1.4 We suggest that this response is brought to the attention ...


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1.4 We suggest that this response is brought to the attention ...

  2. 2. Part 1, Section A, Item 1 JOINT REVIEW- ACTION PLAN Purpose of Report To report the action plan developed to respond to the recommendations arising from a Joint Review of Social Services in Neath Port Talbot to Members and to ask Members to formally adopt that action plan. Background Joint Reviews of Social Services in Wales have been carried out by the Wales Audit Office and the Care and Social Services Inspectorate for Wales. The reviews are a comprehensive assessment of how well local authorities as a whole discharge their social services responsibilities. The purpose of the Review is to:  Tell the public how well people are being serviced by their local social services;  Help these services to improve;  Help safeguard the interests of service users and carers; and  Get better value for money in the provision of social services. The Joint Review of Neath Port Talbot commenced at the beginning of May 2007. The outcome of the Review was formally presented to the Council in August 2008 and concluded that: The Council had mainly good services and was strongly placed to sustain and further improve services. This is the best outcome of a Joint Review in Wales to date and reflects the commitment of the Council, officers and local partners to prioritise services for the most vulnerable residents in our county borough. SCHHB-181208-REP-SS 2
  3. 3. Responding to the Joint Review As well as acknowledging the many areas of good work, the Joint Review also confirmed the priorities for further improvement. The Council is required to develop an action plan to demonstrate how those priorities for further improvement will be taken forward. The draft action plan, which is attached for consideration by Members at today’s meeting, is considered by the the Joint Review Team to be an appropriate response to the recommendations and Members are therefore asked to formally adopt the plan as the Council’s formal response to the Joint Review of Social Services in Neath Port Talbot. Follow up It is a feature of the Joint Review methodology that inspectors undertake follow up work to confirm that the agreed action plan is being implemented. In Neath Port Talbot, the Joint Review Team has indicated that the approach will be proportionate to the outcome of the Review. This means that field work will focus on a small number of selected areas, with inspectors and auditors relying on routine monitoring reports to track the direction of improvements more generally. Officers welcome the approach that has been adopted by the Welsh Assembly Government. Recommendation 1. That the action plan attached at appendix 1 is adopted by the Cabinet Board as the Council’s formal response to the Joint Review of Social Services in Neath Port Talbot. 2. That Members note the proportionate approach to be taken by inspectors in monitoring the implementation of the action plan. (See letter attached at appendix 2). 3. That Members note that responsibility for tracking progress will be assigned to the respective committees as follows: • Children’s elements of the action plan – Children Young People and Education Scrutiny Board SCHHB-181208-REP-SS 3
  4. 4. • Community Care elements of the action plan – Social Care Health and Housing Scrutiny Committee. • Business Strategy elements of the action plan – Social Care Health and Housing Scrutiny Committee. Reason for Proposed Decision To take forward the action plan in response to the recommendations arising from the Joint Review of Social Services in Neath Port Talbot. List of Background Papers Appendix 1 – Joint Review of Neath Port Talbot Social Services 2008: Action Plan to address recommendations Appendix 2 – Letter from Val Connors, Wales Audit Office, 13th November 2008 Joint Review of Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council Social Services, July 2008 www.joint-reviews.gov.uk Wards Affected All Contact Officer Karen Jones, Head of Change Management and Innovation. Telephone number: 01639 763284. E-mail: k.jones3@npt.gov.uk SCHHB-181208-REP-SS 4
  5. 5. COMPLIANCE STATEMENT FOR EXECUTIVE REPORTS JOINT REVIEW – ACTION PLAN (a) Implementation of Decision The decision is for proposed implementation after the three day call in period. (b) Sustainability Appraisal Community Plan Impacts Economic Prosperity .. No Impact Education & Lifelong Learning .. Positive Better Health & Wellbeing .. Positive Environmental & Transport .. No Impact Crime & Disorder .. No Impact Other Impacts Welsh Language .. Positive Sustainable Development .. No Impact Equalities .. Positive Social Inclusion .. Positive (c) Consultation There has been no requirement under the Constitution for external consultation on this item. SCHHB-181208-REP-SS 5
  6. 6. Appendix 2 From: Valerie Connors [mailto:Valerie.Connors@wao.gov.uk] Sent: 13 November 2008 10:56 To: Colin Preece Cc: Anthony Clements; julie rzezniczek; Karen Jones; Claire Marchant; Non Jenkins; Roberts, Sue (CSSIW); Williams, Angela (CSSIW - Carmarthen); Olsen, Jo (CSSIW) Subject: Joint review handover meeting and follow-up arrangements Importance: High Dear Colin As we agreed at the handover meeting, the attached document contains: • The response from the WAO and CSSIW to the action plan • The arrangements for monitoring and follow-up work by both organizations as discussed at the meeting. We anticipate that you will share the contents with other relevant people within the Council. Unless you have any further comments or amendments to propose, we now consider the handover phase as having been concluded. The detail and timing of the follow-up work will be discussed with Non Jenkins and Sue Roberts through your normal channels of communication. Finally, I would like to thank you and your staff for all your hard work and for contributing to this process in such a helpful and constructive manner. I will look forward to hearing about future progress in Social Services in Neath Port Talbot Kind regards Val Valerie Connors Operations Manager, Joint Reviews Wales Audit Office SCHHB-181208-REP-SS 6
