My assingment of b.c( proposal)


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My assingment of b.c( proposal)

  1. 1. ProposalWhy load shedding rise up in Pakistan sincelast few yearsIn this proposal I have explained the back ground of load shedding,Problem identification, Purpose of study, Hypothesis, ResearchMethodology, Data collection and a questionnaire for people2012Syed Ali Abbas shahMBA Student9/28/2012
  2. 2. Page no 1Table contentsSerial No Page No1 Acknowledgment 22 Study Background 33 Problem Identification 44 Purpose of study 55 Hypothesis/Proposition 56 Research Methodology 67 Data collection 68 Questionnaire 7
  3. 3. Page no 2AcknowledgmentFirst of all I am very thankful to Almighty Allah for giving me a strengthcourage tolerance and wisdom to bring this proposal to completion.My teacher Madam Amber is always there to help me and give me aconstant guidance and assistance to make me a fallow right path andgive me a right lead and boost up whenever I need.
  4. 4. Page no 3Study BackgroundTopic: why Load shedding rise up in Pakistan since last fewYears?Pakistan has been facing an unprecedented energycrisis since last few years. Their energy needs are likely decade asenergy consumption in Pakistan is severally high with various sectorssuch as agricultural, industrial, commercial e.t.c consuming a high levelof energy.Pakistan needs about 14000 to 15000 MW electricity per day andthe demand is likely to raise approximately 20000 MW per day.Pakistan uses a faulty mix fuel of with furnace oil to produce energy butit becomes down and over that’s why Pakistan does not produce moreMega watts of energy.
  5. 5. Page no 4Problem IdentificationThe following questions are written below to show the problem ofidentification of particular topic of proposal. Why load shedding continuously increases from last severalyears? Why Pakistan government does not use a coal instead of water toproduce energy? Which sectors of Pakistan contribute more to consuming energy? Why political leaders do not solves a problem of load shedding?
  6. 6. Page no 5Purpose of StudyThe main purpose of study is to understand the load shedding crisis inPakistan and if Pakistan controls the load shedding crisis in future sothe following factors will be improve. Pakistan can improve a living standard of common people Pakistan boost up economy Good infra structure Good environment More production in Pakistan Unemployment will decreaseHypothesis/Proposition Is there any relation between load shedding and economic crisis?
  7. 7. Page no 6Research MethodologyThis chart shows the production and demand of electricity form 2004 tothe current year.Data CollectionIn this proposal I have used a primary source and secondary source ofdata which I have collected from internet and some books and also Ihave expressed my own ideas regarding that topic.
  8. 8. Page no 7Questionnaire1) Your Name:____________________________________________2) Father Name:___________________________________________3) Age:__________________________________________________4) Qualification:__________________________________________5) Current Profession:______________________________________Note: Answer the following queries carefully and Mark on it.6) Load shedding is very important problem for every Pakistani?Answer: (1) Yes (2) No7) Sindh province is mostly involved in load shedding?Answer: (1) Yes (2) No8) If load shedding problem will solve in Pakistan then what willhappen?Comments: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________9) How to solve the load shedding Problem?Comments: _______________________________________________________________________________________________
  9. 9. 10) What are the reasons of load shedding in Pakistan?Comments: _________________________________________________________________________________________________11) Why electricity is very important for us?Comments: __________________________________________________________________________________________________12) Who is the responsible for load shedding in Pakistan?Answers: (1) Political Parties(2) Government(3) Private sectors(4) Civilization13) What is the major cause of load shedding in Pakistan?Answers: (1) Corruption(2) Political Problem(3) No funds(4) Economic crisis(5) No resources
  10. 10. 14) How much percent Sindh is involved in Load shedding?Answers: (1) 80%(2) 70%(3) 65%(4) 55%15) Why government does not use a coal instead of water?Comments: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________With Best wishesThe End