketing, and brings three years experience to the company. Administrative Assistant, Brandi Lindley, will be responsible for receiving and screening incoming phone correspondence, email correspondence and general customer service inquiries. She will be responsible for incoming mail, filing, and report preparation as needed. Brandi will fill the requests of all other employees of the company as needed, and will be responsible for the development of her own daily schedule. Brandi brings four years of experience to the company and an Associate degree in Office Administration. VI. Financial Plan Monthly Breakeven Analysis The monthly breakeven analysis includes fixed costs and variable expenses allowing for possible shifts in monthly operating costs. Breakeven Analysis Cost Description Fixed Costs ($) Variable Expenses (%) Salaries (includes payroll taxes) 41,164 5.0 Supplies 100 5.0 Repairs & maintenance 100 0.0 Advertising 200 0.0 Accounting and legal 300 0.0 Rent 3,000 0.0 Telephone 300 5.0 Utilities 3,000 0.0 Insurance 4,000 0.0 T1 Connection Service 1,000 0.0 Total Fixed Expenses $ 53,164 Total Variable Expenses 15.0
  10. 10. Breakeven Sales level = 62546 Profit and Loss Statement Based upon Sales and Operating expenses, V.O.I.C.E. will show a minimal profit during the first year of operations with significant profit increases in year two and three. Three Year Profit Projection 2005 % 2006 % 2007 % Sales $900,000 100.00% $2,144,000 100.00% $3,543,750 100.00% Cost/ Goods Sold 20,000 2.22% 40,000 1.87% 50,000 1.41% Gross Profit $880,000 97.78% $2,104,000 98.13% $3,493,750 98.59% Operating Expenses Salary $494,000 54.89% $ 660,000 30.78% $ 780,000 22.01% Payroll taxes 148,200 16.47% 198,000 9.24% 234,000 6.60% Outside Services 2,000 0.22% 2,500 0.12% 3,000 0.08% Supplies 1,000 0.11% 1,000 0.05% 1,500 0.04% Advertising 3,600 0.40% 3,000 0.14% 3,000 0.08% Accting and Legal 5,000 0.56% 5,500 0.26% 6,000 0.17% Rent 36,000 4.00% 40,000 1.87% 45,000 1.27% Telephone 2,400 0.27% 3,200 0.15% 4,000 0.11% Utilities 24,000 2.67% 36,000 1.68% 48,000 1.35% Insurance 4,000 0.44% 5,000 0.23% 8,000 0.23% T1 Connection 12,000 1.33% 18,000 0.84% 24,000 0.68% Total Expenses $732,200 81.36% $ 972,200 45.35% $1,156,500 32.63% Net Profit Before Tax 147,800 1,131,800 2,337,250 Income Taxes 52,479 339,540 701,175 Net Profit After Tax 95,321 792,260 1,636,075 - - - Adj. to Retained Earnings $ 95,321 $ 792,260 $1,636,075 Opening Day Balance Sheet The chart shows the projected opening day balances for V.O.I.C.E. Opening Day Balance Sheet Assets Current Assets Cash in Bank $ 110,000 Prepaid Expenses 5,000 Total Current Assets $ 115,000 Fixed Assets
  11. 11. Machinery & Equipment $ 21,000 Furniture & Fixtures 4,000 Total Fixed Assets $ 25,000 Other Assets Lease Deposit $ 3,000 Utility Deposit 3,000 Total Other Assets $ 6,000 Total Assets $ 146,000 Liabilities & Net Worth Current Liabilities Accounts Payable $ 52,000 Taxes Payable 30,000 Current Portion Long-term Debt 35,000 Other current liabilities (specify) 5,000 Total Current Liabilities $ 122,000 Long-term Liabilities Bank Loans Payable $ 10,000 Less: Short-term Portion (35,000) Total Long-term Liabilities $ (25,000) Total Liabilities $ 97,000 Owners' Equity (Net Worth) $ 49,000 Total Liabilities & Net Worth $ 146,000 Closing Statement The possibility of V.O.I.C.E. becoming a viable business venture is noteworthy. Based upon current research, a company of this caliber that is able to meet the needs of the adult student by way of a strictly online presence has not been explored. With proper financial backing, V.O.I.C.E. could be the future of online career enhancement classes. This business would benefit those adults that are seeking skills enhancement without the expense of attending college classes. A skilled team of technicians, for both web and network development, would be essential in this virtual environment; consequently, the technology cost for the start-up are the most significant. Furthermore, with the explosion of technology advancements, online security, and the rate at which adults are returning to the work force or improving their skills, places V.O.I.C.E. in a rapidly expanding marketplace to which it can become profitable. All financial research was based upon fact, experience and review of other companies offering courses similar to the ones offered through V.O.I.C.E, but in an on-site forum. In answer to the question, "What is the possibility of this company being real?" YES. It is completely possible based upon today's adult and business demands, and the technological boom.