  7. 7. Neath Port Talbot Joint Review 1. Response from CSSIW and the WAO to the Council's detailed action plan 1.1 The handover meeting held on 31 October included a review of the final action plan, with a verbal update from the Council on progress with implementation. The agenda for Social Services was discussed within the context of the Council’s overarching Transformation and Change Programme and all those present at the meeting agreed that there is a need to link any follow-up activity to the achievement of key milestones in this programme. 1.2 Having looked at the detailed action plan provided by the Council, our overall view is that the content of the plan covers the appropriate areas and meets the expectations set out in the joint review guidance. We regard the plan as a thorough and well considered document. It appears to address appropriately the priorities for improvement in the joint review report. There is sufficient detail to ensure: • objectives and actions that can be monitored and which are explicit enough to demonstrate progress; • quantifiable targets for improvement; • time scales by which the improvement will be achieved; and • clarity about who will take responsibility for key actions and be accountable for progress. 1.3 We have been assured that the Joint Review action plan will be formally adopted by the Social Care, Health and Housing Cabinet Board at its December meeting. Members of the Social Care, Health and Housing Scrutiny Committee and the Children, Young People and Education Scrutiny Committee will be invited to scrutinise the action plan prior to it being formally considered by the Cabinet Board. The actions will be integrated fully into, and cross referenced within, the Social Care Health and Housing 2009 – 10 Business Plans. Performance in delivering the SCHHB-181208-REP-SS 7
  8. 8. plans will be reviewed by the respective committees on at least a half yearly basis. 1.4 We suggest that this response is brought to the attention of relevant Councillors, emphasising that executive and scrutiny arrangements should enable them to get a real sense of the progress made in terms of the impact and outcomes for service users and carers. 2. Monitoring and follow up 2.1 The main purpose of the work done during the follow up is to check the progress of the Council in acting on the findings of the review and delivering the measures in the joint review action plan. Much of the work will be carried out through the authority’s own scrutiny processes and reports produced for them. The Council has agreed, therefore, to use the normal channels of communication with the WAO and CSSIW (Relationship Manager and Link Inspector) to provide copies of all performance monitoring reports in tandem with the arrangements for political scrutiny. 2.2 In terms of more specific follow-up work, the scale and scope of this are dependent upon the findings of the review and the degree of risk identified. In low-risk authorities such as Neath Port Talbot (i.e. a local authority that is judged as providing mainly good services and as being strongly placed to sustain and develop services), a maximum of two- three days work over and above the planned work programme for both CSSIW and the WAO is undertaken. It was agreed that in 2009 – 10, this will be focused on assessing progress against the action plan through the achievement of key milestones in the Council’s Transformation and Change Programme. Assurance work will be directed towards: • Older person’s Services Transformation Programme; • Family Support Services Review;and • Assessment and care management in children’s social services. SCHHB-181208-REP-SS 8
  9. 9. 2.3 The audit and regulatory work will be planned at critical milestones in the programmes, agreed between the Wales Audit Office, CSSIW and Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council. 2.4 In order to ensure that the improvement priorities reflect changing circumstances, the Council intends to maintain the Advance Information Template (AIT). The AIT will be updated annually and the information used to inform the basis of business planning in the next planning period, in particular the identification of improvement priorities and key risks. The output of this exercise will be integrated with the Council’s Improvement Plan. The fully updated AIT will be shared with the Relationship manager and Link Inspector and in due course will form the evidence base of the Statutory Director’s Annual Statement. SCHHB-181208-REP-SS 9
  10. 10. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot Neath Port Talbot CBC Social Services, Health & Housing Joint Review - Priorities for Action Children’s Services Priorities for Action Key Action Responsible Timescale Desired Resources/ Risk Monitoring Officer Outcomes Assessment Mechanism 1. Improving assessment, care management and review Managers in Social Services should; Tackle problems in Continuing scrutiny & monitoring Head of Ongoing All new referrals Recruitment to Monthly reports allocating cases, & the of unallocated cases. Children & allocated for newly qualified to Children capacity of some teams. Young People assessment worker posts no Young People & Services. within PI longer Education Sub X. Ref: CYPS Business requirements. problematic Scrutiny Plan. P.8, P.29, P.38 (since September Committee/ 2008) Lead Member/ Director of Social Services. Recruitment & Retention strategies Head of March 2009 ongoing & recent set of Children & appointments made. Young People Services/ Principal Officer Human Resources. SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ 10
