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Magazine Analysis

  1. 1. Magazine Analysis! Magazine Covers
  2. 2. The colour scheme for kerrang! Is made up of red, black and white, with small amounts of yellow, that is mainly Magazine features are usually shown in the form of aHere you can see an advertisement used for highlighting things. The theme of You Me At Six strap line, and in this case it is showing some of thefor a competition, it is once again brief becoming darker relates to the colour schemes as red features included, which are the posters and the gigand puts emphasis on ‘win’ so people and black and dark colours and can be related to the guide, it is an extra bit of information, that maywill know there is a competition and devil and hell, things like that. the colours contrast well intrigue the reader, or entice them into buying it.will want to find out more about it, with each other in this issue, although I’ve noticed thatthe prize will also be something the the kerrang! Colour scheme changes slightly ever issue,majority of the readers will want; so it although they mainly keep black and white as prime The main image is usually in the centre of therelates to the genre. colours. magazine and takes up the majority of the cover, the artist’s on the front will be the main feature, within the magazine, this allows for a fan of the artist to see this and then it will make them want to buy it. The mainThe masthead is the name of the magazine, and is feature inside the magazine will be aboutgenerally very iconic, and recognisable. It is placed at them, also. The imagine may also give cluesthe top of the magazine, and usually goes right across to what the feature may be, for instance init. As we can see from this the main imagine is slightly this Josh Franceschi has horns on his head,covering it, this is because it is so recognisable it does suggesting something dark, relating also tonot matter as people will still know that it is Kerrang! the colour scheme of this issue.As they recognise it. The font of it is quite cracked andbroken, also gothic like, which relates somewhat tothe type of music it is based around and also the type The barcode is only on the front cover ofof people that read it. It is black, which always links in the magazine as it is needed to scanwith the colour scheme of it also. when buying it. Due to this it will be kept quite small and usually in the corner, so that it doesn’t conflict with any other features on the magazine, it may also The main cover line is used to advertise this issues have the date, price and issue number main feature, and it is usually quite large in order around it. to catch peoples eyes, and is an anchor to the main image on the front of the magazine, as it is usually the artists name, and tends to have a short Strap lines are found at the top and bottom of snappy sentence or two near it, which gives hints the magazine and in this they have both, in this as to what this main feature will be about, so in one it is stating another feature of this weeks the this it says ‘death to pop-punk! You Me At Six Cover lines are things on the cover of the magazine, ‘Evanescence: You sent your problems come over to the dark side…’ this is clearly stating magazine which are used to again show in! Amy Lee fixed them!’ if people see this and that they have changed their genre of music and different items that will be included within the they are a fan of Amy Lee it will make them want will intrigue fans, and they will want to find out magazine, usually different artists, or articles to find out more about this; they have also put more, the name of the artists is also a lot bigger that will be in it, its brief and easy to catch the ‘Amy Lee’ in bold and a different colour, so that than the other writing to catch peoples attention. eye of the reader. fans of Amy Lee will notice it more easily.
  3. 3. The mast head for this magazine is once again all the way across the cover from left to right and at the top. Round the R at the This strap line does not go all the way across beginning it has a ring around it, which is Rock Sounds emblem. the top of the magazine which is unusual, but you can see again that a portion of it is covered, but enough is it is highlighting artists that are going to be visible for us to know what magazine it is. It is a fairly simple font, featured in this issue of Rock sound. although the colour changes from issue to issue. The colour scheme for this magazine is red, This is the main cover line, and it is black and white/yellow, the writing is mainly showing which band will be the main in white or, if it is more important in yellow. It feature of the magazine, and it links in to seems the black against the red highlights the main imagine which of the band All their faces, so they are more noticeable when Time Low. It is in yellow, which is mainly someone is scanning the cover. used on this cover to catch your eye, so if you’re a fan of All Time Low you will want to buy this. ‘Dark secrets + Dirty work’ is the small line underneath it which leads We can see here that you have another you on to wanting to find out more about little feature that will be included in the what they’re talking about. magazine, and they have highlighted the word ‘Free’ in yellow, which will make it stand out from the other words, and As well as stating the name of the artists ‘Black obviously everyone likes free things, so Veil Brides’ they have also included a picture of that will draw people in. the lead singer, which of course will be more eye catching that writing as we always notice pictures more than text, and this will catchHere we see a list of artists that are also someone’s eye and then they will read the textincluded in this issue, so they have listed which it is linked to if they are a fan of them, hethem all just in case you see an artists you is also very noticeable, making it more obviouslike, and it may entice you into buying the when scanning the cover.magazine. It corresponds with the ‘Z’ or ‘E’pattern in which people look at the Once again the barcode is out of themagazine. way in the corner, although they have The main imagine is clearly the main focus, as it made it look as though someone is takes up just about all the cover and is right in holding it which is refreshing and very This is a competition again and is in a the middle, it is an imagine of All Time Low inventive. different colour to everything else on the which is related to the main cover line, they front cover, in order to catch your eye and are wearing all black clothing except for a red also they have made the word ‘WIN’ in top so both those colours link in with the bigger letters and added an exclamation colour scheme, and fans of the band will of mark, so that people will notice and want to course see this and want to buy it. find out more about it.
