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Revista english

  1. 1. RAVI SINGH “ THE CAMPAIGN GURU “ OF THE TURBANT Ravi Singh is the Campaign Guru of political campaigns all around the world. He founded ElectionMall® with the idea that anyone could have the tools to win any election through the internet. He was born in the US, but still wears a turban and never cuts his hair. Ravi has given counsel to the most prestigious politicians in Latin America and his fame as the Campaign Guru has been spread all around the globe. By Gerardo Campillo Photography by Ravi SinghPlayboy: What do the politicians want Technology won’t work by itself, andwhen they look for you? having technology does not guaranteeRS: I´ve been in politics for 12 years and anything. You can’t Tweet ‘just woke up,’in most cases politicians are interested or ‘get drunk,’ or Tweet about your pastin the use of the internet for a more relationships, favorite program, etc.effective way to reach the voters and be Because it will eventually revert on you.elected. No one looks at the internet for There has to be a strategy. Make a cleara way stay home but, for a more game plan and stick to it.efficient way to reach voters. 4. Strategy. As a Campaign Guru I do not do strategies. What I do is suggestPlayboy: In your opinion what would ‘Best Practice.’ I share the best mannerbe the basic guide for any Politician to of their realization on each situation.follow in order to win their respective The strategy must go beyond what theelections? politician wants. I can help them andRS: There are 4 basic principles that I teach them, but thinking that they arethink will make a difference to any going to win because they have thePolitician planning to get the best use ‘Know how,’ which has been doneout of technology. before, is a mistake.1. Infrastructure. You need to have thegadgets and respective tools in order to Playboy: Where did the nicknamebe able to play the game. They need to teacher came from?search for their inner nerd and arm it. RS: I teach. That’s why people call meWithout the infrastructure, it’s almost so. I share my knowledge and I think have commercial relations withimpossible to triumph. that´s a good Karma. God provide us important technology companies and I2. Communication. You need to have knowledge not so we save it, but so we work with offices in Europe, USA, Asiasomething to say. Having all the tools share it with people. and Latin America. It’s impossible not todoesn’t mean that you have something feel grateful for that. Now we have to goto useful say. I recommend that Playboy: How do you see your to the next level.politicians say what they really feel, achievements? Do you feel proud?instead being careful with single word. RS:I feel grateful. I never dreamed, not Playboy: What is the next level?People appreciate sincerity, especially even in my wildest dreams, that an RS:My parents and mentors taught mein an environment of open American that wears a turban to a that in business people should focus ontransparency. With the internet, it’s military academy will be directing saving or selling. Sometimes we forgetdifficult to hide things and the truth will political campaigns all over the world. I that, because we are motivated by theeventually be known. feel blessed because I have worked in passion. It is good to have passion. But3. Organization. There has to be a plan. over 9 countries in less than 2 years, I to have a success in your business, you
  2. 2. CHARACTER PLAYBOY must save and sell. For example, Latin Americans uses campaigns, as in life, we can always Playboy: Are politicians all the same internet for uploading photos and improve. In campaigns we have to around the world? music. Meanwhile, Americans use make every event count, every speech RS: All politicians have similar internet for search engines and weather matter, that every debate makes a necessities and needs. First of all there is reports. We need to understand that. difference and that every activity sums, the necessity of raising money for their Even though people use the internet, including Facebook and Twitter campaign. After that, politicians need everybody is not browsing the same comments. to generate awareness. things. The most important survey is the one made on Election Day. That survey is the Playboy: What is E-Democracy? Playboy: Have you worked with most important because it’s the one RS: It is utilizing social networks sites, candidates that you knew they were that shows the real information of the and all the facilities that technology going to lose? people who voted. When my path offers, to get in direct dialogue with RS: I always tell the politicians that meets with a politician, I think it can voters, citizens and campaign elections are won on Election Day. A bring out the best with my work. But I supporters. E- Democracy is about survey that can predict the future can never assure someone that he or empowering the people. We have to doesn’t exist. The fact that I use a turban she will win or lose. understand that we are experiencing doesn’t mean I can predict it either. No one of the most interesting moments in one should have a wrong idea on how Playboy: If you have the ‘Know how’ and the infrastructure, have you ever considered running for a political charge? RS: The day which I could has already passed. I really believe in destiny and the faster you discover what you want or what fate wants for you, you will be better and happier. We have to accept our destination, because it has been written. This is what has been assigned to me and I will do it with joy. Playboy: So, everything has been written? RS: Not everything has been written, but we think it has been written so every morning we wake up to find what world´s history. What the Greeks were elections work. All politicians look for has been chosen for us. We need to pursuing is being fulfilled: the direct someone to secure their victory, but learn to recognize the little miracles of participation of the people. that is impossible. Transparency is more life. important than honesty, and we should I remember the anecdote of wreck. Playboy: Why does Ravi Singh the all be transparent. All the facts must be After sinking the ship and being the Campaign Guru have so much success on the table to be able see the place only one alive, the guy didn’t know how in such different places? and circumstance that we are dealing he was going to survive. Then he saw a RS: First of all, I believe that my success with. We need to study numbers and table passed beside him, but he didn’t is actually based on observing the decide if mathematically it is possible to grab it, because he saw a new ship culture of each country. What works for win. We study if there is enough time, if coming. The Ship takes a lot to get to United States is not necessarily the team has enough intelligence and him so he drowns. When he meets with functional for Colombia. Second of all I how much money the politician has to God in the afterlife, he tells him: “The observe customs and behaviors of each invest. ship never arrived on time and you country, because they are different and didn’t saved me” and God answered: “I they change depending on each place. Finally we have to remember that in sent you a table, and you didn’t
  3. 3. CHARACTER PLAYBOYgrabbed it” In the other side I enjoy life as a trip. I try because even though it is there, they to get as much benefit of each situation don’t know how to use or takeLife gives us daily miracles and most of and enjoy everything. Because that was advantage of it.the times we don’t see them and we how I was educated. And as long as thedon’t appreciate them. No matter what trip doesn’t expire, everything is all Challenges for politicians grow whenfaith you have or what religion you right. (Laughter) citizens are more involved in whatbelong, you should always be thankful. Playboy: But you do not fear death, happens in the world through right? technology. For example, in Cairo I sawPlayboy: What should we believe in? RS: Exactly. I think that the only certain Egyptians who, supported byRS: In God, in ourselves and in what you technology, staged a revolution in acan see. short time. If internet didn’t exist or Egyptians didn’t have the ability ofPlayboy: Have you ever felt any regrets using it, they could have not been ablefor what you did in the past? to achieve and build a revolution asRS: I am a human being as everyone effective and as fast as they did.else and I feel tempted for diverse Technology has empowered people toreasons as anyone. My parents taught change things, governments orme that what I do in life must have a inclusive dictators, as they did in Egypt,purpose. And I always work for that without using an AK-47 or a knife.purpose. On the other hand, I enjoy life,I enjoy the trip. I try to get as much as I Playboy: So you are not involved in thecan of each situation, I try to enjoy and message, but in how it reaches itshave as much fun as possible, because destination?that was the way I was educated. And RS: Exactly. I´m a distributor. When Iwhile the trip doesn’t expire, everything work with political consultancies, I amwill be fine (laughter) humble enough to recognize that I am things in life are: death and taxes. Those not from the country and that I do notBut you do not fear death, right? two things are guarantee. Beyond that I understand the local politics of it.Exactly. I think that the only certain love my work. It is great to share However if they tell me what theissues in life are: death and taxes. Those knowledge and it’s nice to share it with message is, I can find the best tactics totwo things are guaranteed. I love my all the voters in the world. I always implement in their strategy. I went to awork. It’s cool to share knowledge and it repeat that I have the best work in the military academy for four years and Ifeels good to share with the world of world. understand perfectly the differencevoters. I always repeat that I have the between tactics and strategies. Theybest work in the whole world. Playboy: What types of campaigns do generate the strategy and I select the you promote? The ones that talks good best tactics for distributing and having The title of guru is about us and bad about others? a big impact in the selected public. The earnedevery day. RS:I want to clarify something: I am´s founder and we are idea is to win on Election Day. You bome a Guru a technology based company focused when you know on electoral campaigns. Housewives Playboy: Thank you for the interview if what you do and presidential candidates, both are entitled to benefit from technology, some day we decide to run for president, we will definitely call you through the and that’s the reason of ElectionMall. (Laughter)blessings of the real RS: (Laughter) Thank You for the Guru that is God The last couple of years I have opportunity. Almighty. concentrated on high-level elections. I have also helped political parties and candidates to benefit from technology,