  11. 11. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot Workforce support programme in March All assessed cases Recruitment to place including training, induction 2009 transferred to management & staff welfare. Links also to be FST’s within 2 levels still made with Children & Young weeks. difficult. Peoples Plan on workforce. Links to be made with the CYPP workforce strategy. March 2010 Additional Staff Labour turnover Review of Family Support Services in CCDT, low at present. aims to redirect £400k to further Fostering, Route invest in frontline teams. 16, Assessment coach. Health Improvement Group Projected Risk – addresses and monitors staff Medium support needs and morale. Improve the timeliness & Assessment coaching facility being Principal Dec 2008 All relevant 27k allocated for PI reports to quality of assessments. commissioned. Officers First social workers 2008/09. CSMG, SMT, Response/ are coached in 2009/10 funding CYPE. Monthly X.Ref: CYPS Business Disability & completion of to be determined Performance Plan, P. 22,23,25 Family Support core assessments. 2010/11 onwards Bulletins. funded through X.Ref: NPTSCB review of Family Business Plan, P.10 Support Servs. SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ 11
  12. 12. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ 12
  13. 13. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot Performance management Principal In place Analysis of Active Group CSMG oversight group investigating Officers First systems making positive assessment issues. Response/ undertaken. improvements – Disability & Thematic audits low risk. Family Support inform improvement measures. Training and induction Principal In place Staff have access Comprehensive Workforce programmes in place. Officer for to appropriate programme – low Development Human training. risk. Group Resources/ Children Services Managemt Group IROs to undertake quality checks Principal In place IROs identify Possible CSMG on all Core Assessments prior to Officer quality issues on capacity issues LAC/CP reviews. Safeguarding Core - medium risk Placement & Assessments and Review. refer them for further work where appropriate. Routine Random Case File Audits Director of In place Audits identify Possible CSMG Social Services, areas for capacity issues Health & improvement – low risk. Housing/ Head and monitors of Children & compliance. Young People Services/ Principal Officers Team Managers Safeguarding Children Board Audit Head of C & Y In place SCB Audit and SCB functioning NTPSCB & review functions. People Review functions actively – low Services/ to be further risk. Principal enhanced by a Officer SCB Performance SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ Safeguarding Management 13
  14. 14. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot Consultancy review commissioned December Review will All SMT to assess specific issues around 2008 identify further recommendation CSMG quality of initial and core actions not will be prioritised assessments, case transfer protocols covered above. – low risk. and quality of disability assessments. Threshold for disability core Principal In place Complexity of Linked to staff Audit as above. assessment adjusted. Officer First need is fully capacity Monthly Response & assessed in currently – low Bulletins Disability Disabled risk. Children’s cases. SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ 14
  15. 15. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot Support & guide Assessment coaching Principal Dec 2008 See above See above See above practitioners to deliver commissioned. Officer First care plans that more Response & consistently focus on Disability/ outcomes across both Principal adults & children’s Officer Family services, & cost the plans. Support & Looked After X.Ref: CYPS Business Plan Children. P. 28 ICS workplan contains a priority Principal March 2009 Information on Resource and ICS Steering action to develop costed care plans. Officer need aggregated capacity to take Group Business from care plans, this forward in Support/ informs IT, Admin and IM&T Board Principal commissioning. CYPS is limited. Officer Family Support & Looked After Children. SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ 15
  16. 16. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot REF: CYPP Single Plan Transition to adulthood group also Head of March 2009 All disabled Information Transition to priority. NSF key action. collating data on plans. Community children’s needs sharing Adulthood X.Ref: CYPS Business Plan Care Services/ are projected at requirements Steering Group. P. 41 Head of early stage to may be an Children & inform obstacle but early Children & Young People commissioning signs are that Young People Services/ Strategies in these could be Partnership. Children & adult services. overcome. Young People Low risk. Partnership 2. Tackling some weaknesses in the arrangements for protecting vulnerable people Managers in Social Services should: In child protection work Assessment coaching, performance Principal March As above As above As above ensure better practice in oversight and training as above. Officer First 2009 relation to: Response & Review of IRO practice as above. Disability/ Core Assessments Principal Officer Family Risk Assessment Support & & Risk Management Looked After Services/ Quality of statutory Principal reviews. Officer Safeguarding Placement & Review SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ 16
