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  1. 1.  Ice-cream Industries occupies important place in Pakistan. It is one of the consumer goods industries in products is important popular diet. Pakistan is an agricultural based country because of the large number of cattle and Large milk production most of the dairy and ice cream industries has developed and Pakistan is well ranked in the world
  2. 2.  Today the competition in ice-cream like Omore, Walls, Hicco, Yummy etc. as ice- cream has been a regular edible item the consumption of in more. It has an important role in employment generation and reducing the migration of villagers the town and cities for dinehood
  3. 3.  The Global Ice Cream market covering 53 countries, increased between 2001-2006, growing at an average annual rate of 2.8%
  4. 4.  “This new vision will chart the course for our future. It is a course we are confident will revolutionize the ice-cream industry and allow our franchisees to make people happy by selling the highest quality, most creative ice- cream experience with passion, excellence and innovation,”
  5. 5.  The process of manufacturing ice-cream passed Through various stages Ice-Cream Manufacturing Ice-Cream Filling Marketing Channel Cold Storage Transportation by A/C isolated Vehicles Distributors Dealers Customers
  8. 8. Customer profile is divided into two parts3. Children4. Adults
  9. 9. Demographic Age 10 to 20 yrs Income per month 500 per month Education Up to Degree College Occupation Student Psychographic Lifestyle School going children Buying Behavior Attractive, colorful, Sweet Personality Compulsive, authorial
  10. 10. Demographic Age 25 to 50 yrs Income per months 20,000 per months Education Post graduate, Professional Occupation Employed, businessman Psychographic Lifestyle Outward oriented Buying Behavior Health conscious Personality Ambitious
  11. 11. 4 PS OF MARKETING Product Price Place Promotion
  12. 12.  Product Variety: A wide range of dairy ice-creams and frozen desserts Quality: Premium ice cream rich in calcium which is fresh ever y time Design: Includes ice pop, choc bar, dairy ice cream and pop sickle. Features: Made from fresh milk and cream and high in nutrition
  13. 13. Types of Ice-cream Quantity Price Family pack 1.25ltr Rs.130 Cone 50ml Rs.10 Cups 50ml Rs.10
  14. 14.  Coverage: Star 96 ice cream for the time being is only available in limited areas on Punjab and not available throughout Pakistan. The company started off its operation in Punjab because it has the largest province population wise Locations: Available at large/medium sized and small bakeries, grocery stores and pharmacies in Punjab Sell their products directly to consumers using cycles and their own personnel. This strategy has been in practice for many years and is being used by Walls and Hico too.
  15. 15.  Discount coupons Free samples of ice cream (in schools colleges) Sponsoring school functions & college festivals Printed t-shirts Banners in school, college & corporate canteens
  16. 16.  Reduction in costs through automation and use of electronic media The costs associated with offline orders include travel expenses, time lost in the office and employee pay. Online ordering can give customers the dairy products with lower  prices. They can order any dairy products they want with the click of mouse.
  17. 17.  Faster response: Time to receive responses through internet is one to three days, where you will get maximum responses on day one itself, while ordering through telephone or email and paying for the products and communicating face to face would take minimum 7to 12 days to generate any responses. Usecustomer data to provide customize value added services : Company  will keep track of customers and the products that are sold well to be used for proactive decision making.
  18. 18.  Interactive: company will innovatively initiate campaigns using graphics, videos, music, quiz, game or whatever that will be of interest to their prospect, to grab his attention and interest immediately Offer free delivery: Company will offer free deliveries if customers order over a certain amount. So, not only customers would have to pay for the oil to drive to the store, they don’t even have to pay the delivery costs for the items they order Chain Store Promotions: Another 1 2 1 way of CRM technique that STAR 96 have adopted to create effective touch point with their customer is by putting their brand in all the chain store in Punjab in this way people can have access easily to the product.
  19. 19.  Carnivals: STAR 96 have worked their way in the customers heart by knowing them in every way. They try to promote their products and make sure that their product is available in carnivals and all special events that are taking place. Fun Fair : STAR 96 will promote different funfair all over the country to make direct contact with the customers . This way existing customer and new customer both are easily targeted Increasing value of customer base We pair our extensive behavioral knowledge and our leadership in activating brands with impact to deliver bottom-line results.
  20. 20.  This concept emerged to enable Call Centers keep open 24X7 like all-night stores To minimize customer wait times, “load balancing” is a critical operational objective.
  21. 21.  The best way to be successful is try to become a part of the community where you are selling. Find out about baseball, softball or soccer game times. Show interest in the games. If a team knows you are a fan of them and support them then they may support you. When you are selling talk to your customers. Find out what other activities they do.
  22. 22.  Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat
  23. 23.  Star 96 ice cream is made from fresh milk and cream as compared to Walls which contains fat Star 96 have the only plant in Pakistan uses Bacto fuge technology to eliminate bacteria and ensure hygiene Provide much better ice cream and that too at a lower price than their competitors like walls and yummy etc
  24. 24.  Only available in Punjab as compared to Walls which is available throughout Pakistan star 96 is a new brand in the ice-cream market And people in rural Punjab do not have much idea if the brand exists Although Omore have a great range of ice- cream flavors they are no match for Walls who have a huge range of flavors and products No rigorous publicity of their products as compared to Walls e.g. Walls have huge campaigns when they launch new products
  25. 25.  Star 96 have come with new flavors and attract more consumers Star 96 should not limit themselves to departmental stores and groceries open ice- cream parlors where people could enjoy their ice-cream Introduce diet ice-cream in Pakistan for people who have diabetes especially elders. Introduce ice-cream in schools and colleges because Pakistan has long summers and people love ice-cream especially the youth.
  26. 26.  Walls and Hico have been in the ice-cream market for a very long time. It may take some time before people get to know the brand Ice-cream is perishable item plus load shedding and electricity problems cause problems and damage the product Change in government policies can lead to increase in milk pr ice which would also increase the price of the ice-cream
  27. 27. The following research instruments are to be used for this project: Questionnaires: STAR 96 WILL Develop a questionnaire the main purpose of which will be to determine the eating habits of respondents and the goal of each question will be to obtain the required information. MCQs are to be chosen for questionnaires which will be specific to abstain from wastage of time on both ends Experimental Research: Samples of different ice creams will be produced and testing Is to be done by diabetic patients or people who follow a strict diet. These samples of ice cream can be kept at various stores along with personnel who could analyze consumers behavior and get feedback at the same time regarding their product.
  28. 28.  Check whether adequate supply of star 96 ice-cream are reached from distributors to retailers. Check sales level on monthly basis. Check whether steps taken are implemented properly on time
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