Building and Managing Relations B


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Building and Managing Relations B

  1. 1. JOB DESCRIPTION JOB TITLE Grants Strategy Manager DEPARTMENT Finance for Business REPORTS TO Grants for Business Manager POST HOLDER GRADE B Upper, Role Profile (P&D Job Family) GRADE JOB PURPOSEopment Role 4 To create, maintain and develop a strategy for the provision of grant based support packages, filling product gaps identified previously within the market for business support. The purpose being to deliver significant strategic impacts to the future shape of business finance support offered by the Agency to regional businesses. To contribute to the wider Finance for Business strategy and develop products and services to meet current and future business needs, whilst reducing a grant dependency culture, reflecting the particular stages of the business lifecycle. Responsible for developing and delivering specific grant products and co-ordinating and influencing a diverse range of stakeholders on the long-term strategy of business grants. The role would extend to cover a full understanding of financial products in addition to grants. ORGANISATION CHART Head of Finance for Business Team PA Grants for Finance for Business Business Manager Manager Grants Finance Delivery Grants Strategy Due Diligence Finance Strategy Development Development Manager x3 Manager Manager x2 Manager Manager x2 Manager Business Delivery Performance Advisor Advisor DIMENSIONS • Provide long-term strategic direction for range of business grants (across the whole range of grants available in UK, European and International), providing input into the Finance for Business strategy • Act as the agency’s lead on product strategy development for business grants including capital expenditure and research and development • Select, develop and asses different methods of grants intervention as part of a wider funding package and business support solution • Engagement, co-ordination and integration with a wide range of stakeholders in the public and private sector to persuade and influence product strategy development to address market gaps that require grant intervention
  2. 2. • To develop close understanding of customer needs by working with directorate, cluster organisations and the private sector i.e. financial institutions to challenge and influence national strategy • Working within a team environment with an overall budget of £20m per annum, influencing budget spend and identifying requirements in future provision PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES • To be responsible for the creation, development and maintenance of the Agency strategy for grant based business products which will dovetail into the wider Finance for Business Strategy. Delivering a step change in the quality, scope and variety of practical grant based business support in the region. • Develop and maintain a network of business, private and public sector stakeholders to inform and develop future business finance support. Work with customers to understand their business needs including barriers to start-up and growth and how public intervention can support NW businesses • To develop and enhance business grant schemes to ensure that customers, intermediaries, partner organisations, IOD, CBI etc. needs are met by developing an evidence base. Ensure access to publicly-funded business support is simple for business to access and links to alternative private sector finance support. • Maintain in-depth market knowledge on a range of public and private business finance products/services, ensuring that you are at the leading edge of policy thinking, and proactively identifying emerging policy agendas, interpreting opportunities and implications for E&S. Identify and cascade best practice for grants / business finance solutions from other agencies across E&S, the Agency and relevant external partners • Evaluate impact of business finance support, which includes grants, ensuring alignment to RES and Business Support Simplification. To identify and decisively resolve key issues and opportunities which impact on the finance for business strategy. • To work with E&S Directorate to ensure that business needs and grant provision is closely aligned to E&S strategy, including business support and skills development i.e. clarify how business finance interrelates to other strategies e.g. skills, enterprise, sectors, environment and internationalisation • Be the source of expertise for the Business Grant strategy and provide effective dissemination of product strategy within E&S, NWDA, Business Link and other support organisations/private sector delivering a consistent message relating to finance products and services, anticipating and responding to high level issues and briefing reports • Work with the private sector, sector bodies, trade associations, financial and professional services and public authorities in developing a sustainable business finance market addressing market failure by influencing and encouraging private sector intervention. • Support the Head of Finance for Business in a strategic role, influencing the national and European agenda on business finance and deputise for the Grants for Business Manager PLANNING AND ORGANISING • To manage, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of public supported finance products in the Northwest and identify market gaps • The product planning cycle, from identifying market gap, developing strategy and delivering solution is a minimum of 3 to 5 years (as may require DBERR or EU approval) and must attempt to keep pace with forecasted changes to the external environment and finance market • Project manage new product strategy development to ensure projects are delivered