  17. 17. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot 3. Improving support for carers Managers in Social Services should: Tackle shortfalls in Review of Family Support Services Head of March 2010 As above As above As above services, particularly pressures to take place in 2008. Children & respite care. Young People Services. Re-provision of residential short March 2010 Re-provision will Current Project Board break service 2009/10. contain extra provision does capacity to not fully meet address waiting standards lists for required – low residential respite risk. services. Developments ongoing to increase Head of In Place Extra capacity No risk. Completed. use of Direct Payments. Children & agreed with Young People service provider Services to process direct payment users. Reduce levels of Strengthening capacity of in-house Principal On-going Exceptions Recruitment may Foster Panel exemptions in foster fostering service. Officer reduced. or may not reach placements. Fostering, a point where Adoption & matching options X.Ref. CYPS Business Plan Leaving Care. are always viable P.27 – Fostering Strategy – medium risk. Action Plan Improving support for Establish a protocol between adults Carers Strategy On-going Young carers Low risk Monthly bulletin Young Carers & children’s services. Officer/ identified & & CYPP Communication Strategy wider Principal provided with X.Ref: Carers Strategy schools & protocol to be developed. Officer Family adequate Support/ services. X.Ref: Business Plan 1.25 Children & CYP Plan. Young People’s Partnership. 4. Other Improvement actions: Improving the response of Review of EDT undertaken Principal Action Plan Improvements in Increase in EDT EDT Officer First for EDT Capacity of EDT Management Response & recommend- responsiveness unlikely – Group Disability. ations in Medium Risk. SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ 17
  18. 18. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot development Ensure minutes of CPCC Review of Conference Service to be Principal March 2009 Minutes are Low risk CSMG are distributed quickly. undertaken. Officer distributed X.Ref: CYPS Business Plan Safeguarding promptly. P. 32 Placement & Review/ Principal Officer Business Support. SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ 18
  19. 19. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot Statutory visits to Looked Internal strategy for improvement Principal On-going All statutory Linked to staff CSMG After Children including, training, compliance Officer Family visits completed capacity – CYPE instructions, system support & PO Support & within Medium risk Committee X.Ref: CYPS oversight, implemented resulting in Looked After timescales. PMOG Business Plan P.23 steady improvements in this area. Children. Bulletin Transition arrangements Multi agency cross children & adult Head of Ongoing NSF Key actions Possible issues CYPP for Young People with services strategy group established. Community fulfilled & related to SMT Disabilities. Care Sevices/ improved eligibility criteria Head of transition in adult services X.Ref: CYPP Plan Children & arrangements. – medium risk CYPS Business Plan Young People P. 41 Services/ Children & Young People Partnership SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ 19
  20. 20. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot Neath Port Talbot CBC Social Services, Health & Housing Joint Review Priorities for Action Community Care Services Priorities for Action Key Actions Responsible Timescale Desired Resources/ Risk Monitoring Officer Outcomes Assessment Mechanism 1. Improving assessment, care management and review Managers in Social Services should: Tackle problems in allocating cases & the capacity of some teams. i) Occupational Therapy Review has been undertaken of Services contact arrangements and capacity X.Ref: Community Care to address backlog in lower priority Business Plan assessments. This has resulted:- p.45. a) establishing additional OT post PO Direct Posts agreed Reduce current Difficulties with Monthly and Contact Officer Services by Personnel backlog by 50% recruitment (low/ reporting of Committee May 2009 medium risk) waiting lists to September Head of Service 2008 and SMT SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ 20
  21. 21. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot b) delete part time OT post and PO Direct Staff in place Clear backlog Any long term establish 1.2 OT assistant posts to Services Dec 08/Jan09 fully September sickness undertake low priority work (in interim 2009 problems (low locum officer risk) will assist with backlog. c) Establish OT post for new PO Direct Recruitment Resources for all enabling home care team. Services already taken above have been place – in post identified. November 2008. SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ 21
  22. 22. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot ii) Sensory Support Team Temporary support assistant in PO Older & In place Maintain Review position Monitoring X.Ref: Community Care place until April 2009 to address Disabled progress in for 09/10 given report of waiting Business Plan P.45 backlog re.visual and hearing People Care reducing waiting temporary nature list to Head of impaired. Management list. of appointment. Service and SMT Review to be undertaken of PO Older & January 2009 To provide Any long term Report to SMT by ongoing and future resource Disabled sustainable sickness mid-January. requirements. People Care capacity to problems (low Management ensure timely risk). assessments Additional across all capacity may not components of be seen as the Sensory sufficient budget Support Team. priority given overall budget position (medium risk) Operational policy has been PO Mental Officer in post To provide Limited risk re: Performance established and review undertaken Health November 09 sustainable staff recruitment/ monitoring of relationship with health capacity to retention report to Head of colleagues and older people care ensure timely Services monthly management services. An assessments. additional social worker has been agreed as part of 08/09 budget. 1.5 Care Management Assistants Posts approved All reviews are Should have established via Independence and by Personnel undertaken significant impact Well Being Grant. Committee annually. on effective September 2008 operation of – Officers in team. post December Resources for 08/Jan09 above have been identified and approved. iii) Older Person Mental Backlog of nursing home reviews Older Person Achieved Health Team cleared by continuing care s/w staff. Strategy August 2008 X.Ref: Community Care Manager Business Plan P.45 SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ 22
  23. 23. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot Work towards integrated team, PO Mental July 2009 To provide an Health changes Quarterly policies and procedures prior to Health effective may slow reporting to move to Primary Care Resource integrated health progress though Older Person Centre. and social care current local with Mental assessment and health Health Steering care co- community Group and to ordinating committed to Head of response to older action (low risk). Service/SMT people with No specific mental health resource needs. implications. Improve the timeliness & See above re: timeliness. quality of assessments. X.Ref. Community Care Quality Systems Framework to be Respective Draft Audit To ensure there is Possible capacity Build into Business Plan P. 46. established across Community Care Care Tool in place. a robust issues (low risk). quarterly Services. Management Finalise tool framework to Performance reporting and PO’s and framework deliver good management annual audit. January 2008. quality group has been assessments and established to care ensure co- management. ordination. SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ 23
  24. 24. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot Support & guide See Quality Framework above. Care As above As above As above practitioners to deliver Management care plans that more PO’s consistently focus on Training Programme PO’s/ Training To ensure staff Low riks outcomes and cost of Training undertaken understand plans. Officer 08-09 concept. XRef: Community Care Refresher 09-10 Business Plan Audit Care Plans and provide October 2008 To ensure staff Low risk Reports to Head feedback to address deficits. apply training in of Service/SMT practice November 2008 Project Team has been established PO Finance Work to be Care Managers Low risk specific Quarterly to validate activity data which will fully completed have mechanism staff member progress update enable the calculation of costed care – April 2010 to fully identified to lead to Head of plan. determine actual work. Service/SMT costs of service options to meet need. As part of review of Direct Steering September 2009 Care To be taken on Reporting via Payments policy, consideration is Group – for pilot Management basis of being Steering Group being given to self Directed Support established systems enable resource neutral. pilot during 09-10 which will Head of service users and require more robust care plan Service carers to have costings. greater control of care and support arrangements. Ensure consistency in the See Quality Framework above. As above As above As above As above As above quality of reviews of care plans Clear any backlog of reviews to PO Mental January 2008 As above Possibly capacity Monthly X.Ref: Community Care ensure quality can be given Health (All (low risk) reporting to Head Business Plan P.46. attention (Older People Mental establishment of Service. Health Teams) based reviews up to date – August 2008) 2. Tackling some weaknesses in the arrangements for protecting vulnerable people Managers in Social Services should: Address capacity issues Deputy POVA co-ordinator post Senior Officer in post To ensure that Planned sickness regarding the protection established as part of 08/09 budget. Designated – November AAPC action absence of POVA of adults X Ref: Manager 2008 plan is effectively Co-ordinator SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ 24
  25. 25. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot Community Care Business co-ordinated and (August- Plan P.52 progressed November 08) within timescale has meant some indicated. delay in progressing. Review AAPC Business Plan to POVA Co- January 2009 See above Increased AAPC and via update action plan. ordinator Operational Business Plan demands will annually. hinder progress – low/medium risk. 3. Improving support for carers Managers in Social Services should: SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ 25
  26. 26. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot Ensure carers assessments Carers Assessment tool and Care Finalised To ensure Achieved are offered and completed. guidance revised. Management January 2008 consistent POs/Carers approach to X Ref: Carers Development carers StrategyAction Plan (Page Officer. assessments that 27) complies with UAP, carers legislation and WAG guidance, and is user friendly. X.Ref: Community Care Comprehensive carers training Carers 70 staff Improve year on Significant Monthly Business Plan programme to ensure awareness Development attended year performance amount of Bulletin P. 46 raising understanding of guidance. Officer/ training in 2008 re: Carers training already Training on assessment Assessment KPI’s undertaken – low Annual audit of Officer tool. 08-09 target 80% risk. quality of 09-10 90% assessments. 08/09 further 6 10-11 95%. To training ensure staff sessions within understanding the training carers needs and programme. are effective in applying 50 staff guidance and attended x 3 utilisation of tool. awareness training facilities by specialist vol. sector organisation. 08/09 further training sessions within programme. Work has been undertaken to Care New More accurate Achieved See KPI above clarify the recording of the ‘offer of Management Recording recording of carer assessments’ as there has been PO’s/PO system linked actual inconsistency in the data required SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ Admin. to UAP in place performance re. 26
  27. 27. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ 27
  28. 28. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot E-mail bulletin to all social workers Carer Quarterly Ensure carer Low risk As part of re.carer information, events and Development From issues are kept to Development acitivity – with annual follow up Officer 08-09 the fore re: s/w Officers’ meeting with each management practice and quarterly report team. awareness. re: carers strategy implementation. Revise current Direct Payment Steering April 2009 See process Budget restraints Via Steering policy to ensure greater flexibility Group could inhibit Group SMT re. respite options and consistent established- flexible use (low with personalization agenda. Head of medium risk) Service Production of Carers’ Handbook Carer Produced and Ensure staff and Lack of Carer Annual review of including directory of services to Development launched carers have up to Development contacts – assist both staff and carers access Officer September date information Officer – low risk. revision each service. The introduction to this has 2008. on carer’s year. been translated into 8 community Reviewed and services. languages with the aim of reaching updated carers from Minority Ethnic Group. annually thereafter. Tackle Shortfalls in Finalise agreement re: replacement LD Strategic Member Purpose built Capital cost and Project group in services, particularly for Rhodes and Beaconsview Manager Agreement: appropriate site issues operation – respite care. Nov/Dec 08. setting to varied (Medium/high continue to meet Start on site needs for respite risk) with quarterly i)Learning Disability Summer ’09 which will both reports to SMT. Services. Completion address current X.Ref: Community Care Summer ’10. and future need Business Plan for service. P. 49 Ensure current service retains PO Learning Move on plans Sufficient Crises in Quarterly sufficient capacity to meet present Disabilities in place non capacity to meet community will reporting re: respite needs. respite care current respite limit options to service user ratio service users needs. reduce number of at Rhodes to December ‘medium’ stay Head of Service. 2008. service users – medium risk. ii) Physical Disability Developing Commissioning PO Care Complete Provide flexible This will be a Via Services Strategy to consider how to use Management Strategy and range of respite developing Implementation X.Ref: Community Care current resources more affectively Older and Action Plan – options for agenda which Group Action SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ 28
  29. 29. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot Business Plan to meet respite needs. This will Disabled Dec ‘08 service users will probably Plan Reporting. P.44 include further development of People/ Implementation with physical require re- direct payments and Physical Group in place disabilities and investment of personalisation agenda. Disabilities – Jan ’09 New their carers. current service Development Direct Payment spend and some Officer Policy – April additional ’09. resources. 4. Other Improvement actions: Reducing the Dependence Establish a Transforming Older Director/ To be on more traditional forms People Service Programme Board to Head of established by of care – residential and oversee change agenda across Service November day care. service. 2008 X.Ref: Community Care Complete Review of Residential Head of External To ensure Sign up to Via Project Business Plan Care Services and formulate Service consultant residential care recommended Board in first P. 47-48 implementation plan. appointed to: services are option – instance and i) Interrogate modern, fit for low/medium risk. then work already purpose and cost Programme undertaken effective for next Board; and provide 30 years. Members option analysis Advisory Nov ’08. Group; Reports ii)Recommend to Cabinet most Board. appropriate way forward – March ‘09 Take forward implementation plan April 2009 Project manager to onwards be appointed to (dependent on take forward option agreed) recommendations (post already approved). SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ 29
  30. 30. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot Establishing Enabling Home Care PO Direct New Service To maximise Clearing current Via Project Service. Services operational by independence of waiting list for Board in first Jan ‘09 service users via packages of care instance (see effective prior to service above) ‘enabling’ starting interventions. low/medium risk. Establish block contracts for Contracts To establish To ensure Insufficient tenders Via Project Independent Providers and Review Manager ‘geographic’ consistent – low risk. Board in first relationship between in- based block response to need instance (See house/independent providers. contracts for across County above) 09/10 Borough Establish Integrated Intermediate Head of Model agreed Fully integrated Funding available Via Delivery Care Service. Service piloted – Nov ERS and via Continuing Integrated ’08. Fully reablement Care Grant – low Services Project operational service to risk. Board April 09. effectively meet need and reduce admissions to hospital and ensure effective pathway re: hospital discharges. SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ 30
  31. 31. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot Determine actions arising from Day Head of Establish Effective day care Capacity to take Project Group Service Review. Service Older Implementation pathway between forward plan given to be Person Plan following health, social overall established and Strategy review – Jan 09. services and transformation then report into Manager. voluntary sector agenda – medium Programme to appropriately risk. Board meet needs of service users requiring day service/ Support intervention. Implement Telecare Strategy Telecare Jan 09 Targeting Agree Charging Implementation Co- assistive arrangement (low to SMT/Joint ordinator technology to risk) Executive reduce reliance Group. on ongoing care /interventions. Develop the range of A Commissioning Review of Older service for older people People’s Mental Health Services has with mental ill-health. been undertaken (September 2008) which will form the basis of future X.Ref: Community Care service reconfigurations including: Business Plan P.50 SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ 31
  32. 32. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot i) Integrated Community Support PO Mental Workshop to To redesign Health changes will Via Team. Health/ achieve existing service to limit health Implementation Joint partnership ensure a focus on colleagues ability to Group on bi- ii) Crisis Management & Home Strategic ‘sign up’ community help drive through monhtly basis Treatment Service. Manager (October 2008) based services change over next 12 and to SMT Mental Project Group and an integrated months – quarterly. iii) Review of Day Time Health agreed and to approach to medium/low risk. opportunities. be established meeting need. Continuing care (November grant will provide iv) Capacity re: independent sector/ Joint 2008). Utilise incentive to take LA long term residential/nursing Strategic Continuing forward new home provision. Manager Care grant to models. Older People establish Home Services. Treatment Service (bid submitted Sept 08) Develop more supported A review of ‘out of county’ PO Mental All ‘out of See process Signing up to this Local accommodation for people placements has been undertaken as Health/ Joint county’ has already been Implementation with mental ill health. a basis for developing repatriation Strategic placements agreed across the Team and Joint arrangements to ensure: Manager currently being region and health Executive Mental reviewed changes should Group. More effective local response to Health. against have limited meeting need. continuing care impact on taking Cost effective alternatives are put in criteria to forward. place to ‘free-up’ funds to develop ensure scoping assertive outreach service. of partnership Possible non- Ensure appropriate pathway commitment recurring nature of between current rehabilitation Dec 2008. cont.care grant services and new service models. Local options could inhibit currently being development of explored with Assertive Outreach ABM Trust to – low risk. facilitate ‘repatriation’ Jan/March09 Specification to SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ 32
  33. 33. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot be drawn up to encourage RSL provision – June ’09. Submission for Assertive outreach via Continuing Care Grant SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ 33
  34. 34. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot 5. Ensuring that the needs of people from black & ethnic minority communities has a higher profile – The Council should: Improve availability A quarterly meeting has been Head of Specific actions have been To ensure Quarterly established (June 2008) between key Community agreed: service meetings and Ensure staff are supported social services officers and Care responses are six monthly in meeting the cultural representatives of the BME Forum. Review social services appropriate to progress report currently needs of users and carers. The 3 priorities for action that have information leaflet to needs of local to SMT. chairs been agreed are: encompass needs. BME meeting. Develop BP and community. commissioning strategies Improving information Work with Older Person to ensure services meet the Council and BME Forum in needs of minority Considering how best to encourage the agreed development of communities. foster carers from the BME an older person Community. information DVD. Enable the Black and Ethnic Minorities form to Increase operational staff awareness Fostering Recruitment become the focus for of cultural and ethnic needs of BME Officer to meet with BME driving improvement and community. Forum and SBREC to change. consider specific actions to assist recruitment. X.Ref: Community Care Business Plan P53 Training Manager is meeting with BME Forum to incorporate awareness training in 08/09 & 09/10 training programme. SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ 34
