BS3100 International Business Strategy MODULE SPECIFICATION ...


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BS3100 International Business Strategy MODULE SPECIFICATION ...

  1. 1. BS3100 International Business Strategy MODULE SPECIFICATION - BS3100 - International Business Strategy Introduction This document outlines core information regarding a module. The information is regularly reviewed by the University and should be read in parallel with the relevant programme specification. Module Title International Business Strategy Module Reference Code BS3100 Home School Cass Business School Home Department UG Programme (Cass Business School) Module Credits 15 Module Level Level HE3 Module Rationale This module seeks to draw together, for the final year student, the knowledge and skills presented in the first two years of the course. Decisions on how a business should be managed in an international context draw on the functional disciplines that the student will be familiar with, but shows how they need to be integrated in a way that avoids suboptimization. Educational Aims The aim is to draw together in the context of corporate strategy international issues as they affect business and management. The module will examine strategic and international strategic methods in some detail and will adopt a case-based approach to distinguish the international from the mainly domestic issues. You will be able to take what you have studied on the first year Introduction to Management course, and will have the opportunity to present your ideas on how international strategy should be crafted. Outline Content The ingredients for formulating and implementing successful strategy in the international dimension International industry analysis and market analysis Resource and competence-based analysis International organisational issues Generic international strategies International people issues Implementing international strategies Learning Outcomes On successful completion of this module, a student will be expected to be able to: Cognitive/Intellectual Skills Apply concepts related to business strategy in the context of international business Critically assess the information requirements of firms facing strategy questions Page 1 of 4 23 September 2009
  2. 2. BS3100 International Business Strategy Process divergent information sources and develop an understanding of their complementarities and differences, with an eye to how they help address a practical strategy question Knowledge and Understanding Understand the range of different strategic positions open to an organisation and how choice of position is affected by its resources, strengths and weaknesses Understand the different international environments in which businesses operate and their associated range of opportunities and threats Understand the tools and techniques available to the strategist to enable strategy implementation Understand international business strategy and its various components Subject Specific Skills Assess real-life business cases against the backdrop of the logics revealed in the course literature Transferable Skills Communicate ideas and insights related to case assignments with other members of the group Manage the process leading up to the completion of a case assignment and a group-based presentation Values and Attitudes Show respect for others when working towards completion of a group-based assignment Show respect for rules of academic integrity, in particular the rules concerning the correct referencing of other people's work Learning and Teaching Methods Lectures, text reading, casework analysis Page 2 of 4 23 September 2009
  3. 3. BS3100 International Business Strategy MODULE TEACHING PATTERN Contact Self Total Student Teaching Component Type Hours Directed Learning Study Hours Hours Hours Lectures Lecture 20 130 150 Totals 20 130 150 Module Relationships Pre-requisite Relationships Co-requisite Relationships Non-requisite Relationships Assessment Methods Coursework and exam Module Pass Requirements Module Pass Mark 40 Module Assessment Minimum Qualifying Assessment Component Assessment Type Weighting Mark Pass/Fail Coursework Coursework 30 0 No Examination - 2.25 hours Exam (Unseen) 70 0 No Page 3 of 4 23 September 2009
  4. 4. BS3100 International Business Strategy Indicative Reading List Robert. M. Grant - Contemporary Strategy Analysis 6h ed. (Basil Blackwell, 2008) HESA Codes Code Description Price Group 27 Business and Management Studies D JACS Codes Code Description Percentage (%) N120 The study of organisations and their operations throughout the world. 100 Page 4 of 4 23 September 2009