Your Playbook for a Global (and Local) Social Media Strategy | Dreamforce 2013


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My Dreamforce 2013 deck on how to create a successful global and local social media strategy. I took the highlighted best practices from my learnings at Informatica Corp - a $1B B2B enterprise software company based in the Silicon Valley.

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  • Quote source: time partner and customer of SFDC.
  • Before my time, the use of social media could get you fired from your job. In fact, blogging was a HUGE no-no.Implemented before me, but what I walked into at Informatica was that EVERYONE and ANYONE who wanted to use social media could – and it wasn’t monitored or controlled, just a free-for-all28 Twitter Handles6 Facebook Pages13+ LinkedIn Groups, 3 LinkedIn Company Pages (acquisitions)7 YouTube accounts8 Google+ Pages2 Corporate Blogs (acquisitions)2 Xing accounts (acquisitions)4 Slideshare accounts2 Pinterest accountsWe started to measure and see what was actually moving the needle and now are in the process of shutting down pages to consolidateWe are now moving towards a refined publishing platform (BuddyMedia) to look to not only consolidate channels, but also streamline messaging across the company
  • Informatica means “IT” or “computer” or “computing” in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian & Nordic LanguagesWere getting hit with 50k+ posts/day by a spam bot in Brazil for about a month, means dirty data!With so many regions, we had to “verify” key terms and what not to make sure that we were tracking the right terms and reporting accurately
  • Started analyzing our publishing schedule and how that was moving the needle Started to listen to what our customers were sayingStarted to report out to Marketing Executives and Executive Staff (C-level) about what we were doing with social to move the needleRefined our strategy based on findings to become more effectiveTailored our publishing schedule and content to reflect the updated direction that we wanted to take with social Repeat.
  • GOLD STARS FOR EVERYONE (well really, just me) KIDDING!
  • From listening and analyzing what we had, we were able to create a new baseline from all our Tier 1 countries around the world and see where we need to goStarted to create and deliver comprehensive global reports and one pagers that highlighted our SOV, sentiment, areas to improve, etc. to the Executive StaffOptimized not only our social strategy, but also our PR strategy to find out where we should be investing more time and resourcesMet one-on-one with the different Tier 1 regions and had their buy in. Also started to get C-level executives to start blogging on our company blog. Regions 50/50 split to make sure that they are bought into our plan.
  • Your Playbook for a Global (and Local) Social Media Strategy | Dreamforce 2013

    1. 1. Alison Yu Social Media Manager, Informatica @alisonjudy
    2. 2. All about Informatica Informatica is the leading provider of data integration software, with the broadest access to enterprise data sources of any other integration vendor. Our partnership with Informatica represents a very strategic relationship for our customers-ensuring they can manage and share all of their enterprise data and information on demand - Marc Benioff, Chairmain and CEO, Nov. 2009  Currently using Sales Cloud (2010), Radian6 (2012), Chatter (2012) and Partner Communities Portal (2013)  Service Cloud and Customer Communities will be launched in 2014  Over 5500 Users (3500 internal and 2000 Partners)
    3. 3. Evolution of Social Media at Informatica Social Media is Banned Social Media is Encouraged – NO BOUNDARIES! Measurement Social Media is Encouraged and Managed
    4. 4. Key Challenges “Informatica” Spam Bots Global Brand
    5. 5. lishing Solution Listening Strategizing Listening Publishing Reporting
    6. 6. Results
    7. 7. Okay, Real Results Highly Optimized PR & Social Plan New Goals & Metrics for PR & Social Comprehensive Global Reports Regional & CXO Buy In