  35. 35. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot Neath Port Talbot CBC Social Services, Health & Housing Joint Review Priorities for Action Business Strategy Priorities for Action Key Actions Responsible Timescale Desired Resources/ Risk Monitoring Officer Outcomes Assessment Mechanism 4. Developing effective commissioning strategies The Council should: Ensure the potential of the Achieved 3% year on year Funding for Business Plan Council’s involvement in Head of reduction in cost regional officer and reports to Confirm agreement to act as the regional initiatives is Business while still agreed Regional Forum lead procurement agency on behalf maximised in order to Strategy and meeting assessed of the regional consortium develop commissioning Procurement need Low opportunities Manager Head of In progress Integrated Existing Business Plan Lead the work to combine the Business children and resources and Regional CCSR regional commissioning Strategy and adult placement Forum potential with the LD/MH project Procurement collaborative Medium Manager Achieved Best practice Existing Business Plan Attend and actively share local Head of and ongoing procurement resources commissioning progress with Value Business model adopted Wales and pan-Wales Strategy and across Wales Medium commissioning group Procurement Manager Joint approach to Additional Business Plan Follow up “in principle” March 2009 suppliers in resources agreed and Joint commitment by LHB to collaborate Head of common in principle but Executive Group on joint procurement where there Business resulting in could be are suppliers in common Strategy and shared savings disrupted by Procurement NHS reforms Manager High SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ 35
  36. 36. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot March 2009 Clearly identified Existing Business Plan procurement resources Head of strategies for all Scope the potential for further Business other service Low regional collaborative procurement Strategy and areas not covered and devise suitable action plan Procurement by regional Manager collaborative arrangements SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ 36
  37. 37. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot Link commissioning Identify revenue and capital Achieved Clear financial Existing Business plans strategies to available resources likely to be available over parameters in resources and budget DFCS resources the medium term which to plan reports service delivery Low Engage service providers Estimate the costs over the medium Achieved Gap between Existing Business plans more consistently in the term of maintaining existing Head of resources resources and budget development & patterns of service, adjusted for Business estimated to be reports implementation of demographic trends and Strategy and available and commissioning strategies inflationary factors PO Finance and estimates costs of Medium Facilities services Complete detailed identified commissioning strategies Prioritise planned services changes, Head of ongoing Clear statement Existing Business plans, for all service user groups robustly appraise options, Business of commissioning resources commissioning including examining best value Strategy, intentions over strategies and Develop a more consistent sourcing options, and reflect in Commissiong the medium term budgets approach to needs analysis financial forecast Managers and identified, linked & market mapping PO Finance and to budgets Medium Facilities Identify range of economy, Head of Ongoing Cost reduction Existing Business plans efficiency and income generating Business measures clearly resources and budget activities. Model and build into Strategy and identified and strategies financial forecasts PO Finance and integrated into Facilities budget strategies Medium Formally link existing and potential Head of April 2009 Commissioning Existing Minutes of service providers into existing joint Business and planning Resources planning and planning and commissioning Strategy & group commissioning arrangements. Procurement membership groups Manager extended to Low include service providers Systematically review the strategic April 2009 Clear statement Change Business plans, sourcing options available to the of Management commissioning council for all services, selecting the commissioning Unit to strategies and sourcing option that offers best Head of intentions over supplement budgets value in the prevailing market Business the medium term service resources conditions, subject to elected Strategy and linked to budgets member agreement Procurement and incorporated High Manager within the SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ 37
  38. 38. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ 38
  39. 39. Joint Review Action Plan - Neath Port Talbot Review mental health development March 2009 Action plan in Existing JEG minutes Head of plans and establish action plan to place leading to a resources Business produce acceptable commissioning joint Strategy and strategy commissioning Joint strategy for High Commissioning Mental Health Manager Services Review and revise the joint September Commissioning Existing Minutes of JEG commissioning strategy for adults 2009 strategy revised resources and SCHH Board with a learning disability Head of and formally Business signed off Strategy and Medium Joint Commissioning Manager Translate the Carers’ Strategy into a Head of September Commissioning Existing Minutes of JEG commissioning strategy for carers, Business 2010 strategy revised resources and SCHH Board integrating this work with the other Strategy and and formally commissioning strategies Service signed off Low Development Officer Head of April 2009 Sustained value Existing Business plan Introduce a systematic review of Business for money in resources and individual sourcing options to ensure Strategy and sourcing commissioning continued value for money Procurement decisions strategies Manager Medium Achieved Clear Existing Business plan Market maps to be produced for all understanding of resources and individual service areas Head of market capacity commissioning Business and best value strategies Strategy and sourcing options Low Procurement Manager SCHHB-181208-REP-SS-KJ 39