  4. 4. This Banner goes against the rest of the cover, so that you are drawn to it; you are drawn to it due to the colour(pink) and theThe mast head for NME is slightly different compared to image next it, this will be another way of enticing people intoRock Sound and Kerrang! Because although it is at the looking at the magazine, as there is a magazine within atop of the cover is only covers about half of the width, so magazine and if you are a fan of ‘The Clash’ you will be moreis more in the top left corner than the other two. It is inclined to purchase it.only covered slightly by the end of his head and thetrumpet, but it is still very obvious which magazine it is.In this issue it is bright orange, although it varies. The The colour scheme for this cover of NME is orange,font is slightly toned down compared to Kerrang! As it is black and white. The back drop is white, as is some ofmore about mainstream rock, whereas Kerrang! Is more the writing on the strap lines at the top and bottom;of an acquired taste. the orange is for the main areas of it, for instance the mast head, and the main cover line; and the black is used for some of the writing and the top strap line. It is quite a bright colour scheme, and the orange onThe cover lines are advertising more the white makes the orange look more predominant,features within the magazine, and you and therefore more obvious to the reader.can see in bold they have the artistsname so that it is more recognisable,and then the short lines bellow is a hint The main imagine on this cover of NME, isat what will be about them in the Mark Ronson, and it is placed slightly offmagazine. So you will notice the artists centre to the right, but still takes up most offirst and read see what the feature is the cover, he is holding a broken trumpet,likely to be about them which may which suggests numerous things, but will linkquickly get you interested if you are a to the main cover line, as he is reinventingfan of the band; it also goes with the his music. The white background allows forcolour scheme as it is in black writing. you to see him very clearly, so fans of his will notice its him. The main cover line matches the colour scheme, and is significantly larger than the other text so it stands out, Mark Ronsons name is the majority of The barcode is only on the front cover of it, which is what fans of his will see which is what This strap line is just outlining more artists that will the magazine as it is needed to scan when the magazine cover is trying to do, so that they will be included in the magazine, and like I said for the buying it. Due to this it will be kept quite be interested in reading it; also the short snappy others is at the bottom and it corresponds with the small and usually in the corner, so that it lines above it suggest a change in his music, which ‘Z’ or ‘E’ theory of how you look at covers of doesn’t conflict with any other features on fans will be interested in. magazines, its also broken up by orange lines, and the magazine, it may also have the date, the orange draws you to it. price and issue number around it.
  5. 5. Contents Page
  6. 6. The colour scheme for the contents page is black, yellow and white, with exceptions to the subscription box in the corner; it would seem the main text is in yellow and This is to tell us obviously it is the the lesser text in black, on a white background, the fact it is mainly black links to the contents page, and it is in yellow fact that ‘Kerrang!’ is heavily rock based, and always have that genre within the writing which goes with the colour magazines. And the main picture is slash who is a heavy, gothic kind of artist, so it scheme, and it then has the issue also links in with that. The colour scheme stays the same throughout each magazine number and date underneath, which is from what I’ve found out. so you know whether or not it is a recent issue of the magazine. This is the main image of the magazine and suggests that this artists will be the main feature in this issue, it is in the top half of the page and slightly to the right. He is wearing all black, which links well with theHere we can see two double page spreads colour scheme, and the fact he is tilting histhat will appear later on in the magazine sunglasses may be implying for someone toand it then has the page numbers next to read on through the magazine, just to hintthem with an arrow. This is so you can get at them to read it.a taster of what will be included in thisissue of the magazine, and what thelayout is like. The page numbers are in This bar is like the title over thearrows, persuading someone to look at contents itself, and it states thethe imagine as it is as if its pointing at the name of the magazine, so thatpictures, of the DPS. you will remember it next time, and it then says next well, in yellow writing to highlight what is This is something I noticed only in this specific issue of ‘kerrang!’ ‘kerrang!’ has, and it is a little editors it also corresponds with the note, of this issue. Every week they have colour scheme. one, and depending on who published/wrote that weeks issue, they do a little message to the readers briefly Like a lot of contents pages this one had sub- Like many magazines, I noticed that ‘Kerrang!’ also telling them what this issue is like and headings of all the different features, such as has a box in the contents trying to persuade you to what’s included; this is a good idea I feel posters, news and live reviews. This is so you can get a subscription to the magazine, you can see that because it makes the reader feel more locate things easily, for instance if you are just in order to make you notice it they give it a different wanted and like they are more involved wanting to find one certain thing; they then have colour scheme to the rest of the page, and mainly within the magazine itself. sub-headings within sub-headings so that it is highlight the key things such as the number you even easier to find what you want. They also go ring, they briefly tell you about the price, and make with the colour scheme. the deal sound as good as possible.
  7. 7. Here we can see that they have the magazine name ‘Rock Sound’ at the top of the page so that you remember it next time, and they also have the slogan underneath that ‘music with attitude’ this again is so that if you see Here they have the issue that slogan you will relate it with this number and the date, so that magazine. Most magazines I have seen, have you will know whether or not the name of the actual magazine in the it is an up to date issue or not. contents page. Like the other magazines it Like many other magazines ‘Rock Sound’ clearly states it’s the contents has a variety of pictures in the contents page and it goes with the colour linked to numbers; this is so for one you scheme, it has a similar font to know what page you will find these that of the ‘Rock Sound’ writing pictures, and so you know what kind of also. this will be featured on each of the pages, despite this I found that ‘Rock Sound’ had more pictures that most other magazines in the contents page.The Sub-headings help for clarity of whereto find certain features within the magazine,and ‘Rock Sound’ is probably the mostorganised layout of the magazines I haveresearched, and it is really clear on simple,and you can find what you’re looking forstraight away, and it once again goes withthe colour scheme. Of all the contents pages I saw this The colour scheme for this contents page is Red, white, and was probably the most simple of them black; although there is very little black, and that is mainly used all, although unlike the others this had for the text. The black and the red compliment each other well, shapes at the bottom; the stars at the and they are quite dark colours and the white somewhat bottom seemed unique to ‘Rock highlights the text and makes the pictures stand out more. Sound’
  8. 8. The band index is used so that you can clearly Here we see the use of ‘NME’ again, to reiterate the see if a band that you like are included in the name of the magazine so people will remember it magazine and you can clearly navigate your for next time, it is also in red, so that also makes it way to the correct page, the bands are also all more noticeable to the reader. They also the date in red so that you notice them, and it fits with under it so that you will know if it is keeping with the colour scheme. current music affairs. Here we see that down the side they have sub-headings of the main criteria within the magazine, and they are inThis picture is of the artists that will be bold and contrast with the colourthe main feature in this issue of ‘NME’ scheme to make them stand out, to theand this is so that you can see which reader. They also have sub-headingsartists it is and maybe what the feature within those sub-headings, just toof them will include. It also links with make it more precise, on what is onthe main feature on that contents each page, and so you have clarity onpage, which as you can see is just where to look if you want to find abelow it. certain feature in that issue. This is the main feature in the magazine and is placed in the centre of the contents page; you notice they have a short, sharp sentence that The colour scheme of the contents will lead you on to reading more, ‘Kasabian got also follows that of the entire romantic in a church’ and also a short extract magazine and here we can see the from that actual feature, so you can see colour scheme is red, white and quickly what it is like, and whether or not you black, and they are used well will find it interesting. It also ahs a picture of together to highlight certain things the band in a church above the writing, so that such as headers or numbers. you can again maybe get a better understanding of what that article will be about. Here we can see a box that is advertising a Clearly this is one of the most important subscription to the magazine, this is in every ‘NME’ features of the magazine, hence why it is contents page, and you can see it has a differing brightly coloured, different to the other colour scheme to the actual page its on, in an attempt content on that page and also in the shape of to catch your eye, and it has highlighted the main an arrow persuading people to follow it to words in yellow, and its kept brief. that page.
  9. 9. Double Page Spreads
  10. 10. The fact t it says ‘World Exclusive’ makes The mast head for this DPS is an extract from the is implying it is a first, and the reader is article itself, and is usually a line that will captivate going to be the first person to know the reader, and leave them wanting to find out about this, making them feel special; it more; and the font of it is similar to that of theIt says ‘News’ in capital also is in the shape of an arrow, which is ‘Kerrang!’ title itself. We can also see that the articleletters, which links to the pointing to another section of the double itself is in two columns.contents page as that’s what page was listed as in thecontents, and it also has theweb address underneath, soit gives the audience more This is a ‘lowdown’ of all ofinformation,, and it’s a good MCR’s most recent and bestway of advertising. songs, which is a way of giving them more advertising, and this too is shaped like an arrow directing you to anotherThe main image of the section of the page theydouble page spread is a mid want you to look at. And itshot and takes up one of the also goes with the colourpages; it is the lead singer of scheme.the band, and he is usedbecause he is more iconic,and more people willrecognise him. It obviously islinked to the feature as well. The colour scheme for the DPS is red, black and white, which goes with the genre of the magazine, Here there is a small caption Here we have three pictures of the band, as it is rock orientated and also box, they have this by each showing them all working or performing, this is fits the genre of the band, so they picture, and it is usually a short something that the reader will like to see, as are quite dark colours, and the witty sentence, which is quite they will be fans of My Chemical Romance; and majority is in black. humorous. it will also relate to the text in some way.
  11. 11. The colour scheme for this DPS is quite simple and a bit vague; it is mainly black and white, although the main picture has no relation to it and they seem to be on a field, which has green grass; also the name of the artists is in light blue, so it doesn’t really fit together, which is strange as most magazines have more defined colour scheme where as this DPS clearly does not. Once again we have a small caption box about the I didn’t see this on too picture. And in this case the many magazines but it is only picture on the page. almost like a brief introduction to the band, and gives you an idea of what they are like, I thought it worked quite well, and they kept it within the colour scheme. They have said the artists name in big text, so that when you open it you will be drawn to that and see who it is, and if youAgain like many DPS’s they are a fan you ill want tohave a quite from the actual read on.article on the page, in thiscase it is quite a humorousone, and if it does make thereader laugh, they willprobably want to read on; itthen also follows the colour The main image isn’t very conventional, as it spans across Underneath the name of the artistscheme. both pages and is a high angle shot, looking down on they also then have a slogan, as to them, they also don’t really correspond with the colour what the this article will be about, scheme as they are all wearing different coloured it says ‘The new sound of sacrifice’ clothing and look to be on a field, but if you are a fan of which may then be lead to the band you will probably recognise. interpretation by the reader
  12. 12. The colour scheme for this DPS is blue, white and black and you can see that everything that has been boxed or text that is surrounded is blue, and some headers are black, whereas the some of the text and The mast head for this DPS is just simply the background is white. I think the light blue also links with the idea that ‘The The ‘Everyone’s Talking name of the artists which is ‘The Teenagers’ Teenagers’ are quite a youthful band, as light blue is a youthful colour. About’ section is a good so it is simple and if you like them then you will want to read more. advertisement for other bands, and also fans of theThis is the name of this ‘The Teenagers’ willsection of the magazine, probably like them, as theycalled radar so you know are of the same genre, andwhat its about , and what they can find out whatthings will be included. kind of ventures they areAnd it also links with the on. The blue and black alsocolour scheme with blue ties in with the colourand white. scheme. It even has a suggestion from a famous artists so, this will be goodThe main imagine is of the publication for that ‘The Teenagers’ andthey are all lying in whatlooks like a bed in ateenagers room, so it tiesin with their name, andthe posters on the al,suggest they arestereotypical teenagers asthey are of girls, so maybe This is a small quotepeople can relate to this. from a band member which gives you a little taster about the article itself. Here we see a little box that is filled with Here we can see that they have added an quick facts and information about the band extra bit of advertisement for ‘NME’ as they so you can get a brief overview of what they tell you to go to the website, and they put it are like, it also links in with the colour in red, which is different to the predominant scheme as it has all three colours in it, blue, colour scheme, making it more eye catching. black and white.