  3. 3. to agreed timescale and budget, working closely with the Finance and Grant Development Managers for technical experience and expertise • Contributes to effective market intelligence within the business finance environment to inform future strategy product development • Reviews performance of grants on a regular basis across the region to ensure that product performance improves the development and competitiveness of businesses within the region. DECISION MAKING • Identifies and determines appropriate business contacts to meet strategic goals in developing business finance products and influencing key stakeholders • Makes own assessment in ensuring products and services meet the market gap and to address potential issues • Consults as appropriate with Grant Manager, Head of Business Finance and other Agency managers in relation to developing business finance projects • Identify, coach and mentor members of the team to facilitate the development of their technical and market knowledge INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL RELATIONSHIPS • Developing and managing relationships typically at CEO/Financial Director level with private sector enterprises and/or bodies across the region. Manage sub regional partners and influencing their approach to grants/finance in support of business simplification. This post would seek to validate concepts for grant product development and then to implement the eventual new product portfolios through the delivery of appropriate tailored Agency strategy in this area. • Develop key relationships across a wide range of stakeholders both public and private to promote the range of business finance support • Communicate the strategic vision to the directorate/agency and partners in a manner which generates buy-in, endorsement, support, co-operation and commitment, and developing evidence base to support strategic recommendations and decisions • Plan requirements for research and information from business, consultants, RIU, E&S and then collect, collate and use customer feedback to influence national/regional strategy • Challenge and influence external business finance policy making by promoting the regions strategic priorities by representing the Agency and developing relationships with DBERR, GONW, SRPs, EU/International etc. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE NEEDED • Educated to a minimum of a degree level qualification or equivalent and having the ability to demonstrate a substantial and successful proven track record in the delivery of a similar role within a financial institution or equivalent, preferably within a business support environment • A post graduate academic or professional qualification in a related discipline e.g. Chartered Institute of Marketing would be desirable • Depth of technical experience in financial product development, product strategy and marketing, with breadth of knowledge of the business finance market. Demonstrable experience of identifying market opportunities, developing strategy and implementing significant product development in financial services or public sector • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills – written, verbal and presentation skills with the ability to negotiate, manage and influence senior managers in the
  4. 4. private and public sector • Comprehensive understanding of issues facing business especially in raising finance, and ability to develop and assess suitable methods of intervention and a knowledge of State Aid / EU regulations would be desirable • Project management experience of the whole product life-cycle including handling complexity and developing new products to market • Broad experience and understanding of business support mechanisms and ability to co-ordinate and integrate future grant products across a range of associated functions/areas SPECIAL FEATURES WHERE DOES THIS ROLE NEED TO BE BASED Warrington COMPETENCY PROFILE Building and Managing Relations B Actively develops relationships o Opens discussions with others about the quality of working relationships in addition to task focus o Has a strong, purposeful wide network of contacts o Takes steps to manage how others view them o Makes time to meet people and develop mutual understanding o Takes part in professional association or other similar social and networking events Developing Others C Acts as a performance coach o Holds regular structured meetings with staff regarding their development o Enables the identification of clear performance improvement goals o Provide development challenges with associated opportunities to discus and review learning’s o Discus underlying feelings and motives as well as task completion o Sensitive to the different perceptions and feelings of individual staff regarding challenges Effective Influencing B Develops and implements influencing approaches o Adapts the content, style and tone of communications to the needs of the audience; varies the language and business terms with different customers. o Uses a combination of logical argument, personal conviction and passion to create a winning case. o Uses understanding of the organisation (culture, structure) to tailor the approach. o Involves others in decisions in order to gain support. Leadership B Promotes team effectiveness o Encourages all group members to participate fully to build team effectiveness. o Integrates the skills and abilities of the team to create a successful unit.
  5. 5. o Actively takes steps to build the team in order to promote group morale Represents interests of their team/function within NWDA. o Takes responsibility for performance and general feedback about the team. Striving for Success C Sets and achieves targets o Regularly exceeds targets/expectations. o Sets high standards for self and/or others. o Has a drive to create and deliver own standards of excellence. o Makes changes in methods of work to improve business results. Thinking and Acting Ahead B Looks ahead o Anticipates obstacles not obvious to others and thinks ahead; takes action to avoid a crisis. o Thinks ahead to identify opportunities to achieve better outcomes. o Put things in place now to avoid difficulties later. o Prepares for all eventualities; draws up contingency plans. o Predict the futures by reviewing past situations. SELECTION AND ASSESSMENT Minimum process: Additional relevant process: Panel Interview  Presentation  Competency Assessment  Written report  Group Exercise  In-tray exercise  Case Study  JOBHOLDER SIGNATURE: IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR/ MANAGER SIGNATURE: DATE: